Duchess Lucinda sings this one herself. song is a work in progress but it starts off with something familiar:

It's the story of a girl
(Amy: what girl?)

A girl with the power
(Zeke: what power?)
the power of voodoo

(Amy/Zeke: Is it you?)
and it is so true
(Amy/Zeke: Say what?!)

Born into first class but raised with none
she used to share everything under the sun
and the light of the moon
with a brother, her twin, with a stubborn gut
and a brain like an empty coconut
he was crowned too soon
she forbids it
he persist it
she told him to forget it
unaware she would regret it

(Lucinda: she thought)

I better Jazz this up!
I better make a scene,
I'll teach him to see things all my way
or at least get him to scream!
If he doesn't get the picture,
I'd at least paint the place red
I should try to Jazz it up
if I'm to get inside his head!

several tricks and traps were set
things that even she would regret
from pits of hissing roaches to tying him onto a tree!

(Lucinda: she used a snake instead of rope, that's an important detail.)

but all though he's stupid, the boy-king proved tough
mostly in the matters when enough-is-enough
he refused to give-up or give-in even when he can't get free

(Lucinda: Even the littlest "problems" around were used for "Cry Mercy")

he made new friends
which annoyed her that day
and in the middle of the night
she had to run way

(Lucinda: but the weather tests her)

Spirits Jazzed it up
with an awful storm!
She should of asked before she left
her wondrous Island Home!
One would think that it was over
as she's caught by Sea and Sky
but they had to Jazz it up
to give her something new to try!

(Lucinda: she became the prized catch of a kind but clueless fisherman... <giggle!>... who thought she was a mermaid, and after re-naming her after his ship, he raised her as his own, with help from his shore-bond grandchildren in the city, who called her their cousin, and her new family taught her charms and trick she never knew before.)

Years pass by and after tussling on the streets
she just, of all things, happened to meet
her twin brother again!

(Amy/Zeke: No way!)
And he grown into his crown!
Though far wiser now from experience
this king is still the prince who loves to dance
and tease her back when

(Amy/Zeke: When when?!)
when she turned his offers down!

(Lucinda: Time I learned some new charms!) (Amy/Zeke: I knew it!)

Time to Jazz it up

Better learn to bust a move
I can already hear a cheering crowd
Once I've found my Groove
those who doubted will show me respect
when the times begin to turn
sometime you have to Jazz it up

Jazz it up...!
JAZZ IT UP!!!!!!! <Crash!>

(Luncinda: Since I... still have much... to learn.)