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Dorothy is a female lemur from All Hail King Julien and a minor character in Madagascar.


Dorothy is a sweet, hospitable, emotional, slightly panicky lemur who appears to be pretty-level headed. She can be clueless at times. She will use terms of endearment such as "sweetie", and "hun".


Ted: Ted was revealed to be Dorothy's husband in "Romance is in the Air". Dorothy is shown happily doing activities together with him and helping him in any way she can. She is blissfully ignorant of the fact that Ted isn't quite as contented in their marriage as she is, an example being when she mentioned he cried during their honeymoon. Ted, however, seems to be happy with her to a degree. He seems to care about her, as they are often seen happily spending time together, and he even panicked when he thought she was dead in "Pineapple of My Eye". She and Ted have some obvious things in common, both of them being cutesy and awkward, using terms of endearment, and both of them having high voices. Though she loves Ted, she is sometimes embarrassed or annoyed by him at times, such as when he put himself on the sacrifice list, and times when he acts flamboyant. However, she loves her from him heart, as she even kisses him.

Clover: In the episode "King Switch Up", Clover attempted to comfort Dorothy as she was crying, only to punch her out of the way when things got awkward. In "Diapers Are the New Black", Clover busted Dorothy and Ted for illegally making "imposter" diapers for the diaperless lemurs to wear.