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Becca is a minor character from All Hail King Julien (2014) and its Netflix television series. In the series, she is a pretty, cunning, hillbilly lemur.


Becca is shown to be mischievous, creative, and a skilled leader, though she doesn't put her leadership skills to good use. She used to have respect for King Julien, but in "Empty is the Head," a disguised King Julien cluelessly led her and Abner to start a revolution against him. Becca, from that episode on, believed that King Julien is tyrannical and doesn't care about his subjects, therefore leading her and Abner to make numerous creative attempts to kill King Julien throughout the series. Especially enforced by Becca, she and Abner call themselves the "Lemur Alliance Liberation Army," or "LALA," for short.


Becca has a southern accent, and tends to be easily annoyed, though not always in an explosive way. She is willing to physically fight with anyone if she feels it's necessary. Becca, in the episode, "Viva Mort," cried a trilling sort of battle cry before she was to fight with Clover, but was quickly knocked down when Clover threw Abner at her.


Abner: Abner is Becca's like-minded yet less-intelligent husband. Like Becca, he is a hillbilly, and has a southern accent. They appear to have a very good relationship, as they often work together, have a lot in common, and often get along. He seems to be more or less older than Becca, as he isn't as limber and agile, and not as perky.

Mort: Mort inadvertently joined Becca and Abner's "LALA" group. Becca had the idea to trick him into painting LALA posters for them, seeing that Mort had painting skills. Mort however lost his loyalty to her and Abner when Maurice stated that they've tried to kill King Julien a bunch of times.

Clover: Not a lot of interaction is currently shown between Becca and Clover, but in "Viva Mort", Clover busted Becca and Abner for painting "LALA" all over the kingdom, and for having a revolution against King Julien once Clover pressured Abner into telling. Clover also called Becca an idiot for trying to destroy some evidence when there was other evidence.