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Some people think Kowalski and Marlene are in love each other. Some call the pairing, Marski, and others call it Kowlene.

Kowalski's Hints[]

When Marlene said her own mother would not recognize her if the badgers were done with her. Kowalski made a comforting, yet-odd, statement while holding onto her right foot a little too long, followed by a short pause, and a quick statement to end the awkwardness.

Before The Penguins and Marlene left the zoo for snow-cones, Kowalski did a phony-baloney detector on Marlene.

When Marlene was spooked by the ghostly moan, Kowalski wrote (looks like detailed notes since he squinted at her a few times, indicating he's really noting all of her features) notes about Marlene's fright problem to try an analyze the situation.

When Kowalski used the words "...your new interloper, uh... roommate..." (Interloper means: Someone who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong. The word "interloper" seems to be a word when someone is jealous about another.)

Also, Kowalski, again, wrote detailed notes (just like in Haunted Habitat, he squinted at her a few times, indicating he's really noting all of her features) about when she is describing her new roommate, Ronda the walrus.

Marlene's Hints[]

With Kowalski saying Marlene was a genius after that well-thought plan.

Marlene seemed interested when the serum-dazed Private almost told her about the embarrassing things Kowalski does when he thinks nobody is looking (not that she would've remembered anyway!).

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