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The Lemurs as they appear in All Hail King Julien

Lemurs are the type of animal that makes up the majority of King Julien's Kingdom of Madagascar and the island of Madagascar itself. There is a wide range of species featured in both Madagascar and All Hail King Julien. They also appear in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Merry Madagascar.

There are a few major species of lemurs that are usually separated from typical lemurs, namely the aye-ayes and the mountain lemurs.

The majority of the types of lemurs are shown below:



Madagascar 01

They first appeared in the movie having a wild party underneath the Baobab tree with their ruler, King Julien, singing "I Like to Move It." When all of a sudden, when one lemur cried about a fossa attack, all the lemurs start yelling and running as they hid behind the bushes. They watch Alex the lion scare the fossa as he screams and jumps at the sight of a spider on his back. When the lemurs find out that Alex scared the fossa, King Julien decides to test Mort as bait to see if the lion, and his three friends, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria the hippo, are savages. At first, Mort thought Alex was gonna eat him (which was just a gentle attempt to greet the natives), but then gets picked up by Gloria who starts cuddling him. As they see this, King Julien decides to have his subjects come out of hiding and greet the giants. They address them as "the New York Giants."

Later that night, the lemurs held a meeting which they talk about Alex and his friends. One lemur named Willie likes them. As King Julien tells the lemurs that they've been eaten by fossa for a long time, the very mention of the word 'fossa' gives the lemurs a panic attack, until King Julien's advisor, Maurice, calms them down to inform them that the fossa aren't attacking now, in which they sigh of relief. Another lemur replied, "I knew that." King Julien tells his subjects his genius plan which is to make the giants their friends and to protect them from the fossa and no longer have to fear them. With that, the subjects start getting excited of the fact that they won't be eaten by the fossa anytime soon. But one thing worries Maurice in which he has to tell the lemurs which was that the fossa was scared of Alex, in which case they might be more worried about Alex than they are of the fossa. King Julien tells Maurice that he didn't raise his hand, so he lets a chameleon (not a lemur even though it was attending the meeting, along with a gecko and a tenrec) lick out Maurice's comment. King Julien then asks his subjects if they feel how they thought Maurice felt, in which case they really weren't. After King Julien tells all the lemurs that they want the giants to wake up in paradise the next morning, they all start getting interested at King Julien asking them if they want a cookie.

While watching Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria sleep in Casa del Wild, they hide in various leafy branches on a tall tree while King Julien and Maurice watch from another branch below them. When King Julien complains loudly about how long the sleep will be, the giants wake up causing the lemurs to hide beneath the leaves, and Julien and Maurice to hide behind leafy fans.

The very next morning, they surround Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria who start screaming when Julien asks Alex if he was sucking his thumb. They soon give them a warm welcome to Madagascar. When Alex and Marty swing back to the party being held by the lemurs, some of the lemurs were pampering Gloria in the watering hole, while some other lemurs were giving Melman a neck massage, while the other lemurs are dancing around. They all soon watch Alex's debut in the wild, in which Alex was more wilder than he was back in New York. Soon, in the middle of his performance, he starts to think that the lemurs around him might be delicious-looking steaks, when suddenly he bit Marty in the butt, which got the lemurs majorly concerned. King Julien decrees that his plan failed ultimately, and that Alex belongs to the Fossa territory, when Alex resumes picturing all the lemurs, and his three friends as steak, in which he starts to try eating them, causing everyone to flee in fear.

After Marty regrets his birthday wish, Julien and his subjects tell him, Melman and Gloria that that the reason why he banished Alex is because he had found his hunting instincts and became an apex predator. Julien also admits that it was his fault, too, and they are on their own since no one is there to protect them from the fossa until the penguins arrive with the boat, giving the animals a chance to go back to New York.

Later in the day, after the fossa have been chased away for good, the lemurs decide to hold a "Thank You" feast for Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria, with the penguins preparing fish for Alex in which he likes, causing the lemurs to react by cheering. As Marty gives a toast to Alex, everyone gives a cheer to Alex as they start drinking saltwater drinks and spitting them out. When it was time for the zoosters to go home, the lemurs say their goodbyes to their new friends.