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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Monsterley Madagascar and Open Season written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Night of the Werewolf".


(After eating a big snack of Cheezy Dibbles in the forest, the animals take a shower through the waterfall as some jump into the water where the waterfall is pouring as it splashes to Alex, Boog, Marty and Elliot)

  • Ian: Waterball! *jump in the water*
  • Alex: Ian!
  • Ian: What the matter lion? Did the water splash on you?
  • Alex: Come on deer. We were suppose to shower, not play like it's Fun Friday.
  • Ian: The last time I had a Fun Friday when the ice cream truck came to the forest and sell some character bars with the messed up eyes. *laugh*
  • Boog: Those bubblegum eye balls are a messing in the face.
  • Elliot: Doesn't ring a blow.
  • Marty: How the shower doing you guys?
  • Gloria: *clean her body with water on a waterfall* It's going well. I look like a mermaid baby.
  • Melman: You're more of a mermaid hippo, Gloria.
  • Gloria: I'll rather swim on a hippo pool.
  • Giselle: Why it's so cold in here when outside of the forest has warm water in the pond areas where frogs are hopping?
  • Ursa: Weather temperatures doesn't really bother.
  • Julien: Ooh. Ah. Fresh.
  • Maurice: A bath doesn't really make it a shower Julien.
  • Julien: Hey. You got people showering and going to the water. It's still a shower and bubble bath.
  • Mort: Where's the bubbles?
  • Julien: You call them bubbles? *see the bubbles popping*
  • Sonya: *splash in the water*
  • Maurice: Woah! Hey! Watch where your swimming.
  • Julien: Leave my girl alone! She can swim whatever she wants.
  • Maurice: You almost made us splash.
  • Serge: Then how are we looking like we're splashing and all of you guys complain?
  • Deni: *duck down in the water*
  • Serge: And yet, he's always nervous, as always.
  • Alex: Nothing than a good old shower in the woods. *smell some smoke from the barbeque* Where is that smell coming from?
  • Marty: Are you burning your hair?
  • Alex: What? No silly. It came from a line of smoke.
  • Boog: *sniff* Oh man. *sniff* My nose is doing it again. *sniff as he get off the water*
  • Elliot: Your nose sniffing thing always freak me out like when we were looting at Puni-Mart for a store party.
  • Boog: It came from this way. *sniff and following the smell* Come on!
  • Alex: *get off the pool with Elliot and Marty* What now?
  • Marty: Is there a barbeque going on?
  • Boog: You guessed it and that's where the food smell is coming from.
  • Marty: I love it when i'm right.
  • Elliot: I should have answer it myself.

(As Alex, Marty and Elliot follow Boog on smelling in a line of smoke, they stop by at the trees by spying to look at a barbeque being held by the pets' owners)

  • Boog: Mmm. Barbeque.
  • Alex: Sauce.
  • Boog: What? You're spying and following on me?
  • Marty: Shh. There's people in the woods.
  • Elliot: Just look.
  • Boog: Huh?
  • Bob: *cook the hot dogs and burgers on the grill* Mmm mmm mmm. These meals are going to cook up the day.
  • Bobbie: They look they they're ready.
  • Bob: I'm just fixing the food as soon as possible while we grab the bread and toast them on the toaster.
  • Fifi and Roberto's owner: I love the smell of choice cuts.
  • Stanley and Roger's owner: Choice cuts are a blessing.
  • Bob: It's just meat. You got a problem with that?
  • Fifi and Roberto's owner: Uh, no?
  • Stanley and Roger's owner: It's just fine. Just like the taste of hot dogs.
  • Rufus' owner: Someone tell me this bread is going to toast up the camp.
  • Charlene's owner: It should be and always be.
  • Nate's owner: Fresh like fun.
  • Mr. Weenie: *bark*
  • Bobbie: Bob, i think Mr. Weenie want some of those delicious meats.
  • Bob: Feed him a burger slice.
  • Bobbie: *take out a burger slice* Here you go for our precious weenie dog. *feed a burger slice to Mr. Weenie*
  • Mr. Weenie: *eat the burger slice and bark*
  • Bob: That's a good boy right here.
  • Bobbie: Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?
  • Fifi: Jeez, you're really popular with owners.
  • Mr. Weenie: They love me more than the dog seat.
  • Roberto: Who would sit in the dog seat?
  • Stanley: Like people will drag you over to the potty and then you cringe with the bad smell coming out of your butt.
  • Everyone: *laugh*
  • Mr. Weenie: Gross man. I almost sniff a bear's turd and it was gross.
  • Roger: Ooh. The other day when we were digging out the garbage can, there were raccoons chewing on cans and waved hi at them, but they ran off since they don't like talking to strangers.
  • Stanley: Roger, raccoons are predators to other animals in the forest. Plus, they scratch you off and you'll get rabies afterwards. You'll also throw up by them.
  • Roger: Yikes! I would not talk to a raccoon ever again. Not in a million of days.
  • Stanley: You better watch where you going cause, you'll be talking to the wrong stranger in the wrong place.
  • Charlene: Try to stay with us in a group at all times.
  • Rufus: Cats are capable are going back into their owners at the front door.
  • Roger: Like us!
  • Stanley: You really need to give us instructions, do you?
  • Rufus: I'm just telling you for pet safety.
  • Mr. Weenie: *see Boog in the tree while hiding* Are you seeing what i'm seeing?
  • Boog: *in the tree* He saw me!
  • Alex: Why are you spying on them?
  • Boog: I don't know. But let's listen.
  • Roger: Was he looking at you?
  • Rufus: Something fears a predator is on the way.
  • Charlene: A predator!
  • Roger: A raccoon! I knew they come back for me.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. It's going to be some random animal in the woods that we don't know about.
  • Rufus: Just give it a go. Walk where you going and see the person behind all that spying.
  • Fifi: I don't trust strangers. But whatever you are. Come out!
  • Alex: *in the trees* Oh great Boog. Now you got us into some more trouble.
  • Boog: They're our friends. You do not remember meeting the pets during your first time here?
  • Alex: I know. But we shouldn't be going into people businesses' while we're at it.
  • Marty: I saw the penguins dig on my place while at the Zoo a very long time ago.
  • Elliot: *call out the pets* Pssst, pets over here.
  • Boog: Elliot.
  • Mr. Weenie: *show up with his friends* Ya, what's going on?
  • Boog: I'm sorry Mr. Weenie. I can really ex-
  • Mr. Weenie: *shocked to see Alex and Marty* Oh my ya. It's that Alex and Marty?
  • Alex: Uh, yeah.
  • Marty: Cracka-lacka, huh?
  • Charlene: It's you again!
  • Rufus: It's like we haven't seen you for a whole year.
  • Fifi: What's going on?
  • Roger: What's up!
  • Nate: *bark*
  • Roger: Where you heading? The circus?
  • Alex: We came from the circus. We were about to go back what we were doing during our free time.
  • Charlene: We would like to come.
  • Mr. Weenie: But aren't we leaving our owners behind like always?
  • Boog: We don't care about them. No one ever does.
  • Alex: Boog. The owners will be a little worried if we take them back where they came from. They're having their own day today with the owners. So-
  • Boog: Come on dawg. Let Mr. Weenie have a chance. They helped us fight back the hunters and make us traveled to a all-pets water park during a heist.
  • Fifi: I hated that day when I lost all my fur.
  • Alex: Fine, fine, fine. Let's go catch up with the gang and have our own free time with them.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. What are you waiting for? Let's go.
  • Rufus: Yee-haw. Woods time.
  • Marty: Like a cowboy always said.
  • Bob: *done cooking the hot dogs and burgers* I finally got all the barbeque food ready so we can share and eat out with the- Guys? Dogs? Cats? Mr. Weenie?
  • Bobbie: Oh, the pets must have run off again to somewhere.
  • Nate's owner: They always get a little free time you know.
  • Bob: It always happen sometimes when we're hunting in the woods.
  • Bobbie: Always happen like they disappear on us.

(Back at the waterfall cavern where the animals are taking a shower, few animals are curious on where Alex, Boog, Marty and Elliot are)

  • Gloria: Do you wonder where Alex, Boog, Marty and Melman could be?
  • Ursa: They left when they were smelling some cooking barbeque food.
  • Giselle: I don't know where they are. But I feel like they are going through some hunter-area trap.
  • Gia: Oh no. They can't be going through all the dangers in the area like some booby traps or sharp rocks on the ground.
  • Ursa: You know how many times hunters dig through the dig, get out and set up lots of traps on them like they hate people.
  • Gloria: Well that's not very nice.
  • Giselle: They could trap in some net. They be tied up like all these tribesmen hunting on animals and cheerleading for preying.
  • Gloria: If they're not coming back now, i'll go by myself to face those the hunters.
  • Ursa: You can't go. What if they point a gun at you like they always do to the poor deers?
  • Gloria: Chill out. I'll teach some hunter a favor on my account!
  • Alex: *arrive with some friends* Gloria! Everyone! We're back!
  • Giselle: You guys made it back. What happen. Did someone set up a trap on your faces?
  • Boog: No. There were no hunters or predators trying to kill on us.
  • Gia: What's with the dogs and cats?
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya, it's us.
  • Elliot: It's Mr. Weenie and the pets. They're not gonna bite like it's a mad dog on a private property's house.
  • Ian: Heads up to you all.
  • Elliot: We gotta do something special with them, now that Alex and the circus animals are back, we are going to celebrate.
  • Skipper: Again? Didn't we have already had all the free time with you?
  • Private: But we didn't do a lot of fun with these guys since we left.
  • Skipper: Mind your own business, Private.
  • Private: What did I say?
  • Alex: So Mr. Weenie, what do you want to do with your pets?
  • Mr. Weenie: You're calling us pets. We're all friends.
  • Fifi: Friends are hugging, kissing and cooking.
  • Roger: And playing!
  • Rufus: Whatever you say, you're the boss.
  • Boog: Actually, I am the boss of the forest.
  • Alex: How can you be the boss when the forest is run by all the random animals in the camp park?
  • Charlene: No park ranger isn't going to turn your back on you.
  • Alex: Can we all go back to the circus and see what we can do with the pets?
  • Mr. Weenie: You just said pets again. Whatever, call us whatever you like.
  • Alex: You don't say.
  • Marty: Rup rup dee, back to the circus!
  • Vitaly: We're following you.
  • Stefano: Mama mia, we're off the water.

(The forest animals, the circus animals and the pets return to the circus area as Alex introduce the pets the circus box)

  • Alex: Here we are. I introduce you the circus box!
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. That's it?
  • Rufus: It's just a random box of circus stuff used for circus plays. *laugh with everyone*
  • Alex: Guys?
  • Vitaly: Explain more.
  • Fifi: That's it. That's you all wanted to say?
  • Roger: I'm calling it a day.
  • Mason: Be more specific.
  • Alex: Pets, don't give up just yet. We all have bikes to ride on.
  • Mr. Weenie: Whoa! Real bikes?
  • Alex: *show the bikes to the pets* I got my very own first bike ever since we got into the circus.
  • Skipper: Talking about products, baby.
  • Alex: I got one for you, for you, for you, and you.
  • Marty: Hey, what about us?
  • Melman: Are we going to go over this thing again?
  • Alex: Let's walk down the street and ride our bikes to the test.
  • Vitaly: All against one.
  • Alex: It doesn't have to be against one. We can celebrate whatever we want at any time.
  • Fifi: Count us in!
  • Rufus: It's fun time.
  • Gloria: Ride your bikes and let's go!
  • Ursa: Free rides.
  • Sonya: *yawn*
  • Julien: *talk to his lemurs* We don't need a bike. She got a bike for us to ride on.
  • Maurice: Julien, that's a unicycle she's riding. How are we going to ride to compete with everyone else?
  • Julien: Trust me, it will pass.
  • Mort: Ride like the wind. Woo!
  • Skipper: Go go go.
  • Kowalski: Race by the limit, no rules.

(The background song "Walking Down Your Street" by The Bangles plays as the animals begin riding on the bikes all over the road as they follow Alex and Boog on the ride on the go)

  • Alex: Bike parade in the woods!
  • Boog: Better than a street gang bike club riding to block roads.
  • Alex: They don't care about us. They tend to mess back the gang.
  • Mr. Weenie: Roll like the wind.
  • Elliot: It's actually pronounce Ride like the wind.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ride like the wind!
  • Elliot: That's a good boy.
  • Rufus: Yee-haw! Wild ride time.

(The animals ride on the bikes all over the woods as they pass by bridges and paths on the go as they continue following Alex and Boog in a line)

  • Alex: Straight outta the road.
  • Boog: How is the ride doing for ya?
  • Mr. Weenie: This is hella fun.
  • Charlene: Can't never stop riding.
  • Marty: I got a free ride in the woods, baby!
  • Ian: Hey bike boys, what happen if you do a free stand?
  • Boog: A free stand? Like doing all the styles in surfing in the waves?
  • Ian: Watch this. *do a backflip* Woo!
  • Skipper: Holy fish!
  • Rico: *gulp a fish* Holy fish.
  • Ursa: That is so amazing.
  • Ian: Now try.
  • Elliot: *move his bike up and ride* Jeez, can't really do a motorcycle fire ride.
  • Boog: No one can top all the moves we do in the woods.
  • Alex: It's like riding in the circus play all over again.
  • Marty: Told ya.

(The animals race by the pond areas as they pass by the lake areas all over the whole woods, until going up the mountains)

  • Vitaly: The freeze thingie is making us cold!
  • Giselle: That's cold weather! I can feel it from the top.
  • Elvis: What if we go by the mountains?
  • Maria: That would be sweet.
  • Mr. Weenie: Weeeeeeee!!
  • Rufus: Cowboy ride!
  • Charlene: Yay!
  • Fifi: I'm gonna be sick!
  • Roger: *shake his head*
  • Stanley: Dude, stop it!
  • Nate: *howl*
  • Roberto: Going through the mountains is really a good idea, am I right you guys?
  • Stefano: A seal like the snow in the mountains and the iceberg where the penguins waddle into the sea.
  • Gia: I'll be freezing up a bit from the deep freeze ice.
  • Skipper: It always go around and around.
  • Kowalski: Like a pizza bread!

(The animals then ride on the cliffs, passing by ramps, rocks and even hills as the animals still follow Alex and Boog on riding on the rock hills in the cliffs)

  • Alex: This is like running on a mini marathon in a city.
  • Boog: This never get old on Friday night.
  • Marty: We had the whole day of exercise.
  • Elliot: Exercising is killing me.
  • Ian: *bump Elliot* Come on dude! It make you strong and lose weight, like me. *show his muscles*
  • Elliot: You really don't have to show your muscles in front of everyone you know.
  • Ian: It only happen when i'm impressing in front of the ladies. *call out the ladies* Yoo woo, over here. I got my jackpot on your faces!
  • Giselle: Aw, Ian.
  • Rosie: That is so hot.
  • Charlene: Yeah. You're a chill fill.
  • Ian: Chill fill is cooling for the Winter.
  • Elliot: Hey.
  • Ian: That's how you impress some girls.
  • Gloria: Really? Is this how you make a lot of girls?
  • Ian: Every strong man does that in records.
  • Gia: Time is clocking, we're going down the forest.
  • Ian: Oh. Gotta keep up the track!
  • Mr. Weenie: Wee!
  • Rufus: Cowabunga!
  • Fifi: Cow-a-boo-yah!
  • Roger: *stick his tongue out while riding on the bike*
  • Julien: I like to ride it!
  • Maurice: Free wind on the air!
  • Mort: Wee! I love to ride with someone riding on a unicycle!
  • Skipper: Ride on!

(The background song end as all the animals reach down through the forest and out of the rock hills with their expressions laughing and giggling after all the fun they have with the pets with Alex and Boog leading the way in a line of bikes)

  • Alex: That was hella fun! Again!
  • Boog: This is one of the best days i've ever experience.
  • Gloria: Riding a bike never get old in the woods.
  • Marty: And America.
  • Julien: Madagascar.
  • Elliot: Do people really ride bikes in Madagascar?
  • Julien: Back in my old home, my lemurs used to ride on lots of human stuff and one of them is a unicycle.
  • Sonya: *yawn*
  • Julien: Oh, Sonya. It's not time to sleep yet. We got a lot to catch up.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. I heard the Halloween parade is going to be at Timberline today.
  • Boog: Wait, what? I didn't get that.
  • Elliot: Say that again.
  • Mr. Weenie: When my friends were at Timberline, there is going to be Halloween parade, tonight!
  • Boog: Holy fur. We gotta be there. I'm coming for Beth!
  • Elliot: Boog, why would we return to your old home? People out there are really scared of bears now because of Shaw.
  • Giselle: Elliot!
  • Elliot: Sorry!
  • Boog: Uh, I don't know if we can get there.
  • Alex: What's wrong? Are you forgetting about your past?
  • Boog: Um. *think* Please stop at the mines.
  • Everyone: *the animals stop their bikes at the mine while Boog continue to think*
  • Marty: Why are we stopping for?
  • Melman: Is he getting nervous because of what we said?
  • Boog: Timberline. Ooh, I would love to go there. But, after recent events with the hunters last year, it's better off we stay in the woods and have our own Halloween party inside.
  • Everyone: What?!
  • Mr. Weenie: Does that mean no balloons, no candies, no costumes and no trick or treat?
  • Elliot: You don't know what we're missing Boog. We celebrate Halloween all year and you're forgetting about it.
  • Boog: We barely missed Thanksgiving last year. But I won't miss another holiday to celebrate with you guys to plan on another place.
  • Alex: Timberline isn't really the nice spot for you. All your fans are missing you back there. What about your Mighty Grizzly acts and what about your show?
  • Boog: I got no show. It's all over. The Mighty Grizzly you know is all gone. *feel emotional*
  • Vitaly: You know you are the Mighty Grizzly and you have heart and spirit.
  • Boog: I am. Everyone give up their personalities a lot. People change and people move on like me.
  • Vitaly: I went through many mistakes. I thought my life was over until these zoosters came and changed the circus for the better.
  • Skipper: Driving the humans out was a smart move.
  • Mason: Really gotta put on that King of Versailles disguise to trick the circus people on selling the circus to us, right Phil.
  • Phil: *make monkey noises*
  • Kowalski: Next time, we're selling a zoo.
  • Private: You want us to go back to the zoo and get eaten by snakes?
  • Kowalski: That's where the snakes reside now. In our old exhibit.
  • Rico: *stick his tongue out like a snake*
  • Private: Oh stop it Rico!
  • Skipper: Rico got you man! *giggle*
  • Mr. Weenie: *sniff on the gems in the ground* Ooh, what is that?
  • Fifi: Are those jewelry?
  • Charlene: That must be a mine right there.
  • Alex: We accidentally stopped by a mine!
  • Elliot: Whoa! A new place to go!
  • Boog: A mine? Seriously? We stop by a mine because of my feelings?
  • Ursa: Let's go. You don't know what is inside of there.
  • Boog: Mines are always that dark. We can't see in the mine if we don't have a fire torch to look around like a flashlight.
  • Ian: Get in there, bear.
  • Boog: I don't really trust caves, like at all.

(The animals enter inside of the mine as they saw a bunch of colorful gems and golden rocks in the glowing mines as the crystals glow in the mine with the animals looking around to explore)

  • Alex: Holy rock.
  • Marty: This cavern is so colorful.
  • Gloria: The crystals are glowing. This is actually a golden mine.
  • Melman: Look at the shape of the golden rocks.
  • Skipper: Who will make gold bars out of golden rocks?
  • Kowalski: *hold a gold rock* Shiny.
  • Elliot: Oh. My. God. I'm going to freak out.
  • Mr. Weenie: Are they candy? *bite a gem* Nope.
  • Fifi: Not even a toy to play with.
  • Rufus: This place is like unique.
  • Roger: And special.
  • Charlene: I'm telling you. It got everything.
  • Rufus: Not even a dog house can afford that much gems in a house.
  • Roberto: They be making millions and billions with trillions.
  • Vitaly: This mine is a masterpiece.
  • Stefano: I actually like this place.
  • Alex: You guys are rolling for a new fun moment. How about we explore the mines before dark?
  • Mr. Weenie: Yeah. During the night, we can tell all about our stories.
  • Alex: I get you. We have our own schedule and what we're gonna do tonight.
  • Boog: How about we explore the mines and grab whatever gems and rocks we want for our rock collection.
  • Fifi: We can do it.
  • Roger: Yes.
  • Roberto: I approve.
  • Skipper: We'll be carrying a bunch when we get home.
  • Kowalski: Rico can swallow as much as he can since he's a eating machine.
  • Rico: *eat five gems*
  • Private: Rico!
  • Skipper: Private, he's special! Let him swallow whatever he wants.
  • Private: He even swallow a octopus' penguin snow globe collection.
  • Skipper: Just cut it out. He even get to do his own thing while you mind your own business and get working.
  • Private: Alright. I learn my own ways.
  • Alex: Let's look at the mines before night.
  • Boog: One of you guys said it like many times. Oh well, here come exploring through the mines.

(The background song "Goldmine" by Colbie Caillat plays as Alex and Boog's gang explore the mines and collect as many golden rocks through the mine as some are riding on mines to look at the crystals with few others digging the crystals out)

  • Private: Aw man. I got myself a nice crystal sharp.
  • Skipper: Don't try breaking it. If you do, you're gonna pay it.
  • Private: Skipper, we're not in a store.
  • Skipper: Just messing with you, rookie.
  • Alex: Ah, the great jackpot gold of rocks is in the house.
  • Boog: It's heaven, but it's a golden mine.
  • Elliot: Rock sticks!
  • Marty: Talking about money here.
  • Gloria: Made with gold.
  • Melman: I can tell if they are yellow diamonds or not.
  • Julien: Shiny. Would love to use them as rings.
  • Maurice: Julien, they're just golden rocks.
  • Julien: I know that. You are still being nosey in here.
  • Maurice: Get a life.
  • Mort: *smell the gold rocks* Ah. If they are feet, i'll rake it like a leaf.
  • Sonya: *yawn*
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. They're so cute.
  • Fifi: Cute?! It's a freaking rock. What do you mean by cute?
  • Mr. Weenie: Fifi, you don't have to be selfish about it.
  • Fifi: Whatever. You know my attitude and that's final.
  • Rufus: Look at the sharp things. Are you seeing what i'm seeing?
  • Fifi: Rocks. Whatever you want to call it.
  • Ian: *hold a bunch of gold rocks* I'm keeping them on my rock collection!
  • McSquizzy: Oi. They're all going to my nut collection in which all the trees I own will be given to the squirrels.
  • Stefano: They're gold and it crush my soul.
  • Gia: I get you. They're the color of my skin.
  • Vitaly: Ha. Then they use orange as my skin.
  • Skipper: Don't even think about people cooking penguins like chickens.
  • Alex: This could be a good use for my item collection.
  • Marty: We're making clothes out of these!
  • Gloria: This mines like fun.
  • Melman: I can never get a load of rockness with gold magic.
  • Alex: Gold magic is everywhere around the world. *laugh with everyone*

(The background song end as everyone left the gold mine by holding gold rocks and colorful gems with joy and laugher)

  • Alex: This mine got everything.
  • Boog: We be making money like billions and trillions.
  • Elliot: This is like the weirdest place we ever stopped when riding on bikes.
  • Boog: Hey.
  • Elliot: I said the place is like the weirdest since we stopped our bikes during a talk.
  • Boog: I don't care what people say about mystery rare places. I think they're the best out of every mine we explore.
  • Elliot: I thought we were going to get like nothing out of the strange place.
  • Marty: Like strange magic.
  • Melman: I don't feel the magic in here.
  • Alex: Sun's getting real low. We better get going and pack all of our things before we drop one of them down the ground.
  • Private: What are we even doing tonight? I don't get it.
  • Alex: Private, we got something special to tell at night.
  • Private: Is it good news that we're performing in all the other worlds?
  • Skipper: No Private. We'll talk more later. Let's head back to the forest.
  • Alex: Okay; Boog, you lead the way.
  • Boog: Aye aye. Let's keep the ride going. *he and Alex's gang ride their bikes back to the forest*

(As the animals head back to the forest, they reach back to the circus as the animals drop all of their gold rocks and colorful gems away in the box with the animals putting the bikes back in the vehicle box only for the circus animals to take care of the bikes and belongings)

  • Alex: We got a lot.
  • Boog: Sun's getting real low. But that doesn't stop us from mining.
  • Elliot: I'm getting fired up.
  • Ian: You're not burning, Elliot.
  • Elliot: Ian, it's just an expression.
  • Ian: An expression. I get it!
  • Reilly: Why you guys have to be so picky?
  • Elliot: I'm not picky.
  • Marty: If you're not choosing, then you're picky.
  • Skipper: Picking on the wrong guy, eh?
  • Private: It's doesn't matter what we choose. It's our choice.
  • Reilly: Any day now. We'll call it a day.
  • Elliot: What's next for us? Hiking on mountains? Sailing boats and watching the campfire for an hour?
  • Vitaly: You may be thinking about doing campfire stories in the dark.
  • Boog: Campfire stories in the dark? Why not?
  • Elliot: We have always tell campfire stories every night. We should do them right when the Sun goes down.
  • Marty: But the Sun haven't been down yet.
  • Gloria: *see the Sun going down* The sun's going down now.
  • Stefano: Perfect timing.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ya. We should get the campfire set up.
  • Skipper: Operation: Set Up a Campfire. Let's go!
  • Everyone: *grab a bunch of logs and set the campfire on fire*
  • Boog: Yeah.
  • Alex: It's burning.
  • Private: How is it burning? It's just fire on the log.
  • Skipper: We must made it Private. Hello? Aren't you listening?
  • Private: You never cease me to have a good day.
  • Ursa: I think this is about it.
  • Giselle: Now we can sit down and chill while telling our stories.
  • Gia: Aren't we forgetting something?
  • Gloria: I don't know. You tell us.
  • Kowalski: Seats. Seats. Seats.
  • Skipper: You forgot the seats, honey!
  • Gloria: *sit on the ground* We have seats. We sit on the ground most of the time during our campfire talks.
  • Skipper: I meant the log seats!
  • Gloria: Oh, you actually meant the log seats. *get up* Coming right up.
  • Alex: Give us the bigger ones. I'd love to sit with Marty, Elliot and Boog.
  • Elliot: My man Alex.
  • Gloria: Coming right up.
  • Everyone: *grab the logs and place them on the ground*
  • Skipper: Oh yeah. Seats!
  • Gloria: That was easy to carry some logs from the other side and sit down whatever we want to sit.
  • Mr. Weenie: Ooh.
  • Vitaly: Do we have everyone?
  • Boog: We have enough seats for each animal to sit?
  • Vitaly: Yes. That's all the available seats we have.
  • Sonya: *yawn*
  • Julien: It's okay Sonya. I'll stand up with you.
  • Maurice: Julien, find a seat!
  • Julien: What? I got Sonya sitting next to me.
  • Maurice: Really King? Are you like not going to find a seat for us to sit?
  • Julien: Get over here. Her fur is as nice as a honey bear.
  • Maurice: *get on Sonya with Julien and Mort* You're making us nervous with Sonya.
  • Mort: Fur. So fresh.
  • Julien: You like it Mort.
  • Skipper: That's everyone sitting. Great.
  • Kowalski: Let's all chill for a moment and feel the warm fire on the logs.
  • Rico: *torch fire*
  • Private: Rico, no!
  • Rico: *throw the torch in the water*
  • Skipper: Private, what is up with you today? Why you have to keep track of Rico every time he does something silly that make you annoy?
  • Private: He was about to burn up the forest.
  • Boog: Rico was going to burn the forest like a smore? *laugh with everyone*
  • Private: Ha ha ha. Very funny everyone. You can make fun of me all you want, but not for me.
  • Skipper: Just get to the program Private.
  • Private: Fine. I'll just sit myself like a pigeon.
  • Alex: Great. Now we can chill with the warm campfire on.

(As the Sun is down, it is night time as the Halloween parade begin in Timberline with people dressed in costumes and balloons floating in a parade line as many people watch the parade as kids started getting candy from baskets with excitement)

  • Kid #1: Candy!
  • Kid #2: Trick or treat.
  • Kid #3: It's a candy fest fever.
  • Kid #4: I got the mega jumbo candy ball of a jawbreaker!
  • Beth: Aw, Gordy. Look at all the kids dressed in their costumes.
  • Gordy: They're bringing their Halloween spirit up, are they?
  • Beth: It's the Spooky Month. Things are starting to get scary in here.
  • Gordy: Nothing than a Spooky Hollow fest can give me a bunch of candy to eat for the night. *eat a chocolate bar*
  • Beth: You're going to eat that whole chocolate bar, are you?
  • Gordy: I can eat all of it if I want. They have more candy on the other side.
  • Beth: Uh, okay. I bet all the animals in the wood including Boog will be okay, depending on how the night will fall when people go out and spook out other people dressed in costumes. You know what I mean?
  • Gordy: Crazy people these days.
  • Beth: They just can't get enough.

(Back at the forest, the circus animals and forest animals are sitting together next to the campfire as the animals are about to tell their campfire stories together in the dark)

  • Alex: Wow. Now that the Sun is down, this look like a perfect time to tell our spooky stories to tell in the dark, right Boog?
  • Boog: Spooky stories to tell in the dark? Does it look like the dark to you?
  • Elliot: He meant campfire stories.
  • Boog: Oh, campfire stories. I know what you're talking about.
  • Vitaly: That's what we all meant for. Let's tell our stories for fun, shall we?
  • Skipper: Yeah, hit it people.
  • Private: One day, I had the Cheezy Dibble dream that the big Cheeto-like dibble came to me and we ate all the Cheezy Dibbles like it's raining heavens of cats and dogs all over again.
  • Skipper: That is not a campfire story, Private.
  • Private: What? I thought all campfire stories can be from anything like a brain coming out of your imagination.
  • Kowalski: Campfire stories are suppose to be scary like every camping site where people tell their spooky stories.
  • Alex: I hate to tell you guys. It has to be a spooky story. We talked about this last night when we were telling stories in the dark.
  • Private: Uh, a leopard seal eat a penguin with sausage and ketchup?
  • Skipper: And that's what I'm talking about. A real spooky story!
  • Private: Ah! Yes. Can I keep going?
  • Skipper: No. You're already had a turn. Also, you waste our time for you to continue when you keep brainstorming ideas for your story.
  • Private: What?! But that's not fair. I was about to start.
  • Alex: I got one. One day, a lion was sleeping inside the lion den, a friend thought his room was full of spiders and they ate all the predator food inside of the food stamps!
  • Private: Ah! Spiders!
  • Boog: Yikes.
  • Elliot: Oh Alex. Wait 'til you hear about my spooky story. It been a long time since everyone have been hearing rumors about a were animal that have been rampaging around the woods.
  • Boog: A were animal?
  • Marty: Where is the rare animal?
  • Elliot: Not rare animal. A were animal. You get what I'm saying?
  • Marty: Yes. Bring on the story.
  • Ian: I wanna hear some screams like a horror movie!
  • Giselle: Really Ian?
  • Ian: I was just trying to pull out a joke.
  • Elliot: Joke's over. Let's me begin my story. *clear throat* Ahem! One night, it was dark and the weather was stormy on a electrical day. No rain, no pain, no gain. To check on that noise. I want to make sure it isn't a scary monster. Only a buffoon in a horror movie investigates creepy sounds... instead of running away. Now stand back while I investigate instead of running away. By those claw marks, I'd wager that's none other... than the Wailing Wampus Werewolf.
  • Boog: Wailing Wampus Werewolf?! Phhwww!!! *laugh* I thought it was a myth. Nice try Elliot. You ain't scaring me like the last time when you told a story about eating sodium foods making you explode like gas.
  • Elliot: Aye, the myth lives like the legend. It just comes with being a Wailing Wampus Werewolf whisperer. Say that three times fast. Wailing Wampus Werewolf Whisperer, Wailing Rumpus Rufleaf Rolips. Weeling Rimpless Roplips... I can't do it! I'm not as skilled as you.
  • Boog: Are you kidding me?!
  • Elliot: The werewolf communicates through interpretive dance, and so can I.
  • Boog: Enough! You are killing me with that spooky story of yours!
  • Marty: Moose pucky!
  • Elliot: The werewolf out there also kill other animals in the forest. Also, it kills people.
  • Boog: *scream*
  • Private: Make it stop!
  • Elliot: In honor of a 50s horror movie, I make you scare as a fraidy cat!
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Julien: Like dead roaches. The horror!
  • Sonya: *growl*
  • Ian: Who tells a story in black and white anyways, you jug-eared galoot!
  • Serge: Your story's a sack of wee jobbies, you daft tube!
  • McSquizzy: Oi! I was going to say that.
  • Elliot: Hello? It's call atmosphere.
  • Marty: Only a complete imbecile would ever believe... such a ridiculous story about a werewolf.
  • Kowalski: Actually, I find his story quite convincing.
  • Elliot: Thanks, Kowalski. I can always count on you.
  • Kowalski: There was no doubt about it, that werewolf meant business.
  • Skipper: Blood business.
  • Alex: Now, werewolves aren't like you and me.
  • Marty: Unless you enjoy ripping lungs out of things. But hey, who am I to judge.
  • Boog: Enough with the werewolf story already! I'm getting scared right now that a real werewolf would be headed this way for a killing!
  • Elliot: Chill out Boog. I'm sure there are some perfectly nice werewolves out there... just waiting to be friends. But not this werewolf. Oh, no. *see a shadow of a werewolf*
  • Serge: The Wailing Wampus Werewolf is a different breed.
  • Buddy: Buddy.
  • Boog: It's going to eat us alive! I'm too handsome to die!
  • Ian: Who is scared of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf now?
  • Boog: Stop it Ian!
  • Melman: The werewolf is in your face!
  • Boog: Ah! Where?!
  • Everyone: *laugh*
  • Skipper: We were joking. You don't know what a joke is, do you?
  • Boog: Don't mock me.
  • Alex: I'm pretty sure the forest is full of real-like predators and serial killers around the place.
  • Elliot: Even worse, the hunters want to go out and kill everybody, not just the werewolf, but you guys that are being put the blame into the test.
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Boog: It can't be the end of us.
  • Ursa: Where are we going to hide?
  • Mr. Weenie: How do we get home?
  • Fifi: And when will we go to the pet water parks?!
  • Gloria: What if it open it's claws and cut our head loose?
  • Marty: Oh great Elliot. Now you're spreading the werewolf theory all over us now.
  • Gia: The circus will never be the same without a story to tell.
  • Phil: *bite fingers*
  • Mason: Aye aye aye, how can someone like a story about a actual wailing werewolf?
  • Gloria: It get worse if the werewolf come close to you.
  • Boog: It could be the end of us. Goodbye cruel world, you had a great few years of breaking out of the zoo and running to freedom.
  • Skipper: You'll never survive the night with the werewolf coming out of your sleep.
  • Boog: Not in my sleep and not on my mate's bed!
  • Skipper: You guys act like it's the end of the world. The world isn't ending nowhere until we saw the werewolf in our faces.
  • Elliot: You guys are crazy about my Wailing Wampus Werewolf story, right?
  • Alex: Oh Elliot, it's alright. The forest is already having a freak out right now.
  • Private: *gulp* We're dead meat.
  • Stefano: Madre mia, we grateful that the werewolf is not real.
  • Gloria: There's nothing to be afraid of Boog and Private.
  • Boog: I'm going to the top cave and jump! And when you see me jump, i'll be gone by then.
  • Ian: Are you going to fall like a hand stand?
  • Boog: No. I'm getting tired of people telling the most scariest stories in the world. And when I hear rumors of a scary beast, i'll be feared off the dangers of the spooky world!
  • Roger: Ooh, scary.
  • Stanley: Stop it Roger. You're scaring Roger.
  • Roger: I thought the hippo said there's nothing to be scared of.
  • Gia: Everyone have the right to be scared and you Boog, you can be scared of anything around the forest.
  • Boog: I'm scared of falls, heights and even sharps.
  • Elliot: And a werewolf?
  • Boog: Dude! Just stop it with the werewolf stuff. You are killing me tonight.
  • Elliot: It's Halloween. Everyone should be scared at all times.
  • Boog: At all times? My butt!
  • Vitaly: We fear the greatest in danger. We fought animal control, predators and even squids taking away animals all over the world.
  • Ursa: Hunters killing animals, circus people treating animals harshly, the list goes on.
  • Reilly: Wrong wrong wrong! Now you're playing the victim card on us.
  • Giselle: Can we just get this over with and go? You guys are giving me goosebumps over this werewolf story.
  • Alex: On every night, there's nothing to be afraid of like spiders.
  • Private: Spiders?! *pass out*
  • Skipper: Okay, what's the big deal?
  • Gloria: Pretend to play spooky. *get up and sing*

It's creepy, yeah

It's super scary

  • Ursa:

It's so exciting

That it kinda feels like fun

  • Elliot:

When you're freaked out

Don't start despairing

Just grab some friends

And scream together everyone

  • Alex: *do a zombie walk* Oh, in the haunted house.
  • Marty: Did you hear that sound?
  • Gloria:

Chills down our spine

Freaking out inside

  • Melman: Cause we don't back down!
  • Alex:

Isn't it exciting

To feel the thrill?

  • Boog: *get scared by a spider toy*
  • Giselle:

And you know you're safe

At the end of the day

  • Elliot: Cause it's real!
  • Everyone: *dance in a graveyard background as some like Boog and Private get scared of bats, dancing skeletons, pumpkins biting in the air and snakes coming out of the toxic pool with a jack-in-a-box with octopus Dave coming out scaring the penguins and pets alike*
  • Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman:

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun

  • Charlene: *skeleton zombies pop out of the grave as she sing*

Terrifying but exciting

Spooky creepy vibes

If you're prepared

then being scared

  • Fifi: *cut off a rabbit toy head with a knife* Can make you feel alive.
  • Everyone: *leopard seals keep chasing the penguins, gun shots shoot everywhere in the forest with deers and every animal running with crocodiles jumping out of the water, trying to bite the ducks while flying*
  • Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman:

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun

  • Rico: *dressed up in a hoodie and rap around the park with graffitis of penguins on the wall*

(You can see me on my hood)

(I am never scared of everything)

(I fought squids and predators in my life)

(And always eat like a eating machine)

(Who say penguins can't fly because of their bellies)

(And flop like a bad movie bombing in theaters)

(Who think fish is the only food penguins only eat)

(We can eat whatever we want like Cheezy Dibbles in the house!)

  • Skipper: *stand on top of Private, Rico and Kowalski wearing the hoodies in a street* What you're looking at?
  • Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman:

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

It's scary fun! *jump with everyone*

  • Boog: *hold a pumpkin* Boo! *laugh*
  • Private: Boo hoo hoo hoo. The werewolf will never cut me alive in the woods.
  • Boog: Can we sing that song again? I hear it's catchy.
  • Alex: What? Didn't we sing that song for you to overcome your fears?
  • Boog: What do you mean by overcoming my fears? I didn't overcome my fears, nor the werewolf myth that has been circulating all over the woods for years.
  • Alex: Who is the werewolf? Where can we find the werewolf?
  • Elliot: Oh, I know where the werewolf is.
  • Boog: You know? I thought it was a legend.
  • Elliot: It's a real werewolf. Follow me.
  • Boog: Follow me. What? What do you mean by follow me? I don't get it.
  • Elliot: We're bailing out on a trip. You know the trip we planned years ago when the animals left the woods and we want to tell a story that would amaze them.
  • Alex: But that didn't work out as planned as you predict it was going to work out. But it didn't.
  • Elliot: Snorkeling. Parasailing. It'll be relaxing.
  • Marty: You expect me to relax when a werewolf is after me.
  • Stefano: Friends to de end everyone! Let's go!
  • Vitaly: Another adventure in the night. Sweet.
  • Gia: Tell me, Alex is going to face the fraughts of fears, is it?
  • Stefano: No worries. He won't suffer the same trama scaring fear he would ever fall for.
  • Deni: *facepalm*
  • Serge: It's okay Deni. Don't get nervous about the werewolf.
  • Skipper: Here we go again with the wailing werewolf adventure.
  • Private: My body isn't ready to go out with a nightmare.
  • Kowalski: Let's go Private! You can't be sitting here like you're doing nothing.
  • Private: Fine. *get up* I'll go. *walk with the group*
  • Alex: The group's trying to catch up. On a Halloween night!
  • Elliot: I, Elliot Deer Esquire Junior the Third, née Danger, am hereby making it... my mission to help you overcome... your fear of the werewolf and ladybugs.
  • Boog: Ladybugs? Nah, i'm ain't afraid of no ladybug.
  • Elliot: Then we're good to go.
  • Boog: I'll be real scared if that werewolf come close, i'll be returning to the woods on a quick rush!
  • Elliot: You're such a scary cat Boog.
  • Boog: Shut up!
  • Elliot: What-so ever. We're on our way to the other side.


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