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All Hail King Julien: King-Sized Adventure is a 2017 American computer-animated film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Netflix. It is the sequel to 2014's All Hail King Julien. the film focuses on King Julien as they rescue his advisor, Maurice from the planet Martacus. However, Maurice becomes tempted to stay on the planet when he is treated with respect by its people. It was first shown at the Montclair Film Festival on July 17, 2017, followed by its Netflix.


a young Prince Julien befriends a baby Aye-Aye, whom he names Maurice.

Three years later, King Julien goes into business with his parents, Prince Barty and Princess Julienne as his investors, but Julien are excluded as Barty and Julienne refuses to do business with him. Later that night, Julien, Maurice, Pancho and Ted are attacked at Club Moist and chased by the fossa, but are kidnapped by a space pod, before the fossa can eat them.

Julien, Maurice, Pancho and Ted explore the spaceship they have been taken to and locate the escape pods. While Julien, Pancho and Ted escapes, Maurice is captured; all three end up on Martacus. Maurice is taken to the leader, Commander Sphnx, who sympathizes with her plight. She, too, has an advisor that she was tired of and decided to come to Martacus to rule it. Meanwhile, Back on Earth. Clover discovers that Julien and Maurice are missing. Along with Timo, Mort and Sage, she discovers that they were abducted by aliens. So, Timo builds a spaceship to travel to Martacus and rescue them. Sphnx informs Maurice that she contains "Remarkalonium", which is important for their people, thus making Maurice feel special. Julien, Pancho and Ted try to patch things up with Maurice by giving him a gift Julien made, but he rejects them and Sphnx has them taken away.

The gang become imprisoned, which is what Sphnx had done to her former advisor; upon arriving on Martacus, Clover, Timo, Mort and Sage rescue them. Maurice learns that the "Remarkalonium" is actually just carbon dioxide, which is what a spore plant named Mama needs so that Sphnx can control her subjects. Maurice accidentally reveals that the lemurs of Madagascar exhale carbon dioxide. With this knowledge, Sphnx plots to conquer the planet, betraying Maurice. Julien and the gang team up with a group of marooned space monkeys led by Chuck and attack the alien city. As they begin the battle, Sphnx and her army flee to Earth. The gang follow her.

The gang return to Madagascar in time to fight Sphnx and her army. While Timo builds the Mega Gecko and lead a battle against the aliens, King Julien frees Maurice, who apologizes for not listening to him. Julien reveals that his gift is a photo book of their past adventures. Maurice realizes that he may not be special to the world, but he is special to them. They begin fighting the aliens, but an alien called Mama grows big enough to unleash her spores on the populace. As the heroes are captured, Maurice manages to reach out to Sphnx who has an epiphany about her life, just as Mama increases in size and devours her, before Sphnx can reform.

As the lemurs and Mama begin to fight, Julien realizes that Mama's weak spot is the heart, so Maurice destroys the heart by using a spear. Mama explodes to death as Sphnx is spat out. Timo encases her in a missile and send her back to Martacus. Julien accepts Maurice's apology for leaving him. Maurice is a little annoyed as he did not apologize but is happy to. However, Julien shushes him and gives him a hug. the film ends with Julien and his kingdom throwing a party.

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Home media[]

All Hail King Julien: King-Sized Adventure was released on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on January 14, 2018 by Universal Home Entertainment. Among the special features included are the All Hail King Julien episodes "My Fair Foosa" and "True Bromance".


  • This immediately takes place between the fifth and sixth/final season.
  • After Julien, Pancho and Ted are captured by the Martacins, Julien has a terrible flashback about what his life will be like without Maurice.
    • his flashback is True Bromance; Julien and Maurice expressing their feelings by singing the song,