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Abner is a character from All Hail King Julien. He is a rebellious, dim-witted hillbilly lemur who, along with his wife, Becca, repeatedly tries to overthrow King Julien.

Originally a mild-mannered lemur with a dirty water hole problem, he is now an avid fighter for lemur freedom, thanks to Banana Guy Mike, who was really King Julien in a disguise.

Upon the "death" of Banana Guy Mike, Abner and his wife Becca take over LALA and swear to avenge their fallen leader by overthrowing the king.

Since then, LALA's attempts at killing King Julien have all ended with Clover beating them up.

Though it seems that Becca and Abner are the only members of LALA, they have repeatedly used Mort to carry out their plans.


Abner, like Becca, has a southern accent and is a hillbilly. Abner seems to be older than Becca, as he forgets easily, and isn't as perky and limber. Despite Becca not being too smart herself, Abner is the dumber of the two. Becca will get annoyed with dumb things he says. One example of this is when Becca suggests they both stay still like statues so that Mort will move away, but Abner loudly says, "being a statue" when Mort asks what they are doing. Abner, despite his dangerous plans to overthrow King Julien, still has a conscience (maybe more than Becca), as he refused to fight with Clover. He said, "It ain't right to hit a lady!". This however, prompted Becca to make a failed attempt to hit her, since she and Clover are both females. Though he is older than a lot of the lemurs, he still uses some teen slang, such as "smh".