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Epilogue is the tenth and last chapter of Madagascar and Open Season: Wild and Free written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Open Season is Closed/Saying Goodbye".


(After the war with the hunters, back at Timberline, the mayor held a meeting in court that Open Season would be closed forever as Gordy and Beth are involved in the case)

  • Mayor: There have been a huge war at the forest today. Hunters are getting arrested for their crimes and Sheriff Gordy just inform me about it. As for today, Open Season will remain closed for the rest of eternity in all of Timberline!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Mayor: Open Season is no more.
  • Gordy: Cha-ching! We finally made it happen to cancel Open Season for all of Timberline. I would NEVER open up Open Season ever again for the rest of my life.
  • Beth: You learned your lesson. Just in case if a hunter try to push you to bring back a deadly season, don't listen to them!
  • Gordy: I always promise to ignore the hunters from forcing me to bring back a bad season that everyone in Timberline hates.
  • Beth: It's okay now. It's all better.
  • Marcia: Never again shoot the animals!
  • Gordy: Alright! Since hunters are no longer shooting up the animals, the tour guides can continue touring around the forest and set up a bunch of camp programs that kids would be joining for the summer.
  • Beth: I hope young children can take a visit from Boog.
  • Gordy: You bet.

(The news reported live in Timberline on the situation of the end of Open Season)

  • News Reporter: This is live reporting in for Timberline. There have been a big war in the forest earlier. Gordy and the Mayor signed a bill together that Open Season will remain closed for the rest of the city's rules and guidelines and Open Season is now closed and cancelled forever. Hunting will remain forbidden for the rest of Timberline's rules. Open Season may never open up again in the near future according to the mayor of Timberline. All rights reserved, copyright me!

(Back at Circus Zaragoza as the pets return home to their owners, the background song "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge plays as the animals celebrate the end of the war with the defeat of Shaw)

  • Elliot: Woo hoo! We did it!
  • Boog: It's party time!
  • Julien: We all like to move it!
  • Gloria: This shakes up a bit!
  • Melman: It rocks like diamonds in the chest!
  • Alex: Yeah, feel the moves!
  • Vitaly: You guys are the best of both worlds.
  • Boog: Uh huh we are.
  • Alex: Nothing can tell us what to do.
  • Elliot: Like working on a car wash!
  • Reilly: We got control of ourselves.
  • Buddy: Buddy!
  • Julien: I'm rocking with the party balloons in here!
  • Ian: It feels like home!
  • Alex: Everyone take the picture!
  • Mason: We got the camera ready!
  • Everyone: One, two, three! *take four selfies of them playing around, making silly faces, making ugly faces and smiling regulary*

(The background song end as the circus animals are about to say goodbye to the forest animals as the circus wraps up everything to put on their flying circus)

  • Alex: Well Boog, this is the part where we go separated ways.
  • Boog: No no. We're not in trouble. All i was saying is that we did good.
  • Alex: We all have a great time together. We had so much fun together. I wish we can do this again someday.
  • Boog: Me too. I always wanna keep up with the rest of the fun in the woods.
  • Elliot: Nothing stops 'til the end.
  • Alex: You said it yourself.
  • Boog: That's what we're talking.
  • Marty: We're still best friends after all.
  • Gia: Family hug together!
  • Everyone: *hug out all together*
  • Alex: We're a part of a great family.
  • Boog: We are one.
  • Elliot: Of a kind.
  • Boog: Elliot.
  • Elliot: I just wanted to finish up what you're saying.
  • Alex: Well, take care Boog. We're off to the next parts of the world.
  • Vitaly: We're about to zoom back to our world. Come on circus animals, we got more shows to take cover!
  • Mason: Get in your places. It's going to get real tuff.
  • Skipper: See you in the finish line.
  • Giselle: Goodbye circus animals.
  • Alex: So long forest animals.
  • Boog: Goodbye King of New York!
  • Alex: And goodbye to you Mighty Grizzly!
  • Boog: Ha! He even said my name!
  • Alex: *get on the flying circus with all of his friends* Animals of Circus Zaragoza, here we go!

(The circus animals wave goodbye to the forest animals as they head on board to Circus Zaragoza as the flying circus flies around and zoom back into their world in the portal)

  • Boog: Well, this is it. The circus animals are finally back home to their own little world.
  • Elliot: I'm really gonna miss them.
  • Boog: Friendship never ends.
  • Elliot: It never was pal.
  • Ian: Okay people, you know the drill and you know what to do. Back into our businesses!
  • Sergio: We're going back to swimming.
  • Reilly: Beavers, let's go build another bridge before someone breaks another.
  • O'Toole: Ah yeah.
  • Giselle: Elliot, Boog, what are you going to do now since Alex and their circus gang is gone?
  • Boog: We're just going to chill.
  • Elliot: Me and Boog got us thinking about the circus.
  • Ursa: You guys have a lot of memories together. Remember the first time we met at the other circus? We were just falling in love.
  • Boog: Love is the key word to our agenda.
  • Elliot: You won't lose control on me just like when we panic on a staged attack from Shaw.
  • Boog: There's nothing to worry about Shaw right now. We are finally back to the place we ever owned.
  • Elliot: You own me another antler! *his antler broke* Oi! My antler broke!
  • Boog: Ah shucks. It got you right on the head.
  • Elliot: Dang it Karma. Maybe someday, it'll grow again.
  • Boog: That's our man right here.
  • Elvis: You're the best dad.
  • Gisela: It's nice to have a dad.
  • Giselita: And sometimes, you're goofy.
  • Elliot: I was born to be the funny one.
  • Boog: Everyone can be funny in the forest, Elliot.
  • Elliot: Born to be wild.
  • Boog: On the wild wild forest.
  • Everyone: *laugh*

(Meanwhile, the flying balloon of Circus Zaragoza arrives back to their world from zooming, heading over to New York in the park area with the trees)

  • Alex: Here we are. Home!
  • Marty: Home is where the heart is.
  • Gloria: New York baby.
  • Melman: We can see the zoo over there.
  • Vitaly: This is where were staying to train for our next performances.
  • Julien: And you know what, we got courage and dignity all along. This is for our own good of performing arts and skills!
  • Skipper: I get the hang of ya King Julien.
  • Julien: I love my people.
  • Alex: Best friends on the best circus in the world.
  • Marty: New York is our heart.
  • Alex: Now that Boog's forest is back in shape, i wonder where the dogs would be heading?

(Back at Timberline, the trailer cars are lined up as the pet owners are about to go to the gas station to get themselves a car wash for their trailer cars)

  • Bob: A car wash at the gas station would be great. Don't you think Bobbie?
  • Bobbie: I love it. Seeing the dogs watching the water splash at the windows make them laugh.
  • Bob: We're going to a car wash anytime sooner.
  • Bobbie: We're just lined up to get a splash of our trailer car.

(As the trailer cars prepare to head over to the car wash facility of the gas station, the background song "Car Wash" by Rose Royce plays as the pets get all that excited on getting a car wash from their trailer cars)

  • Gas Station Owner: There is a car wash heading! Oh boy! It's going to be a big splash in the conveyor!
  • Mr. Weenie: Ooh, it's about time to get a splash.
  • Fifi: Oh boy, are we really doing this or what?
  • Roberto: It's going to happen, isn't it?
  • Fifi: There it goes!
  • Everyone: *the trailer cars head over to the conveyor as the trailer cars get splashed by one of the rotating brushes in reaction to the pets and the pets' owners*
  • Bobbie: *laugh* It's really a car wash in here.
  • Bob: It's like taking a bath inside. Wait, who take a bath inside when you're not in the bathtub?
  • Mr. Weenie: Wee!
  • Fifi: Ah!
  • Roberto: Oh brother.
  • Rufus: It's a splash from the inside!
  • Charlene: This is so much fun!
  • Nate: Woof!
  • Roger: *laugh* This is making me wanna splash in the bubbles!
  • Stanley: Oh lord. Help me!
  • Mr. Weenie: There's a whole lot of bubbles in us!
  • Bob: Best.
  • Bobbie: Day.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ever! *howl as his owners understand through howling*
  • Bob: Oh Mr. Weenie.
  • Bobbie: He really love the car wash, does he?
  • Bob: He sure does.
  • Everyone: *laugh and celebrate after the car wash.

(After the pets enjoy a big car wash splash, back at Alex's world, the animals are seen in Circus Zaragoza, training their acts for their next performances as they the background song "Won't Stop" by The DeeKompressors briefly play in the background as Alex and Marty stand on a hill, watching a closer look at Central Park Zoo)

  • Alex: This zoo is our light of heart.
  • Marty: We don't really visit the place anymore, but we can take one step closer look at it.
  • Alex: My place is there. I used to roar in the top where i can praise on the audience.
  • Marty: If Boog and Elliot were here, i wonder how would they react to seeing New York City on the big view.
  • Alex: You got me thinking about it. It's a whole new world out there for them.

(Boog and Elliot sit on the ground in the forest to watch a closer look at the pond)

  • Boog: Elliot, are you seeing what this pond refer to?
  • Elliot: The pond of love?
  • Boog: No. This is where our honeymoon is.
  • Elliot: What?
  • Boog: Yes. This is the honeymoon, the whole entire time!
  • Ursa: *joined in with a lot of animals* You got a big day coming up.
  • Ian: My best man.
  • Buddy: Buddy.
  • Boog: This is home.
  • Elliot: It feels a lot like home.
  • Reilly: The house that we build.
  • Boog: Soon, we will embrace ourselves to a whole new generation of forest animals in the woods!

(Alex and Marty stand close to the lights of the sidewalk, thinking of a song that came to their minds)

  • Alex: Marty, this place got me thinking of something we used to love together.
  • Marty: New York City?
  • Alex: Yes! That's the one. You are right. It is New York.
  • Marty: New York is our home, right?
  • Alex: So does the circus. It goes with this one tune. *put his fingers to do the tune of the song*

Start spreading the news

I'm leaving today

  • Marty:

I want to be a part of it

New York, New York

  • Boog: *in his world doing his own little thing*

These little town blues

They've all melted away

  • Elliot:

I'm gonna make a brand new start of it

In old New York


  • Alex and Boog: *both dance at the same time in their own world as the animals join in*

If I can make it there

I'll make it practically anywhere

It's up to you

New York, New York

New York

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Alex: *roars*
  • Boog: Behold! The Mighty Grizzly!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Elliot: Wow Boog, you are amazing!
  • Gia: That's my King Alex!
  • Marty: I love you New York City!


(In prison, Shaw, Ed and Edna are placed in a prison cell of their own, held and stuck like all the other prisoners in the prison area)

  • Shaw: This stinks.
  • Ed: Cheer up Shaw. They even closed down our poutine shop after all the rampage we caused to the islands.
  • Edna: They even sell all of our guns and weapons to a loot shop.
  • Shaw: It's all the animals' fault! If it weren't for the hunters, then i would have succeed on shooting them right in the faces!
  • Ed: Can you try to punch through that chain cell?
  • Shaw: Who's the wise guy? I'll try to punch like a champ in a boxing ring! *try to punch the chain cell as he is hurt by the metal chains attracted to it* Ow! Oh, tarnation! Ooh, this hurts!
  • Ed: Man, you got hurt. *laugh*
  • Shaw: Don't laugh!
  • Edna: It's funny when you hit through the chains.
  • Shaw: Screw this place! Maybe one day, we're breaking out of this hell hole. *sit on the seat* Stupid prison. It remind me a lot like timeout at home.

(Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman sit in the top of the flying circus, thinking of places to go around the world)

  • Alex: We're running out of ideas of places to travel for our next tour.
  • Marty: Ooh, France!
  • Alex: No. We already did France.
  • Gloria: How about the hippo pool?
  • Alex: What? It doesn't even have a state, silly.
  • Melman: San Diego?
  • Alex: Melman, that was last year. We need to do something else like performing like we never done before.
  • Marty: The Bahamas?
  • Alex: No. I know a place i grew up in and we're taking the circus there for a visit.
  • Gloria: Like where are you going?
  • Alex: To Africa!
  • Marty and Gloria: Africa?!
  • Melman: No way.
  • Alex: Yes. That's kinda like it.

(In Africa, Zuba and Florrie are seen placing the flowers in the lion pride as the flying circus show up from zooming with Alex and his friends on board of the circus, surprising Zuba and Florrie on the way)

  • Zuba: Alex?!
  • Alex: Hey Zuba! Long time no see!
  • Florrie: Alex!
  • Zuba: That's my boy, Alakay!
  • Gloria: We're here to take a visit from your son!
  • Alex: That's me, the king of New York.
  • Florrie: How is the circus performing for you?
  • Melman: It was bonkers.
  • Gloria: It was amazing.
  • Marty: It's crackin' lackin' fun.
  • Alex: I love spending time with the circus more than being at the zoo.
  • Zuba: I found a place for your friends to sit and watch the sunset in the mountains. Come along!
  • Alex: I know this place.

(Alex, Zuba, Florrie and the circus animals sit together in the hill where they can see a close up view of all the places in the savanna and the mountains all the way in Africa. "Best Friends", briefly plays in the scene as the animals get off the flying circus to see Zuba and Florrie in the pride.)

  • Alex: Wow.
  • Zuba: Pretty great place to live in, right son?
  • Alex: This is where we're performing, if there were people living here.
  • Florrie: No tribes or groups will try to hunt us.
  • Gloria: You have us.
  • Marty: What about the circus?
  • Alex: I know you guys. You're all my bestest friends on the block.
  • Melman: Pretty good for a giraffe.
  • Alex: I'm a lion.
  • Zuba: *laugh* Son, you are going to be prince someday.
  • Alex: I'm not a prince anymore, i am a king.
  • Zuba: Right. You are the king after all.
  • Alex: Being king is what make a difference.
  • Florrie: As king, you own everything.
  • Alex: In my world, we perform.
  • Marty: This is where all of us sit and relax to watch the sunset go down.
  • Alex: There's no place like home like Africa.
  • Skipper: Antarctica.
  • Julien: Madagascar.
  • Vitaly: And the circus.
  • Alex: *exhale* Ah, i love to move it.


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