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Lola Bunny is the beautiful girlfriend of Bugs Bunny


Lola Bunny


Lola Bunny


19 (Space Jam) 18 (Castaras & Looney Tunes Show) 1 (Castaras Babys & Baby Looney Tunes)


Bugs, Daffy, Granny, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety, Petunia, Melissa, Tina, Granny, Floyd, Taz, Lyndsey, Violet, Honey (Possibly) and Goodies

Home Town

Acmetropolis, USA

Love Interest

Bugs Bunny (Boyfriend) Daffy Duck (Crush, formerly) Pepe Le Pew (Ex Boyfriend)



Eye Colour

Light Blue (SJ) Black (LTS)

Fur Colour

Tanned (Space Jam) or light gold (BLT)

Hair Colour



Basketball or Tennis player

  • "Oh i have, I'll like to try out for the team, my name is Lola Bunny" - Lola's first line in "Space Jam"

Space Jam[]

Lola Bunny is first introduced in the 1996 film "Space Jam", starring Micheal Jordan, Bugs and other Looney Tunes characters. In Lola's Space Jam version, she is a highly attractive, tomboyishly tough and has outstanding basketball talent. Her talents get her a spot on TuneSquad, where they defeat the evil Swackhammer.

Lola replicated Honey Bunny and had her name changed many times:

  • Lola Rabbit
  • Bunni Bunny
  • Cindy Lou Bunny
  • Lulu Bunny

Baby Looney Tunes & Castaras Babys[]

Lola is seen as an infant in the 2002 cartoon series "Baby Looney Tunes". She also makes an appearance in Castaras Babys.

The Looney Tunes Show[]

Lola returns to the 2011 reboot The Looney Tunes Show, as a opposite of Space Jam Lola, Where she is freakishly dumb and shown has a love stalker of Bugs. By the second series, She and Bugs are dating and has become less annoying.

Loonatics Unleashed[]

Lola does not appear, only because it's the year 2772, she has a descendant named Lexi Bunny.


  • Don't Ever Call Me "Doll"!
  • Bun Bun!
  • Oh Bugs, That's The Sweetest Thing Anyone Has Done For Me
  • Gee (Only In Baby Looney Tunes)
  • Nice Playin' With Ya
  • Oh, I Dunno, Guess It's In my Genes. Oh, Wait, I'm Not Wearing any Jeans, I should get some jeans.