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Mao is a major character of Madagascar: South American Getaway. He is a Mountain gorilla, Strong, heroic, and a member of South Troops.

He is voiced by Eric André who also played Darius in Universal/Illumination's Sing 2 and Mark Bowman in Sony Pictures Animation's The Mitchells V.S. the Machines (both 2021)


Mao has lived in South America all of his life and loves it as much as he sees his friends as family. In his young older years, he watches Calvo doing his fosses of jazz dance routine, and the animals loved his skills. Just then he's doing his next new routine and that's inspirational tap. But then, the performance was a disaster: Calvo cracked his spleen. painfully. So, then every animal left the show, it was cancelled and foreclosing their business. They lost their career, actions, and talents.

Because their star, Calvo, the performance show will never be being seen or heard about it again, including the rest of the animals. As the years gone by, Mao and his other three friends are becoming the high tech-secret agent animals called "The South Troops".

Madagascar 4: Asia Getaway[]

Mao is first seen in Rio de Janeiro along with the team to save Alex and his friends from the marmosets. He grabs Bayo and smash him on the ground two times and throws him to the air. And they are being saved by the South Troops.

When Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and their friends are express an interest in accompanying the South Troops, Calvo decide to take them to New York after the mission. Later, in São Paulo, the animals escape from the mob, then the plane crashed into the rainforest, and Calvo showing the gang the amazon, where they live. After showing Alex and his friends the beautiful rainforest, Calvo is doing yoga as Alex asking him how long it will take to get them home to New York, but luckily, he still doing yoga as he tries to convince him, Mao tells them to hang out in the jungle for a while he finishes his yoga routine. Later that day, Alex just decided to purchase the South Troops to do they're old performance again, to come up with the new act, so they could use it to return to New York City. Mao's act was swinging the vines and throwing balloons to the audience. Later on, Mao and the other animals went to Melman and Gloria's anniversary party, where a tree caught on fire, just as Vitaly saved a baby monkey, and also Mao commands the river dolphins to put out the fire. After their jungle performance, Mao and the rest of the animal performers are being betrayed after Alex and the gang reveals their true mistakes, and they are devastated and hurt.

When the Zoosters and the other animals split up in the jungle, the others feel disappointed about Alex and the gang tricking them Then all of a sudden, King Julien who was unconscious, Maurice and Mort pops into the scene and warned about the zoo animals, and Kowalski, one of the penguins, pulls the sleeping dart out of the lemur's tail. It's revealed that Begum captured and caged the zoo animals to the Bronx Zoo. Calvo's proposal to rescue their zoo friends from the hunter. In the end, after bringing the blimp to the zoo, Mao came with the lemurs, the penguins, the chimps, Vitaly, Gia, Stefano and the South Troops came to rescue the Zoosters on the seaplane. He swung down on his vine along with Maurice, he hands him two coconuts, and Mao targets Passua and the other marmosets and fire at them. Then, Begum pursues to kill Melman to avenge Alex. Yet before he can kill the giraffe, Alex came up with an idea to save Melman. By the time Begum release Melman from his neck, he also climbs up the roof and gives Alex a fight. But Alex whistles for the dogs with jetpack rockets who rescues him in time, and Alex throws Begum to the ground, where King Julien and Maurice tranquilize him and leave him behind. Mao is smile and cheering at Alex and the other animals, for victory.

Later, the animals finally arrive at New York City and place them down to the Central Park Zoo. Calvo promises Alex to take him and his friends every place they want, and they agreed on it. As the film ends, Mao dance along with two gorillas in their habitats at the Central Park Zoo with his friends.