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It is a fan-fiction episode of All Hail King Julien.


The fossa are attacking the lemurs. Nurse Phantom announces the lemurs will be kept as the fossa's servants and blames Mort for his actions, much to his confusion. As the kingdom looks around, they soon discover that Julien is gone. Nurse Phantom tells Clover that Julien was eaten by the fossa, much to her shock. She tells everyone to fan out and find the king. Bone Foosa tells her King Julien is dead, meaning that he won't save them, now. Clover gasps in fear and throws Nurse Phantom in the fossa dungeon. He says to Clover that she will be punished, most savagely and he will rule Madagascar, and the world.

In the Throne Room, Julien blames himself for making peace with the fossa, causing them to attack the kingdom. Maurice tells him to pull it together and not to blame himself for what happened. But Julien tells him that he is no longer king. Suddenly, he hears a voice, it was his people calling for him. Julien decides that they can start a new life in the plane. Clover appears behind him, frightening him. Maurice tells her not to creep up on people, like that. Clover is relieved to see Julien alive again. Julien looks away saying "nothing to see here", Maurice tells Julien that it wasn't all his fault and needs to come up with a plan to drive the fossa away, But Julien says he cannot. He breaks down, crying "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" to the sky gods. He also says that his life as a king is over. Maurice tells Julien that it is okay to make mistakes, as it is part of life. But Julien ignores Maurice's words and decides to make his final announcement.

Julien apologizes for making peace with the fossa and allowing them to attack the kingdom, in which Pancho said that it was all Julien's fault. He knows what Pancho said. Maurice lashes out at Pancho, telling him to be nice to the king. Julien also suggests that he had solved all of his problems by using his brain and replies that he had decided to step down as king, forever much to his people's shock. Horrified and shocked, Mort yells "NO000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and runs off, in tears. Julien awkwardly tells his people that he needs to pack everything.

In the Foosa Dungeon, a saddened Julien walks by the imprisoned Nurse Phantom, who greets him. Julien tells him not to talk to him, because he disposes him. Nurse Phantom replies that it makes sense. Mary-Ann asks him why Julien is depressed. Julien tells her that he is resigning his title as king, but tells her not to worry, as he will find a new job as a famous daredevil, riding a giant tiger over a huge pit of molten lava. Mary-Ann told him that she made a lot of mistakes - She also have regrets. Mary-Ann didn't tell everyone her story as if it was her biggest mistake of her life. Julien laughs at her story, and leaves, much to her disappointment.

Julien walks in the jungle, talking about his new job he's going to find. Perhaps, he will become Timo's assistant. Unfortunately, Timo's pod explodes after Julien added the wrong ingredient to Timo's potion. Julien also suggests that he will become a seal. Unfortunately, Julien's barking noises constantly, annoys the fur seals, and he is thrown into the ocean. Julien takes his new role as a daredevil, Also, he failed to jump over the huge lava pit and falls to his death.

In Frank-ri La, Julien is greeted by his former foes, much to his frustration.

He makes another job as a circus juggler but loses grip and bounces off the ball he was standing on, and crashes into the Crocodile Ambassador. In the Cove of Wonders, Timo is thinking about what he would invent, but gets stopped by Julien. Timo asks him if he is okay. Julien tells him that he is better than okay as he had become a Piranha safety guard. He also suggests it could keep his peoples safe from the water's edge. Timo tells him that there are no piranhas in Madagascar and walks off. However, he falls in the water and gets nearly tormented by piranhas. Timo says that he is proven himself wrong.

The fossa builds up their base territory. Becca asks Mort if that cloud is shaped like a Golden Retriever. Mort points to another cloud that is shaped like Julien, when he was still the king. And he points to more clouds that look like a crocodile, a rat and an aye-aye. Becca also points to another cloud that is shaped like a mountain lion biting an antelope on the rear. A fossa appears straight out of nowhere, jumpscaring the lemurs.

Julien did not hear his subjects' cries as he was sleeping. Just then, Clover yells to his friend, scaring Julien wide awake. She warns Julien that the fossa are setting up their territory as their base, to which Julien doesn't care, He also explains that being a king takes a lot of hard work and suffering. He tells Clover that he is king no more, leaving Clover behind. several fossae appear in the scene, surrounding Clover. Bone Foosa shows up and tells her that with Julien dethroned, He will be taking over the kingdom. Before he can eat Clover, Mary-Ann jumps out of the bushes and tackles him to the ground, allowing Clover to escape. Bone Foosa angrily snaps at Mary-Ann, labeling her as a traitor for helping the lemurs.

Julien explains why his people no longer needs him anymore since he is not the king, Clover tells him that the kingdom doesn't need a Piranha safety guard, either before running off, crying. Julien, softly suggests that Clover was right, after noticing a lemur playing guitar, He also suggests that his people is going to need more music for them to dance to.

Mary-Ann is thrown in the fossa dungeon, where she encounters Rob McTodd. She blames him for telling her kind to attack the lemur kingdom before Rob can explain. Clover is frustrated that Julien wouldn't be needed. Maurice tells her to pull herself together. Suddenly, Julien arrives in the dungeon, yelling "KING JULIEN IS DEAD!". Maurice gasps in terror as Julien took off his crown, throwing it across the room. Julien tells Maurice to say hello to Madagascar's new legendary musician: JuJu Lemur. Hector replies that he looks like King Julien. Clover asks Julien what happened to being a Piranha safety guard. Julien explains that his job as a piranha safety guard is being wasted since Willie fell in the ocean and got eaten by piranhas. Willie then shouts, "I'M STILL ALIVE!" Julien also explains that he also has an electronic solo. Suddenly, they heard screaming. Maurice frantically asks Clover what's happening. Clover leaves to investigate.

As the gang follow her, Maurice stares at Julien's crown, devastated to see his best friend stand down. When they return to the kingdom, they see the owl monkey kingdom attacking the lemurs and the fossa. The Monkey Prince asks why they are in the jungle. Chloe shouts that whoever is responsible for this, shall pay. Julien plays his keytar to calm the monkeys but surrenders as they point their spears towards him. Julien recognizes Chloe. The Monkey Prince is bawling uncontrollably, saying that he hates it in there. Maurice asks the monkeys if they can help them. The prince tells Maurice that he can explain to him why the monkeys are forced out of their kingdom. Chloe explains to him that it has been a stressful morning, since the monkeys had to build up their military forces to win their money back. Maurice chuckles nervously and tells the primates to let him explain. The Monkey Prince interrupts him, The Monkey Prince says that the fossa attacked our kingdom and family and who could be the blame for this and points to Julien, who tells him that he is not King Julien anymore. Chloe then asks who he is. Julien tells her that he is now JuJu Lemur and sings a song, only to be interrupted by the monkeys who tackle him. the prince blames Julien for letting the fossa attack the whole island. Mort runs over to his king to save him, but is stopped. Chloe, then asks how Julien is found. Julien, saddened, looks at his friends and people for a half a minute, before suggesting that he is found guilty in a very stoic voice, much to the lemurs' shock. Ted asks Dorothy can Julien claim that.

Everyone puts on a trial in the plane with the Monkey Prince as the Judge. Chloe asks who is responsible for the fossa attack. Heartbroken, Julien looks at everyone in sadness. Maurice says that he is. Julien cannot let Maurice take his place because he is his best friend. The Confused prince asks Julien that he wants to prove himself guilty. Julien nods. The Monkey Prince announces that Julien has finally proven himself guilty. Before succumbing to his fate, Julien tells everyone a time where he made a lot of bad decisions. First, he had tamed a fossa to keep as a pet, only for it to kill everyone. Then, he had to throw all the TNT and explosives into the volcano, only for it to explode and destroy the kingdom, with everyone in it, He also remembered a time where he had Timo build a rocket ship and use Willie as a test pilot, only for the rocket to explode, sending Willie up in the air. then, he shaved a Grizzly's rear, Squashed Chauncey, and finally, made up a time where he had Timo build a wormhole generator, only for the device to create a black hole sucking the kingdom, along with everyone, in it. then everyone died. As Julien finished his stories. Maurice told him all of this did not happen. Willie freaks out and starts screaming, thinking that Julien is a murderer to his people, causing everyone to panic.

Julien tells the lemurs that he is not actually a murderer, in which they sigh of relief. Confused by this, the Monkey Prince and Chloe were whispering to each other about what to do with Julien. Chloe tells him that Julien is actually telling the truth, in which he gives a thumbs up to Maurice.

In the Fossa dungeon, Rob and Mary-Ann were chatting to each other about how they will find a way to chase away the fossa and save the kingdom. Mary-Ann can't because she helped the fossa attack. Bone Foosa snaps at the two, telling them to be quiet. Mary-Ann also told Rob that she has kept her secret as a double agent. Rob begs Bone Foosa to let him and Mary Ann out of their cell so they can get to Julien, before it's too late.

In the kingdom, Julien tries to play a chorus on the keytar, which causes the monkeys to cover their ears. They were ready to make their decree. Chloe tells Julien that the king has finally found guilty of making everyone die and will suffer in the dungeon, for a long time. Everyone gasps as the Monkey Prince bangs his jury hammer on Mort, giving him a concussion. as the monkeys tie Julien up, Julien sadly says his final goodbyes to his people, telling them that he deserves this punishment. Maurice begs him not to do this. But Julien ignores his best friend, saying that he is no longer king, and he is nothing but a crownless lemur about to suffer. the monkeys take Julien to prison, leaving his people in sorrow.


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