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Madagascar and Tales of Arcadia: Heroes Divided is a fanfiction story written by BJtheman. This story is a crossover between Madagascar and Tales of Arcadia. It will take place between Madagascar and the Tales of Arcadia series.

Characters and Cast[]


Back on December 31, 2020, Jeffrey Katzenberg explained to Guillermo del Toro that a crossover story with Madagascar and Tales of Arcadia will be planned. Since there were no story problems, Del Toro said "yes" and tells him that it will be released in 2022.

On July 21, 2021, it was revived as the Madagascar and Tales of Arcadia story titled Heroes Divided.

The story was originally set between the dates of October and November. It was later set to be released in the beginning of November.


  1. Lives, back to Normal
  2. Welcome to Arcadia
  3. A New Threat is Born
  4. Race to Akiridion 5
  5. Foosa Heist/The Wild
  6. Out of the Predator Island and Into the Fire
  7. Something Awful This way has Come
  8. In Hall of the Alpha Lion
  9. The Midnight Jungle
  10. Makunga Wins/Goodbye Blinky/Don't Give up
  11. Summoning the Entity
  12. The Final Fight
  13. Epilogue/Return to New York


  • This was the first story to not introduce Jim and Toby, at all: