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Clover is a female lemur and one of the main characters in the Netflix television series, All Hail King Julien and the secondary deuteragonist of the computer-animated film, All Hail King Julien and All Hail King Julien: King-Sized Adventure. as captain of the Ringtail Guard, Clover is tasked with protecting the king. Clover is always eager to put her skills to the test…maybe too eager.



Not much is known about Clover before the events of All Hail King Julien. What is known is that she was the captain of the Ringtail Guard, and that she was Uncle King Julien's personal bodyguard. But after Uncle Julien's death, his nephew inherits the throne and defends his people from the fossa.


Clover is a highly professional bodyguard. At first, she is stoic and entirely focused on her job, but she slowly starts to become more inclined to have fun. She is always battle ready when King Julien or one of her fellow lemurs is in danger from an outside force. Despite her goal in protection, however, she can often be the source of danger regarding the lower class. Since she is battle ready, she always attacks someone (For example: Valentine's Day: She punch someone for asking her for a dance her excuse: "Step inside the circle of comfort you get the paw", New Year's: She punched someone thinking they had a knife (despite it being obvious). She is also bad at comforting people when she pointed out to Dorothy about her hut burning down, she punched her out of embarrassment, this all change at Episode 5 where she accepts having fun over fear, thanks to Mort.

After the events of the first episode, Clover becomes his commander. She is the main protector King Julien (since the other guards ran away) Despite the fact that she thinks the new king isn't very bright she is fanatically loyal and faithful to him and is even willing to die for her king. A running gag is that she acts like she is talking with someone through a radio earpiece. She didn't believe in having a fun life until she slid down the water slide going after Mort during Clemson's arrival. In "Eat Prey Shove", it is revealed she writes a rather fan fiction-y romantic novel as a hobby. It is also here she meets Sage Moondancer, with whom Clover has a rather complex romantic relationship - while she loves him, his stoic and peaceful nature often irritates her. It takes several seasons for both of them to realize they balance each other out as the perfect weapon.

In "Romance is in the Air" it is revealed that Clover has a twin sister named Crimson, with whom she has a long-lasting rivalry. Despite their antagonistic behaviour, they still consider each other family and Crimson has helped Clover out on occasion. In Season 6, when King Julien puts security cameras all over the kingdom, Clover is overjoyed to finally be able to enforce all the long-forgotten ancient laws she never had the chance to. This overzealousness causes everyone in the kingdom to be arrested eventually, with Clover turning herself in too when she got up from the bed on the wrong foot. In episode 13, she expects Sage to propose to her, but finds out he is marrying her sister, Crimson. Trying to suppress her anger, she stays to help the mountain lemur kingdom, and eventually causes Sage to realize she is his soulmate, hurrying after her and proposing to her. This causes some concern for King Julien, as Clover will move away to the Mountain lemur kingdom after the marriage, so he tries to train the kingdom into an army, leading to disaster when real fossa attack. In the last episode, the wedding eventually proceeds after some hiccups, such as Julien burying Sage and forgetting where he was and creating a Frankenstein's monster version to stand in for the wedding, while Clover reconciles with Crimson and says her goodbye to Julien. She leaves for the mountain lemur kingdom with Sage at the end of the episode after the wedding, explaining her absence in the Madagascar movies.