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Hector is an incredibly moody old lemur in All Hail King Julien. According to Maurice, he hates everybody except for Princess Julienne and Prince Barty. He is also a bit odd, for example when Clover asked if he wanted to see King Julien to help him solve his problems, he replies to her that he loves his problems (it is mentioned that he complains about things that confuse him, so it is likely that he just likes something to complain about). According to Xixi, he has a very large family. Despite his bitterness, he does admit that King Julien is doing a better job than the previous kings but adds that he thinks it's not a great accomplishment as he thinks the previous kings were much more incompetent than Julien is. As shown in "When Fruit Flies Attack", he is the prime minister of mangoes but lost the job to Mort for a little while. This is supported also in many other episodes showing Hector taking care of Mangoes in wooden cages.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a black and white ruffed lemur with yellow eyes, but he lacks the shaggy fur characteristic of black and white ruffed lemurs. He is grey in some places due to his old age.


He is very moody and cranky lemur that acts like an angry old man. He is also can be strict and no-nonsense. In Close Encounters of the Mort Kind, he reveals his vengeance against aliens and the trauma he dealt from it, it is quite possible that when they captured his mother, it changed him forever into this state.

Notable Appearances[]

  1. Election
  2. Close Encounters of the Mort Kind
  3. The Really Really Big Lie, Part 2
  4. When Fruit Flies Attack


King Julien[]

Hector always thinks Julien as an idiot, but he admits that he does a decent job as king. Hector is always annoyed with Julien, but they become allies when needed.


Hector always thinks Mort is gullible because he loves the king. In "Aquatica, Part 1", he angrily tells Mort that King Julien is not returning to save them. He says that their "party-boy king" abandoned them to “save his own butt”. In "Bye-Bye Clover, Part 1", he talks to himself, but is surprised to learn that Mort is in his head as well.


Maurice knows that Hector hates everybody, except Julien's parents (possibly due to their snobbish and annoying personality). In True Bromance, When Maurice came back to the kingdom to warn everyone that Julien's been kidnapped, He tells him that Julien doesn't need him anymore and asks him to "buzz-off!"


Helen is Hector's mother. When he was just a boy, he lost his mother when “aliens” abducted her, this was the last time he saw his mom. Years later, In Close Encounters of the Mort Kind, he learns about the aliens’ return and joins Julien on his mission. After finding that his mother is alive, he hugs her. However, Hector becomes upset that she left him for the aliens. When they return, Hector leaves his mother with them on the promise of an eventual return to visit her.

Prince Barty and Princess Julienne[]

Maurice reveals to King Julien that no lemur likes his parents, except Hector (possibly due to their snobbish and annoying personalities).