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NewMarioFan65 NewMarioFan65 14 April 2021

Do You Like to Move It?

There's nothing need to be asked. I have a question for every one of you and you're all going to laugh like this, okay? Who like to move it?

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POMfannumber1 POMfannumber1 5 March 2013


I am crerating some wikis. POMfannumber1's stories;crossovers etc.

If anyone wants to join any of these let me know.

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POMfannumber1 POMfannumber1 11 January 2013

Hi and bye

Untill the next blog post, is this a good picture?

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POMfannumber1 POMfannumber1 11 December 2012


Hi! I know that I posted a few hours ago but now it looks a bit like a newspaper. Now I am here to share my thoughts on a POM DVD. That Wacked out holiday one. 

It has A xmas caper on it. (I read about this DVD on the main wiki.)   The rest of the sutff is what you might get on Party with the Penguins or one of the other DVDs.

That brings another thing over,why do they have the same DVD come out again and again but with different titles?.

Over and out!

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POMfannumber1 POMfannumber1 11 December 2012


Hi there to anyone who is reading this!

I set up my account yesterday,if you do not know who I am I am the one who created The"Under 7s" of Madagascar. I am enjoying it so far!

Here are just a few INPORTANT things.

1. Deb1701,if you are reading this could you help me with the main "Under 7s" page please. I did some things on it today and yesterday and I do not know how exactly to get them from under the "End of Article" bit. Please reply as soon as you wish. Thank you.

2. If anyone has any ideas for the show or if you want to write the page for Season 1,Episode 2 then please say on my talk page

Over and out!

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Deb1701 Deb1701 20 June 2011

Diamond Necklace

TRiddle, if you wish me to move this to the MAIN WIKI, it will look like this.

  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Jewelry Store Scandal
    • 1.2 Under the Ownership of King Julien XIII
    • 1.3 Under the Ownership of the Penguins

Cecil & Brick attempted to steal the necklace from a Jewelry Store. They accidentally got set off the alarm, and fled with the necklace. While driving away, Cecil ordered Brick to get rid of it. Brick tossed it from the car and it landed in the zoo.

That very same night, King Julien saw a Gimme Gimme Star, and when Brick threw the necklace away, it landed in the Lemur Habitat. King Julien kept it until Cecil & Brick attempted to get it back.

The Penguins, seeing the news broadcast of the theft, attempted to warn Julien of the danger. But Julien refused to…

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Deb1701 Deb1701 4 June 2011

HTML Colors

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Deb1701 Deb1701 4 June 2011

Highlighting text-Greens

  1. Dark Sea Green4
  2. Medium Aquamarine
  3. Medium Sea Green
  4. Sea Green
  5. Dark Green
  6. Sea Green4
  7. Forest Green
  8. Medium Forest Green
  9. Spring Green4
  10. Dark Olive Green4
  11. Chartreuse4
  12. Green4
  13. Medium Spring Green
  14. Spring Green
  15. Lime Green
  16. Spring Green
  17. Dark Sea Green
  18. Dark Sea Green3
  19. Green3
  20. Chartreuse3
  21. Yellow Green
  22. Spring Green3
  23. Sea Green3
  24. Spring Green2
  25. Spring Green1
  26. Sea Green2
  27. Sea Green1
  28. Dark Sea Green2
  29. Dark Sea Green1
  30. Green
  31. Lawn Green
  32. Green1
  33. Green2
  34. Chartreuse2
  35. Chartreuse
  36. Green Yellow
  37. Dark Olive Green1
  38. Dark Olive Green2
  39. Dark Olive Green3
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Rusty392 Rusty392 15 May 2011

User I Don't Trust

Here's The User I Don't Trust:Theo**cencorded**67 This "User" Did Really Bad Things On The Spongebob Fan Wiki! So It's Here!!! We Should Stop her Before His/Her Rampage Begins.

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SuperSaiyanKirby SuperSaiyanKirby 27 February 2011

Lucky Day!

I have made the 2,000th edit on this wiki! This is so lucky for me, but sorry if I'm rubbing it in.

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Deb1701 Deb1701 31 January 2011

Ideas for a Poll

  • Do you have an idea for a poll?
  • If yes please let me know.
    • Name of Poll:
    • Options:


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Deb1701 Deb1701 31 January 2011

Stories that need to Written

The following pages contain RUMORED EPISODE plots that were posted on the MAIN WIKI. Would anyone like to try written them?

  • Electric Madness
  • Private on Danger
  • The Rico-Inator
  • True Logged With Me
  • Zoo Symphony
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Deb1701 Deb1701 31 January 2011

Creating a Page

Every page must start with:

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Deb1701 Deb1701 27 January 2011

Linking to MAIN WIKI

If you wish to add a link to an article on the Main wiki this is how to do it.

  • 1. Copy the HTML address of the article.
  • 2. Go to the place you wish to insert the link and type "[" (without the quotes)
  • 3. Past the HTML address
  • 4. leave a space and then type the name you to refer to it as
  • 5. type the "]" (with out the quotes)
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Ultimatehero Ultimatehero 2 January 2011

Comment for Badge

If you comment, you will get a badge. Ultimateheration! 23:57, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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Mractivity Mractivity 18 September 2010

Layout for Fanon Episodes

  • 1 Premise
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Trivia
    • 3.1 Episode Based
    • 3.2 Parodies
    • 3.3 Behind the Scenes
    • 3.4 Kowalski's Inventions

Short summary of your story in italics

Full summary of your story

  • Invention
    • Use for invention
      • Success/Failure
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