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  • Private's watching TV when the badgers come in and they want to watch TV too.
  • They all watch that new show that scares them because it has a rocket in it and they think it's going to get them!!! *Kowalski builds a rocket large enough so that the Penguins, Lemurs, Badgers and Marlene could all fit inside.
  • They blast off, and get into space (Kowalski DID carry the two this time.)
  • They find a space shuttle with an astronaut outside of it, so Skipper slips out the airlock and slaps it. But it's not the right astronaut! Kowalski says it may be fake.
  • Private & the Badgers apologize, and they head back to Earth.
  • At the end, while the animals go back to Earth, and the focus shift to the rocket they saw at the beginning of the episode. One person asks the other person if he saw the penguins, the other responds with a "no".


  • The Rocket Blasting Off
  • What The Earth Looks Like From The Ship