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Chapter 3 is the third chapter of Madagascar and Open Season: Wild and Free written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Explore the Wilds".


(In the road of the forest, a group of street bikers are riding their bikes as "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds play on their radios. Other street bikers join along on the ride in the road.)

  • Biker #1: The mild ones are going to light up their tuff.
  • Biker #2: Riding like the 80s.
  • Biker #3: Rock on!
  • Other Biker #1: Yo! We're the wild ones, you're a mild one. *laugh with his other bikers*
  • Biker #1: Zip it you son of a can.
  • Other Biker #2: I'm sorry, didn't i get your name?
  • Other Biker #3: You were like riding on a scooter with jet pack fuel.
  • Biker #4: It's none of your business.
  • Biker #5: Back off our crew!
  • Other Biker #4: We'll meet at the bar. Cause they're selling chicken wings with BBQ fries on the bowl!
  • Other Biker #5: Let's rock and roll! *ride the bike fast*
  • Biker #1: Okay boys. You know what the do. Let's ride to the bar! It's like a diner, but for big boys and big girls only! *ride fast with his bikers*

(The biker crews made it to the bar as they park their bikes as they go inside of the bar where people are partying, holding their drinks up, playing cards, smashing tables and eating chicken wings as dropping the bones on the floor)

  • Biker #1: Does it look like rock and roll to you?
  • Biker #2: This place remind me of Twin Peaks.
  • Biker #3: Is Twin Peaks the name of the show from 1990?
  • Biker #2: It's a restaurant!
  • Biker #1: Then what are you waiting for boys. Let's go boogie!
  • Biker #4: Yee-haw!

(The bikers party out loud as they order their foods, do arm wrestling, drink a lot of beer and hold ladies together on the seats)

  • Lady #1: You are so hot.
  • Handsome Biker: Thank you very much.
  • Lady #2: Aren't you with one of those mild and wild ones over there?
  • Handsome Biker: Uh, no. I never met these guys before. Ask Shaw for a pack of hunters trying to shoot up the animals for themselves and sell fur socks to their local thrift shops.
  • Lady #1: Whoa. Shaw is really gross.
  • Lady #2: He is one bad man.
  • Handsome Biker: Almost try to shoot up the Mighty Grizzly a few years back then. But the owner shot him right with the teeny poison needle that made him sleep for hours without one of his eyes open.
  • Lady #1: I bet you would bite a bear claw than a elephant ear.
  • Handsome Biker: That's the point. Now who wanna make a meerkat tail with a cheese stick fried as a pastry?
  • Ladies: *laugh*
  • Handsome Biker: One day, i'm going to cook a chicken stew for my family. *wink eye*

(The background song and back at the forest, Alex's gang show Mr. Weenie's gang the circus with Boog's gang involved)

  • Alex: Ladies and gentleman, we got a show in our hands. I present you the circus!
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. Like whoa.
  • Charlene: It looks amazing.
  • Fifi: You're not the only circus performers in the world.
  • Boog: Like wow, you guys rock the show.
  • Alex: There are many circuses out there. We perform our tricks to the lovely fans of the animal species.
  • Marty: It's not because they love animals, they watch the circus to see a show that made him happy, laugh and surprising.
  • Alex: That's what i was going to say.
  • Vitaly: We been running this circus for so long. I am proud of very animal in the circus. Thanks to these guys with their fellow friends who helped the circus to keep on going.
  • Skipper: Don't thank me. Thank us for giving out new ideas instead of being lazy like the lazy bad circus we saw in Rome.
  • Stefano: We tried once, but failed. Then come back with a massive brilliant performance!
  • Gia: That's how you make a comeback with great reviews!
  • Skipper: That's right baby. Boom!
  • Charlene: Do one of your circus tricks.
  • Boog: Show some circus acts to the dogs.
  • Alex: Okay. You asked for it. And we're gonna do some hoops!
  • Marty: Bring in the hoops, baby!
  • Gloria: Throw them in the air!
  • Melman: *throw the hoops in the air*
  • Alex: *jump and spin around in the hoops*
  • Mr. Weenie: Ooh.
  • Alex: *land* Ta da!
  • Mr. Weenie: You are amazing!
  • Alex: Thank you. We got more on the way.
  • Rufus: Bring them in!
  • Alex: Prepare the neon lights.
  • Skipper: Operation: Neon Lights. *turn on the buttons to light up the lights with neon colors*
  • Private: Worldstyle!
  • Skipper: Spread out! Make it like we're on a real performance.
  • Vitaly: Show your performances!
  • Gloria: *hold up on the sticks*
  • Melman: *swing on the sticks*
  • Vitaly: Expand the performance a little more.
  • Everyone: *Alex's gang do their circus things all over the forest by blasting through cannons, holding up sticks and holding hands together*
  • Mr. Weenie: Bravo! What a wonderful performance!
  • Charlene: You are so good!
  • Alex: Thank you. Thank you very much. What a performance.
  • Skipper: We totally whip this circus up.
  • Kowalski: What?
  • Skipper: I meant we rock this circus with a lot of love.
  • Kowalski: Love is still in the air.
  • Rico: *play with the leaves*
  • Private: It's beautiful.
  • Skipper: Just like the world is watching.
  • Boog: It's like you guys put up a good show for all the circus fans around the world.
  • Alex: We took the effort to make it look like a actual show performance.
  • Nate: Woof!
  • Alex: Since we're all here, we are going to be your supervisors and your best friends in this whole island. Am i right? Who has a buddy that would partner up in a team?
  • Buddy: Buddy.
  • Alex: Uh, okay? That is a buddy for example. Tell me about your forest my friends.
  • Boog: You got a nice circus. We really love your performances. But we would love to see more of your acts in future shows. This forest got the hold-ups. We are proud of this forest and we're born to be wild and free. Woo woo!
  • Elliot: I will, i can, i must.
  • Ursa: That is the spirit, Boog.
  • Boog: I really wanna show you the whole forest. We're going to take this nice walk together and explore through the wild.
  • Ian: It's a big place man. Every forest animal have reside in here for many years.
  • Serge: There is no need to get nervous in here.
  • Deni: *cover his face*
  • Serge: Deni? Oh well, he's still nervous as usual.
  • Gloria: Where are you taking us?
  • Boog: Follow us. First thing we're gonna do is explore the wild.
  • Skipper: What about the ice for penguins like us?
  • Kowalski: Yeah. Do you mind traveling to cold places like Antarctica?
  • Boog: Sorry birds. This is a wild warm place for forest animals. You guys live all the way far in the cold areas. Antarctica is really far like it's located to the edge on the Earth.
  • Private: Does the Earth really have a edge or it was flat like a pancake?
  • Kowalski: Well yes, but actually no. In general, the Earth is really round like most planets like Jupiter and Mars.
  • Private: Everyone keep saying it's flat.
  • Elliot: On land, it's flat! And we're walking flat!
  • Marty: Flat to you, deer!
  • Boog: And now, let's talk a talk.
  • Vitaly: Really getting used in this new place.
  • Gia: It's the first time.
  • Stefano: This place got potential for us to explore.
  • Alex: Oh well, here we go again.
  • Boog: Let's face it.

(The background song "Down Under" by Men at Work plays as Alex and Boog's gang explore the hills in the plains of the forest)

  • Boog: Here we are. The plains.
  • Alex: This is the first step of exploring the wilds.
  • Boog: That's right. We got the whole world and you got the whole world in you and your heart.
  • Marty: We got a lot to catch up.
  • Elliot: Let's keep it on.
  • Serge: Here we go. *fly*
  • Skipper: Woo.

(Alex and Boog walk through the skunks' area as the skunks started to stink with gas as most of the ducks faint down. The dogs sniff on the footprints as they nose each other nose in disguise except for Charlene in which flirts on Rufus. The gang walk through a log bridge next to a river as they walk in the pond. The beavers are seen cutting off logs to make a bridge to block the water, much more of a cliff. The gang later climb up the cliff mountains with some struggling to reach to the top.)

  • Boog: It's a big big mountain!
  • Alex: It's much more of a cliff.
  • Gloria: Really push some pressure to reach to the top.
  • Marty: It's so huge.
  • Vitaly: Climbing is the most important thing on the job, even for circus performances. It's top notch for our skills.
  • Private: *trying to climb* Aw, aw. I can't reach a single rock.
  • Skipper: Come on Private! You got this!
  • Private: The problem is i have fins! And fins are weak for us to climb. It's flipping useless!
  • Kowalski: Just use your muscles. Look at Rico climbs.
  • Rico: *climb fast*
  • Private: *think* Think think think. *got an idea* Eureka. *climb to every rock* I'm not scared!
  • Skipper: That's my man!
  • Private: Yay! I'm the boss!
  • Skipper: That's how i like my rookie. A baby!
  • Ian: Gosh. I really seen a pack of animals climbing like human beings.
  • Deer #1: Look like Elliot. I thought he was a wimp.
  • Deer #2: My muscles are finking.
  • Ian: Just use more pressure!
  • Deer #2: That's what i'm trying to do.
  • Deer #3: Pushing in.

(The animals made it to the top of the cliffs as they see the whole forest from above)

  • Alex: Yeah! We made it to the top!
  • Boog: It's so big in here.
  • Elliot: We're the kings of the world!
  • Marty: I feel like we're down under.
  • Boog: Nah. We're like in the top of the world. Can you see space from miles away?
  • Gloria: Actually, we're still in the top of the world and it's not that close seeing a view of the stars in space.
  • Boog: Gosh. I really wish i could use some rockets to lift up a blast.
  • Mason: We wouldn't use a spaceship if i were you, right Phil?
  • Phil: *scratch head*
  • Melman: *look down to the ground* Oi! Too low, too low.
  • Skipper: You didn't see anything, do you? Just smile and wave to the world.
  • Kowalski: Smile and wave.
  • Rico: *wave and chew his fins*
  • Private: Ha ha. I'm waving and smiling at the sky.
  • Boog: That's how i like my world flat.
  • Elliot: Skipper is right all along.
  • Alex: Fresh view from the forest.
  • Boog: Great exploring you guys. You really nailed the nature of forests and mother nature.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Boog: I love you y'all!
  • Alex: King of the rocks! yeah!
  • Marty: Ah woo!!

(The background song end and back with Shaw, Ed and Edna, they are still hunting in the forest, still trying to search for Boog and the animals)

  • Shaw: Gosh darn it. Why won't we find a single bear claw in any second?!
  • Ed: We can't seem to find any footprints of a deer.
  • Shaw: I hate this forest! It's always the same place over and over again.
  • Edna: It's like eating repeats of the same chili fries over and over again.
  • Shaw: I'll take a chili dog to this day. Add some beans to it and bear claws.
  • Ed: Mind as well take a elephant ear off the pastry plate.
  • Shaw: I can smell vengeance in here. *smell the ground*
  • Ed: Shaw, what are you doing?
  • Shaw: I'm sensing for animals.
  • Edna: You're pretty sensitive in here.
  • Shaw: *stop smelling* Ah yes. *sense what Boog, Elliot and his friends are doing in the woods in illusion* The poor little bear and his deer friend are making close call to every animal in the wood. Someone is going to poop out a little bullet of a weapon!
  • Ed: Where did the bear and deer go?
  • Shaw: I just found out that they were talking about the circus landing near to the bear's cave. Follow me! I knew the circus tent is somewhere around this forest.
  • Edna: We're going to play with the circus!
  • Shaw: Oh heck no! We're not going to play with the circus. There is no time for kiddy kiddy fun games during our hunting search.
  • Ed: What if the people are protecting the endanger animals?
  • Shaw: I don't care. I'll shoot them out if it weren't for Gordy and his fellow rangers like that sassy Beth. *spit out a wheat* Let's go.
  • Edna: Whatever you say Shaw.
  • Ed: We'll keep looking.
  • Shaw: Good. No one fails on my side. Not even a bear can sniff on it's knees. *load up his shotgun* I'm not backing up or giving up my years of hunting until the bear is shot dead.


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