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It is a fan fiction episode of All Hail King Julien.


The unconscious Julien wakes up in an unknown jungle. Julien is terrified by all the jungle animal noises and questions where he is. Hearing too many noises, He runs for his life, while hearing monkeys chattering and screeching. Julien hears more growls from predators as he shoves bushes and plants out of his way. Suddenly, he stops just in time as he reaches the edge of a steep cliff. Julien backs away, slowly.

Walking in the rainforest, Julien questions where he is and how he got there. He soon realizes he was just dreaming and closes his eyes, waiting for his dream to end, when he opens his eyes, he was still in Africa and states it was real and not a dream, at all. He calls out for help, in which his voice echoes through the canopy. He can see birds flying in the distance. He climbs on a huge rock and scouts for any of Madagascar's residents, Unfortunately, no lemur showed up. Julien says that there is no sign of anybody. He pulls himself off the rock and says that he should build shelter until help arrives. He also wonders if he could make a fire. in his imagination, the trees and plants caught on fire and Julien runs away, screaming.

He says he will make a fire, later. For now, he will start with food, water and shelter, saying that this isn't so bad. Julien also says that nobody back in Madagascar is in a state of panic.

In Madagascar, All the lemurs are yelling and running in circles, fearing that Julien is gone while some search for him. Ted searches in the Plane while Horst checks his hut. King Joey checks the waterslide. Timo searches in his pod in Junk Harbor. The Crocodile Ambassador searches in Fossa Territory, Mort searches in an abandoned space shuttle near the lake. Everyone is panicking and calling out Julien's name all over and over again, Unfortunately, there was no sign of the king. Timo tells Clover and Maurice that the kingdom looked everywhere, but hasn't found him, meaning that this could be only one thing: King Julien is dead, much to everyone's shock and horror. Mort lifts his head up to the sky and wails "NO!!!!!!!!!!!"before breaking down in tears. Timo also suggests that Julien isn't dead yet, because he is somewhere else, thus telling them that it was two things while being over dramatic.

Maurice tells the tenrec that Julien never disappears like this. He also says that he does not like this at all. Neither does Clover or any of the residents. Clover tells the residents that they will form a squad to help find the missing king, in which they agree and fan out.

Back in Africa, Julien is constructing his own paradise hut to settle in for the night. Once it is complete, Julien says that this will be his new home for now, until someone arrives to the rescue. He will search for food when he's hungry. and he will get fresh water from the stream near Julien's homemade hut. After his work is done, Julien settles down to rest, Unfortunately, a woodpecker starts pecking a nearby tree, waking up Julien. He tries sleeping in a different way, but a fly starts buzzing in his face. After failing to get some sleep, multiple times, Julien states that this is getting so annoying. Julien finds a mango tree and tries to pull one of the mangoes out, but then, a baboon jumps out of nowhere, scaring Julien and making him fall. the mango falls along with him. Julien starts drinking from the stream, accidently gulping down a fish, making him choke. Julien tries pulling bananas out of a nearby tree, but a grey mangabey pops out of nowhere and screeches at Julien, who falls to the ground. the impact causes several bananas to fall on him. Night falls, as Julien sleeps on a large tree, when all of a sudden, a leopard emerges from the branches, scaring Julien wide awake. Julien is gulping down the stream water, only for a crocodile to lunge at him, nearly devouring him. Last, Julien made a campfire near his hut. The Next Morning, Julien is waiting for someone to rescue him, but has grown bored. He sees nearby creatures while wandering: a spider and a gecko. Julien encounters the gecko, only for it to attack him. Just then, a hawk swoops by and carries the gecko away. Julien then yells "What is wrong with you, Sky Gods?" He suddenly stumbles across a skull of a dead human explorer. Julien carries the explorer's hat and says that reminded him of Amelia. Just then, a pineapple falls from a nearby tree, much to his delight.

He builds his own "friend" naming him, "Piney" after the divine pineapple from Frankri-La. Julien then takes "Piney" to his hut for a tour. He shows him the stream where he gets his fresh water, then he shows him the fruit trees where he gets his food. And last, he shows Piney his hut. He also tells him that there is no reason for him to be un-civilized even when he's stranded in a killer jungle. He tells him that tomorrow, they will build a boat and return to the kingdom and Piney cannot wait to meet Julien's friends and the other residents in Madagascar. Just then, a spear rained down on a tree, scaring Julien. He then hears the same animal noises he heard earlier, making him more frightened. Julien grabs Piney and whimpers. He bends down to take a look at the spear, but cringes as more spears fire. Julien retreats with Piney as the arrows chase him. He tells him that someone is after them, but who. After avoiding the spears, Julien finds himself trapped to his doom. He cries out "Mama!" before taking the hit. Luckily, Julien suddenly realized that the arrows missed him, and he was still alive. Julien sighs of relief and tells Piney that they are safe for now, until one arrow nearly fired at him.

Back in the kingdom, Maurice and the others are searching for clues: Pancho checks the Club Moist Cave while Ted checks Maurice's hut. Maurice tells everyone when was the last time one of them saw Julien. Brodney states that he saw Julien in the throne room before he disappeared. Pancho saw him with Horst. Willie saw Julien by the pool. King Joey suggests that he saw Julien near the maze, but another lemur tells him that Julien is not near the maze and there is no maze, causing Joey to slap himself saying "Stupid, Stupid."

Back in Africa, Julien is pacing around, muttering that something or someone is trying to kill him. He does not like this game of "Predator eats Prey" especially, when he is the prey. He asks Piney do they not know who he is dealing. Julien suggests that the stranger hunting him is an enemy he had defeated in the past:

  1. Clemson
  2. Karl and Chauncey
  3. The Fossas
  4. Koto and his Mountain lemurs (formerly)
  5. Morticus Khan and his Mort Horde
  6. King Goobot and his Yolkians
  7. Magic Steve
  8. King Julien the Terrible
  9. Captain Ethan
  10. The Butterfly Queen
  11. Karen
  12. Wigman Wildebeest
  13. Pam
  14. The Fib

Julien also suggests maybe it was just his imagination. He asks Piney if he has any enemies. Julien tells him he's right, If the "enemy" comes back, they'll be ready. He also says that it's time for the "prey" to become the "predator." After equipping himself with gear and building a trap, Julien lets out a huge roar, which echoes through the forest. a mysterious figure peaks out of the bushes, before vanishing into the night.

The Next Morning, Julien yawns and replies to Piney that this is not working. He suggests they should wait a little longer, until someone or something is finally caught in the trap. Julien is ecstatic to have finally caught the "enemy", But when Julien got to the hole, it was just a frog. Julien moans saying that all this time, he had been hunted by a frog and disgraces himself. Then, he laughs and tells Piney that's a good point. He also said that the amphibian isn't the one trying to kill them. Next, Julien ties a long vine to a nearby tree and tugs on it, waiting for anybody or anything to show up so it can trip over. The arrows rained down again, and the same frog arrived again, annoying Julien. No matter how hard Julien tried, the frog avoided his trap. Julien, angrily, yells at the frog to go away, Unfortunately Julien, himself gets caught in his own trap, after he puts his foot down, hanging him, upside down. the Ringtail lemur king decides to switch to live bait.

After Julien rebuilds the trap a different way, he places Piney on the X-marked spot in the dirt. Julien tells him not to worry as he will be with him, no matter what. He tells him to take his crown as if it will give him bravery. Julien waits behind a large rock as he holds the vine, carrying a large bamboo-made cage. When the enemy arrives, Julien drops the rope, But the stranger grabs Piney out of the way as the cage drops, almost trapping her. Piney fell to the ground, thus the impact caused him to snap in two, terrified, Julien shrieks "No!" as he runs over to the damaged Piney. He states that he will "avenge him" as he stares at the stranger, who nearly shoots Julien with an arrow, but misses as Julien jumped out of the way. the stranger retreats, but the king chases her all over the forest, Julien was able to catch up with the stranger and fights her but stops as she held out her crossbow and arrow. the fight then continues, as the hostile figure searches for him, Julien takes all of her arrows and makes a kicking blow. the stranger falls over, thus her masked helmet came flying in too. Julien is shocked as he sees a female white and black lemur.

Back in Madagascar, Maurice, Mort, Clover and the others were still worried about their king. Pancho arrives and tells them that the kingdom is left to go on without him, unless there is more than one King Julien. Maurice remembers the 5 Dimension Juliens from the Multiverse. Horst tells him that this is the dumbest thing he had ever heard. Sage tells Clover that he found a clue in Junk Harbor. Timo discovers a green leafy palm from King Julien's crown. Mort yells at it, saying that what have he done to his king. Maurice is glad that they have found their first sign. Sage knows where he is. Mort frantically tells him where he is. Sage tells the mouse lemur that Julien got knocked out and taken to Africa by a mountain lemur who's out for revenge. Maurice asks him if Sage knows about this. Sage told him that he asked the mountain lemur, and they had a nice little chat. Clover suggests that she should go to Africa and save King Julien. Sage tells her that she cannot do it alone and calls out for his hawk. Clover says, "I like how you think!" and hops onto the hawk's back with Sage. They took off. Maurice tells the two to hurry back as if they are dealing with a crisis out here.

Back In Equatorial Africa, Julien is shocked and surprised to see the mountain lemur so familiar. She asks him if he's surprised to see him. Julien recognizes her as "Maya" and tells her that they had so much fun back in the old days. Maya, annoyed, tells him that he doesn't remember her. Julien says he did not. She breaks down, telling Julien how he could dump her like this. He tells her what he did. Maya lashes out at the lemur king and yells that he broke her heart, shocking him. She told her story that she and Julien had been together for a long time, one day, while having a moonlight meal, but then a fossa roar is heard, making Julien to run off, leaving Maya to think that Julien actually "dumped" her and never hears from him again. She also made it her mission to make him feel like she felt. hurt, lost and abandoned. Julien asks her by trying to kill him. Maya told her that she wasn't trying to kill him, she was trying to scare him. Julien deeply apologizes to her, when he soon realized that there was no fossa, he came out of hiding, but saw that Maya was not there. Maya asks him that he came back to find her. He told her that it was three years ago. Maya is joyful about this. Julien tells her to end the apology, they will start with a nice dinner, this evening, and Maya turned her back and left to go freshen up.

Later in the evening, Julien has finished the meal and places it on the rocklike platform and calls for her. Maya said she will be right there. Suddenly, Julien notices something swooping up in the distance, then he was snatched away by a hawk. When he looks up, it revealed that the hawk that had captured him was Sage's. Clover asks Julien if he is alright. Julien answers her no, and states that they need to go back. Before Julien completed his sentence, Clover shushes him and tells him that it's going to be all right and he's safe. When Maya returns, she discovers that Julien is missing again and hears his voice. Julien tells her that he's sorry as Sage's hawk carries him back to Madagascar. Maya gets annoyed by this, but then notices the broken Piney and has an idea.

That Night, Maya asks the repaired Piney about what they're going to do today.


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