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Madagascar: South American Getaway (also known as Madagascar 4 or Madagascar 4: South American Getaway) is a 2019 American computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. The sequel to 2012's Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and the fourth overall film in the Madagascar franchise, it was directed by Mike Mitchell, Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon and Tom McGrath. It features many of the same voices from the film including Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer, Andy Richter, Jessica Chastain, Bryan Cranston and Martin Short, with Newcomers including Will Smith, Jason Isaccs, Eric André, Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd and Kyla Pratt.

Madagascar: South American Getaway made its world premiere at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival on May 18, 2019, and was released in the United States on July 12, 2019. It is the second highest-grossing Madagascar film with a worldwide gross of over $746 million.


  • Ben Stiller as Alex, a lion.
  • Chris Rock as Marty, a zebra and Alex's best friend.
  • David Schwimmer as Melman, a giraffe, one of Alex's friends and Gloria's love interest.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria, a hippopotamus, one of Alex's friends and Melman's love interest.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien XIII, the ring tailed lemur king of Madagascar. Danny Jacobs voices the character in the U.K. version of the film.
  • Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice, an Aye Aye lemur and Julien's Royal Advisor.
  • Andy Richter as Mort, a Goodman's mouse lemur.
  • Tom McGrath as Skipper, the leader of the penguins.
  • Jason Isaccs as Mr. Drake Begum, the animal hunter and the main antagonist of the film.
  • Will Smith as Calvo, an African leopard and the leader of the South Troops.
  • Eric André as Mao, a Mountain gorilla and a member of the South Troops.
  • Kyla Pratt as Kaya, a female Okapi and Marty's love interest.
  • Paul Rudd as Theo, a Marine Iguana and a member of the South Troops.
  • Selena Gomez as Ria, a Caribbean fruit bat and a member of the South Troops who is Maurice's love interest.
  • Jessica Chastain as Gia, an Italian jaguar and Alex's fiancé.
  • Bryan Cranston as Vitaly, a Russian Siberian tiger.
  • Martin Short as Stefano, an Italian accented sea lion.
  • Chris Miller as Kowalski, Skipper's right hand man.
  • Christopher Knights as Private, a penguin.
  • Conrad Vernon as Rico and Mason.
  • Tom Holland as Ishan, a orphan boy and Begum's young assistant.
  • Nick Offerman as Passua, the lead Common marmoset.
  • Steve Buscemi as Aba, a Common marmoset.
  • Andy Dick as Bayo, a Common marmoset.
  • Charli XCX as Sally, a Saluki
  • Juicy J as Benny, a Doberman Pinscher
  • Don Cheadle as Lenny, a Standard Poodle


⦁ (Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation with 2019 logo appeared)

⦁ (Katy Perry plays Firework. the camera moves down in New York City and all the people celebrate at the Central Park Zoo and Alex and his friends are very happy too see their circus friends on the flying circus balloon)

⦁ Maurice: That's how you do it!

⦁ (Frankie and Jonesy grab Maurice and Mort and pull them up in The Zoosters habitat)

⦁ Stefano: So, you want to run away with the Circus?

⦁ Alex: Live a life of adventure?

⦁ Gloria: Full of romance?

⦁ Melman: And danger!

⦁ Marty: Really living!

⦁ Stefano: What do you say?

⦁ Alex: Well I say we….

⦁ (Alex see’s the wrecking ball showed and then BANG!! destroyed by the Central Park Zoo main lobby and the people run panic out the entrance)

⦁ Melman: What was that?!

⦁ (Dynamite explodes through the animal habitats)

⦁ Marty: Alex what’s going on?!

⦁ Alex: I don’t know. (he sees the wrecking ball coming towards them) Marty, look out!

⦁ (Alex grabs Marty and ducked down, so does the rest of the animals, it banged the flying circus balloon, knocking the animals into the fire)

⦁ Marty: ALEX!!!

⦁ Alex: NOOO!! (he looks down at the fire as he falls down)

⦁ (Alex wakes up from his nightmare)

⦁ Alex: (gets up) Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

⦁ (Marty comes up with Gloria and Melman)

⦁ Melman: Alex, are you OK?

⦁ Gloria: We heard you screaming!

⦁ Alex: Guys! It’s was horrible!

⦁ Marty: It's that same nightmare all over again, huh?

⦁ Alex: We want to runaway with the circus, and the wrecking ball came and wrecked the zoo and BOOM!!, BANG!!, KABOOM!!, it was on fire, then we all fell down and Marty, I almost lost you!

⦁ Marty: Alex, calm down. It was just a bad dream.

⦁ Melman: Since you wake up, don’t you think we have a show to do?

⦁ Alex: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me (seeks the checklist) are we performing in New York?

⦁ Marty: Nope, we perform in Paris.

⦁ (Alex shocked, camera zooms out in Paris and the circus tent was behind the Eiffel Tower)

⦁ Alex: Oh (he put the list down and walking, and standing on the cart feeling depressed)

⦁ Marty: something wrong buddy?

⦁ Alex: I was thinking about New York. I mean leaving the zoo; it’s not always the best thing that’s ever happen to us.

⦁ Marty: Alex, just because we left the zoo doesn’t mean we need to go back, I even knew it was old.

⦁ Gloria: Marty’s right Alex.

⦁ Alex: Yeah but what are we thinking, leaving the zoo is a terrible idea what we did many days ago. But…. we need the penguins to sign the deed to take us home!

⦁ (King Julien, Maurice and Mort are shown with the penguins, the chimps and the circus animals, as they heard what Alex said)

⦁ Skipper: Now how would we able to take you hippies home, you’re the one that lies to the circus?

⦁ Alex: Well, we we’re wrong for leaving the zoo, we just needed a place to hide and wouldn’t tell you lies.

⦁ Skipper: We’ll if the boot fits, then it’s A-okay to me!

⦁ Stefano: You- (begins to sob) you really want to go leave in the circus?

⦁ Alex: Yeah Stefano, but first; (holding his hands on Gia’s paw) Come with me.

⦁ Gia: What?

⦁ Alex: We can have our whole lives at the zoo, and everyone is gonna love you too!

⦁ Gia: Alex I….I don’t know. (pause and thinks)

⦁ Alex: Just give it a chance, please? (smiles  with his teeth)

⦁ (She looks around, Gloria, Melman, Stefano, Vitaly, and the circus animals smiling at her, and Melman shake his head, and Gloria gives a thumbs up)

⦁ Gia: Okay. I’ll go.

⦁ Everyone: Hooray!!!

⦁ Vitaly: Well that’s impossible!

⦁ (Melman and Gloria gasp, and Stefano gulps)

⦁ Vitaly: If Gia goes, I go too.

⦁ Alex: You do?

⦁ Stefano: He does?

⦁ (Vitaly walks over to Alex and looks at him)

⦁ Vitaly: Alex, this circus has made me incredible for generations, but I think it’s the time to retire for now.

⦁ Alex: Whatever you want to do.

⦁ Stefano: I'm coming too!

⦁ Vitaly: No Stefano, you have to stay here.

⦁ Stefano: No way, You are my friend, and If you go, Then I go.

⦁ Alex: Well, who will be in charge of the circus if you leave?

⦁ Frankie: I will.

⦁ Jonesy: No, I will.

⦁ Freddie: No, I will.

⦁ (the dogs argue about who will be in charge)

⦁ Alex: Alright, break it up you three.

⦁ King Julien: (used his ringtail over on Sonya’s neck) I will never forget you my love. (he put's his crown on his head) King Julien is back!!

⦁ Mort: Horray!

⦁ Alex: So what do you say? (puts his paw in center) To Home?

⦁ Marty: (puts his hoof on Alex's paw) Home!

⦁ Melman: (puts his hoof on Marty's hoof) Home.

⦁ Gloria: (puts her hand on Melman's hoof) Home.

⦁ King Julien: (puts his hand on Gloria's hand) Cupcakes!

⦁ Skipper: (puts his wing on King Julien's hand) Victory!

⦁ Gia: (puts her paws on Skipper's flipper) Count me in.

⦁ Vitaly: (puts his paws on Gia’s paw) Me too.

⦁ Stefano: (puts his flipper on Vitaly's paw) Me three.

⦁ Alex: So what do think we can find a deed around here to take us to New York?

⦁ Skipper: I know just the place to find it. Rio de Janerio!

⦁ Marty: Rio de What?

⦁ (The title shows "Madagascar 4: South American Getaway")

⦁ (The sun was rising over the calm Atlantic ocean. Then a boat was there, and Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria was on it, as looking up and see cities and bridge in Mumbai, the title "Rio de Janerio" shows up).

⦁ Melman: Whoa! have you ever seen the look on this place?

⦁ Alex: Okay you guys, it's just like we planed off.

⦁ Skipper: Alright! we'll go in the mall and find the homeowner to get the deed while you hippies wait up top of the roof while we get it.

⦁ Alex: Right, so guys we must get low and stay low, and make any sudden move.

⦁ (Then King Julien was laughing at the raft with Maurice, Mort, Gia, Vitaly and Stefano as everyone looks at him).

⦁ Marty: Well maybe that one.

⦁ King Julien: (sings) I Like to Move it, Move it! I Like to Move it, Move it! Ya like to!

⦁ Maurice: (Turns on the boombox) Move it!

⦁ (Vitaly face palms, Mort jumps with the ribbon)

⦁ (Sacha Baron Cohen plays "I Like to Move it")

⦁ Alex: (There was a Oberoi Mall, he and his friends are on top of the roof) Okay, the penguins and chimps are going to the bank for the money to take us home!

⦁ Melman: Yep!

⦁ Alex: (Uses a tablet and it has three cameras, over the chimps in the King of Versailles, King Julien, Maurice and Mort hiding on the plastic plants in the food counter, Gia, Stefano and Vitaly are outside beside the door and dumpster) And then they can get to the printer for the deed!

⦁ Gloria: Right!

⦁ Alex: After that, were coming back to New York City.

⦁ Marty: Alright! (Melman and Gloria cheers)

⦁ Alex: (Look inside the mall on the window) So we're not gonna let all animals get onto the floor in the mall. So we need to cover up and lay low.

⦁ Skipper: (The chimps in there King Versailles costume was in the printer by the counter, Skipper uses the periscope to look up) Alright boys, it's just we earn. (letting go of the periscope in Phil's painful) we got the money, grab the deed and take us down to New York ASAP!

⦁ Kowalski: (Use his abacus) Sir, it'll take use to get there.

⦁ Skipper: Kowalski, it'll be easy as pie, let's kick it!

⦁ Mason: Alrighty!

⦁ (Meantime at the roof with the Zoosters)

⦁ Alex: Now on the food court, the lemurs will keep on the lookout.(looks at the lemurs in the plants, King Julien was sitting in the tree while Maurice and Mort are looking)

⦁ King Julien: Are they done?

⦁ Maurice: No.

⦁ King Julien: How bout now?

⦁ Maurice: No.

⦁ King Julien: Now?

⦁ Maurice: No.

⦁ Alex: As they sign it, we're home free.

⦁ Marty: Hey check it out! They have zebra sheets!!

⦁ Alex: That's because they are Marty.

⦁ (At the food court with the lemurs)

⦁ King Julien: Done now?

⦁ Maurice: No.

⦁ King Julien: Are they?

⦁ Maurice: No!

⦁ (At the printer with the penguins and chimps)

⦁ Female Manager: Here you go just sign here. (passes him a deed)

⦁ (At the roof)

⦁ Gloria: Oh Melman look! (pointing at the perfumes)

⦁ Melman: Wow! that would be interesting

⦁ (In the printer)

⦁ Skipper: OK, let's get it signed.

⦁ (At the court)

⦁ King Julien: now?

⦁ Maurice: No!!

⦁ King Julien: now?

⦁ Maurice: Not yet!!!

⦁ Marty: Hey Alex, there's a concert over by the merry go round!

⦁ Melman: Really? Where? (Over by Alex)

⦁ Alex: Melman!

⦁ Melman: I just wanna see!

⦁ Gloria: Come on, a girl can see it through, you know? (leaned on window with her hand, then the glass breaks, grabs Melman, Marty, and Alex and fell into the mall on the water fountain, Alex holding on to the rope, then the people staring at Alex, including the woman.

⦁ Alex: Hi there. (the woman screamed, and the panicked crowd run off)

⦁ (Back at the printer)

⦁ Female Manager: Okay you're total is..... What's all the commotion? (Walks out and sees people running and screaming, but she sees Alex and his friends, she runs back inside push the King of Versailles out) on second thought forget the check! here's you're deed and have a great day! Bye!!! (uses the shutter to closed down)

⦁ Skipper: (Coming out the King of Versailles dress) Well that was fast than it was to be.

⦁ Maurice: Now there done!

⦁ King Julien: (Looking at dance video on TV close to the music store) Just a minute, I just getting the good part.

⦁ Maurice: Will you come on already!!

⦁ King Julien: Okay fine. (looks at the TV) Call me.

⦁ (Back outside Gia, Stefano and Vitaly are still waiting)

⦁ Gia: What's taking so long?

⦁ Stefano: (looks at the people running and screaming out of the mall) What's happening?

⦁ Vitaly: Eh, I don't know the thing or too.

⦁ (Back in the mall as the people still running and screaming, Alex and his friends are finding the way out)

⦁ Mall Cop: (Hiding under the table, using a walkie talkie) Lock the doors! and get me an Animal Hunter!

⦁ (In the meantime at Mr. Drake Begum's office, with animal trophies on the wall, the phone rang)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Picks up the phone) Talk to me. (the agitated voice begin to speak) are you saying a hippo? a giraffe? a zebra? and A LION?! (hangs up the phone) boys? (uses his shotgun, and puts the tranquilizer darts on it) Get ready to say bye bye. Cause this guy is back in the GAME!! (chuckles)

⦁ (Back in the mall, the animals are trying to escape, but they spotted an exit in front, but suddenly the shutter began to close on doors)

⦁ Alex: Lockdown, two o'clock!

⦁ Marty: Now what?

⦁ Skipper: Look's like we can pull a trigger. Come on boys (slides down along with Kowaslki, Rico and Private)

⦁ Alex: Guys, wait! we have a lock door problem!

⦁ Marty: Don't worry Alex, I'm pretty sure they're coming back.

⦁ Alex: Seriously, Marty! They did it before we crash landed in Africa, and also the time we crash into the casino in Europe!

⦁ Gloria: Hey! don't take my word for it, I was using my foot that I can lead!...(Then there's a front sight shotgun are in the plastic bushes, and then shot a tranquilizer darts on Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman)

⦁ Alex: (Wozzy) I feel like a butterfly.

⦁ Melman: (Woozy) I feel like a tree.

⦁ Gloria: (Woozy) I like that.

⦁ Marty: (Woozy) Look at me, I look like a Hypnotic horse, with black and white lollipop and.... (falls down along with Melman and Gloria)

⦁ Alex: Wow, I can see pretty kitties everywhere... (falls down on Marty, Melman and Gloria, after he closed his eyes) Wow, pretty colors!

⦁ (The Tokens plays The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The hypnotic shows up with colors and Marty, Gloria and Melman are on it. Then Gloria uses the bat and then BANG!!! The hypnotic is gone)

⦁ Alex: (Opens his eyes, and he was in the cage along with his friends) Oh, What just happen? Marty?

⦁ Marty: (Groggily) Alex, I'm here buddy.

⦁ Melman: Gloria? Where are you?

⦁ Gloria: (Dazed) Melman, I'm right here Baby.

⦁ Marty: Alex where are we? and why are we in the cage?

⦁ Alex: I don't know, but everything's gonna be okay as long as we stay together.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Not quite yet my old friend. (coming through the shadow, Alex and his friends gasp) Literally. And I'm very happy to see you again. Alex, Marty, Melman, and Ms. Gloria (kiss her hand, and Gloria slaps him) Oh, I think you like me.

⦁ Gloria: No I don't! I already have a man so keep your hands away for me, you creep. (holds Melman's hoof)

⦁ Mr. Drake Beum: (Chuckles) Whatever you say...Sweetheart. (Gloria growls)

⦁ Alex: Who are you and how do you know our names?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh, the name is probably never been heard from it again. A name that's made me the best hunter in her world. And a name has a former life. The name is, Mr. Drake Begum.

⦁ Marty: (Whispers) Who is he Alex?

⦁ Alex: Doesn't ring a bell of who he is.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh come on, you guys seriously don't remember me?

⦁ Alex: Uh yeah, yeah, of course we do....Who are you again?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Facepalms) It's Drake Begum you twit! you four didn't remember me, but I remember you! (turns away) It all started way back in New York City. (Using his flashbacks at the Central Park Zoo when Begum was a zookeeper) In the Central Park Zoo. Life was good as a zookeeper, monkey houses, reptile houses, bird cages, and of course, I can do dancing skills with my broomstick. But then you arrive, and took every skills from me. (Alex roars at his rock) So the only thing I do is to make a fool out of you (throws at tomato at him, laughs and then still dancing, but everyone was angry and booing at him) So I got fired (Zookeeper boss throws him out of the zoo) lost my girlfriend (sees her kissing another man) and living a dump when I was poor. Hungry. Alone. Unwanted. (as his memories erased) Unloved. (sniffs, sobs)

⦁ Marty: (Sadly) Man, that sounds horrible.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (wipes away his tears) Oh, it was. And when I came here to Rio de Janerio I wanted to do something different, something I have to do, but everything happens to me after all these years is capture and kill all animals. (Alex and his friends shocked) and also, collecting trophies (showing them animal trophies hanging on his wall, the Zoosters sees it horrified)

⦁ Marty: That is sick, bro!

⦁ Alex: Oh come on Begum, you can't just blame me or my friends for everything happen to you.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Well I can and I will! With this..(holding his hunting knife) I will collect all you four to the other ones at the end! (They looked at the lions, zebras, giraffes and hippos trophies on the side)

⦁ Marty: Yeah? you and what army!

⦁ (Begum whistles, and a army of marmosets showed up)

⦁ Marty: Oh, that army.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: You're star days are over Alex, and there's nothing you can't do about it. (Skipper and his team shows up using ropes on them, Alex smiles, then they karate chops the marmosets on there back necks)

⦁ Alex: You know you're right, but I have one little prize that I have you.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: And what's that? (Alex nods his head up and down)

⦁ Skipper: Rico! Deploy secret weapon! (Rico blast Begum with cheese dust)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: My Eyes! It burns!! (The penguins used the key to free the Zoosters and they escaped)

⦁ Alex: (The Zoosters along with the chimps, Gia, Vitaly, Stefano and the lemurs are outside running from Begum's office) So how do you know where to find us?

⦁ Skipper: Well Kowalski has search operation. (They Stopped)

⦁ Gloria: Oohh, I'm beat! Any rides we can take on?

⦁ Skipper: Well we have a bus stop.

⦁ Melman: But we don't have a bus.

⦁ Skipper: (Whistles, suddenly a school bus was stopped at the spot) We do now.

⦁ Marty: (Walked inside the bus) So what do you call this bus?

⦁ Skipper: We call this one the Assault School Bus aka ASB. (he press the toy button, "The wheels on the bus go round and round) Hit on it Boys! (Private press the gas pedal and Phil grab the wheel and steered it around reversed, as it caused an accident by crashing a car and starts set speed on the road. The Begum rubbed the cheese dust off his face and sees the school bus speed up in the window and gets very angry. Meantime, the Zoosters were speeding down in the streets of Mumbai) Kowalski ETA at the rendezvous point?

⦁ Kowalski: Three minutes and forty-eight seconds, sir!

⦁ Skipper: All to the Big Apple, let's move it!

⦁ Everyone: Yeah!!! Woo hoo!! (Melman, out of the window with his long neck was enjoying himself and hit in the face with the stop sign, until he see something)

⦁ Melman: Uh guys, I hate to enjoy excitement but we've got company! (the others turned around and sees Begum and his marmosets are on the jeep)

⦁ Skipper: Private, pedal to the metal!

⦁ Private: Aye aye, Skipper! (hit the gas pedal on his head and goes faster)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: You won't get away that easy! (press the gas pedal to go faster)

⦁ Stefano: (as he saw Begum riding towards them) He's gaining on us!

⦁ Skipper: Our little tune will take him down! Hire mammal, music! (Phil start pushing the button in front of him)

⦁ (Katy Perry plays Hot N Cold. Phil turn the car side by side from the others)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh please that's easy. (push the button, and it has spikey stuffs in the tires and shoves the car and the other one too) Make way! Move!!

⦁ Skipper: Where did he get those? Activate, block! (Phil pushing another button, and it puts traffic cones) That'll hold it for now.

⦁ (Begum getting angry and push the other button and used it up while tires are on the ground and moves over by the cars)

⦁ Skipper: How did he do that?

⦁ Gloria: I have no idea. (the chase was back on, and the bus squealed around the corner)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Here take the wheel. (used the marmoset to take his place) This calls for action.

⦁ Aba: Yes, sir.

⦁ (Begum uses his gun and makes a target over two tires, and the tires began to flat)

⦁ Kowalski: Skipper, we've lost engine one and two!

⦁ (He throws two darts in the air and lands in the streets and the tires began to flat again)

⦁ Private: Three and four! (and the bus gets flattened around and around while the animals are screaming)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Yeah! Strike down the tires!! (He laughs, when the truck coming towards the road and has the shovel in the back, BANG!! it was right on his face as he lands it on the food counter, his monkeys looked at him) Don't worry about me I'm good, just go get them!

⦁ Alex: (While continued their escape, Alex they saw the truck in front of them) Skipper, the Truck!!

⦁ Skipper: Well there's truck it's always a monster truck

⦁ (The bus heading straight towards the truck and lungs in the air along with the marmosets in the jeep, then it bump in the alley)

⦁ Alex: (The animals got out of the bus, with dazziness) Oh man.

⦁ Marty: That is one bumpy ride.

⦁ Melman: No more rides for me.

⦁ Mort: Hey! I'm up for another one!

⦁ (Suddenly the jeep lands on top of the bus, the Zoosters looked and the marmosets jump off and turns toward them. They gasped)

⦁ Skipper: Don't worry we got this. (using their flippers) boys, in my command kick'em in the nose. (Before the Penguins can do anything, Ria, a fruit bat swoops down, grabs one of the marmosets and throws him in a trash can)

⦁ Maurice: (staring at her amazed) Well, hello.

⦁ (Theo, a marine Iguana comes out of the sewer, karate skills on two marmosets, when Bayo prepares to defeat the penguins, Mao, a gorilla grabbed him and smash him on the ground two times and throws him to the air)

⦁ Kowalski: Never mind Skipper, they got that covered.

⦁ Alex: Whoever you guys are, thanks.

⦁ (a plane flies over the rooftops and Calvo, a large leopard drops down and lands in front of them)

⦁ Calvo: Come with us if you want to live. (shows a badge) No problem.

⦁ (As the plane flies away, The Zoosters are huddled up together along with the lemurs, the penguins, the chimps, Stefano, Gia and Vitaly while Calvo uses a tablet and has the GPS on it, Mao typing a computer, Ria controlling the wheels on the plane as well as Theo sitting)

⦁ Marty: I'm sorry, the what now?

⦁ Calvo: Glad you ask, man. (turns his seat around to the Zoosters) The South Troops is a secret undercover animals who can transport the locations. And we are here to help every animals in the world. (Alex and his friends give him a meaning looks) Like you guys.

⦁ Alex: Oh I see! And your name is...?

⦁ Calvo: The names Calvo.

⦁ Skipper: Calvo, what is that Brazil? Can't understand the language.

⦁ Calvo: Beg your pardon?

⦁ Skipper: There's the language.

⦁ Calvo: No, "Calvo" is a Spanish name because my name is Calvo and I'm the leader of this team. There's the lizard is Theo, he's the engineer. The gorilla is Mao, he's the muscles. And the fruit bat is Ria, she's intelligence.

⦁ Maurice: (staring awestruck at Ria. Pharrell Williams plays Just a Cloud away) She's beautiful (Ria looks back at Maurice and winks at him)

⦁ Calvo: So you with the big mane (to Alex) what's your name by the way?

⦁ Alex: The names Alex The lion. And this here is Marty, he's a zebra. Melman, he's a giraffe. And Gloria, she's a hippo. And this here is...

⦁ Mao: Alex!?! (Alex stares startles at him) You're Alex the lion!

⦁ Marty: Wait you know about him?

⦁ Mao: Of course I do! Man, you're the worlds famous star in New York City! You were the greatest!

⦁ Alex: (smiles flattered) Well I wouldn't say greatest. I'm more like uh..coolest star, a coolest, coolest star.

⦁ Calvo: And what may I ask do know about him?

⦁ Mao: Well he performs, he dance and he also roars! Right?

⦁ Alex: Yeah a serious roar, like this ROAR!

⦁ Theo: Yeah, like that never happened.

⦁ Mao: Well in case you haven't notice, I had him a foam finger, (shows him a Alex foam finger), a cup, (and a Alex cup) and also a plush toy. (and shows him a Alex plush toy).

⦁ Calvo: So you really are the greatest lion in the world, huh?

⦁ Alex: Yep, that's right.

⦁ Gloria: He sure is!

⦁ Marty: Very sure!

⦁ Alex: And you know it's very hard to get back home after what happened to our friend couple of years when we got shipwrecked in Madagascar, Africa and Europe. Just before we met you guys, so we need a plan to get us back to America.

⦁ Calvo: (he's thinking) I'll tell you what, after the mission, maybe we take you to America.

⦁ Marty: Really?

⦁ Gloria: For real?

⦁ Melman: Wow!

⦁ King Julien: Super!

⦁ Alex: Okay when?

⦁ Calvo: Before this mission, we go to São Paulo and once we get to our paradise home and then we can send you to New York.

⦁ Gloria: Wooh!!

⦁ Alex: We're going to New York.

⦁ Gia: So how long will this be taken?

⦁ Calvo: About a minute or two.

⦁ Vitaly: We'll be ready!

⦁ Stefano: (laughs)

⦁ Calvo: That's what I'm talking about, Ria. to São Paulo.

⦁ Ria: Got it! (she uses the wheels and the plane took off away).

⦁ (As the Zoosters make their getaway on Troops plane, Drake Begum was sitting and the woman polishing his nails at the beauty salon)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: This is an outstanding product you have for me.

⦁ Female employee: Well at least you me better, but this is a masterpiece.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Looking at his nails red and orange) Thanks for polishing my nails, it was... (his phone was ringing on his pocket) Excuse me for a moment.

⦁ Female employee: No, no take your time, go ahead!

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Smiles giggling) Yes?

⦁ Bayo: (In the city streets, on the phone) Hey boss, we got the animals like you told us.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: But?

⦁ Bayo: (Nervous talk, spits it out) They got away and The South Troops take us down.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: YOU WHAT!?! You let them get away?! (Bang his fist on the table) If you think that I would let you idiots do what I tell you, and then you lose! You know what meet in my office we'll just have to come up with something smarter. (hangs up the phone, hands the employee his money) Keep the change.

⦁ Female employee: (As Begum walk out) Thank you, and come again.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: And it's not that smarter, I mean the advantage smarter. (smiles smirking and look up in the city of Mumbai, but also change it to São Paulo, and shows the title São Paulo)

⦁ Skipper: Geez, This place is a dump! (as he and other 3 penguins are underneath the King of Versailles costume where the chimps are in) Never knew I've could feel like this great empire.

⦁ Random Man: Hello cutie. (he pinch it's bottom, then they turn around with the angry face and slap him in the face and walks away, he hold his hand on his cheek) I think she likes me.

⦁ Alex: (Walking with Marty and Calvo in the alley) Its a good thing they have steak.

⦁ Marty: Don't you ever think about biting me on the butt again, like you did last time in Madagascar.

⦁ Calvo: (Using the radar and begins pinging) Bingo right on cue, and the animal itself will be right around... (then the radar stops pinging) here.

⦁ (Then something crash into the restaurant, there was a angry employee who throwing five dogs into the dumpster, and shows the title "If I ever see you in my restaurant again I'll send you to Africa!, Puny little mutts!" as he speaking Brazilian, and slams the door)

⦁ Benny: Oh Yeah, well fine! We don't eat in your stupid Brazilian restaurant anyway!!

⦁ Calvo: Geeze, what this guy needs a little respect for animals.

⦁ Benny: Yeah, who you telling, this guy's dynamite.

⦁ Alex: So who are you guys anyway?

⦁ Benny: I'm Benny. (to the other dogs) This here is Eddie, Lenny, Sally, and Manny. He's new.

⦁ Marty: So what were you all doing in that Brazilian restaurant anyway?

⦁ Sally: We were just finding something to eat and a place to stay. But the next thing you know, we've got kicked in the boot! (Points to her feet).

⦁ Gloria: But you don't wear boots.

⦁ Alex: Well, we we’re just going down to New York, so you guys can care to join us.

⦁ Benny: Alright! You've got yourself a deal. (Shaking his hands).

⦁ Calvo: Okay now that we've got dogs out of the bag, time for us to find the tropic way to investigate our support.

⦁ Mao: Speaking of tropic support, has anybody seen Ria?

⦁ King Julien: and Maurice? I cannot find him anywhere.

⦁ (As they complete the mission in São Paulo, Ria is flying by grabbing Maurice on her feet to caring him in Chihuahua, and shows the title Chihuahua. they look at the Temple, eating fruit and vegetables in one of the markets, and sitting closer and closer together)

⦁ Maurice: (as the two use there hands almost touch each other) Baby, I gotta say you are the most beautiful fruit bat I've ever met.

⦁ Ria: Oh stop, you're blushing me.

⦁ Maurice: So how's about a date in Madagascar around noon?

⦁ Ria: That would be nice, for a lemur like you. (She use her wing to use Maurice to come closer to her and same thing as Maurice does, and watches the fireworks)

⦁ Calvo: (In the meantime Calvo using a hologram for his secret hideout in the alley) Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, presenting the world's greatest Calvo, the yoga-dancing panther! (Alex came in when he walks around and he over hearing him) And here he goes. The hand-to-big-toe pose with a Square the hips, and finally... (Alex almost lean in the hologram screen, but tripped and use his mane on the hologram, as Calvo frighten and turns off the hologram) What are doing?! Trying to give me a heart attack?!

⦁ Alex: That was just a hologram. (stands up)

⦁ Calvo: You didn't see me doing something silly, are you?

⦁ Alex: No, No! I just came by what you think you are doing. (he use his paw to lean up in the trash can, but he trips and fells down, and get's up again and leans in the wall as he giggles)

⦁ Calvo: Nah, don't worry, I really don't.

⦁ Alex: You are?

⦁ Calvo: Positive.

⦁ Alex: Well some of them might be able to find me for integrating.

⦁ Calvo: Hey look, nobody here integrating between you or me.

⦁ Alex: Oh really, that's good. Good to know.

⦁ Calvo: And also, none of us ever appreciated anything other than committed the invested the popularity.

⦁ Alex: Oh That's good. good to hear.

⦁ Calvo: (Picking up the hologram button) So, is there more you have anything to say to me?

⦁ Alex: Well, I just wanted to say thanks for saving us from those hyenas back there. It was a crazy day for me, you know what I'm saying?

⦁ Calvo: Easy there, man. But if you ever need anything, you can call on me and the troops. Agreed?

⦁ Alex: I agreed, sure. And trust me, we all agreed.

⦁ Calvo: Alright let's gather the troops and let's skedaddle! (but then he step the pin on his foot, and use his feet in pain, but when he takes it out the bottom of his feet he fell on to the Brazilian old man) Oh I'm so sorry mister I didn't mean to... (the old man use his anger and hits fights him in the feet and fist with a karate skills, and kicks him in the groan as he having the pain)

⦁ Alex: (See's it horrified) That's gotta hurt.

⦁ Calvo: (As the old man walks off) I said I was sorry. Ooh! (still having pain)

⦁ (Meanwhile in Rio de Janerio, Mr. Drake Begum and his hyenas are in the same alley as Alex and his friends are on the chase and saved by the Jungle Troops, by using capable and the clues)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Hmm... Aba, give me a smell for in-stinks.

⦁ Aba: (He sniffs around the alley, and picks up a scent) They were here, and the South Troops have taking them, and they are heading to São Paulo.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Interesting choice there, so gotten away in São Paulo, huh? Too bad so sad. Come on you guys, we're going to São Paulo .

⦁ Bayo: But São Paulo's a miles away from here we can't get there in the jeep.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh we're not taking the jeep there. (As he got here in Rio de Janerio airport when the marmosets are in there cage) we're taking the plane there (gets on the seat of the train, and use his giggles wickedly)

⦁ Calvo: (Back in Sao Paulo) Alright, now we've got everything straighten out, time for us to head back in the plane.

⦁ Marty: Well that was easy.

⦁ Theo: Not as easy for you striped horse.

⦁ Gloria: Hey! don't blame it on Marty, he's the most honest and sweetest zebra we ever had.

⦁ Marty: Thanks Gloria.

⦁ Theo: Yeah right. (rolled his eyes)

⦁ Gia: (She turns around and see's something crazy, as she poking Alex) Uh...Alex?

⦁ Alex: (Turns around and see's it as well) Uh oh.

⦁ The Brazilian old man: (along with the angry mob) That's him, that's the cat that push me and broke my hip!

⦁ Brazilian Man: Get 'em! (begins to chase them)

⦁ Calvo: Run! (And they start running)

⦁ Marty: What did they do to you?!

⦁ Calvo: I don't know but keep running!! (he spotted and sees the plane) quick get inside! (they get inside the plane) Is that everybody?

⦁ Alex: Marty, see if we are missing someone.

⦁ Marty: Alright! (see's everyone) Melman, Gloria, Julien, Maurice, Skipper, Rico, Private, Kowalski, Gia, Vitaly, Stefano, the Chimps and  (gasp and shocked) wait, where's Mort?!

⦁ Mort: (As the angry people are gaining towards them, Mort was running for his lives) Please, don't hurt me!

⦁ Maurice: (He grabs him) I got you, Mort!

⦁ Maurice: (He and Mort got inside the plane, and the back door close down) I got him, now let's go!!

⦁ Calvo: Go! Go! Go!! (Ria takes the wheel and the planes fly off)

⦁ Brazilian man: (As he and the angry mob stops running) And don't come back! Who wants some bread? (they all raised their hands and walks off, in the meantime the plane stops here in São Paulo as Mr. Drake Begum and his hyenas are coming off the train)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: So that's how they got here and now left São Paulo, well two can play that game.

⦁ Aba: (Eating a banana) What kind of games?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Not games, games you dumb primate! They came because some of the other animals came to explored the town. So need to go back to Rio, also we need is to find someone to take the pictures, and find out where they at.

⦁ Aba: Okay, nice plan. (Still eating the banana)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Okay first of all give me that banana! (grabbing the ham and throw it away)

⦁ Aba: But I was hungry.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: We are not here for food, we are here for find and hunt. (Gets on the next plane as well as the marmosets are) a Big hunt. (using his smirking smile)

⦁ Alex: (Meanwhile the plane flew smoothly across the sky at almost sunrise) Wow, that was a crazy town back there. But we sure escaped from that.

⦁ Marty: Yeah, and they were crazy people too!

⦁ Melman: What's the use, let's forget about getting home and maybe we should just go back to circus like we're being losers.

⦁ Gloria: Melman don't talk like that.

⦁ King Julien: Yeah! We are not losers, we are champions. And who is the champion? Me.

⦁ Alex: (Looks at him) Seriously?

⦁ Marty: You must be joking.

⦁ King Julien: Oh no, I'm really a champion. And the gods gave me the power. Maurice?

⦁ (Mort puts the mix-tape in the boombox, and Maurice turns it on. Queen plays We Are the Champions)

⦁ King Julien: See? Now that's what I call champion

⦁ Skipper: (Alex and the others groaning, as Mason face-palms) Kowalski, progress report.

⦁ Kowalski: (Looks at the chart sheet) Well sir the good news is we're almost there to the United States.

⦁ Skipper: Well there's no place like home. And the bad news?

⦁ Kowalski: The wires are unfortunately electrically brakes. (Rico use the wires to put it together, but fortunately shocked and the powers are out inside the plane) The only thing that matter is the plane will...

⦁ Gloria: (The planes stopped) Not again. (The plane started to fall, the animals screaming panicky as the hang on to something, Skipper and Rico hang on the chair muting, and King Julien use his hands waving cheerfully while Mort is laughing and Maurice hanging on, behind the backdoor. After the animals screaming while the plane is spiraled, the plane wrecked lands in the jungle)

⦁ Melman: (Had a vine on his foot upside down) Well...This is not a normal landing.

⦁ Alex: Oh man. Wow.

⦁ Gloria: Hold on Melman, I'll coming up and get down for you baby.

⦁ Calvo: Is Everybody OK?

⦁ Melman: (groans) I feel sick.

⦁ Calvo: Mao?

⦁ Mao: Man, I feel light headed. (The tire bumps him on the head) Ow.

⦁ Mort: Has anybody seen King Julien?

⦁ Maurice: Uh Mort? He's up there. (Pointing up as Julien was on the tree laying happily giggled upside down)

⦁ King Julien: Well this is more fun when you raise your arms like this, and its so epic. (and slides down the tree)

⦁ Alex: Skipper, the plane?

⦁ Skipper: What about it?

⦁ Alex: Are you gonna fix it?

⦁ Skipper: Well we can use more opposable thumbs. That means it can take a week.

⦁ Theo: Are you kidding me?! Really? THAT'S THE FIFTH TIME THIS WEEK!!! (walks angrily)

⦁ Skipper: What's his deal?

⦁ Calvo: Okay, okay a week sounds good but make sure that everything has perfectly a right sharp.

⦁ Skipper: Relax Blacksty, we can find some object to give this baby a fly!

⦁ Alex: Well alright, I guess a week won't hurt.

⦁ (He and the others walk off)

⦁ Ria: (flies towards Maurice) Take care of it lemur. (blows a kiss at him as she flies off)

⦁ Kowalski: (Skipper stares at her loving) Sir, how do need more Thumbs?

⦁ Skipper: We have higher mammals (pointing to Mason and Phil) they can more thumbs as they got!

⦁ Mason: Guilty as charged.

⦁ Melman: So what do we now, while the penguins fix the plane?

⦁ Alex: Well since we're all here, minus well check this place.

⦁ Calvo: You know he's right and I know just the place to get there.

⦁ Vitaly: (As they follow Calvo, they stopped) So why you bring us here?

⦁ Calvo: To feast your eyes on this. (Opens the leaves with flowers and made a beautiful tropical jungle paradise)

⦁ Melman: Whoa.

⦁ Gloria: Would you look at that.

⦁ Marty: (fighting back tears) It looks the same as the mural back at the zoo.

⦁ Mao: Not quite sure my friend, because this is real place right there.

⦁ Alex: It's beautiful.

⦁ King Julien: Of course it's beautiful! So stop talking and let's check it outing! (laughs, and the others went down the hill, and looking amazed of the jungle, the Squirrel monkeys are hanging out in the treetops, they look up at the sky and saw the macaws and toucans flying, the tapirs are walking, crocodiles are enjoying the water, and the tree frogs and capybaras are talking chattering)

⦁ Alex: What is this place?

⦁ Melman: I believe San Diego.

⦁ Calvo: Not San Diego, this here is the Amazon!

⦁ Marty: I have a good feeling about this. But this place is very Crack-a-lackin'!

⦁ Alex: It sure is Marty.

⦁ Stefano: (teary eyed) I think I'm going to cry.

⦁ King Julien: So now that we all find a paradise, how's about we start partying!

⦁ All: Yeah!!

⦁ (Maurice turns on the boombox again. Drew Seeley plays Until the Sun Comes Up. The animals started celebrate and enjoying themselves also two monkeys slid down from the vines. Alex and Marty walking)

⦁ Alex: Marty since we hang here, do you have in your mind?

⦁ Marty: Now that you mention it Alex, I think find someone new around here, like something naturally irresistible. (The O'Jays plays Use ta Be My Girl as peacocks closed their tail feathers and walks away and shows Kaya, eating the grass. He stares at her amazed, and shows her eyes that are brighten and shows her brown with white stripes on her bottom. As he puzzled Alex us his paws up and down to focusing him)

⦁ Alex: Marty? Marty? (looks at Kaya) Oh I see, why won't go and talk to her.

⦁ Marty: You know you're right, I should go and talk to her. So Make way to zebra way. (he walks off and stands over to her) Hey.

⦁ Kaya: (Finish eating) Hi there.

⦁ Marty: So what kind of zebra are you?

⦁ Kaya: No, I'm not a zebra. I'm an okapi.

⦁ Marty: The O-what-pi?

⦁ Kaya: Okapi. It's a related giraffe, and also has a stripe for zebra like you of course.

⦁ Marty: Really? Same does my friend who was a giraffe as well. Say mind if I show you around?

⦁ Kaya: Sure I like that. (Walks with Marty)

⦁ Alex: (Standing there impressing) Lucky guy, so lucky.

⦁ Melman: (he, Gloria and Calvo walking) So what do we do for living?

⦁ Calvo: Here in the Amazon we live together in peace and harmony. Because this will be the best place that's ever happen to you. You can massage, enjoy the hot tub, and I can do yoga class. You wanna see me do it?

⦁ Gloria: Not today, I can do some relaxing hot tub.

⦁ Calvo: Okay, how about you?

⦁ Melman: I wish I could but I need a massage, were they put that at?

⦁ Calvo: Follow me and I'll show you. (He follows him)

⦁ Male Jaguar: (Sits closer to Gia on the rock) What is that thing on your neck?

⦁ Gia: Well I'll must tell you... (As he continues his sentence Alex and Stefano walks around and see little animal kids playing)

⦁ Stefano: Look at the kids Alice, see how they are having fun?

⦁ Alex: Yeah. But it's simple Stefano, maybe the kids didn't like me.

⦁ Stefano: Nonsense they will love you, we can show them together, come on. (Stefano and Alex takes off, when the baby tapir and capybara playing they stopped)

⦁ Baby capybara: Did you think there's something behind us? (They turn around and look at Alex and Stefano on the bush)

⦁ Both: Hi kids!

⦁ Baby Capybara: Look at that funny thing on his neck.

⦁ Baby Tapir: Yeah and it's all precious! (Laughs at Stefano and they run)

⦁ Stefano: (cries) I don't think they like me!

⦁ Marty: (While they walking) So where did you come from?

⦁ Kaya: I came from Africa and then I come from here.

⦁ Marty: Ooh, that's the long way to travel if you ask me.

⦁ Kaya: (Laughs) You are so funny.

⦁ Melman: (Getting massage on his neck by the squirrel monkey) Oh Yeah! That's it, right there, almost there. Yeah, I think I'm in heaven.

⦁ Squirrel Monkey: You sure are.

⦁ Gloria: (On the water with the crocodile, the toucan, and the amazon river dolphin. And it made of bubbles like a Jacuzzi) Ooh boy I tell you, this is a life.

⦁ River Dolphin: Who you tellin? It's good life in the hot tub.

⦁ Gloria: Yeah I know, but listen. I have two reasons to believe from Manhattan, pavement of the hippos. I mean you know what I'm saying?

⦁ Alex: (Walks with Calvo) Calvo I gotta tell ya, this place is amazing!

⦁ Calvo: Glad you enjoyed it, so any particular reason to believe?

⦁ Alex: About what?

⦁ Calvo: You know how you left New York and all that stuff.

⦁ Alex: Well it's kind of a long story, it's not that obvious. But it's never comes around. And once we get home, it will never ever happen again.

⦁ Calvo: Really I wouldn't thought of that.

⦁ Alex: Just because I made my way off the reserve in Africa but then I should have earn my mane. But all you need to do is find a major routine.

⦁ Calvo: But how?

⦁ Alex: To be part of the model like you can do. (Using his dance skills) butterfly, hip-switch, river-dance, and also polka.

⦁ Calvo: Really? Maybe I can do that.

⦁ Alex: You got it.

⦁ Mao: Hey Calvo! (they look at him) we've got a big shovel board games at the waterfall! Care to join?

⦁ Calvo: Sure! I gotta go, we can talk later! (Runs off to Mao)

⦁ Alex: Sure go on. Have a lifetime ahead of you.

⦁ (Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria were sitting on the rock and looking at the Amazon while Julien is riding on the red-and-green macaw along with Maurice and Mort)

⦁ King Julien: Woo hoo! Now that's what I call "flying lessons" (laughs)

⦁ Gloria: Beautiful place, right?

⦁ Melman: Yep.

⦁ Marty: It sure is.

⦁ Alex: Guys, we can visit here anytime.

⦁ (Meanwhile the penguins are repairing the plane as they figure out to fixed it)

⦁ Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.

⦁ Kowalski: We have every tools we need, but we're very slightly behind schedule.

⦁ Skipper: Well we need to get this plane on the double. Private! Any words to our thumbs?

⦁ Private: Not a clue here, sir.

⦁ Skipper: This goes to the AOL from top to bottom. Rico, Any other takers? (Rico chainsaws the wing after nods his head no, but then the wing dropped it) We'll get some more thumbs in our own initial.

⦁ Mason: Well I wouldn't say that! Because we've recruited few more extra thumbs for you, Skipper. (When there were several gorillas behind Mason and Phil, as Skipper and the other penguins amazed)

⦁ Skipper: Sound's like the monkey has jumping on the bed.

⦁ Mason: Well I doubt it. (Then the gorillas are monkeying around cheering)

⦁ Skipper: Okay stop monkeying around. Let's get some work. We divided into three groups. (Points three gorillas in groups) The Alpha you will do sheet metal fabrication. Bronson handless assembly the iron medal. And the George Peppard, craft services. Any questions?

⦁ Gorilla: (Waving his hand) When do we get free bananas?

⦁ Skipper: I'll check on my pay sheet, now let's get to work. (The gorillas are started to repairing the plane as they monkeying all around the wrecking plane)

⦁ Kowalski: So do you think it's a good way to use thumbs?

⦁ Skipper: How should I know? Penguins don't have thumbs, we have wings and you call yourself a genius. (Kowalski makes a shocked face)

⦁ (Back in the Amazon, Calvo was doing a tree pose in yoga class while Alex and his friends looks at him, confused)

⦁ Alex: Hey Calvo can we have a moment with you?

⦁ Calvo: Sure. After we use some limbs and also our minds. Now, downward dog! (does the Downward Dog pose)

⦁ Melman: Uh... Seriously, like now?

⦁ Calvo: Yep, I'll wait. Just before it comes to you. (Gloria, Melman, Alex and Marty do the Downward Dog pose)

⦁ Gia: What we meant to say is how long did it take you for?

⦁ Calvo: To do what?

⦁ Stefano: You know, To get us to New York.

⦁ Calvo: Well you know what they say: Peaches and Plums. That was gifted...Or Apples and Oranges is it? (still doing yoga)

⦁ Marty: With all do respect, man, but we still need to figure out how the plane can take us home.

⦁ Calvo: As long as we need this plane to fix our furs and everything turns out good.

⦁ Vitaly: That is impossible to think.

⦁ Mao: I know. It'll be taking weeks to fix this engineer. (Using the tablet as it has the plane wreck location where they have land it)

⦁ Ria: Lucky for me, Skipper has everything under control.

⦁ Calvo: Aha...Caterpillar! (doing the caterpillar)

⦁ Alex: So are you going to ask us how long to take us home, or... (scream) Ah! Hey! What the...?! (Calvo grabs Alex)

⦁ Calvo: (Cracking Alex's spine) Hold on, I just need a greatest test. (Flipping Alex as the sukhasana pose) Presto.

⦁ Gloria: (Angrily) Are you even listening for...

⦁ Calvo: (Doing different yoga moves) Extended Side Angle! (Doing the Extended Side Angle) Dolphin! (Doing the Dolphin) Eagle! (Doing the Eagle) Mashed Potato! (Doing the Mashed Potato)

⦁ Marty: So is it a yes or a no?

⦁ Calvo: (Doing the Mountain) Can't hear you. Must doing the Mountain.

⦁ Mao: Why won't y'all just go fine some nice place to hang out for a while, soon as he finish the posing routine.

⦁ Gia: Yeah. Sure. Why not? It'll take a minute.

⦁ Alex: I Know, all he ask us was a free yoga class.

⦁ Melman: I'll say. (Tied on his neck) Can some of you help me please before I reach my tongue to get from my spots on my back?

⦁ Gloria: Don't worry Melman. I'll untie your neck for you, puddin'.

⦁ (Later that night, Alex and his friends are sitting on the edge of a steep cliff near the river, having a conversation)

⦁ Alex: This is so ridiculous.

⦁ Marty: I know. We've been in here in jungle from many hours and we still can't get to New York.

⦁ Gloria: The best we can do is to figure out how.

⦁ Melman: At least we still know that the penguins can fix the plane.

⦁ King Julien: (Wearing a new crown with macaw and toucan feathers on it) Oh come off it freaks, we have only got a big hairy dog in our hands to dance.

⦁ Marty: Seriously?

⦁ Vitaly: You've only got first class in decades.

⦁ King Julien: Actually, now that you've dimension it, I could have another first class. (Holding a lobster) now I can only eat a tiny crab. (He taste it, and feels disgusted) Sadly I just discovered, I hate crabs.

⦁ Gloria: Everything that penguins do is to fix, fix, fix. (Alex puzzling to figure something out, just then Calvo popped in front of the ruins. And "Psst" at Alex. As Calvo walks off, he started to follow him as his friends continue their conversation)

⦁ Marty: Yeah like they did in Africa. It's always they wreck the place.

⦁ Gloria: Who you telling? They always cracked the jet. Alex what do you think? (look up and notice Alex is gone).

⦁ Melman: Wonder where he's going?

⦁ Marty: Probably looking for some steak again.

⦁ (Alex is going through the bushes in the jungle, and he finally found Calvo)

⦁ Alex: So what, find a new yoga formation to come up with?

⦁ Calvo: No, but you and I could have a moment to talk. Here sit this. (He is showing what he would sit, and he sits on the circle rock holding over the vine) Oh, and I would hold on.

⦁ Alex: Why? (Calvo pulls the vine and as the log of tree came and BANG!! hits the rock as Alex floats off, and Calvo chuckles as he walk off. Alex was screaming, panicky in the air. Then he's been hit by tree leaves, and had a coconut in his mouth, spits it out, and also noticing a sleeping snake on the tree, lands it, bounce on it, and slides on the ground over his face. Then Calvo use the plant leaf as a parachute, and lands normally. Then Alex came, exhausted) Okay, don't ever do that again!

⦁ Calvo: Eh, I test it out myself, man.

⦁ Alex: So what do you want to talk or show me about?

⦁ Calvo: This. (As he turns on the lights and illuminates an old camp. Alex looked around the room with chairs, desks, mirrors, trophies, framed photos and the posters from the past)

⦁ Alex: What is it? Is somebody lived here?

⦁ Calvo: Well yes, but no, it's something I've had my own hiding place. In some ways, I use to be a dancer in my own dream tour.

⦁ Alex: How we're you're dream tour of dancing?

⦁ Calvo: We'll when I was a wee wolf pup, I was the greatest dancer in my whole talent. But when my parents, never liked my act when it use to be. But as I grew up, me and the other animals use to act on our own and as a biggest star of all Asia. It use to be a performance like we're in Hollywood. (Uses a flashback in black and white, as Calvo dances in the stage with Mao, Ria, Theo and the other animals, and also they pose. The animal crowds cheered wild) And now our next contestant. Theo! (He jumps up flips over and stunts on the trampoline as he jumps and balance with feathers. And so the crowd applause and cheers) It was nothing more than they've ever been to see it. And animals, they all seem to be so incredible.

⦁ Unknown animal: Encore! Theo!

⦁ Calvo: And now as I'm doing fosses of jazz! (Calvo doing tap dances, spins around, and done the fosse. The crowds excitedly cheered): Just then, my parents came to see how proud I am.

⦁ Crocodile: Go Calvo, Go!

⦁ Calvo: Before I came up with a new routine, it came with a minutes away. And for this act, I'm doing the inspirational tap! (The spotlight turns on over Calvo and the it changes color, and he is doing the jazz tap dance, hip swish, spins around, he goes up as the animals looking up, and falls down cracked his spleen. painly. the animal crowd gasp.) I was so close doing my final butterfly and I hit my gimbletts. So for that point on, everyone left the show. And my parents would never should up to their sight again because I let them down. (by turning back to black and white, the crowd leaves, his parents angry at him and leaves. The toucans use the "Closed and Foreclosed" signs" on every rocks and trees, including the stage) Also, the show was officially canceled and foreclosed out business. And we lost our career, actions, and our talents. And when it come to be unprofessional style. It was no foolish of wisdom.

⦁ Mao: Time goes by when you started showtunes. (Then they all leave)

⦁ Calvo: And we were never shown in this town again. (the memories erased in Calvo's sad face and change it to Alex)

⦁ Alex: Wow.

⦁ Calvo: Yeah. Before the show's over, well, (closed the drawer) in the Amazon will never have any shows in this side of country. (sighs and turns off the lamp)

⦁ Alex: (Thinking) Unless... We can remember and remind them.

⦁ Calvo: Of what?

⦁ Alex: By came here for the first place.

⦁ Calvo: (Turns on the lamp) You think it could?

⦁ Alex: I sure am. Calvo, you and I come up with a plan. (As it change where he talks to his friends back at the ruins) I call this Phase five dash eight C, in order us go back home, we come up something big, something epic, something that the animals will blow the dreams away! (As the having a conversation with other animals in daytime)

⦁ Theo: (The other animals looking at him confused) Are you kidding me? No way.

⦁ Mao: Look Alex, no offence but it's all in the past. We don't do that stuffs anymore.

⦁ Alex: Right, I know it's in the past what you've got but it's gonna be different ways.

⦁ Theo: This makes any circumstances to put something back.

⦁ Marty: Right! But by "back" you can use "better", aint it? (Then Theo noticed it)

⦁ Alex: The point is, you guys came the showbiz on your own in some point, but this can change a thing.

⦁ Benny: And what do you expect these guys can do the struts, huh?

⦁ Alex: Not a bit. But it's not what you came of doing you're act. It's came to your heart.

⦁ Benny: (He touched his chest) My soul?

⦁ Lenny: (He leaned over and look at Benny's chest) Good thing he has a heart to never catch mice. (He punched him in the face) Ow!

⦁ Alex: Animals is about using compassion whenever you come of.

⦁ Theo: Really? And who's idea was that anyway? (They looking at Calvo, glaring)

⦁ Calvo: Come on guys, it's just what everybody needs.

⦁ Alex: Calvo has a point there, Theo, you gotta come up with action to you. But you can't forget the feeling that won't give you up. You just gotta be the best you can come be with.

⦁ Kaya: Uh, I hate breg, but didn't you style of that's gonna bring down the funk?

⦁ Alex: Not quite sure. Marty?

⦁ Marty: Well for one thing, it'll be so stand rowland for the first main event. But some of the Indian guys got them in rabbies on their mouth!

⦁ Alex: Yes! And you what they do to them?

⦁ Calvo: What?

⦁ Alex: Well I'll tell you, they will take the animals away for life!

⦁ Marty: (Animals gasp of horror) No way, Jose! (Holding closer to Kaya)

⦁ Kaya: Say what?!

⦁ Stefano: They cannot do that. Nobody would take us away. It'll be suicide.

⦁ Alex: That's right. They cannot take all the animals away. Because I will say to them that you can't take us away because enough is enough!

⦁ Everyone: Yeah. He's right about that.

⦁ Alex: I mean, come on! Did Abel give up space in some rockets for all monkeys?

⦁ All: No.

⦁ Alex: No! And did Miss Baker gave up when she use Soviet Union's to effort fared the chagrin of animal rights activists?

⦁ Vitaly: Know wonder she made that up.

⦁ Alex: No, she didn't! We have passions, what does a guy who suddenly say "hey! What are you an animal?" Because we are animals! Am I right?

⦁ King Julien: (to Vitaly) Yeah. He's right, you know.

⦁ Alex: If we all go show what we can do for passions, we can do whatever we want!

⦁ King Julien: Yeah! (Popping up between the dogs)

⦁ Alex: (Leaped onto a rock) We can be anything!

⦁ King Julien: (Popping up next to Maurice and Mort) Anything!

⦁ Alex: And we will do it together to get us back home!

⦁ Marty: The rest of us! (Popping next to Alex, the animals cheered)

⦁ Eddie: We're in! (Gathering his dog team)

⦁ Kaya: How can I say no to that?

⦁ King Julien: (pops up on Marty's back) Jungle untamed!

⦁ Maurice: Jungle untamed, everybody.

⦁ Everyone: "Jungle untamed!! Jungle untamed!!" (Join in as they follow Marty)

⦁ Gloria: I can't believe it! An act for a to of us!

⦁ Melman: Yeah, I'm so excited!

⦁ Gloria: Now that we finished the tightrope, we can do own groovin balance!

⦁ Melman: Wait, balance?

⦁ Gloria: This one, look. (Started do balance, side to side) The both of us. (Cheering as she leaves)

⦁ Melman: (As he was concerned) But I don't know how to balance.

⦁ Mort: (riding Kaya on her back) King Julien is the best!

⦁ Calvo: (After the animals reinvent themselves) Jungle untamed! Jungle untamed! (laughs)

⦁ Theo: Who does he came up with his routine of this?

⦁ Calvo: Theo, he does have a point, but this is our only shot to get them to New York.

⦁ Theo: Gee I don't know, it's too much for me to do flips for the past years.

⦁ Calvo: I know we can't do this stuff anymore, but this could be our chance to do old act again. And we can't do it without you.

⦁ Mao: (Put in with Ria) Yeah, come on Theo, what do say?

⦁ Ria: (Theo is thinking) Please?

⦁ Theo: (He thought) Alright, okay. But this is my only shot.

⦁ Mao: (Calvo was happy and he and the other two hugged Theo) I knew you can't say no! (They smile and laugh as they are hugging)

⦁ (Meanwhile, Mr. Drake Begum was at his office, puzzling and thinking while the marmosets are eating, screeching and laughing)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Will you dumb primates pipe down?! I'm trying to figure out the way to get Alex.

⦁ Bayo: Sorry Boss. It was not our only big deal, to make mistakes.

⦁ Aba: (Whispers at Passua) Until now. (He giggles, and Bayo hits him on the head) Ow! Hey, what was that for?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: The only way I want none of you marmosets doing best job, so all I need is to figure out where Alex is, I need to know where location he and his friends are, and I'm not resting til I found out. (Then someone's knocking at the door) Oh. That must be him. Right on time. (He opens the door, and let's Ishan in his office) Come on in, Ishan.

⦁ Ishan: Thanks. Why am do you bring me here?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Good question. You see that lion? (Shows him Alex in the paper, hanging on the pinboard and it says "Famous Central Park Zoo lion still missing")

⦁ Ishan: Yeah?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Now all I want you to do is to take a picture where his location is and I'll pay you half.

⦁ Ishan: Ok, so what do you gonna do to it?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh don't you worry, I have a better idea. Aba? Bring me the poison frog. (Aba using a wooden stick by carrying the blue poison dart frog in the jar. Begum putting the gloves on, grabs the frog out of the jar, strokes it with the toothpick, and puts in on the poison tranquilizer dart)

⦁ Poison frog: (He puts it back on the jar, and closed it) I hate it when it happens.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: I'll use this dart to poison him, and you kid are gonna shoot him to die for. (The hyenas laughs, and Begum glares at them, but they finished laughing) Get the clue?

⦁ Ishan: You're not gonna hurt him, are you?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh no, no, no, no, no. We'll just find him a nice, peaceful home for them. (He opens the door and Ishan out the door) Now, go home to your mom.

⦁ Ishan: But I don't have a mom.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Father?

⦁ Aba: Brother?

⦁ Bayo: Grandmother?

⦁ Passua: Hamster? (Ishan nods his head, sadly)

⦁ Aba: Aw. Can he stay, Begum? (Smiles at him, and Ishan smiles joyfully)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Hmm...Let me think. No. See you when you find him. (He shuts the door in Ishan's face)

⦁ Aba: (Hearing Begum talking to his marmosets through the door) So what do we get their peaceful place for them?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: You dumb fur brain! (Smacks him on the back of his head) We use this poison dart to kill him. Then we stuffed them, plucked them, and collect them. You know why? Because we're going to be rich. (Hyenas laughing) Actually, I'm going to be rich you guys can have any fruit you can eat.

⦁ Bayo: Oh joy! (They laugh again. Ishan gasp, grunts and groans of horror, he then left his office. He walks out to the streets, climbs the ladder, then he's looking at the family enjoying the T.V together, he smiles warmly and gets up to the ladder of the building, he came inside of an old, house, sits on his dirty bed, he is using his sketch board, use a pencil and draws it. The camera zooms out and changes it to Skipper and Kowalski as they looking a blueprint as they had the new plane along with Private and Rico)

⦁ Skipper: Very impressive, Kowalski, but will it work to fly?

⦁ Kowalski: Yes. It'll be a perfect way high up to the sky. (Looking at the orangutans building and fixing a plane)

⦁ Skipper: Neat.

⦁ (Back in the Amazon the animals are practice their rehearsal of their acts just like Alex have a point of what he said. They were just bouncing, dancing, swinging, and hopping)

⦁ Kaya: Thanks for that, Jeff. I owe you that time big boy.

⦁ Stefano: (Looking at the crate catapult that Jeff the jumping rat build) Wait a minute. Are you sure you're going to wing yourself out of that thing?

⦁ Kaya: Are you kidding? I can give this baby a fly to the curve.

⦁ Marty: So, when did you planned this?

⦁ Kaya: Since I left the reserve in Africa, I just find another place around the world.

⦁ Marty: Does it launch for some reason?

⦁ Kaya: Let me think. (She's thinking) Yeah! Of course, it launches! It's the way to fly your way down! (She gets on the catapult)

⦁ Marty: So, you sure about this? Because Stefano and I do not wanna see you getting hurt or worse, killed.

⦁ Kaya: Boy, you don't need to worry, I got this baby under my stripes.

⦁ Jeff: Ready?

⦁ Kaya: Ready as I'll ever be baby!

⦁ Jeff: (He winds it up) Here we go! (Pulls the cord)

⦁ Kaya: Hit it! (Whoosh!! Launch into the air, to the tree, the vines, and lands into the ground. She calls out) Alright Marty! Let's see how air can you go!

⦁ Stefano: Uh, I don't think it's a good idea for Marty.

⦁ Jeff: It's for the lady if you just go with it.

⦁ Marty: (Looks at him, and thinks) Okay. (He gets on the catapult, Jeff winds it up, pulls the cord, and Woosh!! Marty flew into the air, he wasn't feeling terrified, but he was thrilled) All right! That's right! Oooh! (He flew into the clouds. Like he was flying. And then Smack! Right into the tree over down by Kaya in the ground)

⦁ Kaya: See I told you I don't need worry. So, what do you think?

⦁ Marty: (Exciting) Woo!! It was amazing! Its incredible laying!

⦁ Kaya: You see, part of the flock is just kept on going.

⦁ Marty: (He grabs the vine, swings down, and lands safely on the ground where Kaya is at)

⦁ Stefano: Marty! Thank Goodness, you're safe!

⦁ Marty: Since we're done with the cannon, we're going to do the catapult, baby!

⦁ Stefano: Now that's more like it!

⦁ Kaya: Yeah! You and I are gonna have catching up to do! (She and Marty walks away, leaving Stefano alone)

⦁ Benny: (Then it came to the dogs. They are arguing) No I'm doing it! And you know it! (Then they started a catfight. Alex came to cut in)

⦁ Alex: Hey, hey, guys come on. (He breaks them up) You, put that bat down. Come on, guys. Cute and adorable is not your thing. Y'all can't be fighting for this.

⦁ Eddie: He started it. (Benny kicks him in the groan, as he gets painly)

⦁ Benny: So what do have in mind?

⦁ Alex: I've got a better skills you guys want. Ria? (Looks at her)

⦁ Ria: I'll demonstrate. (Went over to Lenny with a pair jetpack onto his back. Then she push the button, Whoosh! Lenny screamed as he flew like a jet rocket. Then, Boom! Lenny smashed into the bamboo tree)

⦁ Lenny: (Gets out of the bamboo, as he was excited) That was cool! (The jets fired again, and Lenny launched up into the air as he screams)

⦁ All Dogs: Jetpacks! I want to try one! Me too! (Then the dogs runs away excitedly)

⦁ Alex: (As Calvo walks up) Oh, hi.

⦁ Calvo: Hey Alex I walk by and say you impressed and amazed for these animals.

⦁ Alex: Oh gee thanks.

⦁ Calvo: And also what you said about passions and all that stuff. It's incredible.

⦁ Alex: Yeah, but you know, it was kind of a vicious travels that me and my friends have been too. But..

⦁ Calvo: Don't worry about a thing, we had a craziest wild things. But we survived, don't we?

⦁ Alex: Yeah. We do.

⦁ Calvo: And nothing's ever gonna happen to you, because friends always look after each other no matter what, right?

⦁ Alex: Right.

⦁ Calvo: Now you look them in the eye, and you repeat after me. I am Alex and I'm a brave lion.

⦁ Alex: (Repeating) I'm Alex and I'm a brave lion.

⦁ Calvo: That's the spirit! (Then Gia came by)

⦁ Gia: Hey Alex, I was wondering if you can teach me for something.

⦁ Alex: Sure anything.

⦁ Gia: Maybe if we can do our new dance routine.

⦁ Alex: Dance routine? I don't know if I... (Calvo came aside to Alex)

⦁ Calvo: You know, I can always do my newest dance skills. I call it the "Meditation dance."

⦁ Alex: Meditation dance? I don't even know how to start.

⦁ Calvo: Well you just follow me, and I'll show you how to do it and you two can do it on your own. (Calvo walks off, and Gia follows him. Alex sighed. After a while, King Julien is sitting on the rock and need to come up an idea with Maurice and Mort)

⦁ King Julien: Maurice? We need to come up with pizzazz! How come these freaks came up their passions but we don't have undiscovered talent, or inspiration of our inspired?

⦁ Theo: (Comes over to them) Oh come on guys, what happened to "Jungle Untamed"? But here's the plan: they can auditions here and I'll do my skills myself for you guys. We can do great, right?

⦁ Maurice: "We"? What you mean, "we"? You speak French or something?

⦁ Theo: Well tell that to them. (Pointing back and we see a huge crowd of animals gathered on the ground cheering)

⦁ King Julien: Maurice? Give me a award to them.

⦁ (The auditions for the talent search begin with the animals doing their performances. DJ Snake and Lil Jon plays Turn Down for What. Starting with a group of anteaters are doing their rap performance. then it came to the squirrel monkeys using the small boulder as a wrecking ball)

⦁ Maurice: (Julien, Maurice and Mort looks at him awkwardly) Next!

⦁ (Then also came to the macaws doing the bird routine skills by using brazilian music, the three chameleons are doing a changing color. Basement Jaxx perform Do Your Thing. Also, the toucans perform the classical music. Carmina Burana perform O Fortuna. Just then Maurice interrupted)

⦁ Maurice: I'm sorry, we are looking for a dancing performers not classical music performers.

⦁ Toucan: Aw, man.

⦁ Maurice: Thank you. Next!

⦁ (The spider monkeys show off their dancing skills by using electronic music. But Julien, Maurice and Mort looking at them, a little weird)

⦁ Maurice: Next!

⦁ (A tapir sings "Hotline Bling" by Drake)

⦁ Maurice: Next!

⦁ Sloth: We are amazing Zumba Sloths. (Pitbull performs Pause. They started dancing. And the jaguar and anaconda are doing a bust the moves. Bell Biv DeVoe perform Poison.)

⦁ (And at last the Ocelots doing the hopscotch but it falls off stage)

⦁ King Julien: Is there anybody else on stage? Anybody at all?

⦁ Theo: (Comes up the stage) That will be me Amigo!

⦁ King Julien: Alright just get on with it already, ok? I haven't got all day.

⦁ Maurice: Show us what you got.

⦁ Theo: Maestro? (Taio Cruz plays Dynamite. He boogies to the music, everyone cheers) Thank you. Thank you, I was just getting my groove on.

⦁ Maurice: That's good. Your in. So... (Julien interrupted)

⦁ King Julien: For your great talent and annual prize, I give you the orange melon. (shows him a medium pumpkin)

⦁ Maurice: Julien? That's a pumpkin.

⦁ King Julien: Well it's actually made of fruit! (He laughs, and Maurice facepalms while Theo and Mort look at him weird)

⦁ (While Julien grants Theo a pumpkin award, Melman is practicing his balance as he watches Gloria doing her groove dance)

⦁ Melman: (Muttering himself) Balance? We never do any balance on the tightrope we do. Well maybe it's a worth a shot. Now let's see how it goes. (He use his back hoof to stretch left to right) Stretch to the right, stretch to the left. Woah! (Then his bottom just slipped) Oh what's the use? I'll never do any skills for Gloria. (Signs)

⦁ Gloria: Melman? (He hears her calling him) Melman? (Then she finds her at his spot where he practice) Oh Melman, I thought I find you here. So do you do some of the grooves I told you?

⦁ Melman: Well Gloria the thing is... I don't know how to balance.

⦁ Gloria: Don't worry, Baby, It's just like dancing from the circus. You just hold your hands and step on out. (She holds Melman's hoof and stretch out of one toe) And then we dance to jam. (She dance to the groove to the funk) You see, now do exactly as I do. (Melman doing as Gloria was doing her moves) See. That's what I'm talking about.

⦁ Melman: Hey, I'm actually doing it! Yeah! I can make out the move! (They were doing the balance to the groove skills, they cheered and laugh)

⦁ (After that before the sunset, Alex, Gia and Calvo are about to start the meditation dance on the mountain)

⦁ Alex: So how do you start?

⦁ Calvo: Simple. Just do the handstand. (Doing the handstand) then the ardha chandrasana. (Doing the ardha chandrasana) And you just have a tadasana. (Doing the tadasana) Now let's see you do it.

⦁ Gia: Like the way you started?

⦁ Calvo: Piece of cake, Girly Kitty, just do as I'm doing.

⦁ Alex: Well, here goes nothing. Nothing like a way it should wants we get to know everyone to see our flexibility to made ar marks for the act.

⦁ Calvo: You want me to say go, do you?

⦁ Alex: No. Just you wait and see what we can... (Calvo interrupted)

⦁ Calvo: Go!

⦁ Alex: Alright! (He is doing as Calvo is doing with Gia. Coldplay plays A Sky full of Stars. Alex is doing the handstand, the ardha chandrasana, and the tadasana) Like this?

⦁ Calvo: For the coconut that counts, yeah. And now do this! (He started to backflip over the rocks)

⦁ Gia: And you're doing it over these rocks!

⦁ Calvo: Righto! Just making the best of it.

⦁ (Gia is doing backflips as Calvo did, as well as Alex, but he just bumped it on his head)

⦁ Calvo: (To Alex) It's okay, just try it again! (And Alex is doing it again, and he did it)

⦁ (Marty and Kaya stopped they're act and watch Alex and Gia performed more skills, as well as the cats stopped they're acts and watches them, too.)

⦁ Alex: Watch this! (Alex went for another move as he flips up to the sky, but missed as he trying to grab the vine. But Calvo swung in, grabbed him and landed right next to Gia on the ground.)

⦁ Marty: (She laugh and hugs Alex, Marty came in with Kaya) Wow! You guys just made it to top! (The rest of the animals cheered them, except Vitaly who has a proud smile)

⦁ Alex: Well everyone looks like we got our new acts! (Everyone cheers to them)

⦁ Ria: (Flies and lands on the rock) Very impressive you guys, guess we'll do rest of the rehearsals tomorrow.

⦁ Gloria: Actually, Ria, you was gonna help me with the thing tomorrow?

⦁ Ria: Oh! Yeah. The thing. Gotta do the thing tomorrow.

⦁ Melman: Say I can also do the thing for you.

⦁ Both: No!

⦁ Gloria: It's a girl thing.

⦁ Ria: Yeah, for the girls.

⦁ Gloria: Hey! Why don't you go do a guy thing tomorrow? Sounds like a plan?

⦁ Melman: You really sure about it?

⦁ Gloria: Sure! You can just spend the time with the guys and we girls can do our thing.

⦁ Melman: Really?

⦁ Gloria: Uh-huh. (Giggles and wiggled to Melman) I'll just see you later on tomorrow. On this special day.

⦁ Melman: Uh... Okay.

⦁ Alex: Change of plans everyone: rehearsals tomorrow, after "the thing", and we'll preview the show the next day.

⦁ Marty: Yeah! How about that? (All shouting and cheered, and everyone left)

⦁ Alex: Just be ready when you all are!

⦁ Gia: You sure we are ready for the next day?

⦁ Alex: It's worth a try. Once every animals sees us, there'll be a whole new set of stars in Jungletopia.

⦁ Gloria: (Gia laughs excitedly, and she holding arms on Alex as they walk off. Gloria looks awing at them) Aw! Vitaly? I remember when Melman and I used to be like that back in Africa.

⦁ Vitaly: Well not to me! Since my wife left me I could only just to see her off my back right now.

⦁ Macaw: (In a Southern accent) Oh you poor sweet little kitty.

⦁ Stefano: But look on the bright side, Vitaly. At least you have me, Gia, Alice and the others.

⦁ (The very next morning, after the rehearsal yesterday, Marty was thinking about something)

⦁ Marty: (Himself) What do I do make Kaya impress with me?

⦁ King Julien: (Hanging from the vine) Well you come to the right place my black and white friend. You gotta give a woman you're own irresistible.

⦁ Marty: What do you have in mind?

⦁ King Julien: (Swings down to the ground) You need to give heart for the lady to make her fantastic! Let me demonstrate for you. Maurice?

⦁ Marty: (Maurice comes out of the bush as he dress as a lady with blond hair, leaf dress as at the bottom, tiny high heels, yellow flower on the wig, pink lips, and blue eyeshadow. Marty looks at him disgusted) Ugh.

⦁ Mort: Oh Maurice you look surprisingly cute. (Laughs)

⦁ Maurice: Man this is ridiculous.

⦁ King Julien: Well most importantly, you look even more than the other women lemurs from Madagascar. Now give us spin.

⦁ Marty: (Maurice sighs and he was spinning) Julien? I don't think it can pull this off to approach for me and Kaya.

⦁ King Julien: Not to worry, it'll be easy. Maurice will attractive to you.

⦁ Maurice: Oy vey. Hi. I mean uh (in women's voice) well hello there.

⦁ King Julien: Cut! That's not how you talk to women! You got to have a body language.

⦁ Maurice: But it was a body language.

⦁ King Julien: Well you don't know anything about being a lady. (To Marty) Now all the women wants for you is the right walk (doing the women walk), the right pose (doing the pose), and the right eyelash flutter. (And the eyelash flutter)

⦁ Marty: You really think so?

⦁ King Julien: Oh I know so. Now Maurice, do exactly as I do.

⦁ Maurice: I tell ya, this is dumb. It'll never work that he can to a girl. (Doing the same thing as Julien did and repeating) Walk, pose...

⦁ (a Male bamboo lemur stands next to him and looks at him flirting)

⦁ Male Bamboo Lemur: Well, how do you do little lady? You know I haven't seen you around here in the Amazon, but if you want I can show you around, just for asking you out for a date?

⦁ Maurice: I'm not a girl.

⦁ Male Bamboo Lemur: Oh, Sorry. (As he walks off) I love you. (And he walks off)

⦁ King Julien: (Imitating) It'll never work. (Laughs, after Maurice sighs and facepalms)

⦁ (After that the animals are enjoying themselves. The Jaguars, Tapirs and Anteaters are relaxing at the watering hole, also the toucans and macaws are talking so does the monkeys and jumping rats. As the capybaras and Tortoises are serving coconut drinks. Then Alex and Melman are sitting on the rock, having a drink at the fruit bar)

⦁ Melman: Ah, women!

⦁ Alex: Yeah, women. Wait, what about them?

⦁ Melman: I don't get 'em Alex. (Whistles to the pika) Little more, please? (Thecapybarasare putting waters in the coconuts and gives it to him) I mean take note for instant: Gloria. Life's great with her. There's no a little surprises. Nothing ever changes. And the next thing you know, she had giggled. Does Gia ever giggle?

⦁ Capybara: (Alex looks Gia, talking to the muntjac) I don't know if you can roar or not?

⦁ Gia: Oh, really? How's this for the roar? (Roars furiously, as capybara runs away panicking and screams)

⦁ Alex: Uh...Gia's not that a big giggler much, Melman.

⦁ Melman: Well, Gloria giggled. And she wiggled too. Tee hee hee hee. Boom! (Wiggled to Alex) Right?

⦁ Alex: Right, and don't do that again.

⦁ Melman: And I have no idea why she's acting so weird.

⦁ Alex: I can tell. (Sighs) Women.

⦁ Melman: Women.

⦁ Capybara: (After puts the bamboo like a straw on the coconut up as he drink) Yeah, women. (And walks off)

⦁ Marty: (Walks up to Melman and Alex) Hey guys.

⦁ Alex: And speaking of not weird. What's up Marty?

⦁ Marty: You have no idea man, it was okizay.

⦁ Alex: Okay, let me guess. You've got women problem too.

⦁ Marty: No! No, Kaya is fine. Except Julien and the other were helping me getting Kaya too like me. But it turns out to be a disaster! Then he also hired the mariachi band. (Three anteaters pose as the mariachi band after they're wearing mexican hats and had a violin, horn and guitarrón mexican guitar, playing "Jarabe Tapatio") See what I mean? Disaster!

⦁ Melman: Yeah, come on. Let's go somewhere else more distracted. (Then He, Marty and Alex walk off)

⦁ (Moment later back at the plane, the orangutans are still repairing it while Mason and Phil are talking to Skipper and his team)

⦁ Mason: As soon as the plane is fixed, we need another maternity leave on cue.

⦁ Skipper: another maternity leave? But we just got you one.

⦁ Kowalski: Actually sir, we've already give many unions for this craft to fly.

⦁ Skipper: Kowalski, that's why it'll never be booking in. Which means no more maternity leave.

⦁ Mason: (Nudges Phil, who pulls out incriminating photos of Skipper and his hula girl wife in Monte Carlo) Well I believe someone wouldn't want these shouldn't blown in India?

⦁ Skipper: (Looking at the pictures, shocking. Kowalski, Rico and Private looking at each other impressive. Then he glares at them as they looking away. And reluctantly) Fine. We'll get your another maternity leave. (And then Mason and Phil are doing they're hand routine as they are glad)

⦁ (Later at the sunset in Jungletopia, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria are walking while Melman was closing his eyes)

⦁ Gloria: Okay Baby. No peeking. Just hear the sound of my voice.

⦁ Marty: (Whispers at Alex) Like an opera singer.

⦁ Alex: (Chuckles, as they're still walking) Gloria, why is it so quiet?

⦁ Marty: A little quiet that is. (Alex grunts)

⦁ Gloria: (And they stopped) Okay. Wait right there. And open up.

⦁ Melman: Gloria? I don't know how to tell you this but where is everyone?

⦁ Everyone: Surprise! (Every animals laugh and cheers. Usher played Yeah! instrumental. The jaguar, anaconda and the tamarin blowing a party blower)

⦁ Melman: Uh...What? (Gloria pulls the vine and on top of the tree leafs, the flower vines are hanging on the trees while some are falls down slowly. Melman looks up)

⦁ King Julien: Ta-da! (Showing him the ice sculpture of him and Gloria after Maurice and Mort are unclosed the leaves)

⦁ Gloria: (While wearing a white flower on her left ear and some in her belly around) Happy Anniversary, honey!

⦁ Melman: Anniversary? (Realizing) Oh, no. That's the thing she was telling me about. (She giggles and wiggled on him, and he chuckles nervously)

⦁ Mao: Okay! Your turn now, Neck boy!

⦁ King Julien: Yeah! We wanna see what you got for the Hippo woman.

⦁ Theo: Melman!

⦁ Everyone: Melman! Melman! Melman! Melman!

⦁ Melman: (Smiles nervously at everybody) Hey, hey. Right. Uh... (Looks at Gloria as she was smile at him) So how about another hand for Gloria, right guys (To Alex and Marty)

⦁ Both: Oh yeah! Sure. Of course!

⦁ Marty: Give it up!

⦁ Mort: (Chuckles and claps his hands) Oh yay! (And he stops clapping) Oh.

⦁ Squirrel Monkey: He forgot! (Everyone gasp and the jaguar faints)

⦁ Female animal: Dang. I feel so bad for Gloria.

⦁ Other female animal: Me too.

⦁ Melman: (After Gloria feels sad and disappointed) Gloria, I...Uh...

⦁ Skipper: (Using the box of fireworks front of the plane) Okay, boys. Time for this cracker to fire it up! Rico.

⦁ (Rico chuckles. He lit the fuse, sets it on the firework, and it blast off to the air and POP!!! Melman and Gloria turn around, and the fireworks pops. The animals look at it, amazed)

⦁ Everyone: Ooh! Ah!

⦁ Toucan: He didn't forget. That's how a giraffe suppose to love is for her!

⦁ Melman: Wow! Nice save with the light show.

⦁ Alex: Yeah.

⦁ Both: (Confused) Wait, you didn't do this? Then who did?

⦁ Skipper: Excelente. Up high! (They high five each other and he slap Private)

⦁ Gloria: (Amazed as she looks at the fireworks) Oh, Melman. I was so afraid you'd forgotten. But you lit up the fireworks for me?

⦁ Melman: Uh...Yeah. Just like a magician who never reveals his secrets. (Chuckles nervously)

⦁ Gloria: Oh. Thank you, baby. (Then they just face to face each other, lovingly)

⦁ King Julien: Now, that's I call pizzazz! (And Mort is holding his feet) What?! No, Mort! Not the king's feet! (Kicks him in the air)

⦁ Mort: Weee! (Lands on the cake where Maurice is leaning)

⦁ Marty: (With Alex, Gia and Calvo) Melman, I gotta say. That's the best present ever.

⦁ Calvo: Yeah. You, sir, are an education in marital excellence.

⦁ Gloria: He sure is. (Giggles, leans to Melman)

⦁ Melman: Yep, I'm sure am an an education of marital excellence.

⦁ Alex: Well, now this is all settle for the party. Do think it's time to finish the rehearsal?

⦁ Gia: Alex. We just finish the rehearsal. It's not that we don't have to do it tomorrow for the show.

⦁ Marty: She right, Alex. Time to lay it cool for tomorrow, alright?

⦁ Alex: (Sighs) Alright, we're done the rehearsal.

⦁ Calvo: There you see, that wasn't so hard? Just to play it cool. (To everyone) Who wants some cake and hors d'oeuvres?

⦁ Everyone: I do! Save some for me. Me too!

⦁ (As everyone get some cake, Kaya smells something)

⦁ Alex: (To Marty, Melman and Gloria) Just like we plan guys, the sooner we put the show for the animals, the we can get to New York.

⦁ All: Yeah! You know it.

⦁ Kaya: (Next to Marty) Uh, I hate to breg you chatting, but do I smell something burning?

⦁ Alex: (Sniffing) No.

⦁ Melman: Nuh-uh. Not really.

⦁ Marty: Yeah, I don't smell anything that burns to flames.

⦁ Mao: Well comes from the tree over there. (Points at it. They turn around and see a tree that is caught on fire)

⦁ Calvo: (Everyone gasp) Oh no. Come on! (They follow him. They came through the bush, and they see's it horrified. To the toucan) How does it happen?

⦁ Toucan: I don't know, it was just before the fireworks comes up!

⦁ King Julien: (shocked, then angry) Rico, what did you do?!

⦁ (Rico shrugged)

⦁ Gloria: (Angrily at Melman) So, I suppose the part of your magic show is going to inspire me?

⦁ Melman: (Nervously) Uh...Abracadabra? (Chuckles)

⦁ Alex: Guys, can you deal with this later?

⦁ Calvo: Yeah we gotta fire to catch. (To Mao) Bring some water to flag it down!

⦁ Mao: You got it! (To the river dolphins) Dolphins, assemble! (Follows him)

⦁ Emperor Tamarin: (Gasp) My baby! My baby's up in the tree! (They looked up in the tree)

⦁ Baby Emperor Tamarin: (Hanging on to a branch) Mommy, help! Somebody Help Me! Help, Please! Help!

⦁ (Vitaly gazes at the trees flames in fear, then scowls and he runs up)

⦁ Melman: Vitaly, what are you doing?!

⦁ Gia: Come back!

⦁ Stefano: You cannot go to the fire without a hoop in the tree!

⦁ Vitaly: (looks at Stefano) That wee monkey's in there, Stefano. someone has to help.

⦁ (Stefano exhanges a fearful look as Vitaly climbs up to the tree. He sees the terrified baby monkey)

⦁ Baby Empeor Tamarin: Help! (Looks at Vitaly)

⦁ Vitaly: Don't worry, I got you! Just take my hand. (The baby is a little scared) Trust me. (The baby sighs, grab his hands and he hold on to his arm. He climb down and lands on the ground)

⦁ Gia: Look out! (Vitaly and the baby look up at the fire branch and then Boom!! Right in front of them)

⦁ Emperor Tamarin: (Horrified gasp)

⦁ Stefano: Vitaly...... (his voice breaks) is not safe!!! (starts sobbing in Gia's arms for comfort)

⦁ (Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and the lemurs are feeling depressed. so does Calvo and Theo. Just then they realize they hear something as they look at the fire smoke, it was Vitaly coming from the smoke and carrying the baby Emperor Tamarin. Stefano shrieks in joy)

⦁ King Julien: (esactic) the tiger lives!

⦁ Gia: Thank goodness!

⦁ (Everyone cheered and Mao and the dolphins are here)

⦁ Mao: Okay boys! Ready! Aim! Fire! (The dolphins blow the waters to the fire)

⦁ Baby Emperor Tamarin: Mommy! (Runs to his mother)

⦁ Emperor Tamarin: Jason! (And hugs at him) Thank goodness you're safe. (To Vitaly) Thank you, kind Tiger. Thank you.

⦁ Vitaly: It is my pleasure ma'am.

⦁ Gia: (Looking at him lovingly) My hero.

⦁ Stefano: (Came and hugs Vitaly) We thought we'd lost you forever.

⦁ Alex: don't you dare leave us like that again.

⦁ Calvo: Yeah, You almost gave us a heart attack. (sighs) But we're glad you're safe. And thanks for saving the baby monkey from that fire.

⦁ Jaguar: Yeah! You're a hero. a brave heroic tiger.

⦁ Vitaly: (Laughs) Well like I always say if I go down in flames, so be it!

⦁ (Everyone laughs)

⦁ Alex: Well everybody, get ready, cause we got a show tomorrow! (Every animals cheered and excited, All except Calvo, who was thinking about the accident a long time ago)

⦁ (The next night, the stage has set up and so many animals are about to enjoy as they are gathering and sitting)

⦁ Theo: (Looking at the crowd close to the stage curtains while using his checklist and walky talky) Animals. Check. (At his walky talky) The stage is set and the animals are ready to go, Alex.

⦁ Alex: (Using the same walky talky) Excellent, Theo. And Thanks.

⦁ Theo: (At his walky talky) Don't mention it.

⦁ Alex: The animals are in the house!

⦁ Marty: (Along with Melman and Gloria as they are overjoyed) New York is closer than I expected!

⦁ Alex: Let's not get over our heads. First, we have a show to do.

⦁ Gloria: Alright, you got it. (As they walk off)

⦁ Alex: We're on everybody! Let's go!

⦁ Kaya: (Walk up to him) Hey Alex, do me and Marty go on first or the dogs?

⦁ Alex: Yeah.

⦁ Kaya: What?

⦁ Alex: Uh, we can talk about that later. Where's Calvo? He's on.

⦁ Kaya: I don't know. You tell me. Hey Marty? (She walks away)

⦁ Alex: Calvo? Calvo, where are you? You're on! (To Mao) Mao have you seen Calvo?

⦁ (Alex saw Mao sitting on a log and crying)

⦁ Alex: Hey, Buddy. why the sad monkey face.

⦁ Mao: (as he cries) Calvo is leaving the Amazon.

⦁ Alex: What?

⦁ Mao: I tried everything I could, man. But he just ignored me and left without saying goodbye. (Sniffs)

⦁ Alex: Hey, Cheer up Mao. Where is he? I'm sure I can talk to him. (Calvo is packing his things as the prepares to leave the Amazon. As soon as he heard stick breaking) Calvo, what are you doing? You're supposed to be on stage.

⦁ Calvo: I'm quitting, big times.

⦁ Alex: What? You're just gonna give up on everybody.

⦁ Calvo: They better off without me.

⦁ Alex: Look, I can climb, but can't just land on my feet!

⦁ Calvo: But when you can climb on trees, then you land your feet.

⦁ Alex: I can't climb trees that much! OK? What happen to "Jungle Untamed" we put up? The show must go on! (He pulls his arm and Calvo shoving him) Come on man, be the guy who save my life from a mad man!

⦁ Calvo: It was hopeless! Don't you get it, man?

⦁ Alex: I don't get why the guy who can do yoga and tap dances, spins around, and do the fosse for everybody who looks up to you! (He and Calvo are tugging each other, before Calvo snatch his hands out of his paws) C'mon. Where's the Calvo I remember?

⦁ Calvo: (Bitterly) The Calvo you remember...Is dead.

⦁ Alex: Look. I know you may give up on dancing (Holding and showing him a photo) But your friends and I haven't had given up on you. Now either you can just turn your back on us and do fancy yoga and eat rabbits for the rest of your life? Or you can just go out there and inspirational your tap?

⦁ Calvo: You don't understand Alex? I don't have a choice. What if I break my ankle again?

⦁ Alex: You won't. cause you'll do better.

⦁ Calvo: (realizing that Alex is right) You're right, man! When I once started as a secret agent leopard. my father always said this "If you want to see the world, just give it a good luck!"

⦁ Alex: And it's for you to do the dance. (Cut to Calvo on the stage)

⦁ Calvo: And for this act, I'm doing the inspirational tap! (He then gazes on the floor in fear, then scowls he is doing the jazz tap dance. The animal crowds are getting gasp of horror, So does Melman, Gloria and Marty. Then he hip swish)

⦁ Mao: (Praying) Oh please don't let him sprain his ankle. Please? Please (spins around)

⦁ Alex: C'mon, you're almost there. (He goes up as the animals looking up, and lands safely, the crowd gasps, then cheers, he opens his eyes, and looks at himself, okaying as the animal crowd cheers for him)

⦁ Mao: Yeah! All right!

⦁ Calvo: (Takes a bow) Thank you, thank you very much! And now it's time for "Jungle Untamed"!

⦁ Alex: (To everyone) Yeah! Don't just stand there! It's time for the show! Let's go, go, go, go, go!

⦁ (Cascada plays Summer of Love. Everything is very perfect and the animal crowds are so happy. King Julien, Maurice, Theo and Mort dance with several bamboo lemurs as Vitaly jumps through the ring. The dogs flew through the ring on their jetpack rockets. Alex, Gia and Calvo did their meditation dance after Alex ROAR. Stefano, Marty and Kaya doing the catapult act as they fly up to the air. Melman and Gloria dance their groovin balance. Ria flies and doing her salsa skills along with the toucans and macaws. And Mao swung on his vine while throwing balloons to the audience, who was cheered as they are thrilled for the animals)

⦁ Alex: (At the backstage with the other animals who are excited) We've done it! And next stop America!

⦁ Marty (As they fist bump together) It was epelicious!

⦁ Gia: (Laughs and joy as she hugs him) We did it, Alex! We're the amazing meditation cats!

⦁ Alex: But we kill it back there. (Just then the baby squirrel monkey along with the baby jaguar stand next to them)

⦁ Baby Jaguar: Um, excuse me. Is it true you were doing the meditation dance for the leopard?

⦁ Alex: Um... (Looks at each other)

⦁ Gia: (Looks at them) That's a very interesting story. You think you can handle it?

⦁ Both: Yeah.

⦁ Baby Jaguar: How interesting?

⦁ Alex: Well, we were just... Oh! Oh! (The kids lean next to them)

⦁ Baby Squirrel Monkey: Hi (Chuckles)

⦁ Alex: So there we was, five minutes to midnight and we were dance against the ballerina, snakes, and the blue sky.

⦁ Gia: Oh, and also the parrots! Don't forget about the parrots! (To Alex) Hey, thanks for making the kids like me. (To the kids as she and them walk off) So I turn the radio to scare the crows away....

⦁ Calvo: (Arm around Alex's shoulder) Good idea of our act, man! You made my life so inspired!

⦁ Alex: We sure are.

⦁ Calvo: Yeah! Sooner than tomorrow, we'll take you back to the USA! (As he walks to Mao)

⦁ Alex: You know it. (To his friends) Alright guys, we're for the big top.

⦁ Melman: Do you think he got his groove back soon when we get home?

⦁ Alex: You know it.

⦁ Marty: Really? because we didn't know he existed on dancing for us to get home!

⦁ Alex: Marty, But just because he was the best dancer doesn't mean that I could just sold him out for no reason! (Everyone gasp as Calvo shocked and overhears, and Benny faints)

⦁ Gia: (To the kids) Uh...Why don't you kids go on ahead? I'll tell you every story later.

⦁ Baby Squirrel Monkey: Okay, bye. (Runs off along with baby jaguar)

⦁ Theo: (Angrily to Alex) What did you do?

⦁ Calvo: (Along with Mao, Kaya, Ria, Theo, Kaya and the dogs in front of him, confusing, including Gia, Vitaly and Stefano) You sold me out and tricking me?

⦁ Alex: (He and his friends look at them in shock) Well... Yes, I did. But you don't understand.

⦁ Calvo: Why?

⦁ Alex: It was just in case.

⦁ Vitaly: Case of what? making a fool out of him.

⦁ Gloria: No, Vitaly... We only try to help him.

⦁ Melman: And believed in him to take us back home!

⦁ Stefano: I think I'm gonna stay out of this one.

⦁ King Julien: Me too.

⦁ Calvo: After all this time to save you from a group of angry monkeys. You made me do all this for nothing?

⦁ Alex: Wait, Calvo...

⦁ Sally: You betrayed us.

⦁ Alex: No, no! I mean yes, but...

⦁ Theo: All this for nothing, just to get you to New York!

⦁ Mao: Uh....can I say something?

⦁ ALL: NO!!!

⦁ Mao: Sorry. (backs away)

⦁ Kaya: (Angrily towards to Alex) This isn't right! How could you do this to us?

⦁ Marty: Kaya, look, It wasn't like that. You see.

⦁ Kaya: You were in on this too?

⦁ Marty: Well, yeah. I was, but look what we did.

⦁ Kaya: (in the verge of tears) I was flung from a catapult! I could have died!

⦁ Marty: But I thought that was your passion.

⦁ Calvo: (To Alex) So all this is true? Just before you thought I can do that dancing you put me up for no reason.

⦁ Alex: Calvo we were just wanted to help.

⦁ Calvo: you were all just trying to help yourself to becoming cheaters for me!

⦁ Stefano: Please, do not fight!

⦁ Alex: (Angrily) For what, just going this the way we were so you can be a loser?! (Calvo is shocked as Gia looks at Alex and his friends, feeling betrayed and hurt) Calvo, I didn't mean... (holds out his hands to shake Calvo's paw. But he shoves it away)

⦁ Calvo: (hurt) We saved your life, and for what? you're breaking my heart, man. You are breaking my heart. (Gia looks at them and turns away as to follow him. Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria stand there in depression, feeling sorry for themselves about lying to their new friends and hurting their feelings)

⦁ Lenny: (sobbing) I can't believe you tricked and betrayed us all! (blows his nose)

⦁ King Julien: (looks at the sky as thunder began to rumble and rain begin to fall) Maurice, Why does it rain when things go worse?! (looks around) Maurice? Where did he go.

⦁ (Later that day at the view of Jungletopia, Ria flies over the plane where the penguins is)

⦁ Maurice: (Hanging on the tree) Hey, Ria. Nice talent back there.

⦁ Ria: Gee thanks. (At the plane as the gorillas still fixing it)

⦁ Skipper: Kowalski, status report.

⦁ Kowalski: We're almost done with plane sir. And slightly behind up schedule.

⦁ Skipper: Outstanding.

⦁ Ria: (Lands next to him) How's it coming?

⦁ Skipper: Well, Ria. Looks like this baby is almost set and ready to go. And heard the hippies were doing the talent play, back there.

⦁ Ria: Yeah, we sure did. And it was spectacular what it is to the this back where they use to be.

⦁ Skipper: And you know what they say "A star is born".

⦁ Ria: It sure is. And all to thanks for them. Mostly.

⦁ (Maurice makes a depressed sigh and leaves)

⦁ Ria: Yo, Maurice. where are you going?

⦁ (Then at the river of and old boat, the rain had stopped and Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice and Mort are sitting and standing on sad expressions on their faces)

⦁ Alex: Man. We messed up so bad. We've ruined their hopes and dreams.

⦁ Marty: That is so not crack-a-lackin'.

⦁ Alex: No, Marty. It was the lackin' in the crackin'.

⦁ King Julien: (Alex and Marty looks at him, depressed) I'm not crying, you're crying. (He sobs, then blows his nose with his ringtail)

⦁ Melman: Gloria, you're not still mad at me about the fireworks, are you?

⦁ Gloria: No, baby. I'm not still mad at you about the fireworks. Because all I know that we can still spend are loving days together. That's all.

⦁ Alex: Look, guys. It's always for the best.

⦁ Marty: Yeah, they were still mad at us and Kaya will never talk to me anymore. (sighs) That's the way it is, Alex.

⦁ Alex: (To Marty) You know, Marty, when we left the zoo we have the best travels we ever had.

⦁ Marty: (brightening) You think so?

⦁ Alex: Yeah. All around the world, making new friends, it was amazing.

⦁ King Julien: Yeah!

⦁ Alex: It was adventurous!

⦁ Mort: (giggles)

⦁ Gloria: And romantic.

⦁ Melman: And dangerous.

⦁ Marty: I never have felt so wild!

⦁ Alex: When the South Troops were there to save us, we can always travel here. (Feeling depressed) But we were wrong for that sooner.

⦁ Melman: If only the way to straighten this out.

⦁ Alex: (Thinking) Hey, what do you say we go back and set things right.

⦁ Gloria: Really?

⦁ Marty: I'm in for you man!

⦁ King Julien: (On Marty's back with Maurice and Mort) Count me in!

⦁ Melman: But what do we do first?

⦁ Alex: Well...We gotta apologize to them and tell how wrong we are about believing them.

⦁ Marty: It's gonna be great.

⦁ Alex: If we want to see the world, just give it a good luck! (Then a tranquilizer dart shot on his head)

⦁ Gloria: Yeah, alright!

⦁ Melman: Let's do it baby!

⦁ King Julien: I Like it! (Then it shot Melman on the neck, Gloria on the back and King Julien on his tail)

⦁ Marty: Yeah, let's do this! (And shot him in the neck as well)

⦁ Maurice: What the...?

⦁ Melman: (Woozy) Say, do I think I have polka dots in me neck?

⦁ Alex: (Woozy) Look at my paws, it have mudgey spot on it.

⦁ Gloria: (Woozy) Very mudgey, Cool.

⦁ Marty: (Woozy) I'm like a black and white unicorn, with the horn on its head and... (Falls down along with Melman and Gloria)

⦁ Alex: Oh, no. Begum. (Falls down on Marty, Melman and Gloria)

⦁ King Julien: (Woozy) Hey, where's the party at Maurice?

⦁ Maurice: Alright Julien, the party is in the other side. (Carries him along with Mort as they get off the boat)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (The marmosets are standing side to side next to the Zoosters, surrounded, as well as Ishan gets in, and Begum opens the back door, and climbs up top of the boat as he looks down at Alex and his friends sleeping) Welcome aboard, Mateys! (Gets down and lands on it) And Ishan nice job, Here you go, kid. (Gives him some money)

⦁ Ishan: (Confused) Wait. You promised to give me a half.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Oh shut up, kid.

⦁ Bayo: So what do we do now, Boss? should we go back to Rio to cut their legs off?

⦁ Aba: Or slice their bodies to be fed to the fossa?

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: No, no. I've got a better plan: First, we'll send them to the Bronx Zoo to collect their heads. (as Ishan starts the boat) Then we'll slice their bodies and feed them to the fossa. (Laughs maniacally)

⦁ Gia: (As Begum capture Alex and his friends to set sail for the other zoo, Gia convince Calvo as he looking depressed and down by the plane with the others) Come on Calvo, it's not your fault.

⦁ Calvo: Well maybe if I have been better off without him.

⦁ Gia: Now that's not true. Listen, you were in good back there, and Alex, well...He sort of making you feel like a star again.

⦁ Calvo: So what's the difference.

⦁ Vitaly: All we are saying is you are more than leader, but you are great dancer we know.

⦁ Stefano: Besides, you can join Circus Zaragoza.

⦁ (Calvo looks at his friends)

⦁ Kaya: she does have a point.

⦁ Calvo: (Agreeing) Sure. Whatever you say.

⦁ (Just then Julien, Maurice and Mort came)

⦁ Maurice: Guys, you won't believe what we just saw. (Handing Kowalski a tranquilizer dart as he take it out on Julien's ringtail)

⦁ Kowalski: cheese and crackers! It's Begum!

⦁ Stefano: MAMMA MIA!

⦁ Skipper: (To Maurice) Where did you find this?

⦁ Maurice: At the boat and they're going to the Bronx Zoo.

⦁ Skipper: The hippies are in danger!

⦁ Kaya: (gasps) Oh no!

⦁ Calvo: we have to help them!

⦁ Squirrel Monkey: But they betrayed us!

⦁ Eddie: Yeah, and why should save those cheaters?

⦁ Kaya: They are our friends, Whether they betrayed us or not.

⦁ Eddie: Well I don't care.

⦁ Theo: (angrily towards to the dogs) Now, you're just being rude! (the dogs feel ashamed of themselves)

⦁ Skipper: I never thought hear this on Hong Kong tourism, but the lizard's right!

⦁ Theo: I am a Iguana.

⦁ Skipper: Whatever. (To the penguins) Let's finish this bad boy!

⦁ Kowalski: Aye aye, Skipper!

⦁ Private: That was my line.

⦁ Kowalski: Sorry, Private. (to the animals) Gentlemen, let's do this.

⦁ (ZZ Top plays La Grange. Rico coughs up a paintbrush and a bucket of paint. Mason spray painted a tiger face on the plane's body. Julien touches some black paint and draws some black lines under his eyes, making himself look like a warrior)

⦁ Stefano: We're running out of time!

⦁ Skipper: Don't worry, seal. We've got plenty of time left before your friends are goners.

⦁ Lenny: Yeah, rock and roll!

⦁ Skipper: Okay, wind her up, boys! It's The Bronx Zoo or bust! Struts.

⦁ (The lights become red and green after Kowalski flips on the switches)

⦁ Kowalski: Check.

⦁ Skipper: Flaps.

⦁ (The gas supply rises higher)

⦁ Kowalski: Check.

⦁ Skipper: Diamonds and gold.

⦁ (Mason counts the diamonds, pearls, gold and emeralds. Phil bites on a piece of gold)

⦁ Kowalski: Check! (turns to Phil) Hey Phil. spit that out. (Phil spits out the gold)

⦁ (The plane takes off into the sky with the jungle animals waving goodbye)

⦁ Gia: Hang on, Alex! we're coming! Punch it!

⦁ (Mort takes control of the wheel)

⦁ Mort: Hehehehehehe....

⦁ Calvo: I just hope they are okay.

⦁ (Meanwhile at night, Alex open his eyes as he wakes up, groggily and notice he sees a habitat in the Bronx Zoo, build in bars enclosures)

⦁ Alex: Oh no. Marty?

⦁ Marty: (In the other habitat along with Melman, groggily) Alex? I'm here buddy.

⦁ Melman: (To Gloria in another habitat) Gloria? Where are you?

⦁ Gloria: (Groggily) I'm here. What's going on here?

⦁ Marty: Alex!

⦁ Alex: No, no, no, no! Not Again! (As he raised up to the rock. He looked at the crowd cheering and the fireworks lit up the sky. He looked back at his friends and they share a look of disbelief and horror)

⦁ The Mayor: (Stand at the podium, surrounded by the people) Thank you. Thank you all for coming to this peaceful celebration. And now ladies and gentlemen, a man who had this all incredible who brought this lion and three other animals here at the zoo, and he's also American. I like you all to welcome Drake Begum! (The crowd cheers)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (As he walks up stage, looking at Alex with a smirk. And Alex looks at him as well. He standing at the podium next to the mayor) Thank you. It is an honored of receiving the reward. (Holding his walky talky, and press the on button) Do it.

⦁ Marty: Alex? What is this place?

⦁ Bayo: (With Passua) I believe it's the Bronx zoo my friend. Your new home! (Laugh Maniacally and he sees him horrified)

⦁ Passua: (At her walky talky) Okay Aba, make the kid fire at it.

⦁ Aba: (With other marmoset and Ishan holding Begum's gun) Alright Ishan, fire and ready. But be careful it's loaded. (Ishan is feeling even more guilty about it)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Holding a million dollar check next to the mayor and taking pictures with the audience applause) It was nothing really, I mean I been so good to have everyone to support and inspire these animals. But I gotta hand it to you. I more than an animal lover myself, you know what I mean. (The crowd laugh)

⦁ Ishan: (Puts the poison dart inside the front sight, holds it, pointed it on target over Alex) I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. (Almost use the trigger and Alex wave his hand to surrender)

⦁ Aba: Now! (He fires it in slow motion and headed through the fence gate. Just then Calvo swooped down on the vine and holds Alex off the ground as he screams. And the dart hits the lamp post over the glass. Begum looks back and sees the empty)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: What the...? (Turns around and looks up and see Alex hanging on at Calvo's arm on the vine)

⦁ Alex: Calvo?

⦁ Calvo: Told you you need to be saved. (Happy and looks up at the seaplane with the color spotlights, and two floats at the bottom, Alex is in joy. Techno music plays)

⦁ Kid: Hey look! a swinging plane! (Begum growls at it, and the plane is marching right through the zoo. Marty, Melman and Gloria are glad as they look at the incredible seaplane)

⦁ Skipper: Operation Zoo Rescue. Engage!

⦁ Private: Aye, aye, Skipper!

⦁ (The gorilla use to pedal on his feet to go a little faster. Ishan looks at the marmosets looking up, he tiptoes to sneak, he gently grabs the key underneath zookeeper's pocket as he sits on the chair, fast asleep)

⦁ Skipper: Unleash the female zebra.

⦁ Kaya: (On the catapult) Uh, I'm an okapi!

⦁ Skipper: (Roll his eyes) whatever. Rico! (Rico presses the button and Whoosh!! Launch into the air, to the tree, and lands into the ground next to fence where Marty was in it.

⦁ Marty: (Impress) Wow!

⦁ Skipper: Ape, tons of fun. Dive, dive, dive!

⦁ Mao: You got it! (He swung down on his vine with King Julien, Maurice and Mort, he hands him two coconuts as he targeting Passua and the other marmoset)

⦁ Maurice: Fire! (Shoots and hits Passua, and also another marmoset) Yippie Ki Yay, you funky monkeys!

⦁ Gloria: (To Ishan as they were both terrified) Hey, get away from us.

⦁ Ishan: (Using the key to unlock the fence) Don't worry, l'm gonna get you guys out of here.

⦁ Aba: What do you think you're doing?

⦁ Ishan: (Terrified) Uh...Nothing, just getting to make sure they're safe, that's all.

⦁ Bayo: Well, guess what. You shouldn't have done that. (To Aba) Tie him up! (before the marmosets can tie him, the penguins knocked them out) Ishan looks at them impressive)

⦁ Skipper: (To Ishan) You didn't see anything. Now unlock the other two! (Ishan uses the keys again to unlock Melman and Gloria, as they cheer and both hug each other)

⦁ Kaya: Hey, Rico? The keys! (Tosses the key and uses to set Marty free. He arm around her shoulder)

⦁ Marty: So do you accept my apology?

⦁ Kaya: In a zebra way! (Laughs as she gets on the wooden platform on the plane. Just as Marty follow her, he was surrounded by Begum, Alex look down and gasp of horror)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Holding his hunting knife) Going somewhere, Marty? (He gets frightened) Soon as I finish with you, I'm gonna come after your cat friend! (Chuckles)

⦁ Alex: (Angrily) Hey! I'm not just any cat. (Jumps down, on the big umbrella, and lands towards Begum next to Marty) I'm a lion! (Stands upwards to him with a growl)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Confused) Huh? (And use his mighty roar at him, just as soon he standing there puzzling)

⦁ Alex: Now, Mao! (Begum looks up and see Mao swinging towards him and them Boom! Knocked right at him while he flew backwards and Crash!! To the park seat from the bush and lamp post) Come on, Marty. (As he follows him)

⦁ Gia: (Pulling the Lever) Alright, we're out of here! (Laughs. Just as the people cheers. As soon as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Kaya and Ishan get's on platform to go up as for cheerful, and gets inside the plane)

⦁ Gloria: Yeah, Baby! We did it! (Everyone else cheers)

⦁ Skipper: Mission accomplished. Now come on, let's get outta here and go home!

⦁ Alex: (As everyone cheers) Yeah! To New York City! (After the seaplane flies out of the zoo, Begum gets up and looks at it and gets even more angrier. But he notice as looks at the hot dog stand and the umbrella, and smiles wickedly. Just before everyone on the seaplane are cheerful and excited, Alex stopped and looks at Gia, he walks up towards her and convince) Look Gia, I know what I did back there, But I was wro...(She smacked him in the face) Ow!

⦁ Gia: That's for hurting his feelings. (She gives a warm hug) And this is for apologizing. (He also smiles and hugs her back as well)

⦁ Gloria: (As everyone looks at them, smiles warmly) Aww, look at that Melman.

⦁ Melman: Yeah, I know.

⦁ Stefano: We're gonna live! (Before they can fly away, something was rumbling on the plane, it started shaking, everyone are getting a little panicking) We're gonna die!!!

⦁ Skipper: Great Scott! Kowalski, analysis!

⦁ Kowalski: (Looking on the left window side by the door while using his binoculars) We have a cling-on, sir! This baby can't hold it! (He sees Begum riding on the hotdog stand in his rage, by using a grappling hook)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (He climbs on the umbrella, bounce on it, and hangs on the left side by the door, he opens the door and slams it of anger as looking at Alex and the other animals) Here's Drakey!!

⦁ Alex: (Everyone gasp of horror) Oh no.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: As soon as I can get rid you all will be all to easy! (Looks at Ishan) And Ishan, too. (He looks at him shocked and terrified) Such a waste.

⦁ Vitaly: (Defending Ishan) Over my dead body.

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Growls at him, just then his shotgun crash inside the plane by breaking the glass of window the door) Hey, Melman? Say hello to my little friend! (Grabbing his neck while reaching his gun)

⦁ Gloria: (Melman grunts) Melman! Hold on! (Grab his leg as she tries to pull him)

⦁ Calvo: (To Alex) What do we gonna do? (Alex thinks. He looks them, he sees the boat wheel, then the top of the roof, and looks at Benny holding the jetpack)

⦁ Alex: I gotta idea. (Gives him the button) You lift me up top.

⦁ Calvo: For what?

⦁ Alex: For doing the meditation dance.

⦁ Calvo: Alright let's do it. (He push the button and opens the rooftop)

⦁ Gia: (Calvo giving him a boost, as she looks at him) Alex, where are you going?

⦁ Alex: Trust me, Gia, it's part of our act. (Gets on the rooftop, to Marty) Marty! Wheel me in.

⦁ Marty: You got it. (Holding the boat wheel) Let's give this baby a spin! (Press the pedal to go even a little faster)

⦁ Alex: (To the cats) Benny, Eddie! Just to make sure to be ready!

⦁ Benny: You got it, Ace!

⦁ Alex: Let's get in to it! (As he get outside on top and be ready for this, soon Marty spins the wheel as the plane going sideways to the left, after Begum grabbing Melman and still reaching his gun, but King Julien grabs it and throws it overboard)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Sheela!

⦁ King Julien: (slaps Begum) Nobody harms my friends, you jerk!

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Angrier) Now this has gone far enough. (He releases Melman and shoves Julien out of the way)

⦁ Gloria: Melman, you okay? (Holding his head as he coughs of it to breathe)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Climbs up the roof top and looks at Alex and prepare as he wrestles him) It's just you and me, Alex. Mano a lion-o. (Begum punches Alex with his fists. Alex shakes his head) Hey, look. steak!

⦁ Alex: (Looks down) Where? (He hits his nose and Alex feels his nose) Ow!

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Come on, don't be a scaredy cat! (Alex growls, he tries to punch Begum) Too fast for you! (He hits him) Time to dance! (Begum hits Alex's head)

⦁ Marty: (Look up, and looks at Rico) Rico, music! (Rico push the button on the boombox. Alesso and Tove Lo plays Heroes (We can be))

⦁ King Julien: Oh, I love this song!

⦁ Mao: And this never gets old.

⦁ Stefano: Well I can use one of these. (To Kaya) Don't you?

⦁ Kaya: Bringing in the afro power, baby!

⦁ Stefano: Excellent!

⦁ Marty: Hang on, Alex! (And Marty spins the wheel as the plane going sideways again to the right)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: It's over, Alex. you lost! As soon I collect you, (He waddles Alex mouths) nobody will ever remember (Kicks him in the groan) You!

⦁ Alex: (In painfully) Ooh! (As Begum finish laughs wickedly, Alex growls as he standing up at Begum) No it ain't gonna happen! (and punches him and Begum bumps into the plane tail, he whistles)

⦁ Benny: Let's go! (He and Eddie flew up to the sky)

⦁ Alex: Because everybody remembers my name, and not from you. (Pick Alex up as he grabs Begum on his arms)

⦁ Calvo: (As Gia, Gloria, Melman and the other animals watches Alex being carried by the cats in jetpacks with Begum) Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

⦁ (Ria flies with King Julien and Maurice)

⦁ Alex: (To Begum) Your days of hunting animals are over, Begum!

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: Get Your filthy paws off me!

⦁ Alex: You messed with my friends, but you messed with the king!

⦁ (He Throws Begum in and outside the seaplane as he gets bump in the platform. Calvo push the button, and the platform falls down)

⦁ Begum NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (falls into the ground)

⦁ Mr. Drake Begum: (Gets up and looks at Alex in angry tears) You have caused my misery, Alex!

⦁ Alex: (To Begum) You're right. I think I did! (calls to Julien and Maurice) Now!

⦁ (Begum gets shot in the butt with a dart, and he falls down when Maurice holding his shotgun)

⦁ King Julien: a bullseye! excellent shot, Maurice.

⦁ Maurice: Thank you.

⦁ (Alex Gives a thumbs up and flies up to the seaplane.Cascada plays Summer of Love)

⦁ Melman: We did it!

⦁ (The animals and Ishan cheer)

⦁ King Julien: (as He and Maurice were doing their victory dance) I did it! I did it!

⦁ (Just then Ria grabs the lemurs and pull them up into the seaplane)

⦁ Alex: Thanks, Marty..

⦁ Marty: Ha, Who says zebras can't drive? (Everyone laughs)

⦁ (Alex and the others look at the window as they see Begum, tranquilized)

⦁ Calvo: That's gonna give him, a needle.

⦁ Alex: Happy trails, Begum. (Then the plane flies away)

⦁ (Later at the sunrise, the seaplane flew past Manhattan)

⦁ Skipper: ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Manhattan!

⦁ King Julien: Maurice, hit it! (Maurice turns on the boombox. LunchMoney Lewis and Aminé plays It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day)

⦁ Alex: (Everyone looked out the window, amazed) Woah, Manhattan. So beautiful.

⦁ Marty: That's the spot where I left the zoo.

⦁ Melman: Really?

⦁ Marty: You bet I am!

⦁ Alex: Look! the Central Park Zoo!

⦁ Calvo: That's where you live?

⦁ Alex: Yeah, it's pretty good, on the count of that.

⦁ Calvo: (Roll his eyes) Okay. Rico? Take us down. (Rico push the button, the platform comes down, slowly, as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Calvo and Ishan are in it, and place them down in the zoo and finds the place completely empty)

⦁ Gloria: (Looking at their habitat with the others) Well, here we are.

⦁ Marty: Home sweet home.

⦁ Alex: You know, my rock is not that smaller than I remember it.

⦁ Marty: And the mural. It does look good when see anything different.

⦁ Gloria: Oh Melman. I think that wall would be good in between us.

⦁ Melman: Yeah. I think so too.

⦁ Alex: Come on, guys. (As they follow him)

⦁ Calvo: Alex? (They looks at him) I just wanted to say that many of you have been in zoo for many years and haven't got a chance to take a life outside to see the world.

⦁ Alex: Well we do, but we tried to find Marty like it was last time, but we did want to make an arrange. So what are you trying to say?

⦁ Calvo: Oh, well I...Just wanted you to know and if you need anything, just let me know, alright? (They agree) But I promise you, I can take you anywhere you want. Just name it.

⦁ Alex: (Agreed) Alright, we can do that. Sounds like a plan to me. (Shakes his hand, then he hugs him and hugs him back)

⦁ Calvo: (softly) Take care of yourself, man.

⦁ Alex: You too. And I'll keep you posted. (Then the seaplane flies out of the zoo as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and the other animals including Ishan waves at the South Troops for goodbye)

⦁ All: Bye!

⦁ Marty: Bye bye.

⦁ King Julien: Bye. (Turns to Maurice) Maurice, my arm is tired, wave it for me. (pauses) Faster you greedy prosimian. (Maurice pushes the lemur king's arm)

⦁ Stefano: Look at this place. Are we going to live there, forever?

⦁ Vitaly: Yes, Stefano. we sure are.

⦁ Stefano: Incredible. Hey, I have a great Idea, What If they get a new animal in the zoo? Maybe, another sea lion. That way I can get married and have little pups.

⦁ Gia: One day, you will.

⦁ Marty: That was a good trip what we did back there, Alex. You sure we want to leave go another adventure?

⦁ Alex: Marty, I don't care where we are or where we go. But as long as we're all here together, it doesn't really matter to me.

⦁ (They look up the seaplane as the South Troops flies off. The title shows "The End")