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After accidentally releasing The Mysterious Swine, Lexi Bunny travels back to present time and warn the Goodies about him.

Possible Script[]

(Usual Opening Theme)

(The camera shows a video game being played then shows Lexi playing the game until the Mysterious Swine appears)

Lexi: (whilst playing) Yeah, come on. shoot em!, (puts controller down) Another good game!, This new Gigabox 20000 is great..i can even listen to music on it unlike my old trashy one.

(The Swine appears on her screen projecter)

The Swine: (shouts) I am free...At last after 600 years i am free!

Lexi: Yo dude, who are you and why are you on my screen?

The Swine; I will hunt down the people who put me in this game then when i do i will destroy them for all eternity! and to destroy the future! (Evily laughs)

(Worrid, Lexi runs to get the other Loonatics but they are lazy)

Lexi: (shouts) Guys, we've got a problem!

Danger: Oh why cant Acmetropolis be normal for a change? Let me's Fudd?, Sypher?

Lexi: No!,  Worse...It's all we feared...The Mysteruis Swine!