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Plot Summary[]

Duchess Lucinda figures it is high time she retires from vidulantee work and ams for her dream of fitting in and being human... good thing it's Halloween, and while the larger (if not deadly in other ways, like poison) claim they might not make it, almost every creature in the zoo accepted her human cousins' invitations to a costume party, with a contest over which animal has the best "human impression". Of course, what is Halloween without scares?! A pair of ghostly rabbits crash the party, somehow mistaking Amy for Alice, and had set up traps for the animals in a fit of jealousy! Will Lucinda's next costume change be enough to face real ghosts... without losing who she really is? Stay tuned.



The area the Dehauntedo's Animal Mascurade is located is at Tsutoshi's Sushi Bar (there's a salad stand there), and since the place has reservation access, the party nas to be invite only.

Kowalski's costume is Captain Hook. (a spoof of his mis up between "Desperatos" and "dess-pirate-ohs" on Monkey Love)

Skipper wears his desperato mask (Monkey Love) with his cowboy hat with a shairiff badge (The Penguin Stays in the Picture)

As a spoof they are both war crazy, Rico goes as Rambo.

Private has trouble desiding his costume and goes though several outfit changes before settling with an imrpresion of Sir Lancelot.

Though most convincing, Phil and Mason got disqualified from the costume contest for the "totempole trenchcoat" trick (one animal per costume, thanks)

The lemurs use typecasting of their Royal Court roles for there entries, except they are doing the images of clashing eras... especailly Duchess Lucinda, who's dressed as though she's in El Dorado!

Tarik and Taressa, the ghosts of Alice's childhood pets, do an english spoof of the characters of a Japanese song titled "Trick and Treat" right down to fake hospitality. (by claims to cater the event)