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It's an All Hail King Julien fanfic.

Chapter I: Okay, Amelia, Here's The Pitch: In The Beginning[]

The door to the bright and cluttered Mountain Lemur kingdom opened. A brown hawk's eye peeked open at the entrant of the kingdom. A tall, brown Indri lemur with a tan face and underbelly with dark spots, platinum blonde hair, and two rippling abs, and an orange lemur with green eyes, a patch of dark brown above her white face, and black paws are carrying a large cardboard box pushed their way into the small living space.

"(squawks gibberish), get the door would you?" Clover, queen of the Mountain Lemur kingdom, asked the Man-Hawk.

The aforementioned bird grumbled and stuck out one of his talons trying to reach the door.

"Come now, (squawks gibberish)," Sage, king of the Mountain Lemurs said, closing the door on their own. "You try this same thing every day, you can’t reach the door from your nest."

The Man-Hawk, oh so pleased with himself, chuckled lightly and repositioned himself in his nest.

"Heaven forbid you actually do anything to help out around here," Clover chided as she pulled out many random objects from her cardboard box.

The Man-Hawk squawked at the lemur couple as the bird shot up out of his nest, arguing that he did indeed help out around here, but even hawks need to rest sometimes.

"Oh, forgive my husband," Clover said sarcastically. "I forgot about how much you do to contribute."

The Man-Hawk nodded happily.

"After all it is you who pick me up to go somewhere–" Sage said, throwing his arms at his side, motioning to the clutter of things scattered around the palace. "And I spoon feed you, and visit the lemur kingdom on a weekly basis."

The Man-Hawk frowned and began to argue his case through squawks again.
"Alright, alright, that’s enough," Clover said. "By the way, has King Julien stopped by today?"

The Man-Hawk muttered a few squawks and fell down into his nest. He silently shook his head, and resumed his nap position.

"Funny," Clover said. "I thought he’d stop by in search of one of my postcards– good thing we finally figured out who all of those were addressed to, eh, Sage?" Clover asked Sage.

Sage shrugged and his Man-Hawk rolled over.

"Yes, well," Clover said, "It’s not like we’ve received any of those postcards lately." Clover reached into the box and pulled out a hair-dryer. "I wonder what’s been keeping that kingdom of his anyway? It must be, what? Two–three weeks since his last postcard?"

Sage and his Man-Hawk blew air out of his mouth, rolling his eyes.

"Ah well, I’m sure he’s fine," Clover said. "I just wonder where King Julien is."

>< >< >< >< ><

"That shot was in, and won!" King Julien shouted.

"Oh, please, King Julien," Mort argued. "Your last shot wasn't even close!"

"Shows how much you know, you unhealed mole," King Julien countered. "Even Butterfish said that my shot was good!"

Mort scoffed. "Butterfish? He doesn't know the difference between a fair shot and fair food!"

Maurice ran to catch up with the two quarreling lemurs. "Well, if you ask me, I think your shot was in, King Julien."

"Butterfish was the judge, Mort!" King Julien said, ignoring Maurice. "You can’t argue with that." 

"Sure I can," Mort said. "Especially when the judge doesn’t even know what sport he’s judging!"

"Give it up, Mort. I won, and you know it." King Julien hopped up into his hut.

Mort followed with Maurice in tow. "No way, I had you the entire time!"

"Well, if you ask me-" Maurice started.

"Yeah, you had me until I scored on you at the last second!" King Julien interrupted. 

"We’ll see, my King Julien, we’ll see." Mort put his face right up to King Julien’s, who leaned back, pulling his face back.

"Oh? We will, huh?" King Julien pushed his face forward, sending Mort back.

Maurice watched the two argue back and forth like a ball in a tennis match. Silently Maurice wondered what tennis was.

"Yeah!" Mort shouted. "We will! I challenge you to a rematch, and this time, Masikura will judge!"

"Fine," King Julien said. "Doesn’t matter who judges. Willie could judge for all I care- NO, a Giant Jumping Rat could judge, and I’d still beat you!"

"Why does it matter who judges?" Maurice asked. "The judge doesn’t play."

"Fine then," Mort said, still ignoring Maurice. "We’ll have Masikura, Willie, and a rat judge!"

"Good!" King Julien said. "The more the merrier!"

"Alright, see you then... then!" Mort huffed, then left the hut.

King Julien threw his stuff onto his bed angrily. "That unpealable pore-" he growled. "He just makes me so- ugh!"

Maurice scratched his head. It was amazing watching those two argue. In all the kingdom, Mort and King Julien were definitely the two most confrontational lemurs, if only just between each other.

"Now where is Maurice?" King Julien asked himself. "I told him he could come with me to visit the Mountain Lemur kingdom today, and see how they're doing."

"Uh, King Julien, I’m right here," Maurice said.

King Julien looked at his best friend. "Oh. Sorry," King Julien apologized. "You just pop up out of nowhere, don’t ya Maurice?"

"No, not really," Maurice said. "I’ve been here all-"

"No matter," King Julien said. "Ready to go see Queen Clover?"

"Well, sure your majesty, but-"

"Great! C’mon! I’ve got to tell Clover all about the game that won." King Julien grabbed his keytar off the ledge and ran out of the hut.

Maurice shrugged. "I guess I’ll just tell her about King Sage’s big visit later." He ran out of the hut. "Hey, your majesty! Wait up!" he called.

King Julien was nearly halfway down the path leading up to the Mountain Lemur Kingdom. "Hurry up, will ya?" King Julien said.

Maurice caught up to his friend, gasping for breath. "Sorry," Maurice said.

"It’s alright Momo," King Julien said, pulling his keytar over his shoulders. "Ya know," King Julien said. "We used to sing this song every time we’d walked through the hallways at Lemur School."

"Yeah, I know," Maurice said. "You never told me that when we explore the jungle together." 

"Oh yeah." King Julien laughed. "You don’t mind singing it again, do ya?"

"No your majesty, of course not," Maurice said. "I’m an aye-aye, there isn’t a song out there that I can’t sing-"

"I get it Maurice, I get it." King Julien smirked. He began to strum his keytar, plucking the keys to a catchy tune. "Lemurs
Yeah, lemurs
They're some of my favorite creature
s," King Julien sang.

Maurice bounced along with the music. "Let's walk together
It'd be my pleasure
To point out some of their features

"Like where they hang out, what they like to talk about
We won't have to travel very far
To see some lemurs
They're all over Madagascar
," King Julien and Maurice harmonized.

"Some lemurs like-"

"Hey, hey King Julien," Maurice interrupted. "Do you hear that?"

King Julien stopped his keytar and listened to the noises echoing of the jungle skies. It was faint, but, yes, it was there. A birdlike call of sorts- no- yes, it is birdlike. A birdlike call filling the skies, filling the jungle with its melodious tune.

"I do Maurice! I do!" King Julien bounced gleefully. "You know what this means?"

"That I’ll never get to tell you that Sage and his wife, Clover, are coming to visit?" Maurice asked.

"No- well, yes, I guess, but it means that Sage and Clover are-" 

"Waiting for you to continue that song," a deep, yet comforting voice said from behind King Julien. An impeccable calm could be detected just from the tone of voice, and a serene quality filled the air whenever the voice spoke. Sage and Clover had arrived.

"Me?" King Julien asked, in awe of the presence before him.

"Yes, a living soul must finish a musical recess with words playing around it by the time the school bell rings," Sage Moondancer said to the young lemur.

"Oh, of course." King Julien picked up the tune again on his keytar. "Now, uh, where was I?" 

"Some lemurs like the taste
of the sweet and sour tamarind fruit
," Maurice sang, starting to finish as he eats some tamarind fruit.

Sage banged softly on his garbage can lid, filling the air with the beautiful sound once more. As he played, a lot of the Malagasy fauna filed into the jungle, each adding their own sound to the song.

King Julien grinned. "Other kinds of lemurs
like to chew on bamboo

"And when a lemur up in a tree
gives his lemur friends a call
," Clover sang.

"He sings that special lemur song
like this," King Julien sang, putting all his heart into the verse. "You want to hear it? Here it goes."

King Julien, Maurice, and Clover all start making the sound that an Indri lemur usually makes.

"You try, Sage," King Julien says as he points to the Mountain lemur.

Sage started making the sound an Indri makes, and his Indri call sounded so real.

"We'll learn where they hang out, what they like to talk about
We won't have to travel very far
To see some lemurs, we're all over Madagascar
Lemurs, we're all over Madagascar
." King Julien sang.

We're all over Madagascar," they all sang together.

Sage watched as the three regular lemurs celebrated the song by jumping and laughing. The forever-serene Mountain lemur simply nodded and said, "Very nice. Another song I love to hear others love to hear."

King Julien walked up to Sage calmly. "Thank you Sage. But, if I may ask, why are you and Clover coming to visit us?"

"Yeah," Maurice said. "You only come occasionally."

"Mm." Sage stroked his fur goatee. "I cannot argue with that. Nor can I say that this occasion is an exception. However, I can say that this is an exceptional occasion. Soon enough, you will find out enough. For now I must meet with Masikura."

"Oh, wow!" Maurice said. "It must be a really, really special occasion!" 

"Yeah, now all that’s missing is the Jarsh-Jarsh and we’d have gathered the greatest minds in the Malagasy universe!" Clover said. 

"That, or the strangest," King Julien said, laughing.

"Do not doubt the strange," Sage gently scolded the other king. "Do not fear the strange either. Or fear to doubt the strange."

King Julien looked at the other lemurs. "See what I mean?"

"King Julien, take me to see Masikura, if you please," Sage said.

"Oh, of course B-Dubs," King Julien said. "We're lemurs. We're all over Madagascar."

"We already sang that song," Maurice said.

Chapter II: That's Bad News; No Two Ways About It[]

Ted was spread out on his bed on his stomach, reading one of Clover's best selling fanfics about Thysander Plunderhorse. He let out a happy sigh as he read. "Norj Grendelfist just loves peaceful moments like this everything seems so calm and tranquil, peaceful and–"

"Ted!" Dorothy shouted as she sprinted into the hut.

Ted smiled and turned his head towards the noise. "Oh, Dorothy, hello!"

"Ted, you’ll never guess what I just saw!" Dorothy said.

"Hmm," Ted pondered. "Hector having fun on purpose?"

"No, that’s silly," Dorothy said. "But I did just see King Julien and Maurice with Clover and Sage!"

Ted smirked. "Oh, Dorothy," Ted said. "We all know that if Clover and Sage were here, we would be having a really special occasion."

"Well maybe he’s here to see King Julien's rematch with Mort!" Dorothy said. "Which reminds me, I need you to judge."  "Dorothy." Ted shook his head. "I don’t really think that Clover is–"

Ted was interrupted by the bellowing of a conch shell from the distance. "Well, sticks and stones, what could that be?" Ted asked, walking over to the door in their hut that looked down upon the Baobab tree. "Why, it’s Clover and Sage with Masikura!" Ted said. "Dorothy, come on, this must be really important!" Ted ran past Dorothy, right out of the hut.

Dorothy rolled her eyes. "Just perfect. I'm going too." 

"You too?" Ted asked. "Oh, okay then."

Dorothy caught up to Ted as the two approached the Baobab tree. "So what do you think the big important announcement could be, Ted?" Dorothy asked.

"Probably something historical," Willie groaned, walking up next to the lemur couple. "Which of course will be miserable."

"Oh, silly Willie," Ted chided. "You’ve got to learn to have a little fun."

"I do have fun!" Willie argued. "You’ve never really bleached a mango, have you?"

"Nope," Dorothy said. "I’m no Willie!" Ted said, laughing.

Willie frowned as Ted laughed and Dorothy giggled. As King Julien and Maurice joined up with the group, the laughing subsided and the prodding began.

"King Julien, what were you doing with Clover and Sage?" Ted asked almost instantly.

"Yes King Julien, do you know what the big news is?" Dorothy asked.

"No idea," King Julien said. "I just took Clover and Sage to see Masikura, and it was all hush-hush from there."

"No it wasn’t," Maurice said. "We stopped to sing another song, remember?"

"That’s beside the point, Momo," King Julien said.

"But I thought–" Maurice started.

King Julien stepped up to the raised boulder underneath the Baobab tree, preparing to command attention.

"Hear ye, hear ye, peoples!" King Julien said over the chattering group of lemurs below him. "Listen up! King Sage and Queen Clover are here with a very important announcement!"

"Very important!" Mort reiterated.

King Julien shot a glare at Mort. "As I was saying, Clover and Sage have traveled from the Mountain Lemur kingdom and made a special trip back to us just to deliver this message!"

"So it’s very important!" Mort said.

"They get it," King Julien said, whacking Mort in the foot. "So listen up, peoples! Here’s former captain of the Ring-Tail guard and her beau, Clover and Sage!"

King Julien and Masikura slipped out of the way as Clover and Sage slowly walked to the center. The lemurs cheered and waved their arms about as the Mountain lemur prepared to address them. Sage and Clover simply nodded in recognition of the cheering, and patiently waited for them to calm.

The cheering and whooping stopped, and Sage smiled. "Fellow lemurs," Sage said calmly. "It is true that we have an announcement for you all," he said. "Not necessarily a good announcement, however."

The lemurs began to murmur and whisper to each other, but Sage pressed on. "In my travels I have around the island met with mystical oracles that both mystify and orafy me."

"Is orafy a word?" King Julien whispered to Maurice.

"These oracles," Sage continued, uninterrupted. "Have given me a cause to worry about the sanctity of our splendid island."

Murmurs began to trickle out again and Sage continued on. "They have warned me that something will break the peace we have to pieces." Sage looked down at the lemurs. "Unfortunately, I do not know what we can do to prevent this tragedy nor can I have any idea when this will happen."

The lemurs couldn’t hold it in any longer, they erupted with questions for the Mountain Lemur. King Julien looked to Maurice, "Well, say something, Momo!" he said.

"Uh, yes sir!" Maurice said, running to the center of the stage. "Calm down! Calm down! I’m sure Masikura has a solution to this problem, whatever it may be! Isn’t that right?"

The lemurs turned their attention back to Masikura.

Masikura’s mouth fell open. "What are you doing Fossa bait?" he muttered. "Um, yes, fellow lemurs!" Masikura addressed the crowd. "I’m sure that whatever oracle gave our friends Clover and Sage here this information can’t be as wise and all knowing as the Jarsh-Jarsh."

Clover and Sage slowly turned their heads to look at Masikura. "The oracle I spoke to was the Jarsh-Jarsh."

Every lemur within the Baobab tree began shouting again. "Wh-wh- The Jarsh-Jarsh said th-that?" Maurice shuddered.

"Oh doom! Misery!" Willie shouted. "Alack the day!" He turned to Pancho. "I told you the world was coming to an end!"

"What are we going to do?" Pancho wondered aloud.

King Julien looked around at the freaking-out lemurs. He took a deep breath and ran up to address the lemurs. "Hey! Hey!" King Julien shouted. "We can’t jump to conclusions like this!" he said. "My Uncle King Julien would! We’ve got to take this slow and easy, right Sage?"

Sage looked down at King Julien. "It seems that you doubt my words. Words may be doubtful, but some words are true. True?" "Um, yes?" King Julien said.

Sage nodded. "Then go to my guru's mountain, ask him of this predicament, and you shall learn how to learn the lesson you must soon learn."

"Um, thank you Sage," King Julien said to the Mountain Lemur. He looked over to Maurice, Mort, and Clover. "C’mon you guys," he said.

The four lemurs made their way out of the Baobab Tree, leaving the rest of the lemurs to worry over the news Sage had just delivered.

Crouching in an awning on looking the Baobab Tree sat Xixi the Toucan. "Wow..." Xixi said. "The island peace of the kingdoms is going to pieces? I’ve gotta tell the other kingdoms about this!"

Xixi flew off through the jungles past many trees. At the Cove of Wonders, Timo was gathering old items to construct a new invention. "Hi Xixi!" he said to the bird. "Where are you going?"

"Off to find the the crocodiles, rats, and aye-ayes," Xixi said. "I can’t talk right now, it’s an emergency."

"An emergency?" Timo asked as Xixi flew off. "What kind of emergency?"

>< >< >< >< ><

"Fossa no!" A fossa exclaimed, coming out of his cave. "Mary Ann!"

Another bumbling fossa came hobbling to her boss’s view. "Yes Bone Fossa?" Mary Ann asked her head honcho.

"Mary Ann glue down legs of skeleton?" Bone Fossa asked.

"Of course I did, boss," Mary Ann said. "I did it right before I went to harvest the carcasses!"

"Then why did skeleton break?" Bone Fossa asked furiously.

"I don’t know! I glued it, I- I promise!" Mary Ann said.

Bone Fossa whacked Mary Ann upside the head. "What Bone Fossa told you about lying?"

"But Bone Fossa," Mary Ann whined. "I’m not lying!"

"You're not lying dear," Horst said when approaching the two fossa. "You’ve just been eating too many of those rib cages I’ve had."

Mary Ann turned abruptly to argue with Horst. "What are you sayin’?"

"I’m saying that you’re not exactly in pristine shape, dear," Horst said.

"Oh no," Bone Fossa mumbled. "I am too! I’m in the best shape of my life!"

"Well, a circle is a shape," Horst said.

Meanwhile, the four lemurs poked their heads out from behind a rock to the Fossa territory. "Ich, Fossas," Maurice said.

"It looks like they’re arguing," King Julien said. "C’mon, let’s sneak past while we have the chance!"

The lemurs made their way out of the tunnel. "Do you think Sage really meant what he said?" Mort asked.

"Well Sage has never lied before," Clover said. "It just doesn’t seem like he would lie."

Maurice nodded. "I don’t know any lemur that would lie, other than some others I should mention."

"Well, the only way we can know for sure is if we ask the Jarsh Jarsh," Clover said, "and I know just how to get there." She made some gibberish birdcalls to call off Sage's Man-Hawk, as it swoops down and grabs the lemurs to take them to the Jarsh-Jarsh's mountain. When they got to the mountain, they entered the palace filled with mud piles and mud ponds.

"We’re here," Maurice said, looking at the piles of mud. "Yuck, this place is so filthy..."

A olive-green mudskipper with gray lips, a yellow dorsal fin with blue spots, and a yellow underbelly crawled up on one of the mud piles. "Hello there Clover!" the mudskipper said, "What can we do ya for?"

"We’re here to see the Jarsh-Jarsh," Clover said. "We’ve got a very important question to ask him."

"Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard that before," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "So what makes your question so important?"

"Our question is about doom and destruction!" Mort said.

"Oh, well in that case," the mudskipper said.

The mudskipper flopped out of the mud pile and onto the ground. It opened its eyes. A yawn exuded from that particular mudskipper and it looked up at the lemurs. "I am the Jarsh-Jarsh!" Jarsh-Jarsh said. "Now, what can I do for you Clover?"

Chapter III: You're Not Very Good At Keeping Secrets, Are You?[]

"Rats! Rats" Xixi called to the giant jumping rats of their kingdom (aka area).

"Hello, birdie!" King Joey said. "Where have you been? We needs someone to build a maze!"

"But the lemurs are-"

"Birdie," another rat said with a strict tone. "How many times do I have to tell you that the goings on of lemurs do not take kindly to us rats?"

"But King Joey, I think this time it really will affect us other animals!" Xixi said.

"What birdie? What will affect us animals?" King Joey asked, getting annoyed.

"I... I’m not sure," Xixi said.

King Joey shook his head and sighed. "Boys, get back to work and get your mind off of those lemurs and that birdie!"

The other rats nodded. "Yes sir..." Xixi started to fly away. "I’ll show them..." she mumbled. "I’ll prove that there really is something going on. Now where are those lemurs?"

>< >< >< >< ><

"So you see Jarsh-Jarsh," Clover said. "That’s why we’re here."

"I see," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "Now Clover, you want to know what awaits your home, yes?"

"Oh yes, Jarsh-Jarsh," Clover said. "If you please."

"Then listen up," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "‘Cause this is really important."

"Should we take notes?" Maurice whispered to King Julien.

"Momo," King Julien scolded.

"Clover, a great tragedy is about to befall your home," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "I don’t really know what it is, all I know is that it won’t be good!"

"Change!" Mort shouted. "Change everywhere!"

"Could be," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "Like I said, I don’t know. But I do know that there’s only one way to get out of your predicament and that... I don’t know yet either."

"Heh, some all-knowing fishy," Mort said.

"Watch it!" Jarsh-Jarsh glared down at the mouse lemur. "Or I’ll sick mud on you again!"

"Quiet, quiet!" King Julien said, nudging Mort.

"You can’t tell us anymore about this, Jarsh-Jarsh?" Clover asked.

"Easy, Clover, easy," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "I’m not done yet."

"This is nuts, Clo-Clo!" King Julien said.

"Ah, yes," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "But in a good way."

King Julien’s face scrunched up. "What King Julien means Jarsh-Jarsh-" Clover said. "Is that it does seem a bit strange and unstructured to not know the answers. I mean, you’ve always known the answers before."

"Strange? Unstructured?" Jarsh-Jarsh asked. "Clover, this is how I live! I mean, do you expect me to alphabetize my mud here?"

"I would..." Mort said.

"Life is meant to be unstructured and strange! But still, you’ve got to keep the natural order and learn to cooperate." Jarsh-Jarsh said. "There is no more the Jarsh-Jarsh can teach you. Namaste."

Jarsh-Jarsh submerged back into the mound of mud, splashing around it.

The four lemurs looked at each other. "We were supposed to draw deeper meaning from that?" King Julien asked.

"Don’t ask me," Mort said. "He just works here."

>< >< >< >< ><

Horst’s beverage and other possessions flew through the air landing in the Fossa territory.

"Aw, but dumplin’ lips, I didn’t mean it!"

"Didn’t mean what Horst? That I could have broken the skeleton even if the legs were glued on? Or that I could scare the fur off a lemur?"


Bone Fossa shook his head. "It’s happening again, fellow fossa," Bone Fossa said to a very large pack of fossa beneath him. "They argue, make up, then Bone Fossa clean up mess!"

Bone Fossa came scrambling out of the house clutching the back of his head with his hands. "Mary Ann, go out to the graveyard and fetch my war helmet!" A framed painting whizzed past Bone Fossa’s head. "Mary Ann grab one for yourself too!"

Mary Ann grumbled and hoisted herself up off the ground. "But Bone Fossa I’ve got other chores to do!"

"Bone Fossa don’t care about other chores, Mary Ann!" Bone Fossa shouted. "Bone Fossa care about head stayin’ in one piece! Now go fetch Bone Fossa's helmet!"

"Alright boss..." Mary Ann sighed, walking towards the graveyard.

"I should’ve listened to my mother," Horst said from inside the cave. "She told me never to marry someone like you– oh why didn’t I listen to her? Why?"

"Oh come now Horst, it’s not that seri–" Mary Ann was cut off by a frying pan colliding with her head.

>< >< >< >< ><

A brown furry fanaloka with a pet Madagascar hissing cockroach peered out the mail slot of a hut in a Floridian swamp.

"Still no postcard from King Julien yet, eh Chauncey?" Karl asked.

Chauncey shook his head and shut the mail slot, returning to his dirt pile under the refrigerator in the kitchen.

"And still no sign of his parents either," Karl said, eyeing out the window of his hut. "He’s probably being his own arch-nemesis," Karl said. "I’m sure he’ll show up some time today."

Chauncey yawned, fiddling around with his empty food bowl.

"Hungry again Chauncey?" Karl asked. "I just fed you, Chauncey, and you haven’t done anything at all today. The paper still hasn’t been fetched."

Chauncey rolled his eyes at the rebirth of a seemingly dead argument.

"Now, don’t roll your eyes at me, Chauncey," Karl said. "You and I both know that you’ve been laying under the fridge there all day long."

Chauncey shot his head up and chirped, pointing at the mail slot on the door with his four arms.

"Oh, yes, I’m sorry," Karl said. "You stood peering out the mail slot for two minutes. How bold of you Chauncey." Karl grabbed his lei off his hanger and opened the door. "I’ll be over at the Alligator’s if you need me– and try and get something done, will you?"

Karl closed the door behind him and Chauncey grumbled, closing his eyes for a little nap.

>< >< >< >< ><

"So Sage, what’s this big tragedy really all about?" Masikura asked Sage.

The somber Indri lemur looked down into the throng of lemurs from the boulder underneath the Baobab tree.

"Sage?" Masikura asked Sage. "You alright?"

"That would be a matter of opinion," Sage said quietly.

"So I’m askin’ your opinion," Masikura said.

"I do not know my opinion anymore," Sage said. "But do any of us really know our opinions?"

"Uh... yeah, I do," Masikura said.

"Do you?" Sage asked. "Or were your opinions made by someone else?"

"Sage... c’mon, I’m tired, don’t do this now," Hector said, walking away.

Sage turned back to his pseudo sentry post. He watched the lemurs below continue to move, leap, and dance through the trees (except ring-tailed lemurs who are ground-dwellers), eat mangos, tamarind fruits and other vegetations, and communicate not just vocally, but also using their scents, and using their tails as if they're giving a signal.

"I do hope whatever is to come about," Sage said. "Does not silence the sounds of nature that provides music."

The mountain lemur spotted Xixi flying through the Baobab tree. "All kinds of music," Sage said. "For it takes all kinds."

Chapter IV: What About The Mountain Lemurs' Ancestral Kingdom, Eh? Sage?[]

The four lemurs made their way back into the jungle with their minds spinning with questions.

"What did that weird fish dude mean by that?" King Julien asked.

Clover shrugged. "He could have meant any number of things, your majesty, he is all-knowing."

"More or less," Mort said.

"I’m sure whatever he meant has something to do with fearing change," Maurice sighed.

"You think everything has something to do with fearing change! I thought you were the voice of reason!" King Julien said.

"Yeah, Maurice," Mort said.

"No it doesn’t," Maurice said. Mort shot him a shocked look. "Or... does it?"

"Well, I don’t know about the rest of you," King Julien said. "But I need some time to think about what that fish dude said. Clover's gonna show me around her new home at the Mountain Lemur kingdom. You coming Maurice?"

"I guess," Maurice said. "Unless of course you don’t want me to go, then I won’t go, but if you want me to go, King Julien I–"

"Just c’mon, King Julien," Clover said taking the right path while Maurice and Mort took the left.

"Hey, wait up!" King Julien shouted, running after Clover.

>< >< >< >< ><

"Maurice, do you really believe what Sage said?" Mort asked.

"Of course I do Mort," Maurice said. "If Sage said it, it’s probably true, but if the Jarsh-Jarsh said it as well, it has to be true!"

"I don’t know Maurice, it all seems a little fishy to me," Mort said.

"But Mort" Maurice said. "The horrible thing Sage and his guru were talking about could be the fossa or fear of change."

Mort shuddered. "I’ll take the latter any day, just leave me out of the first!"

"Well I think everyone’s just over reacting," Maurice said.

Maurice and Mort made their way in the Baobab tree, where lemurs were running around like crazy with wagons full of their possessions.

"What are you all doing?" Mort asked.

"We are panicking!" shouted one of the lemurs.

"Finally, something that makes sense," Maurice said sarcastically.

Butterfish and Tammy walked towards the two lemurs with a large wagon full of food. "Careful little girl," Butterfish said. "You’ll lose my lunch!"

"Alright daddy, I’ll be careful!" Todd called from the pushing end of the wagon.

"Butterfish, what are you doing?" Maurice asked.

"Vacating this cursed place!" Tammy said.

"What do you mean cursed?" Maurice asked. "The kingdom isn’t cursed!"

"Unless you count the fossa and all their booty-biting marks they give off," Mort said.

"You heard Sage," Butterfish said. "He said the island is doomed!"

"No he didn’t!" Mort said.

"Sure he did, didn’t he little girl?" Butterfish asked.

"I don’t remember," Todd said.

"Well he implied it anyway," Tammy said.

Mort groaned and rolled his eyes. "What these lemurs need is a good talking to!" he said with a huff, making his way to the raised area where Sage made his speech earlier.

"Why do I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well?" Maurice asked.

"You always have that feeling, Maurice," Mort said.

"Oh yeah."

>< >< >< >< ><

Xixi through the jungle trees. "I’ll find out what those lemurs are up to, even if I no one else believes me!"

She flew past Motel Sweaty. An orange-and black flying fox spotted her and ran to catch up with her. "Xixi, wait!" the flying fox shouted after her.

Xixi landed and looked back at the bat. "Listen Andy, I really can’t talk right now, I’ve gotta go see what the lemurs are up to."

"But Xixi, you’re supposed to be helping me sell all these here scorpions!" Andy told her.

Xixi rolled her eyes. "I really don’t have time for this Andy, if I let you come with me will you forget that I’m supposed to be selling scorpions?"

"But Xixi, this isn’t–"

"Are ya comin’ or not?" Xixi asked.

Andy sighed. "I guess." The two flying animals flew off through the jungle.

>< >< >< >< ><

Horst and Mary Ann were shrunk down in a cave (which actually didn’t conceal them all that well), avoiding the rampant hurling of house appliances.

"Mary Ann, I don’t know how much longer our fort can hold up against boss’ wrath," Horst said.

"Well maybe if you just apologized to him–" Mary Ann said.

"What? How could you even think of such a crazy thing, Mary Ann!" Horst shouted. "A male fossa never and I mean never apologizes to a female!"

Mary Ann blinked and stared awkwardly at her lemur husband. "Well that’s silly!"

"Silly? You think this is silly?" Horst shouted. "This isn’t a game, my love! This is war!"

"But Horst!" Mary Ann whined. "It’s just Bone Fossa!"

"That’s the point my sweet!" Horst shouted, whacking Mary Ann in the back of the head.

"So... war... against the fossa?" Mary Ann asked.

"That’s what marriage is!" Horst said.

Mary Ann’s face opened up in fright. "Then why do you want me to find a new suitor?"

Horst put his hand on Mary Ann’s back. "So that someday you can share experiences like this with your pups."

A teapot soared over Mary Ann’s head. "Yeah well, when I have pups, I’ll do things differntly!"

"Be quiet, Mary Ann!" Horst said. "Or the other fossa’ll find our location!"

"Horst! They can see us perfectly!" Mary Ann said.

"That’s preposterous, Mary Ann! There is no way she could–"

"Get out of that cave and be a man!" Bone Fossa screached.

"Drat! We’ve been spotted!" Horst groaned. "Quickly Mary Ann, we’re changing our base!"

"But Horst–"

"No buts Mary Ann! This is a life or death situation!" Horst said.

Mary Ann groaned and followed Horst as she crawled along the path behind the bushes that lead to the jungle.

>< >< >< >< ><

King Julien and Clover made their way through the jungle on their way to the Mountain Lemur kingdom.

"You know what I love about the directions to your new home, Clo-Clo?" King Julien asked.

"What’s that King Julien?" Clover asked.

"It's not too high–" King Julien fell down off a wall right into a Mountain lemur guard. "Ow," the Mountain lemur groaned.

"Yup, not too high," Clover said.

He and Clover walked through the Mountain lemur guards and finally emerging into the Mountain Lemurs' ancestral kingdom. The Man-Hawk was snoozing in his nest. "Sh," Clover said. "Let’s not bother waking Sage's Man-Hawk."

Clover walked over to the doorstep of the palace, she’d grown so accustumed to getting King Julien’s postcard on the doorstep, the Mountain Lemur Captain just continued putting it there. Clover fumbled through the mail, looking for the postcard.

"King Julien... it’s not here!" Clover said.

"Again?" King Julien asked. "That makes it two weeks since you got my last postcard."

"Two and a half," Clover said softly.

"I wonder what happened to Uncle King Julien... do you think he has Glandular Dystrophy or Pustualis Pox'o'forium?" King Julien asked.

"I... I don’t know King Julien," Clover said worriedly. "It could be anything with Zora..."

"Uh oh..." King Julien said.

"Wait a minute!" Clover said, looking directly ahead of him. "Do you think... maybe this is the big tragedy that Sage and his guru are talking about!"

"You think so?" King Julien asked. "Really?"

"I don’t know King Julien, but it’s the only lead we’ve got! C’mon, let’s go ask Sage!" Clover said, running back into the jungle.

King Julien darted after Clover. "But we didn't even take a look inside the palace! Hey, wait for–" King Julien ran into the same Mountain lemur again. "Oomph!"

Chapter V: I, Your Beautiful And Talented King, Have A New Plan[]

The lemurs’ rampant mayhem continued as Mort made his way to the tallest boulder underneath the Baobab tree. "Hey!" he shouted, trying to hush the crowd, but to no avail. "Hey, quiet!"

The chatter still continued.

Mort grumbled. "I said quiet! Do you hear me?"

The lemurs still ran around panicking.

"I guess not..." Mort mumbled. "Alright, one more time... HEY QU-"

Mort was cut off.

"Hey everybody! Quiet down! I’ve got something important news!"

All of the lemurs silenced and turned attentively to King Julien and Clover who came running into the kingdom.

"Oh come on," Maurice said, rolling his eyes.

"Attention peoples!" King Julien said. "I’ve discovered what the big crisis is!"

The lemurs began to mumble.

"Have you now?"

The lemurs were silenced as Sage appeared out of nowhere and made his way next to King Julien.

"Yes everybody," King Julien said. "I know that the crisis is that my Uncle King Julien is missing!"

Sage tilted his head. "Cool," he said. "Company."

"You mean you don’t know?" King Julien asked.

"Nobody knows what's going on. We're all just patrons waiting in line for a road trip ride in the amusement park of time," Sage said.

"Well..." King Julien said. "Just in case, I’m going to venture out into the jungle to find my Uncle King Julien and Zora, and maybe while I'm at it, Florida and find my former arch nemesis, Karl!"

"Oh no," Clover said. "Not this again."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" King Julien asked.

"It’s just that last time Karl didn’t send a postcard from Florida and you said you were going into Florida it was because you had three more things you needed to take care of!" Clover said.

"But this time it’s different!" King Julien said.

"Oh yeah? How come?"

"Because it’s been a lot longer since I’ve gotten a postcard than last time!"

"Maybe he’s had the stomach flu for a longer time!"

"Here they go again..." Maurice sighed.

"My friends," Sage interrupted the two quarreling lemurs. "Both of you have valid points, but I believe the only way to know for sure is to ask either your uncle or Karl, so perhaps King Julien’s idea of an expedition to Florida isn’t a bad one."

"See Clover, I told you," King Julien said.

"But perhaps it is not a good idea," Sage said.

"Ha!" Clover scoffed in King Julien’s face.

"I am not sure," Sage said. "Indecision seems to be contagious as a germ that multiplies and starts war on other life forms around here."

"Tell me about it," Maurice said.

"So it’s settled," King Julien said. "I’m going into Florida!"

"But your majesty!" Maurice said. "You can’t go alone! You could be squashed, or fried, or boiled, or– "

"You’re right, Momo," King Julien said. "Thanks for volunteering to come with me."

"–or hammered, or inflated, or–What?" Maurice asked.

"We’ll leave first thing in the morning!" King Julien said.

The lemurs cheered for King Julien and the shaky Maurice. Clover rolled her eyes and walked back to where Mort was standing.

"That King Julien really drives me nuts," Clover said. "He’s always stealing my thunder!"

"Oh, don’t worry about it Clover," Mort said. "I’m sure once King Julien find his Uncle Julien everything will be back to normal."

"Yes," Hector said. "Unstructured, zany, and everything in between... ick, I hate normality here."

"Normal..." Clover gasped as she came up with a brilliant plan. "I have a brilliant plan!" she shouted. 

As Clover ran off towards her hut Mort and Maurice looked at each other and shrugged.

Timo, Xixi, and Andy (who is hanging upside-down) were perched on the edge of a treetop looking down at the lemurs. "That’s it?" Xixi asked. "That’s the big crisis that could cause the end of the island?"

"That doesn’t seem like a very big crisis at all, Xixi," Timo said.

"But– but I was sure that... Oh bird poop," Xixi muttered. "C’mon guys," Andy said. "We should get back to work."

Timo shrugged. "Alright Andy, if you say so."

>< >< >< >< ><

The hut door opened and Karl came walking in on a sleeping Chauncey, who didn’t budge.

"Sorry I’m so late, Chauncey, but when a game of dominos gets good, you can’t just leave in the middle of it," Karl said absent-mindedly as he hung his hat and coat on the hat rack. "Oh, he’s asleep," Karl said. "I’ll have to wake him in the morning and remind him of our breakfast plans with the Raccoons."

Karl walked over and rubbed Chauncey’s head on his way to the fridge. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a few pieces of crumpled up paper on the ground by the mailbox. "Well, looks like King Julien was here a few weeks ago," Karl said. "Poor little fella, still no postcard from him."

Karl hoisted himself back up. "Hope he doesn’t do anything drastic," Karl said to himself. "The mail’s probably just slow this week."

Karl yawned, and made his way to his bedroom for the night.

>< >< >< >< ><

The fireflies flickered on as an old ring-tailed lemur and his Indri wife walked down the jungle. "Ooh, the fireflies have come on again for the evening.," Zora said. "Must be time to rest for the evening," Uncle King Julien said, turning into a human village.

He skimmed the village and spotted a large cardboard box. "Ah ha!" Uncle Julien declared, darting towards the box. "What incredible shelter," he said. "These humans sure know how to live the good life."

Uncle Julien and Zora set his backpack on the ground and took off his hat. "Oh I do hope my nephew will be surprised," Uncle Julien said.

Zora pulled the box over their head. "Unh! The fireflies have gone out!"

Uncle Julien and Zora wrestled around inside the box. "Now we have been locked inside our shelter! Ugh! This is not a good day for a romantic date!"

Uncle Julien grumbled some more and fell over. "I knew I should’ve just gone back through the outhouse! Surprise value isn’t worth all this!"

Zora tried punching at the sides of the box. "After all–urngh!– just coming back to stealing my nephew's crown to reclaim myself king isn’t that surprising!" said Uncle Julien.

The two finally gave up at escaping from the box. "Well, at least it can’t get any worse!" Uncle Julien grumbled.

Thunder clapped in the clouds above and rain started to fall.

"...At least we have shelter!" Zora said.

Just as the Mountain lemur said that, a gust of wind blew past, taking the box with it. The two frowned as they were splattered with rain. "Nope, surprise value is definitely not worth all of this..." said Uncle Julien.

>< >< >< >< ><

Bone Fossa snored as it grew darker in the Fossa Territory. Mary Ann tried to hold his eyes open while she was on sentry duty. Trying to figure out what a sentry was wasn’t a good way to try and stay awake.

"I am so bored!" Mary Ann said. He peered out around the side of territory looking towards the cave. "But it looks like the other fossa fell asleep too. Maybe if w tip-toe weal quiet like... we can go lay in our own rock and then be back out here before Bone Fossa wakes back up!" Horst whispered as he sneaked around the corner of the jungle.

Mary Ann and Horst began to tip-toe towards the cave. "Nearly there..." Horst whispered. The Sclater's black lemur and his fossa wife glanced over towards the other fossa. "Shh, quiet Horst, I’m trying to be sneaky!" Mary Ann said to the lemur. "...What do you mean watch out for the–"

Mary Ann and Horst walked right into a barbecue and fell flat on Horst's face making enough noise to wake the other fossa.

"No sir! No sir!" Bone Fossa shouted running through the cave. "Fossa no coming in tonight!" Bone Fossa shouted, throwing whatever was left inside outside. "Bone Fossa! It’s just my dinner!" Mary Ann growled as she covered her head with her paws.

"Fossa nice try, but fossa know Mary Ann's horrible impression fossa do anywhere!" Bone Fossa said.

"But Bone Fossa–"

"Fossa no buts!"

"How do I keep getting in to these messes?" Horst asked himself.

Chapter VI: Not Just Some Two-Dimensional Tough Girl Lemur Stereotype[]

King Julien couldn’t sleep.

Not even a glass of warm gecko milk helped, nor a cup of Brown or Golden Julien.

It helped Maurice and Mort, sure, but everyone in the kingdom knew that.

That’s how loud the nasally snoring coming from Mort’s stump was.

King Julien rolled over onto his back and stared up at the leaves above him.

Where was Uncle Julien? Where was Karl? Why hadn’t either sent any postcards? Was Florida really as scary as Karl had described it? Was Zora really as romantic as Uncle Julien had described it? Would King Julien ever get to sleep?

Questions wasn’t what King Julien needed right now, what he needed was a song.
But Maurice was asleep. He couldn’t sing, he’d wake him up.

And no one wanted an irritable, sleep-deprived Maurice on an expedition to the outside world.

"Well," King Julien whispered to himself. "I could sing it quietly..."

King Julien racked his mind for an appropriate song to sing.

"You're leaving me all alone’

with memories of my only– no, that’s not it," King Julien said.

King Julien groaned and restarted the inner workings of his mind.

"Hmm, well, there is that old lullaby Maurice sang to..." King Julien pondered. "But that requires some harmony."

King Julien muttered to himself and hopped out of his bed. "I need a walk." He grabbed up the keytar off the corner and walked out of his hut.

He quietly strummed a few chords on his keytar awakening a few sleeping animals, as fireflies bring light into the darkened jungle. "Oh, sorry," King Julien apologized as he moved down the jungle.

"Do not apologize," a female voice in the jungle told the lemur king.

"Huh?" King Julien stopped, looking around the jungle. "Who was that?"

Masikura slowly appeared from the shadows. "Do not fear, your majesty, it is me. But not only me, for there are ears all around."

"Only a few fireflies," King Julien said.

"A few fireflies could light your hut there," Masikura said. "Do not judge anyone simply by its size, but instead at the way they live up to a far greater size than they display."

"Yeah, I know," King Julien said.

"Mm," Masikura said. "I sense doubt in your voice, King Julien."

King Julien shrugged. "I just don’t see how I– I mean, a little bug could mean all that much."

"Sounds like you really could use a song," Masikura said. "May I?"

"Oh of course. How could I tell Sage that he can’t sing?" King Julien asked.

"That’s just it, King Julien," Masikura said. Some nocturnal animals come out of nowhere and began to play a song.

"Everytime we talk about the future, you run away" Masikura sang.
"Why do you always see the danger you're so afraid
I'm not the one you should fear, cause I'll always be here
Show me how much you care. We can make it anywhere

"How will I know what's on your mind this time" they both sang
How will I know your love can be forever
Am I the only one that you want
Half a heart will not just do. Now, it's all up to you

King Julien sighed. "Do you really think I can make a difference."

"Of course you can," Masikura said. "Some might think you already have."

"When I feel we're getting closer, you turn around
Saying all the things we're not supposed to, you turn me down
I'm not the one you should fear, cause I'll always be here
Show me how much you care. We can make it anywhere

"How will I know what's on your mind this time" they both sang
How will I know your love can be forever
Am I the only one that you want
Half a heart will not just do. Now, it's all up to you."

"I... I think I get it!" King Julien said. "If I believe I can, I can save Madagascar."

"Exactly!" Masikura said. "Now, sing!"

"I wanna know what's going on," King Julien sang.
I have been waiting for so long
Tell me the reason why you make me cry
When all I want is you.

"Do you remember days of joy
Can we bring back what we destroyed
Tell me the reason why you make me cry!"

"Exactly!" Masikura said. "Together!" King Julien said.

"How will I know what's going on your mind this time," the lemur king and chameleon physic harmonized. ''How will I know your love can be forever,
Am I the only one that you want?
Half a heart will just not do, now it's all up to you

"Half a heart will just not do
Now its all up to you."

"That is exactly what I needed," King Julien said.

"There is never a time that music is not needed," Masikura said.

King Julien nodded. "I’ll remember that."

"Good," Masikura said sternly. "You’ll need to. Remember that love makes us real."

King Julien yawned. "Yeah, well, I think I’m too tired to sing another song right now, Masikura."

King Julien began to walk back to his hut. Masikura sighed. "We’ll all be tired without love... just don’t forget that on your journey... please."


In Frank-ri-la, Pineapple couldn’t sleep.

Not even some of a cup of warm green tea helped, considering that pineapples don't drink tea.

It helped Dr. Watermelon Bawkings, sure, but probably even the deceased knew that.

That’s how loud the double snoring of the assortment of fruits and vegetables was.

Pineapple fiddled around, but ended up staring off into space.

Why couldn’t he sleep? Would the lemurs be alright? What about the other kingdoms? Was there anymore of that green tea left? Maybe because technically there isn't a single fruit or vegetable that has eyes.

Questions wasn’t what Pineapple needed right now. Advice, that’s what he needed. He needed to give advice.

But there was no one to give advice to.

Pineapple looked at the needle-point, then looked at Dr. Watermelon Bawkings.

"Well," he said. "No use suffering alone."

He raised and fell at the melon wearing sunglasses and rides on a wheelchair, waking it with a jolt.

"What? What is it?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings shouted.

"Calm down Dr. Watermelon Bawkings," Pineapple said. "I just needed someone to talk to."

"So you woke me up?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings asked.

"Well who else could I talk to?" Pineapple asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said. "So what’s wrong?"

"Dr. Watermelon Bawkings, I’m concerned," Pineapple said.

"About what?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings asked.

"Everything," Pineapple said. "I fear our entire world may be in limbo."

"Too bad I can’t solve everything with limbo," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said. "You’re just sayin’ that because you always win."

"Not that kind of limbo," Pineapple scolded.

"I know that," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said. "But the other kind is no fun!"

"Dr. Watermelon Bawkings!" Pineapple said. "I don’t think you understand the weight of this situation!"

"Nope," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said. "Not a bit."

Pineapple groaned. "I was better of trying to sleep. Go back to bed," he said, landing back into the bench.

"What was that all about?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings asked himself. "Got anymore of the green tea?"

Chapter VII: The Journey Will Be Long, Difficult, Dangerous[]

King Julien stuffed all of his postcards into his backpack. "Well Momo, are you ready?"

Maurice stood by King Julien's door with his eyes closed and snoring.

King Julien grumbled. He walked behind Maurice, and shouted "Maurice, wake up!" Then, he slapped his face.

Maurice jumped up, shouting. "Wha! Ah! Oh! King Julien! You scared me!"

"Maurice!" King Julien chided. "C’mon, we’ve gotta get goin’."

"Oh, right," Maurice said. "Where are we going?"

"To find my Uncle Julien," King Julien said sternly.

"Oh yeah!" Maurice said. "Alright then, let’s go!"

With packs on their backs, the two lemurs walked out into the dark jungle. Maurice yawned loudly. "Gee your majesty, did we have to leave so early?"

"Well, no," King Julien said. "But I didn’t want anyone to try and talk us out of it."

"I did!" Maurice said. King Julien shot Maurice a glare. "Well... maybe I did. Or maybe I didn’t... I don’t know."

"Well, I just hope we didn’t wake anybody up leaving this morning," King Julien said.

As the two lemurs turned the corner into the beach, they were swept over by the cheering of every lemur in the kingdom, except Horst.

"Uh, your majesty," Maurice said.

"Y-yes Maurice?"

"I think we woke somebody up."

Ted stepped forward. "King Julien and Maurice," Ted said. "The two of you are truly the bravest lemurs in Madagascar! We all wish you the best of luck on your truly dangerous expedition! Let's wish ‘em the best of luck, everybody!" Ted shouted at the other lemurs.

The lemurs cheered and music began to play. Mort and Willie stepped forward with flower necklaces for King Julien and Maurice.

"How long can we wait here?

To say goodbye?" Ted sang.

"The words once they're spoken

are words that we can't take."

"Back to where we were before

things got in the way," Ted continued.

Life gets so confusing

when you know what you're losing!"

"You, me, why can't we see that there's

more to love then we'll ever know

Sometimes you're closer when you're letting go.

We wish the best for you 

We wish the best for you," sang the other lemurs.

Mort grabbed King Julien into a huge hug on his left foot. "Oh, you two are so brave!" he said, sniffing back tears. "Please, take detailed notes of everything you see."

"We’ll do what we can, Mort," King Julien said. "And did I mention that you can't be touching the royal feet?!" He kicks the mouse lemur away from his foot.

"Beware of change!" Willie warned. "You have no idea what awaits you out there! It might all be one big... Aah!"

"Hey," Maurice said. "Where’s Clover?"

"Hmm," Mort thought. "I don’t know, I haven’t seen her since I left my stump this morning."

"Well she should at least be here to say farewell to heroes like Momo and I," King Julien said.

"Ha, heroes?" Clover’s voice scoffed from within the crowd of lemurs.

The crowd parted and Clover came strolling up to where King Julien, Maurice, and Mort stood, with a backpack and exploring hat on.

"What’s all this, Clover?" King Julien asked.

"Please King Julien, did you really think I’d let you and Maurice handle this big tragedy all by yourselves?" Clover asked. "I mean, after all, you’ll need the bravest lemur for this quest."

"And I’m right here, so go on back to the Mountain Lemur with Sage, Clover!" King Julien said.

"Nope, I’m going with you King Julien," Clover said.

King Julien grumbled. "Oh, your majesty," Maurice said. "I think having Clover along will be fun. It’ll be nice to have company."

King Julien frowned and looked at Clover. "Alright, fine. She can go."

"Yea!" shouted the lemurs.

"We'll both regret the hurting

that we will do

You'll learn to forget me

and I'll try, I'll try to forget," sang Ted.

"You, me, why can't we see that there's

more to love then we'll ever know

Sometimes you're closer when you're letting go.

We wish the best for you 

We wish the best for you," sang the other lemurs.

"If you ever need a place that you can run to

We'll be here

We'll be here," Mort sang.

"You, me, why can't we see that there's

more to love then we'll ever know

Sometimes you're closer when you're letting go.

We wish the best for you 

We wish the best for you," all of the lemurs sang to finish the song.

The lemurs erupted with cheering again at the close of their song. Maurice, King Julien, and Clover stood at the entrance to Junk Harbor.
"We’ll miss you," Ted said quietly.

"Well, we’ll be back soon," King Julien said. "It can’t be that hard to find Uncle Julien and Karl. How big can the outside world be anyway?"

"Ten or twenty seas at most," Maurice said. "Not a bad swim, actually."

Mort sniffed. "Well, just be careful."

"Oh, come on Mort," Clover said. "We’ll be fine! You just keep up on the toenail clippings!"

"Goodbye peoples!" King Julien said to the crowd. "Your king will return, and this crisis will be avoided! We promise!"

The lemurs whooped and hollered again as King Julien, Maurice, and Clover started hopping aboard to the S.S. Pee Pee Pants.

Sage stood off to the side of the noisy beach with the crowd gathered around. The Man-Hawk came flying over to him. He squawked questioningly.

Sage took a deep breath. "I do hope that this is the right thing to be doing."


Xixi had snuck down to watch King Julien and the others leave. She sighed happily. "Good, the crisis is being taken care of," she said, ready to fly away. "Now I can concentrate on my news show."

As Xixi flew through the jungle, she noticed two big rocks between her.

"What could that be?" she asked herself. "I’d better go check it out."

She rode off towards the two rocks and as she made her way further and further down the pile of boulders, it grew darker and darker.

As Xixi reached an opening, the rocks grew so bright, so fast, that it nearly blinded the toucan, and she had to hit herself on on of them which has a sign hung saying "Fossa Territory: This Way". "Whoa!"

She uncovered her eyes slowly and she could see where the rock was coming from. A crevice in the side of the the rock on her left side, about the length and width of a lemur.

"What is that?" Xixi asked. She got herself up and looked at her left rock and the giant rock pile ahead of her. Through it she saw that the giant rock pile on her left was coming from the new morning sun rising in the fossa territory. "What the..." Xixi looked around and saw the savage fossa huddled while a pack of other fossa drowsily made their way into what looked to be the remains of a cave.

"This can’t be good," Xixi said. "I’ve gotta go tell the other kingdoms!"


Horst stretched his limbs about him. He yawned loudly and sat up. "What a long night," he said. He rubbed the back of his head. "That’s the last time I sleep out on the ground..."

Mary Ann and the other fossa came strolling out of the cave, snickering to themselves.

Horst scratched his head. "That’s kinda strange..." He hoisted himself up to his feet. "Hey, Mary Ann! What are you doing? I thought you were fighting!"

"Um, uh, Horst!" Mary Ann said. "We’re, uh, tryin’ to patch things up. So, um, be a good little appetizer, and go... wait behind the cave!"

"Why would I wait behind the cave?" Horst asked.

"Oh, confound it lemur!" Bone Fossa shouted. "Just go... repair cave!"

"Mind your wife, Horst," Mary Ann said, batting her eyelashes at the only lemur at the Fossa territory.

Horst kicked up some dirt. "Alright, fine." He grumbled and walked to the side of the cave, plopping down. "Dumb fossa..."

Horst laid down on his back and looked at the large jungle with lemurs. "I haven’t even seen any of my friends for a long time!"

Horst sighed and stared at the jungle. He squinted, noticing something off about the jungle.

"What’s this?" he asked, getting up and looking at the same crack in the jungle Xixi saw. Horst gasped. "It’s my way back to my friends! Oh this is terrific! Now I can come back with them whenever I want to!"

Horst looked the jungle up and down. "But, uh, how am I supposed to get back?" Horst pondered this for a second. "Ooh, I know! I’ll use a harpoon! I’m sure the fossa won’t mind! I mean, if I return to my friends, I won’t be able to bother them, except for Mary Ann!"

Horst peeked out from behind the cave. "Coast is clear," he said. The young lemur ran off towards behind the cave. "This is gonna be great!"

Chapter VIII: Land! We've Hit Land![]

"Crocodiles!" Xixi shouted as she flew through the Crocodile kingdom.

The Crocodile Ambassador was standing up at a table, having a tea party with the other crocodiles. He sighed loudly and turned to the other crocodiles. "Sometimes I wish Amy was less like me and more like a regular crocodile…"

Xixi landed at the top of the table. The Ambassador looked down at the table at Xixi. "I say, Xixi. Would you mind passing the..."

"Sorry, Mr. Croc Ambassador," Xixi said. "But this is really important!"

The Ambassador gasped. "Did Amy have another breakdown?"

"No, even worse!"

"Oh no, not another gluten-filled cake!"

"No! Worse!"

"Xixi," the Ambassador shouted, getting annoyed. "What could be worse than a cake with gluten?"

"I'm not sure!" Xixi said.

"What?" the Ambassador asked, dumbfounded by Xixi’s answer.

"Well, I can't explain it. You'll just have to come with me and see," Xixi said.

"Ms. Xixi, I do not have time to go with you," the Ambassador said. "I've been so behind in my work lately."

"But daddy, I heard her," Amy the crocodile princess whined. "If you don’t come with the bird, I'm afraid it might mean the end of Croc kind!"

"Did a lemur tell you this, Xixi?" the Ambassador asked mockingly.

"No sir, I saw it with my own two eyes!" Xixi said.

"Alright Xixi, I'll humor you this one time," the Ambassador said. "But if this turns out to be a dud—well, let’s just say your on thin ice for you two."

Xixi gulped. "Yes sir."

"Now, where are we going?" the Ambassador asked.

"Follow me," Xixi said.

"But Amy and I despise gluten," the Ambassador said.


"King Julien, where are we even gonna start looking for your Uncle Julien or Karl? You know, once we get into Florida?"

"Well, I brought all of their postcards. I figure I'll just look at the pictures on the front of them and I'll be able to follow their footsteps."

"Following in your uncle's footsteps? I always knew you’d grow up to not be like him, King Julien."

"Why thank you."

"A dolt! Ha ha!"

King Julien shot a glare at Clover. "We didn't have to take you with us, ya know, Clover!"

"Nope, but you wanted to," Clover said proudly.

King Julien frowned. "Did not," he mumbled.

"Where's this land lead us, your majesty?" Maurice asked.

"Up to the new country," King Julien said. "I figured we could say goodbye to him and Chauncey before we left."

"Oh, that's actually not an awful idea," Maurice said.

"What if Karl tries to talk us out of going?" Clover said.

"Oh… now its an awful idea," Maurice said.

"Don’t worry," King Julien said. "I'll just explain that it has to be done-- to ensure the safety of Madagascar!"

"Ooh!" Maurice said. "Good idea!"

Clover opened her mouth to counter, but couldn’t come up with anything to say.

"Ha!" King Julien scoffed. "I got the last laugh."

"Yeah, yeah…" Clover muttered.

"Well, here it is," King Julien said. "The new country of Florida." King Julien poked his head out into the land. "It's dark," he said.

"Oh no," Maurice said. "The stars must've died out there! What're we gonna do?"

"No, I think the Sky Gods just turned their lights off," King Julien said calmly.

"Oh." Maurice said. "He can do that?"

"Yeah," King Julien said. "C'mon, let's go in."

The three lemurs landed into the dark swamp and walked their way to Karl's new condominium. "Where is he?" Maurice whispered.

"I dunno," King Julien whispered back. "Maybe Chauncey's here."

As the three lemurs explored the dark condo, off in the corner, Chauncey was curled up in his dirt pile under the fridge, sound asleep.

Maurice walked around the condo, looking around at everything— so obviously, he tripped when he came to one of Karl's golf clubs, then knocked over the tin wastebasket he fell into.

"Maurice!" King Julien said with a glare towards the aye-aye.

"Sorry your majesty," Maurice said, helping himself up.

Chauncey grumbled quietly and let his drowsy eyes slip open. Karl must've woken up in the middle of the night, that's all the noise was, thought Chauncey.

Through the cockroach's drowsy eyes he saw the figures of three primitive primates picking up trash and putting it into the wastebasket. Chauncey passed this off as a dream, turned his head over, and went back to sleep.

"Well, should we go now, or after we make more of a mess?" Clover asked with a smirk.

King Julien looked around the apartment once more. "Well, it doesn’t look like Karl's retirement home, so I guess we can just go on now.”

Chauncey's antennae pricked up, but by the time he lifted his head up, the three lemurs were gone.

The cockroach burst from his bed and started squeaking and chirping like mad. A light flipped on behind him, then the main condo light after that. Karl came running out, still tying his bathrobe and wearing slippers. "Chauncey, what is it? What's wrong?" Karl asked frantically.

Chauncey continued to chirp and squeak while making motions toward all the doors in the room.

"Do you need to go out, Chauncey?" Karl asked.

Chauncey shook his head vigorously.

"Oh, calm down Chauncey," Karl said. "You must've just had a bad dream. Go on now, back to sleep with us," Karl said with a yawn.

Chauncey whimpered as Karl went back to his bedroom, turning off the lights again.

The cockroach looked from all the doors and back again. He hissed to himself, and made a run for the condo, into the swamp.

Chapter IX: No, You Idiot! Let's Bust Down This Door![]

Horst rummaged around the cave. He tossed around cooking tools within the small space, humming to himself.

“Oh, this is gonna be fantastic,” Horst said to himself happily. “I’m finally gonna have my friends to save me!”

Horst grabbed a shovel off a rack between some rocks and began to march around it, singing.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.
Meet me tonight in the moonlight,
Meet me tonight all alone;
I have a sad story to tell you,
I'll tell by the light of the moon.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.

I'll be sent to the new jail tomorrow,
Leavin' my darlin' alone,
With the cold iron bars all around me,
And my head on a pillow of stone.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.

Tonight is our last night together,
The nearest and dearest must part,
For all that has bound us together,
Is quickly being torn apart.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.

I have a large ship on the ocean,
All laden with silver and gold,
And before my poor darlin' will suffer,
That ship will be anchored and sold.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.

I wish I had wings of a sparrow,
For those prison walls I must flee;
I'd fly to the arms of my true love,
And bring her home safety to me.

I wish I had someone to love me,
Someone to call me their own,
Someone to stay with me always,
I'm weary of being alone.

I'm weary of being alone!”

Horst jumped up and down excitedly. “Hm, now where are Bone Fossa’s harpoons?” Horst looked up and down at all the crates by the cave. “Ooh! Here they are!”

Horst grabbed up a wooden crate that made rattling sounds as he picked it up. “Now I just gotta blow open that door, and I can catch up with all the other lemurs right away!”

>< >< >< >< ><

The Crocodile Ambassador slowly walked into the jungle with a cave poking through into the jungle. “Amy… do you… do you know what this is?”

“No, daddy,” Amy said. “That’s why I brought you here,” Xixi said.

The Ambassador nodded. “And it’s a good thing you did! This is astounding!” the Ambassador declared, moving closer to the wired fence with a wooden door between it. “Where could this lead?”

“Well wherever it is,” Xixi said. “It sure is huge.”

“Quite… this seems to lead to an entirely new world!” the Ambassador said. “Xixi, you may very well have made the biggest discovery since the biggest heist in Madagascar history!”

“Me?” Xixi asked quietly. “Really?”

“Unless you’d like to credit someone else with this discovery,” Amy said. “Otherwise… well, I’d like to—“

Suddenly a crashing sound came from behind the door. The two crocodiles and the toucan fell to the floor from the force of the crash. “Oomph!” a voice said from outside. “Stupid harpoon! It doesn’t even fit!”

“What c—“ Xixi started.

”Shh!” the Ambassador shushed her instantly.

‘I guess I need to get to break down the door myself…” the voice said, stepping away from the door.

“Is it safe?” Amy asked quietly.

“I think so,” the Ambassador said helping his daughter and the bird reporter stand up.

“What was that daddy?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know dearest,” the Ambassador said. “I don’t know. Whatever it is, though, we can’t be a part of it.”

“What do you mean?” Amy asked.

“We need some lemurs to build a new wall as reinforcement,” the Ambassador said. “It may not do much, but it’s our only hope.”

“But daddy—“

“No buts angel!” the Ambassador said. “Whatever’s out there is no doubt a danger to us all; we have to protect ourselves from it.”

The Ambassador, Amy, and Xixi started to leave the fossa territory. “Come along now,” the Ambassador said to his daughter and Xixi. “I’ll want you both to be at my side during the construction.”

Xixi sighed. “The greatest discovery since Madagascar's biggest heist, and we have to board it up…” She muttered to herself.

“What’s that you say?” Amy asked.

“Nothing babe, I’m coming,” Xixi said.

>< >< >< >< ><

Uncle Julien and Zora walked out of the alley, spitting water out of their mouths. They were dripping from head to toe. They shook themselves vigorously sending water everywhere. “Those lemurs had better appreciate this…” The former king grumbled.

Uncle Julien and Zora made their way down through the jungle, when they saw a huge pile of giant chunks. “Ah, it will be so nice to relax at home once again.”

Uncle Julien and Zora turned a corner towards giant pile where Karl and Chauncey used to live before they moved to Florida.

“I do hope no other strangers have taken up residence here,” Uncle Julien said. “They can be terribly unfriendly…”

Uncle Julien and Zora stepped up onto the doorstep and poked their heads through and looked around. “Well it appears to be empty…” Zora said.

The indri started to grab some of the chunks while the ring-tailed lemur puts the rest of his body through some chunks, tripping, of course and landing on his chest, sending his helmet flying off his head to another chunk. “Oomph!” Uncle Julien grunted. “Confound these inventions…”

Uncle Julien jumped up and dusted his fur off. “Dirtied up my fur, hmph!” Uncle Julien grumbled.

Suddenly, they hear some kind of vehicle pulling in through the jungle. Uncle Julien and Zora jumped from the floor, squealing. “What is that?” Uncle Julien whispered, diving behind a chunk to hide.

The door opened slowly. A foot stepped outside the vehicle, followed by two smaller, furry feet.

“This is nice,” said a voice. “What do you think, Shadow?” The animal with the furry legs purred and rubbed up against the bigger legs. “I like it. This’ll do.”

The human in a yellow suit and his cat named Shadow stepped fully into the room. Uncle Julien and Zora were lying on their stomach, looking through the chunks where the zeppelin used to be. They watched as the feet walked past their sight.

“What is this- these chunks?” the human asked.

Shadow hissed at the pile of chunks.

“Who knows what could be hidden inside these chunk,” said the human. “Rats, or- or- ech, I hate to even think about it.”

Shadow scratched at one of the chunks.

“I’ll be sure to call an exterminator about this, I don’t want disgusting furry things running around my new at-home organization,” the human said. “I’ll just have them eliminated.”

Uncle Julien and Zora gasped. The cat jumped and stared directly at the crack the two lemurs were looking through.

“Calm down Shadow,” the human said. “I’ll have this taken care of soon. Come on then, let’s start moving our things inside.”

Uncle Julien and Zora waited until they heard the door close. Shuddering, Uncle Julien said, “We m-must go warn my nephew!” He jumped up, hitting his head on the bottom of the desk. “Why… did I take off my… helmet?” Uncle Julien asked before blacking out under the vehicle.

Chapter X: Aggression Is The Boil On The Fishmonger's Nose[]

King Julien had fallen to the ground so suddenly it was almost impossible for Clover or Maurice to do anything to help him at this point.

The lemur king was, by now, under more than four times his own weight. It would have been futile for Clover or Maurice to try and help King Julien.

Not that he really needed any help.

Chauncey had used this same tackle/purr combination on Karl many times before.

"Gee, how do ya think he found us, Clover?" Maurice asked.

Clover shrugged. "Who knows? But whatever the case, he’s slowing us down."

King Julien pushed Chauncey's purring face away from him, laughing. "Chauncey, what’re you doing here?"

Chauncey squeaked frantically, motioning in the direction of Karl's condo.

"Well, we tried to say goodbye," King Julien said. "But we couldn’t find Karl, so we just left. Ya see, we’re on an important expedition!"

Chauncey cocked his head confusedly.

"Yup, we’re searching for my lost Uncle Julien," King Julien said proudly.

"We should probably look for his lost marbles while we’re out here," Clover said mockingly.

"I’m really tired of you making fun of my uncle, Clover," King Julien said angrily.

"Well I’m not too keen on him being so dumb that he gets lost and we have to come out here and look for him!" Clover countered.

"No made you come!" King Julien said. "And you're right. My Uncle Julien is dumb! Okay, maybe, but he's still family"

"Okay, he’s not dumb," Clover said. "He’s about as smart as a fossa, so what’s that make him?"
Maurice and Chauncey looked at each other. Maurice sighed. "They do this all the time," he said.

Chauncey whimpered sympathetically.

"Yeah, and you know the worst part?" Maurice asked. Chauncey shook his head. "I won’t have anyone to talk to whenever they start going at it like this."

Chauncey's antennae perked up and he started chirping and squeaking again.

Maurice gasped. "I know! Why don’t you go with us?"

Chauncey rolled his eyes then nodded.

"That's great!" Maurice shouted. "Hey guys! Guess what?"

Clover and King Julien were still shouting their heated arguments back and forth at each other.

"Oh boy…" Maurice sighed. "I wonder whose side I should take."

Chauncey grumbled, as he gets picked up by Maurice, and they both started walking down the sidewalk, right past Clover and King Julien.

Clover and King Julien watched as Maurice walked off with Chauncey. They looked at each other, and silently decided it was best to follow.

>< >< >< >< ><

Mort, Ted, Pancho, and Willie flew via Sage's Man-Hawk down the mountains leading to Jarsh-Jarsh's palace. Willie was visibly shaking.

"Oh, Willie," Mort chided. "Will you relax? We’re just going to see King Sage's guru to tell him that the others made it out alright."

"Well how do we know that Mort?" Willie asked. "For all we know they could’ve made it halfway down the island and been ambushed!"

"Oh, Willie, you’re so silly," Ted said. "I’m sure they’re just fine." Mort said. "Now come on, Sage's guru will want to hear the good news!"

The four lemurs cautiously made their way through the mountains, heading towards the area where Jarsh-Jarsh resided.

As the four lemurs drew nearer, they heard conversation ensuing between two very prophetic voices.

"Hm, so you’re saying the lemur king didn’t even question his decision?"

"It was considered for questioning, but it never came to anything I’m afraid."

"Well, that is unfortunate."

"Indeed. If only we knew what this great tragedy that was to befall us was, then somehow we could’ve convinced those lemurs to stay."

"If they would’ve stayed the tragedy may have been avoided. But now, who knows what will happen? Certainly not me, let me tell you!"

There was a long pause.

"You’re sure they weren’t supposed to leave?"

"Have I ever been wrong before?"

"Wrong, no. Vague, definitely."

"Oh, as if you have any room to talk about being vague. ‘Listening is the only stair in the escalator of knowledge.’ That’s almost as transparent as a grape picked by a farmer around the vineyard of possibilities!"

There was another pause.

"What should I tell the lemurs? They’ll want answers soon."

"Yes, yes, I know. Well… just remind them to keep their spirits up, and their voices raised high."

"That is one thing I’ll be glad to do to protect them from this awful happening."

"And Sage?"

"Yes sensei?"

"You can’t get to involved, and you should keep that in mind too Sage. It is harder to be aware and stay away than it is to be away and stay aware."

"Very well put."

Mort, Ted, and Pancho looked at Willie with wide eyes. "Guys, we have to hide!" Mort whispered anxiously. "Hide? But where?" Willie asked.

"Um…" Mort scanned his surroundings. "Ah!" he shouted, pushing the three other lemurs into a couch and diving in after them."

The four lemurs hid under the couch as they heard footsteps coming near them. 

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.

The mud piles rustled and Sage poked his head inside. "I suppose it’s time for me to explain a few things. Come. Come with me, there is a lot to hear, so you must be prepared to listen."

>< >< >< >< ><

Karl groggily got out of bed.

He groggily put on his slippers and tied on his robe.

He groggily started up his poo coffee machine.

He groggily opened his front door to grad the newspaper off the stoop.

He groggily flipped through the paper.

He groggily prepared himself a cup of poo coffee.

He groggily glanced over to Chauncey’s empty tiny bed under the fridge.

He groggily went back to reading the paper.

He suddenly woke up.

He quickly looked back at Chauncey’s empty dirt pile.

Nothing about Karl was groggy from that moment on.

Chapter XI: But Through Non-Violence, The Cobbler Becomes A Trout[]

"Time is of the essence now lemurs!" The Crocodile Ambassador shouted to a group of lemurs filing into the part of the jungle to try and surround the Fossa territory that penetrated their very kingdom as they sing a familiar song.

"Stuff, stuff, stuff

Stuff, stuff, stuff," the lemurs sang.

"Don't touch our stuff, stuff, stuff." 

Large wooden poles were being raised and organized against the large wooden fence around the Fossa territory. Sounds of heavy pounding were echoing from all around and lemurs were singing and shouting until their voices were nearly gone.

"We are lemur, not crocodile
Nor gecko or snake, with their serpent smile
Lemurs mean just what they say
Don't touch our stuff, and go away."

They didn’t know what the other large wooden fence meant, but the lemurs knew it needed to be taken care of.

"Trampolines, we love the best
And waterslides, mangoes, and chess
We take pride, in the way we hide
We fear change, and don't look strange."

Xixi and Amy stood near the Ambassador, watching construction. For some inexplicable reason, they were extremely uneasy.

Unfortunately, their uneasiness was about to be explained.

"Stuff, stuff, stuff

Stuff, stuff, stuff

Don't touch our stuff, stuff, stuff

We're closed for business

Just go away!"

>< >< >< >< ><

"Mary Ann!, where you going?" Bone Fossa called for the female fossa as he and the other fossa made their way back to the cave.

Mary Ann fluttered around the territory lilting her lemur husband’s name. "Oh Ho-orst? Where are you sweet cheeks?"

The fossa heard a crash as Horst came tumbling out of what the fossa assumed to be the barbecue. "What’s that lemur doing now?" Bone Fossa grumbled.

Horst came stumbling out into the territory. "Oh, hi there Mary Ann! How was your hunt at the creek?"

"Just fine Horst," Mary Ann said. "Oh it would be lovelier if you were there with me."

Bone Fossa cleared his throat loudly. "Now lemur, what you doing by fossa patio?"

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Horst said. "I made a way out of here, brethren!"

"A discovery?" Bone Fossa asked. "Lemur, at Fossa territory, everything discovered has to be discovered by Bone Fossa! It’s the law!"

The other fossa nodded solemnly.

"He’s right dear, it is the law," Mary Ann said.

"Oh, phooey!" Horst muttered. "Well fine then, come with me and discover it for yourself!"

Horst led the pack over to the side of the big fence. Horst stood up straight, trying to look important. Pointing triumphantly he said, "Here it is fossa, the discovery!"

The fossa was growing impatient, except for Mary Ann. "Lemur, this no discovery! This jungle! We’ve known about it forever!"

"It does seem like it’s been forever… Oh Horst, you were so romantic," Mary Ann swooned.

"No, you savages! Not that!" Horst said. "Look closer!"

Bone Fossa squinted in the direction where Horst was pointing. "What is it lemur? Fossa no see any—"

The fossa stopped.

His eyes opened wide and he took two slow steps toward another giant wooden wall. "Is that… is that another fence?"

"That’s right Bone Fossa! Another fence!" Horst said proudly.

"Another fence?" Bone Fossa asked angrily. "Lemur brought fossa here for another fence?"

"Shh!" Mary Ann scolded her. "Do you know what this is?"

"That fence, Mary Ann," a fossa said.

"But, this is a fence that leads into where those lemurs live!" Mary Ann said.

"LEMURS?" the other fossa exclaimed. "Fossa hungry!"

"Fossa no let those lemurs out any more than they already are!" Bone Fossa shouted.

"Bone Fossa, don’t ya see?" Mary Ann asked, grabbing him by the shoulders. "We blow that fence down, we get our paws on all sorts of lemurs! Do you know what those lemurs can be?"

"My friends!" Horst said.

"Lunchtime!" a fossa said.

"No!" Bone Fossa said, looking at the rest of the pack straight in the eye. "Royal subjects."

Mary Ann’s eyes began to gleam. "Royal… subjects?"

"Royal subjects?" Horst whispered.

"Think about it fossa," Bone Fossa said. "Lemur foot-rubs, lemur food-growers, lemur fresh-spice-cultivators!"

The other fossa howled with excitement.

"My fellow fossa," Bone Fossa shouted, "go get me some lemurs!"

Mary Ann laughed happily. "As you wish!"

"But Bone Fossa—"

"Ooh hoo! This is great Horst! Thank you for showin’ us this!" Mary Ann said giddily as she ran off towards the barbecue.

"But… Mary Ann…" Horst said sadly. "The other lemurs… are my friends…"

>< >< >< >< ><

"Mm… Oh my captivating colossus… I don’t know where you got this recipe for sautéed succotash, but I must have it… What’s that? You want to hear more of my failed plans to dethrone my nephew? Hmm… What? You say you’d rather hear about… about Benson’s victory in last week’s Crimson Spanker drinking contest? You think he’s dreamy? WHA!" 

Uncle Julien shot up from his dream, nearly hitting his head on the underside of the trailer again.

He shook his head vigorously. "Zora, we must stay away from that human food before bed…"

Zora yawned, and then caught herself, remembering where exactly she and Uncle Julien were at the moment. She clasped her mouth with both her hands.

Uncle Julien fell onto his stomach and peered out the crack at the bottom of a trailer. He looked around, and saw no sign of the human or the feline.

"We must warn nephew King Julien!" Uncle Julien said, running out from under the trailer, towards the chunk pile.


"Ah!" The two lemurs shouted. "What have they done?" Uncle Julien asked.

The chunks were boarded up. The wood was nailed in surrounding the two lemurs. Uncle Julien and Zora could not go home.

"Our vacation cottage," Zora gasped. "Of course!"

Uncle Julien and Zora made a break for a chunk which became a pile, but they were foiled by that horrid doorknob. They groaned, grabbed up Uncle Julien's helmet, and dove back under the desk.

Uncle Julien and Zora heard feet enter into the new place. They kept their ears perked up for any information they could find.

"So, uh, what do you want to do here?" asked an unfamiliar voice.

"Complete extermination," said the voice of the human who was in the trailer before.

"What’re we talking about here? Rats? Cockroaches?"

"I’m not sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Take a look at this."

Uncle Julien and Zora heard the sound of something being picked up, then the ripping of something off the wall.

"Huge hole there."

"I know."

"Any idea what’s in there?"

"Not a clue."

"Then you’ll want a full extermination, yeah… alright, I’ll run you up a preliminary bill in the truck."

Uncle Julien and Zora watched feet go past them and heard the door open and close.

Something purred, and the human still inside comforted it. "Don’t worry Shadow, nothing bad will come out of there and hurt you."

"Hmm…" the human said. "I should make sure I’m not overcharged by that exterminator."

Uncle Julien and Zora watched another pair of feet leave and heard the door open and close again. 

Uncle Julien and Zora were left to fight with themselves about what to do. They could either run into the lemur kingdom to warn everyone, or they could stay here and fend for themselves against the human and his feline.

Uncle Julien cleared his throat, and then he and Zora broke out in a dead sprint into the newly-opened wood chunk, screaming like baby lemurs.

Uncle Julien and Zora made midway down the jungle, and was then knocked off his feet by what felt like danger.

Uncle Julien and Zora jumped up from the ground, and ran out of the jungle, screaming just as they'd gone in.

>< >< >< >< ><

Large wooden sticks were strewn all about around the fossa territory where the once small crack had literally exploded into an entrance to the territory.

The lemurs who were working at the site had all tumbled to the ground by the force of the explosion, each of them blinded by the new radiant sight of caves behind the other fence.

Amy looked at the Ambassador, who had been knocked off by the fence due to the explosion. "Daddy…"

"Angel…" the Ambassador said weakly. "Tell… the lemur kingdom…"

Xixi and Amy didn’t need to be told twice. They pulled themselves to their feet and ran out into the jungle just as a furry four-legged mammal reached inside.

Chapter XII: Follow The Directions To My Lair[]

"What… what is it?"

"It’s so… big!"

"It must be bigger than... really big stuff!"

"Really big stuff? Hardly, this thing’s barely even the size of a Mega-Gecko!"

Chauncey hid behind King Julien's foot as the three lemurs argued over the meaning of the blue mailbox on the sidewalk.

"Well whatever the case," King Julien said. "It looks like there’s a door at the top that could lead to another part of the swamp, or Madagascar! Maybe Uncle King Julien’s hiding in there!"

"Heh, he would be ashamed to show his face out here," Clover said mockingly.

"Ha ha, very funny CloClo," King Julien said sarcastically. "Maurice, can ya gimme a boost up?" King Julien asked.

Maurice rolled his eyes and King Julien climbed on Maurice’s back. The aye-aye stood up by propping himself up on the side of the mailbox.

"Steady, steady Momo," King Julien said, climbing carefully to the top of the box. When he reached the top he stood up proudly. "Ha ha! Look at me! I’m a real king!"

"A real nut-job, that’s for sure," Clover whispered to Maurice.

King Julien kneeled down and pulled open the lid of the mailbox, shouting inside it. "Uncle? Uncle are you in there?"
"Do you see anything your majesty?" Clover called up.

King Julien sighed. "Just a bunch of junk mail." He climbed down carefully back to the sidewalk.

"Well, where do we go now?" Maurice asked.

"I guess we should just keep moving forward," King Julien said.

"But there’s nothing that way but a bunch of tall huts and even more aliens!" Clover argued.

"Well where do you think we should go?" King Julien asked.

"That way," Clover said, pointing down a dark alley.

"There isn’t even anything back there!" King Julien said.

"How do you know? It’s too dark to see!" Clover said.

"We’ll ask Maurice then! Maurice, which way should we go?" King Julien asked his advisor and best friend.

"Oh why do you always ask me…" Maurice asked.

"C’mon Maurice, just pick my way so we can move on," Clover said.

"No way, he’s picking my way," King Julien said. "He is my best friend."

"Oh, that’s not fair!" Clover said. "C’mon Maurice, do what your heart tells ya!"

"What if my heart tells me one thing and my gut tells me another?" Maurice asked.

"Then do what your mind says!" King Julien said.

"Oh no, not another one!" Maurice said. "Now I have three things telling me what to do!"

"Maurice!" both King Julien and Clover shouted at the aye-aye.
Maurice bit his bottom lip, and then ran off screaming, unable to handle the stress. King Julien and Clover looked at each other and shook their heads, and started to run after him with Clover in toe.

"I know that I have to but I don't really want to! I know that they are expecting something good from me, but I wanna do my own thing!" Maurice shouted as he ran. He stopped. "Hey, that sounds catchy…" he said, then began humming.

"I know that I have to but I don't really want to," Maurice sang.
I know that they are expecting something good from me
but I wanna do my own thing
To them I am listening
The plans they made for me
They don't seem to work

I wanna live my own life
I wanna choose my own style
but they don't have faith in me
I wanna go my own way
I wanna walk my own path
Why can't you believe in me

You say that I won't make it
Well then, why not help a bit
They know that I want this
but they don't think I'm realistic

I'm not working against them
but this is what I wanna do
If they don't stand by me
It's hard for me to stand by you

I wanna live my own life
I wanna choose my own style
but they don't have faith in me
I wanna go my own way
I wanna walk my own path
Why can't they believe in me

But I want some support
I don't wanna do this all alone
Need some help on the road
Need some help help help
And I need their support
I don't wanna do this on my own
Help me to find my goal

I wanna live my own life
I wanna choose my own style
but they don't have faith in me
I wanna go my own way
I wanna walk my own path
Why can't they believe in me

I wanna live my own life
I wanna choose my own style
but they don't have faith in me
I wanna go my own way
I wanna walk my own path
Why can't they believe in me."

"That’s nice Momo," King Julien said as the others finally caught up with Maurice. "Now which way should we go?"

Maurice rolled his eyes. "I don’t know!"

"Well why didn’t you say so?" Clover asked. "Chauncey, what do you think?"

Chauncey stroked his legs, and then pointed down the alley.

"Ha!" Clover scoffed. "I win."

"This round," King Julien said.

"All rounds," Clover replied.

"I have a headache…" Maurice mumbled as the three lemurs and the cockroach traveled towards the dark alley.

>< >< >< >< ><

Neither Xixi or Amy didn’t even know lemurs could move as fast as crocodiles like Amy were.

But apparently other crocs could, because Amy was.

"Clover!!" the toucan shouted breathlessly.

There was no response.

Xixi and Amy had a sudden realization that Clover had left the island with those other two lemurs.

Xixi and Amy knew the other two lemurs, King Julien and Maurice, they were the only other lemurs they knew who left with Clover.

"Wait a second," Amy said to herself. "There was one more! The lemur who tried to kidnap me before Koto tried to marry me! Oh, what was his name… Tim? Todd?" she thought out loud. "Ted!" Xixi shouted with realization.

Xixi continued flying, as Amy continued running, not knowing exactly where to, just hoping it would lead them to Ted.

>< >< >< >< ><

Mort, Ted, and Willie whimpered and shook violently as they and Pancho sat in the outhouse with Sage.

"So you mean… neither you or Jarsh-Jarsh know what’s going to happen to the kingdom?" Pancho asked Sage quietly. Sage shook his head. "I’m afraid not Pancho."

"Well then how do we know sending King Julien, Clover and Maurice into the outside world was a good idea?" Ted asked frantically.

"They don’t know what’s out there!" Willie shouted. "They could be dead! We should be okay though."

"Nobody knows exactly what this great tragedy will be," Sage said. "We're all just running around in different directions in a cave from debris thrown by a ghost of a marooned sailer who misses his lifeboat."

Willie looked at the other three regular lemurs desperately. Ted gently patted Willie on his back. "So you’re saying that we have to take whatever precautionary measures we can to prevent this tragedy, right Sage?"

Sage nodded. "The volcano of torment explodes its head in anger from an innocent twig that fell from a decaying tree showing that we must be prepared for anything."

"This is too much for me," Willie moaned. "I barely understand the uneventful ways of binge-eating, let alone epic tragedies."

"Willie, you’ve spent your entire life worrying about epic tragedies," Pancho chided him.

"Yes, but I never actually expected one to happen!" Willie said.

"Try not to worry too much," Sage said. "But at the same time, worrying to little could prove fatal."

"Perfect," Willie scoffed.

Sage smiled his sagely smile. "Go my friends, return to the kingdom, try to get your mind away from this subject, but don’t stay vigilant."

Willie grimaced. "Whatever," he said. Ted and Pancho walked the worrying lemur out of the outhouse, leaving Mort with Sage.

"Um, Sage," Mort said, "can I ask you something?"

"Of course my little friend," Sage said.

"Should the lemurs be worried about this tragedy?" Mort asked.

Sage sighed. "I was afraid you would ask me that."

>< >< >< >< ><

"Oh you haven’t seen him then? Alright, thanks anyway. …No, no, I’ll be fine. He’s probably just off chasing a female cockroach or something. Your zebra longwing isn’t missing, is she? …She’s not? Fantastic then. Well, I’ll talk to you later, thank you."

Karl hung up the phone and sighed heavily. "Chauncey, where could you be?"

Chapter XIII: Just Like My Life Without King Julien!!![]

Willie calmly lays down with a small food conveyor underneath him with mangos falling off it into Willie's mouth as it's being run by Ted and Pancho. He sighed happily. “This is where I belong,” he said to himself. “Binge-eating is my calling, not some terrible crisis…”

“LEMURS!” two voices shouted, echoing throughout Willie's hut.

Willie, Ted, and Pancho jumped, knocking over the food conveyor, slipping on a rotten mango, and landing in a mosh pit of mangos "What the heck, man?" Willie said muffled.

“Oh, Willie I’m sorry for scaring you,” said Xixi as she and Amy made their way into Willie’s line of sight.

“Aah! A crocodile…” Willie screamed. “Scared me, no,” he said, pulling himself out of the mango pit, “frightened me to the point of a near-death experience-“ Willie wiped some mango juice off of his nose. “Yes.”

“Sorry again,” Xixi said, “but we really need your help!”

Our help?” Pancho asked. “You’re a toucan, we're lemurs, and quite frankly, we don’t really have time for this. We’ve got mangos to feed Willie and we need that plant food for the mangos outside so…”

‘But the fate of Madagascar could be at sake here!” Xixi said.

“Oh no, they’ve gotten to the crocodiles and rats too.” Willie sighed.

“Listen, nothing is going to happen to Madagascar, it’s—“ Pancho said before he was interrupted.

“But a fossa broke through a newly-made wall!” Xixi shouted.

The three lemurs did a double take. “I beg your pardon?”

“A fossa jumped through! It must be a… a fossa or whatever those things are called!” Amy said.

“A Fossa?” Willie asked nervously.

“That’s it! It’s a Fossa! A slender furry body and—and—“

“Fossas? In the lemur kingdom?” Willie said as he shook violently. “Um, well th-this is… WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!” Willie shouted as he, Ted, and Pancho grabbed Xixi's foot and they all flew out to the Baobab tree as Amy followed.

They looked both ways, screamed again and blew loudly on the conch shell.

“Whoo! It’s a party!” a random lemur shouted as he popped up from nowhere.

“Ooh a party?” Butterfish asked. “Where is the food?”

“No, no, no! This isn’t a party you dolts!” Pancho shouted. “Masikura!”

“What is it, what is it?” asked Masikura as she faded in in front of the three lemurs.

“Masikura,” Willie said frantically. “The Crocodile Princess Amy here told me that the fossa have broken in to the kingdom!”

The lemurs started to panic. Masikura rolled her eyes. “Pancho, blow the horn again.”

Pancho did as he was asked and blew the conch shell. The lemurs' panic calmed as they all turned to Masikura.

“Attention lemurs!” Masikura said loudly. “Do not panic! As the only psychic chameleon advisor this kingdom has, it is my duty to protect the kingdom from whatever horror might be brought upon us if King Julien or Clover doesn't!”

A puff of brown smoke appeared to reveal another chameleon, Maggie the Unwashed.

"I thought protecting the kingdom while King Julien away was MY job," Maggie said.

"Who asked you, really?" Masikura asked.

"Hmm. Let me consult my lawyer." Maggie said. She then lets out a huge fart in which the others had to cover their noses.

"Not sorry," she said as she faded out via a puff of brown smoke.

“Hey, wait a minute,” shouted a lemur in the crowd. “Why should we believe what some crocodile says? We’re lemurs!”

“Hm,” Masikura said, “You’ve got a point there! Never mind then, carry on.”

“Whoa, whoa, wait a minute!” Pancho interjected. “This isn’t just some crocodile, this is, um, this is princess Amy!”

“You’re friends with a crocodile?” another lemur in the crowd asked.

“Well,” Pancho mumbled, “somewhat, um, maybe… Kind of?”

“Heh, a crocodile, tellin’ us that the kingdom’s in danger,” said another lemur, “that’s a riot!”

The lemurs in the crowd slowly began to return to their duties of leaping and dancing through the trees, eating fruits and vegetations, and using olfactory communication with their wrists and tails, and also their occasional tramping and water sliding.

“Sorry Amy,” Xixi said.

Ted, Pancho, Butterfish, Tammy, and Todd walked up quietly towards Willie, Amy, and Xixi. “Um, excuse me Willie?” Ted said.

“Todd? Tammy? Butterfish?” Willie asked. “What? What is it?”

“Did you say, um, Amy?” Ted asked.

“Yes,” Willie said confusedly, “Amy, the Crocodile Princess.”

“Oh, Amy! Hi!” Ted said excitedly.

“Amy, what are you doing in the kingdom?” Butterfish asked.

“You know these guys?” Willie asked Amy.

Amy looked down at the lemurs. “Oh, yeah, hi guys!” Amy said. “Ted tried to kidnap me from marrying Koto before our wedding in which Sage literally destroyed, and I've known Tammy and Butterfish since daddy and I were at Karl-Con!”

Willie looked with disbelief at the five lemurs. “Butterfish... and Tammy?”

“Yeah,” Amy said. “Wait! Willie, maybe no one else will help, but I’m sure Ted will, won’t you?”

“Sure!” Ted said.

“Help you do what?” Butterfish asked.

“Save the crocodiless,” Amy said.

“And probably the rest of Madagascar too!” shouted Xixi.

“Well…” Ted said. “Only because no one else will help…”

“Alright, c’mon guys, let’s go!” Amy said.

“Can we stop for lunch first?” Butterfish asked.

As the six lemurs, the toucan, and the crocodile ran off, Masikura looked at Maggie. “Maggie, we’ve got a little trip to take too, come on!”

“Can we stop for lunch first?” Maggie asked. Masikura looked at Maggie momentarily, and then Maggie farted.

"Still not sorry," Maggie said.

>< >< >< >< ><

“Whoa, they’re enormous!” Horst screeched.

“Aww, c’mon now Horst, I think they’re cute,” Mary Ann said. “Look at his little helmet.”

“Well… what do rats do?” Bone Fossa asked.

The little rat leading his pack cleared his throat. “Excuse me, but we are rats and we build mazes.”

“They talk?” Horst asked.

“Hey there little fella,” Mary Ann said to the rat. “What do you think you’re doin’, addressing the fossa like that?”

“I beg your pardon sir,” King Joey said from the cage he was being held along with ten other rats. “But I’m King Joey, leader of the rats. I believe anything you… feral beast have to say, you can say to me.”

Bone Fossa peered down at King Joey. “Hmph, fine. Mary Ann hold this,” Bone Fossa said, pushing the crocodile closer to Mary Ann and Horst.

Mary Ann looked up at the crocodile. “Hello there, I’m Mary Ann,” he said.

“I know, we’ve met,” the Crocodile Ambassador said. “The Crocodile Ambassador. From Koto's wedding, remember?”

Bone Fossa pushed King Joey a bit. “And who exactly are you?”

“King Joey,” he said. “I’m the leader of the rat community of Madagascar.”

Madagascar?” Bone Fossa asked. “That there is lemur kingdom! Who’d name something after another species?”

“I don’t know, nor do I know what anything is,” King Joey said, “but we rats have been living in Madagascar for as long as we can remember!”

“Oh yeah? The fossa has been preying on lemurs for centuries to—“ Horst cleared his throat, “take our women and our precious metals.”

“This is beside the point,” King Joey said, getting annoyed. “Can you please just put us rats and crocodiles back and leave us to be on our own in our homes? Our homes that you just put a giant fence in that will take months to repair.”

“Ha!” Bone Fossa scoffed. “Repair? Little fella, this perfect way for fossa to finally get respect we deserve!”

“And what about the respect of we rats?” King Joey asked.

“Respect?” Bone Fossa asked.

Respect?” Horst laughed. “You’re rats, we—why, they are fossa, those savage beasts who try to eat us with their razor sharp teeth!”

“And as such,” Bone Fossa said. “We demand more respect from… rats, crocodiles, and lemurs and whatever else rats got hidden in kingdoms!”

Bone Fossa pushed King Joey back in the cage with the rest of the protesting rats. “Mary Ann, put crocodile back in cage too,” Bone Fossa said.

“Um, I already did Bone Fossa,” Mary Ann said, nonchalantly slipping the Crocodile Ambassador into the cave.

“Good then,” Bone Fossa said. “Grab cage and haul inside, let’s see if fossa can't find something for rats and crocodiles to do.”

“I wonder if they cook?” Mary Ann asked allowed. “I bet those lemurs can cook".

"Mary Ann, when do I get some lemurs for my own?” asked Horst.

“Sometime tomorrow, sugar lips,” Mary Ann said.

“It’s gettin’ late and we need to celebrate our newfound respect,” said Bone Fossa.

“Don’t worry crocodiles,” Mary Ann said, patting the Ambassador. “I’ll keep you safe.”

“Great,” the Ambassador said, inside the cave with the other Crocodiles, “but could you stop hitting me?”

>< >< >< >< ><

The lanterns clicked on as the sky turned dark.

“Your majesty,” Maurice said. “Shouldn’t we stop somewhere? It’s getting hard to see.”

King Julien looked around the alley they had turned down. “Look there, that looks like a cave!” he said.

The three lemurs and their cockroach companion walked over to a cardboard box sitting in the alley.

“Kinda small for a cave,” Clover said.

“At least it’s a shelter, Clover,” King Julien said. “C’mon, we’ll get some sleep and keep looking for Uncle Julien in the morning.”

Maurice yawned. “Sounds good to me King Julien.”

“Yeah, for once I agree,” Clover said.

Chauncey chirped and scurried into the box, running around inside the box. The lemurs dropped their bags outside the box and went in, with Chauncey laying against King Julien's tail.

“Good night Momo.”

“Good night King Julien. Good night Clover!”

“Good night Maurice. Good night Chauncey.”

“Good night Clover.”

“Night King Julien.”

“Night Chauncey.”

“Night Clover.”

“Maurice, you already said good night to me.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.”

Chauncey shook his head as he and the three lemurs drifted off to sleep.

Chapter XIV: Every Mission Needs A Nerdy Egghead Guy[]

The Cove of Wonders was crowded with lots of items that people threw away.

This part of the island also housed many questions within this rubbish.

Dark? Obviously.

Quiet? Very.

Uninhabited? Hardly.

A gross and slobbery Coquerel's sifaka’s walker clacked along the damp floor as he and a cobra doctor traveled through the jungle.

A drop of water fell from one of the trees, splashing on the floor and echoing throughout the cove.

The sifaka gasped and jumped from the floor. Shuddering, he looked towards the snake. "H-h-how much further?" asked the freaked sifaka.

"We’re nearly there," said the snake in a surprisingly mellow tone.

The sifaka gulped. "Are you sure about doing this?" he asked. "I mean, remember last time?"

The snake half-nodded, while paying more attention to his surroundings than to the sifaka.

"Well, I mean, after last time, how can you even consider this?" the sifaka asked.

The snake broke his concentration on the cove and turned to stare directly at the sifaka. "We’re desperate," he said quietly.

The sifaka gulped. "I-I see," he stuttered.

"Good," the snake said, resuming his concentration on the jungle.

The duo walked on in silence for a while. The snake paying attention only to his surroundings, the sifaka overreacting to everything, including his surroundings.

Suddenly, the snake stopped abruptly. "Ah ha!" he shouted.

"Is this it?" the sifaka asked frantically.

"Mm-hm!" the snake said confidently.

The sifaka looked around, all he could see was a giant, round spaceship. "But- but this is just a spaceship that seemed to have crashed into Earth!" the sifaka said.

"That’s what you think, Nurse Phantom!" the snake said.

"But… Dr. S, I don’t see how-" Nurse Phantom started.

"Exactly!" Dr. S shouted. "You don’t see!"

Nurse Phantom stared at Dr. S. "What exactly am I supposed to be seeing?"

"Well I don’t know about you, but I see an entire other cove right there," Dr. S said, pointing at the wall.

Nurse Phantom tilted his head to the side, and looked at the spaceship again. "Dr. S… what are you talking about?"

Dr. S shook his head and sighed. "Would you like me to show Nurse Phantom?" he asked.

"Show me what?" Nurse Phantom asked, getting annoyed.

Dr. S chuckled, and then turned to face the space pod. "Stay here," he said. Then the snake doctor slithered towards the spaceship.

Then disappeared.

Dr. S’s mind was officially blown. "What the- Doc? Masikura!" Nurse Phantom shouted into the Cove, looking everywhere.

Masikura suddenly appeared invisibly, right in front of the wall. "You called?"

Nurse Phantom stumbled over words. "Wh-what…" he forced out.

Masikura faded her colors on Nurse Phantom’s nose. "I think you’re too convinced that there’s a spaceship there," Dr. S said, pointing again at the wall.

"Well of course I am!" Nurse Phantom shouted. "It’s right there!"

"Nope," Masikura said bluntly.


"Would you just listen to me?" Dr. S asked. "If you’re not convinced that there’s a wall there, there won’t be a wall there, get it?"

"I-" Nurse Phantom started to protest, but was met with a glare from the two reptiles. "Okay?"

"Good!" both the lizard and the snake said. "Now, why don’t you try running right at the spaceship, and see what happens," Masikura said.

"Are you serious?" Nurse Phantom asked.

"Did you not just see me appear through that spaceship?" Masikura asked.

"Good point…" Nurse Phantom mumbled.

Nurse Phantom lined up against the opposite wall. "Now?"

"Just go!" Dr. S shouted, making Nurse Phantom start dashing towards the spaceship.

Nurse Phantom gulped as he watched the spaceship grow closer and closer and-

"Ow! My nose!" Nurse Phantom groaned after he crashed into the spaceship. Dr. S slithered over and stood over Nurse Phantom, shaking his head.

"Wh-what happened?" Nurse Phantom asked, getting up to his feet while rubbing his nose. "Was I still too convinced?"

"No, silly," Dr. S said. "You missed the door! What you hit was another spacecraft."

Nurse Phantom’s mouth fell open and he stared blankly at Dr. S.

"Just follow me," said Dr. S.

"How many times are we going to reference that song?" Nurse Phantom asked.

Masikura turned around and looked at Nurse Phantom. Then she sticks her extremely long tongue on his forehead without a word. Her colors rapidly change in the process.

"I suggest you run over to this spaceship again and see what happens," said Masikura.

Masikura led Nurse Phantom to the spaceship again, and disappeared. Nurse Phantom was very careful to follow Masikura's exact footsteps, and was able to make it through the spaceship as well.

The spaceship through the door was illuminating, to say the least. The lab was lined with technology and blueprints hanging on the walls.

"Is he here?" Nurse Phantom asked.

"Of course," Dr. S said. "Alright Timo, we're back!" Masikura called out.

From above a ceiling door came down a perfectly camouflaged Timo. The tenrec grinned at Masikura, Nurse Phantom and Dr. S. "Welcome! It’s about time you got through; I was beginning to think I’d have to come out there!"

"You’ll have to forgive Nurse Phantom, Timo, he’s a little slow on the uptake," Masikura said.

"Understood," Timo said. "So my friends," he said to his three guests. "How can I be of assistance?"

Their expressions turned solemn again. "Well Timo," Dr. S said. "How much do you know about…"

"About what, Dr. S?" Timo asked.

Dr. S sighed heavily. Nurse Phantom turned his head slowly and looked at Dr. S.

"How much do you know about war?"

>< >< >< >< ><

Mort sat with his eyes wide and his mouth agape. "The fossa… have broken into the kingdom?" he asked Sage.

Sage nodded. "I only wish it weren’t true."

"Well then why are we waiting here?" Mort asked. "We’ve got to do something, come on; we have to help those poor crocodiles and rats!"

Sage shook his head. "We cannot."

"Wh-what? Why not?" Mort asked.

"If we interfere now, Perfect Harmony can never be reached," Sage said.

"Perfect Harmony?" Mort asked. "What do you mean?"

"When the lemurs, the crocodiles, the rats, the aye-ayes, the butterflies, the fossas, the Mountain lemurs, the Man, and the rest of Madagascar's wildlife can all learn to live together, yet apart, so that Perfect Harmony is reached," Sage said.

"Perfect Harmony…" Mort thought to himself. "Oh that sounds wonderful Sage, but how will that happen when the fossa have captured the crocodiles and the rats?"

"You must trust me, Mort," Sage said. "This is the only way for Perfect Harmony to be reached, and if either you, myself, or the Jarsh-Jarsh interfere, it could shatter the entire process. Which is why the lemurs should worry about this great tragedy, yet at the same time they should not worry about this new way of living."

Mort nodded. "But what will happen to the crocodiles and the rats? And the lemurs?"

Sage sighed. "Unfortunately," Sage said, "I do not know."

"But… you, the fishy, and Masikura acted like you didn’t know what the great tragedy was," Mort said.

"Exactly," Sage said, "we were acting."

"But why?" Mort asked.

"That assistant of Masikura's, Maggie the Unwashed, can’t be trusted to keep her mouth shut," Sage said with a smirk.

"Then why did you tell me?" Mort asked quietly.

"Because you, Mort, are special," Sage told the tiny lemur.

"Well, that’s very nice of you to say Sage, but I don’t think—"

"No, Mort, you are special," Sage said. "You, like Jarsh-Jarsh and me, cannot be allowed to interfere, or you’ll disrupt the Perfect Harmony that is trying to be reached."

"Me?" Mort asked. "Why me?"

"Magic works in mysterious ways Mort," Sage said.

"I still don’t fully understand all of this," Mort said.

"You will," Sage said. "In time you will."

Chapter XV: It's Time To Become Hunter-Gatherers[]

Pineapple was tired.

But not tired of anything sleep could cure.

He was tired of feeling useless.

Pineapple looked over at Dr. Watermelon Bawkings, asleep in his wheelchair.

"Well…" Pineapple thought aloud. "What harm could a little Magic do?"

>< >< >< >< ><

Uncle Julien scribbled furiously to finish his urgent postcard to King Julien.

Marking the last punctuation, Zora pulled an old stamp out of her armpit pouch.

Both lemurs glanced over their work and decided that it was finished. They finally emerged from underneath the truck and poked their heads out of the door. They looked both ways out into the dark world of inside the truck. After deciding they were safe, they darted for the nearest mailbox.

Uncle Julien climbed to the top of the mailbox and dropped the postcard inside.

>< >< >< >< ><

Pineapple visualized the opening, and took it.

"A little touch of Magic won’t hurt," he said. Pineapple waved around, concentrating. "Just a touch of… Magic!" he shouted.

>< >< >< >< ><

On Earth, the postcard didn’t even have time to hit the bottom of the mailbox. The wind blew it away into the skies. Pure and simple.

The postcard flew millions of miles away to a swamp somewhere in Florida where an aye-aye lemur snored as a postcard flew in and landed on his face.

Maurice stirred slightly, but decided it wasn’t worth waking up for.
>< >< >< >< ><

Dr. Watermelon Bawkings cleaned his glasses as he looked up. "What the… I know I heard somethin’…"

There was nothing left around him. Pineapple had gone down into the white bench to recover. Magic like that isn’t just a walk in the park; it’s more like a marathon through the park on bicycles, roller-blades, and skateboards.

Whatever those things were.

Pineapple chuckled slightly as Dr. Watermelon Bawkings went back to sleep.

>< >< >< >< ><

Ted, Pancho, Willie, Xixi, Amy, Butterfish, Tammy, and Todd traveled through the jungles of Madagascar, as Xixi tried to remember where exactly that large wall was.

"I’m sure it’s around here somewhere," Xixi said, as she watched her surroundings from the top of Amy’s head.

"You’ve been saying that since we got started. We’re never going to find it…" Pancho said.

"Ohh, I’m so hungry," Butterfish groaned. "I knew we should have stopped for lunch first!"

"Come on guys, we’re almost there, I’m sure of it," Xixi said.

"Well we’d better be, or else we might miss the party," Ted said.

"Good," Willie said. "Wait, party? What party?" he asked.

"Well I just heard the conch, and that either means an exciting proclamation, or a dance party. I think we’ve had enough boring proclamations lately, so it must be a party!" Tammy said.

"I like the way you think Tammy!" Butterfish said.

"Oh eggs and bacon," Ted said. "Come on, we’ve got a wall to find."

>< >< >< >< ><

Meanwhile, at the nightclub which used to be Club Moist before the phantom incident, Timo is getting ready to perform in front of the lemurs about the upcoming dangers.

"Timo," Nurse Phantom said, poking his head into Timo’s dressing cave. "Fifteen seconds to show time Timo."

"Thank you, I’m ready," Timo said, tuning his guitar.

"Are you sure about this Timo?" MomBot asked.

"Hey, a gig is a gig, right?" Timo asked.

"Well I think this gig may be worse than the King Koto fiasco," MomBot said.

"Hmph, and that portal to the Multiverse was some of my better work," Timo said.

"Timo, you’re on!" Masikura called into the cave. "I’m introducing you!"

"Here goes," Timo said.

Masikura stepped up in front of the entire lemur population of the kingdom. "Lemurs of Madagascar, I bring you the one and only Timo!"

The lemurs looked confused. Mort and Sage stood up in the wings. "I don’t think this is a good idea," Sage said. Mort gulped. If Sage was nervous, it must not be a good idea.

Timo took his place in center stage. He readied himself and started to play his guitar.

"Down in Fossa Kingdom

Stood a mighty wall, proud and strong

Until the wee hours of the morn

Through the skies came a throng

Straight towards the kingdom they flew

To do their dastardly deed

The next thing that we knew

Some kingdoms were lost at sea!"

The lemurs murmured words of fear and confusion, but Timo kept on singing.

"We'll never forget what happened

There the other day

And until real justice is served,

Together we say

"Remember the Julien Border

Remember it well

Remember its seaworthy shape

Remember its foul smell."

"Remember all it stood for

All that's happy, good, and right

Remember our enemy

The fossa we must fight!"

The lemurs cheered wildly. When suddenly, Timo puts on his white helmet with bunny ears on it and turns the volume up on King Julien's boombox and starts playing it rapidly like its an electric guitar.

"We'll give 'em dirty looks

And call 'em bad names

And even say they're trash

"We'll insult their moms

And yell at 'em some more

And punch 'em in the face

And then we'll scratch their eyes out!"

Thusly, Timo exploded, until there is nothing left but ash, and his falling guitar.

The lemurs whooped and hollered as Timo convinced them all to go off to war with fossa. Sage looked at Mort solemnly, and shook his head. He turned around quietly and returned backstage.

Mort stared down at the cheering lemurs. "They’re cheering on their own misery," he said. "So much for Perfect Harmony…"

Chapter XVI: Fossa Eat, Fossa Sleep, Fossa Do Not Plan[]

The sun slowly crept through the dusty windows of the van. Uncle Julien and Zora haven’t slept a wink; they were too scared that the cat would eat him in their sleep. (And neither didn’t have a teddy bear.)

Uncle Julien and Zora were also dreading sleep because if they slept it meant that they’d wake up faster, which meant the exterminator would be arriving to cut down all the trees and wipe out all of Madagascar.

But otherwise he would’ve slept just fine.

Uncle Julien and Zora heard footsteps. They did their best to hide themselves underneath the van.

"Where is my exterminator?" the human shouted at no one. "You’re just lucky I need to go out and get my morning coffee, or else your heads would be rolling!"

"Who in the island could this alien be talking to?" Uncle Julien asked Zora.

"Yes well, just make sure they’re here soon. I can’t have my dear, sweet Shadow subjected to horrible, disease ridden… creatures living inside this wall," the human said. There was a noise as he shut something. "Come along Shadow," the human called. "Time for num-nums and coffee."

The cat trotted along the floor up to the human’s legs. The human picked it up, and hopped out of the van.

Uncle Julien and Zora let out a sigh of relief. "I do hope that postcard gets to your nephew soon," Zora said.

>< >< >< >< ><

The sun was also trying to poke through Maurice’s closed eyes. It had no problem though, since aye-ayes, being nocturnal animals, are barely adjusted to the light of the sun.

Maurice shot up and rubbed his eyes. "YOW!"

This shout woke up King Julien, Clover, and Chauncey, who were all safely sleeping in the shade of the Paurotis tree. "Momo…" King Julien said, rubbing his eyes as well, but in a much calmer way. "What’s wrong?"

"That- the sun!" Maurice stuttered. "It’s bright!"

"That’s why you sleep with your eyes closed, Maurice," Clover said.

"But I—"

"Say, what’s that?" Maurice asked, pointing at something near Maurice’s feet.

"Huh," Maurice said. "I didn’t notice that. It looks like a postcard from Uncle King Julien," Maurice said, picking up the postcard.

"Huh, musta fallen out of my crown," King Julien said.

"I don’t think so your majesty," Maurice said. "I’ve never seen this one before."

King Julien walked over to Maurice while Clover remained leaning on Chauncey. "Do these postcards confuse me as much as they do you?" she asked the cockroach. Chauncey shrugged and tried to go back to sleep.

Maurice handed King Julien the postcard and King Julien read it carefully. "M-Maurice, where did you get this?"

"I dunno King Julien," Maurice said. "It must of just been lyin’ on my stomach."

"Maurice this is a desperate cry for help!" King Julien said. "My uncle says that everything within Madagascar is about to be destroyed! He says we have to come back to the island, and fast!"

"That’s impossible," Clover said. "How could a postcard saying that end up with us?"

"I don’t know Clover, but you can read it for yourself if you don’t believe it," King Julien said. "All I know is, I’m heading back to save my peoples! Now who’s comin’ with me?"

"I am!" Maurice said immediately.

Chauncey perked up at the idea of going home, and chirped his agreement.

Clover sat in silence for a second. "C’mon Clover," King Julien said. "We’re gonna need your help."

Clover looked King Julien straight in the eyes. "Yeah, you will," she said. "What’re we waiting for?" she asked, hopping up for the ground. "We’ve got an island to save!"

"Alright!" King Julien said. "Now c’mon, let’s hurry!" King Julien started to run out of the swamp, but was intercepted by Chauncey who grabbed King Julien by his tail which tossed the cockroach onto it. "Now you’re talkin’!" King Julien said. "C’mon Chauncey, let’s go!"

>< >< >< >< ><

"Uch, these caves are so scary," Willie groaned. "Are we almost there Xixi?"

"Um, I think we should be," Xixi said. "All of these caves look the same."

"To a bird maybe," Todd said.

"Little girl, be nice to the nice reporter!" Butterfish said. "We thinks you're smart, remember?"

"She also must’ve taken a few too many reports to the head." Pancho muttered.

"Ooh, maybe I have too!" Willie said. "I see fossa down there!" Ted said.

"What?" Willie asked.

"Yeah, fossa beneath our feet!" Ted said, pointing ahead of him at fossa creeping from below the giant rock the lemurs were on.

"Oh no," Willie said. "There are fossa coming from that cave down there, you’re not—"

"Fossa!" Xixi shouted. "That must be it! C’mon lemurs, forward!"

So the lemurs and Xixi ventured forward down into the Fossa territory whose entrance used to not allow anybody in but the fossa, but had a new wall built but now blown wide enough for entry. The six lemurs and their toucan companion passed through what used to be a wall and stood in awe of the caves in a place it definitely should not be.

"This… this is not good!" Willie said, visibly shaking. So much so, in fact, that Xixi flew right down and hit herself on a smaller rock.

She lifted herself up from the floor. "I told ya so," Xixi said. "Now do you think the other lemurs will believe me?"

"Well they’ll have to!" Ted said. "You’ve got six lemur witnesses! Right Butterfish?"

"Butterfish?" Xixi asked, looking around the territory, not seeing either lemur. "Todd?"

"Where in the name of smoked kielbasas could they have gone?" Ted asked.

"We are down here!" Butterfish’s voice called from far away. "Down…" Xixi said. "Down where?"

"I don’t know, but it sure is roomy!" Todd said.

Ted, Willie, Pancho, and Xixi rushed down to the edge of the rock. "Todd, Tammy, Butterfish, what did you do?"

"Well…" Butterfish said from his spot on the ground of the territory. "I saw something that looked very yummy to eat… so I jumped out to get it. It turns out it was just a rock."

"Yeah, and I jumped after him and Todd because Todd is the smartest child I know!" Tammy said.

"Well soon you’re going to be the three most captured lemurs you know!" Willie said.

"You three have to get back up here!" Amy shouted as she entered through the gate.

"But—but I saw Horst out there!" Butterfish said, frantically pointing towards the front yard of the fossa cave.

"You nit-wit," Pancho said, "get back up here before a fossa finds you!"

"I think we’d better go back up Butterfish," Todd said.

"Silly girl," Butterfish said, "who is the smarter lemur here?"

"Um, I am," Todd said.

"Exactly, and who gets to decide where we go, hmm?"

"You do daddy," Todd said.

"Exactly!" Butterfish said. "So I say we go get Horst!"

"You’ve got such good ideas, daddy!" Todd said.

"Wait! Todd, Butterfish, Tammy, come back!" Xixi called after them.

It was too late, the three lemurs had ventured out in to rescue Horst.

"What do we do?" Ted asked is an extremely panicked tone. "I feel some serious fear-tinkling coming on, and it is not going to be pretty!"

"Well we’ve gotta go back and you’ve gotta tell the rest of the kingdom!" Xixi said.

"Tell them what?" Willie asked. "That the fossa are using Butterfish and Tammy as pillows?"

"That would make me go save them," Xixi said.

Ted muddled things around in his mind as he tried to decide if the lemurs would believe such a tale.

This is, of course, highly dangerous for Theodore Pantskin. Because when Ted can’t make up his mind, well… another mind comes in to make it up for him.

Ted started to shake again.

"Ted? Ted, are you alright?"

In common human psychology, this would be called Dual Personality Disorder.

In lemurdom, this is called Snake.

Ted was looking himself in the lack-of-eyes when he came to, except this self was wearing darker hair, a leaf for an eyepatch, a blue vest, and some gloves. But most defining of all was the long mustache made to represent a snake on his face.

"Hey cher, I hear you fellas are lookin' for Snake!" Snake said. "I was beginning to think you’d never let your danger side out again!!"

Chapter XVII: The War Of The Beasts Has Truly Begun![]

Morning crept up upon the fossa territory slowly. Jarsh-Jarsh awoke with a long yawn, as he stretched his pectoral fins out at his side sparks of "Magic" glittered off of them. Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed noticed this as they poof out of thin air, of course, and gasped in unison.

"Morning Maggie, sleep well?" Masikura asked.

"Is d’at Magic I see?" Maggie asked.

Jarsh-Jarsh fumbled his pectoral fins around, tucking them against his moist body. "Um, Magic? Heh, don’t be silly, why would the Jarsh-Jarsh have any Magic on me?"

"He’s got a point there, lady," Maggie said. "Sage's guru hasn’t been doin’ any Magic."

"Well I did wake up last night to some sort of ruckus," Masikura said. "I couldn’t really tell what it was, but maybe Sage's guru has an idea?" Masikura asked.

Jarsh-Jarsh bit his lip, "Oh Masikura, it was probably just one of those Cryptoprocta feroxs."

"Yeah, if you say so," Masikura said.

Jarsh-Jarsh twiddled his tail fin as he tried to think of a way to cover this up. "Yes, yes, it was the young female fossa!" Jarsh-Jarsh shouted.

"Oh well that explains it," Masikura said.

"Mmhm, yes," Jarsh-Jarsh said, "she was trying to convince her pack leader to free the crocodiles, the rats, and most of Madagascar's fauna."

"Oh yeah," Maggie said. "D’at is the softy fossa, isn’t it?"

"Oh yes, indeed," Jarsh-Jarsh said. The chameleons were buying it hook, line, and sinker. "Though she has a point, the crocodiles and the rats shouldn’t have been captured by the fossa."

"True," Masikura said, "but it isn’t like we can do anything about it."

"Indefinitely," Maggie said.

"Ooh, that’s where you’re wrong my lizard friends," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "The Jarsh-Jarsh just so happens to have a little plan for you."

Jarsh-Jarsh grabbed the two chameleons and brought them close to his mouth where he whispered his plan.

"You want us to do what?" Maggie asked as Jarsh-Jarsh laid the two chameleons back down.

Masikura shook her head. "Nuh uh, no way I am going to see what will become of the crocodiles and rats with her!" she said.

"Oh, come now my lizard compadres," Jarsh-Jarsh said. "Won’t you just do me this one little favor? Please? Think of all the animals you’ll be helping out."

"Dumb crocodiles, what’d they ever do for us?" Maggie asked.

"More than you’d believe!" Jarsh-Jarsh shouted. "Now go on you two, off to talk some bravery into Mary Ann!"

The two chameleons muttered as they walked off into the main part of the territory to find Mary Ann and convince her to liberate the crocodiles, rats, and all the other animals and save Madagascar.

"I think we’ve got our work cut out for us here, Maggie," Masikura said.
>< >< >< >< ><

Willie shook nervously as he looked at Ted's alter-ego.

"It’s so nice to be out of that brain of Ted's again, bub." Snake said. "It’s just too clean!"

"You idiot, of all the times for bad timing, this is a bad time," Pancho said.

"Oh, you mopey dopes, look at you," Snake said, "speaking in riddles! I must be rubbin’ off on ya, pal!"

"That wasn’t a riddle!" Pancho snapped. "We're serious!"

"It's a figure of speech," Snake said. "Well, don’t you think I know that? I see the same things Ted does, you snappity turtles."

Willie gulped. "Y-you do?"

"Yep, that’s why I’m here!" Snake said. "To help you save Madagascar!"

"Thanks but no thanks," Willie said. "I don’t think yours is the kind of help we need."

"Oh well I beg to differ, Willie," Xixi said. "I think we need all the help we can get."

"Snake!" Snake shouted, just remembering Xixi was at his feet. "You must be Xixi, the lemurs’ bird friend," Snake said. "I know you, but I’m afraid those immigrants haven’t let me out to meet you."

Xixi giggled. "Nice to meet you Snake, I like your eyepatch."

"You do? Really?" Snake asked. "You’re the first person to ever tell me that, lady!"

"Oh, come on," Xixi said. "You must be joking."

"Normally, yes," Snake said, "but not this time. I always hated this eyepatch actually. Here, you have it!" Snake said. He lifted his eyepatch off of his head and put it on top of Xixi's head, revealing Snake's black-eye with a scar underneath.

"Oops," Snake said, putting the eyepatch back on his own head. "Hm, well that didn’t work. I know, why don’t you ride on my backety back!"

"Oh that would be great," Xixi said. "Is it Pancho? He wears a woolly hat when going out on a crime spree with Andy and gets itchy after awhile."

"Hey!" Pancho shouted. "I do not have an itchy hat! I was it with cornstarch twice a day!" It wasn't until he notices his head fur is all itchy. "Oh," he said convinced.

"Maybe that’s why it’s itchy," Snake said as he positioned himself on top of Amy's head. "So, where’re we headed?" asked Amy.

"We ain't headed nowhere," Snake said, "but you folk are going back to the kingdom to tell them about your friends falling out of the cliff."

"Oh dear, that does sound bad," Xixi said. "Well, off we go then!"

"Whoa, whoa, wait!" Willie said. "I said you aren’t going with us."

"Silly Willie," Snake said. "I don’t have a choice!" "What the heck, man?!" Willie exclaimed.

Pancho opened his mouth to retort, but all he could muster was a sigh. "Alright fine," Willie said. "Just don’t cause a disturbance when we get back."

"You got it," Snake said.

>< >< >< >< ><

"What's up?! I hear you folk are looking for Snake! Who wants to party?" Pancho slapped his head and groaned. Today was not going how he’d hoped.

"Party? This is no time for a party! This is time for war!" a lemur shouted.

"Ted, didn't you warn Banana?" Hector asked.

"Banana? Who's Banana? Do I know a banana?" Snake asked.

"Willie, what’s war?" Amy asked

Willie gulped. "Nothing fun," he said.

"Oh, then it should be right up your door!" Snake said. "Not really," Willie said. "Come on, we need to find Masikura-"

Masikura coagulate right behind Willie. "You called?"

Snake laughed as Willie and Pancho jumped from the floor. "Oh I’m glad we found her, she seems fun!"

"Thank you Ted," Masikura said. "So Willie, Pancho, did you, Xixi and your crocodile friend find any incriminating evidence on your journey to the fossa territory?" Masikura asked. "Say, didn’t you have three or four other lemurs with you too?" "Todd, Tammy, and Butterfish," Pancho said.

"Oh yes, from behind it looked like a few more," Masikura said.

"Well that’s why we came back in such a hurry, Masikura," Willie said. "Todd, Tammy, and Butterfish fell out of the giant rock and into the fossa territory!"

"Did they now?" Masikura asked.

"Well, then it’s a good thing we’re goin’ to war!" shouted Hector. "We’ll have something to fight for besides those ding-dang crocodile and rats!"

"Hey!" Xixi shouted from her perch on Amy's head. "The other kingdoms are important too!"

"Yes, yes, blah, blah, blah," Hector said, "but not as important as lemurs of course." Hector looked out into the crowd of lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs using scent glands on their wrists, chest, and tails, while the rest of them armed with whatever armor they could find, enlisting all the aye-ayes and Mountain lemurs from their respective kingdoms, and gathering enough scorpions whether scurrying around or being bought at Motel Sweaty.

"Well if you will excuse me, I have to go command my troops," Hector said. "Oh, and you two, you and your friend here need to suit up! We’ll need every lemur in Madagascar if we want to save the island!"

Willie and Pancho looked at Snake, their expression begging for advice. Snake shrugged. "Now you're talkin' my language," Snake said. "Whenever there is war, I'm always game. I say we head out to war!"

"But… it’s not a game," Willie said quietly, that wasn’t the advice he was hoping for either.

"That’s the spirit, maggots!" Hector said, wrapping his arm around Snake and Pancho. "I like this lemur, Pancho, where’d you say he was from again?"

"Oh, trust me," Snake said. "You don’t want to know."

>< >< >< >< ><

Sage sat on a rock in silence. He hadn’t spoken since Timo’s performance.

Mort, however, was pacing back and forth in the jungle, shouting questions for no one to answer.

"How could someone musically tell the lemurs to go to war against the fossa? I mean, musically telling them to go to war against the butterflies is one thing, but this is just- ugh!

"And who does Masikura think she is? Demanding every lemur goes to war, she doesn’t even really care about the other kingdoms!

"And don’t even get me started on the fossa! How could they capture the other kingdoms of Madagascar? Don’t they know how much we all need other kingdoms? They just don’t care!"

"Exactly," Sage whispered. His whisper was loud enough to silence Mort and echo off the jungle skies.

Mort turned to face Sage’s back. He stared down at the jungle floor. "They fossa do not care," Sage whispered. "The lemurs do not care. None of the other animals care."

Mort took a few steps closer to Sage.

"They don’t even care, even if the whole thing is a hug fest where everybody place leis on each other and dance throughout the ballroom as if they feel special and that they do love each other," Sage said. "I wonder if they care about Perfect Harmony."

"They don’t know about Perfect Harmony, Sage," Mort said quietly.

Sage slowly turned around and looked Mort directly in the eyes. Mort immediately felt a sense of knowledge he hadn’t felt before, just by meeting Sage's gaze. "They know, Mort," Sage said. "They just do not know about it."

Mort realized that he had always known about Perfect Harmony. He realized that he always knew how to reach it. He realized that he never did anything to fight for it. All this from one gaze into Sage's eyes.

"We must rely on everyday Magic," Sage said. "That’s the only way we can hope for Perfect Harmony to be reached."

"Everyday Magic?" Mort asked. "Oh, you mean like a miracle."

Sage shook his head. "Miracles do what Magic does," he said slowly.

Mort nodded, not understanding entirely what Sage meant (but then again, what else was new?). "Well is there anything we can do?" Mort asked.

"Listen," Sage said. "Sit, and listen."

Mort sat down on the jungle floor in silence with Sage perched on the rock. The two lemurs sat, listening to the music of the jungle.

"Music… music in the air," Sage said with a voice of relief. "The music is moving everywhere again Mort," Sage said.

"What do you mean?" Mort asked.

"The music has been silent since King Julien, Maurice, and Clover left," Sage said, "but it is back, so something must be going right."

Mort closed his eyes and listened with a smile on his face. Keep going my King Julien, he thought to himself, hoping that his thoughts could be heard by King Julien, Maurice, and Clover, wherever they were.

>< >< >< >< ><

Chauncey’s grasp on King Julien’s tail loosened. The cockroach opened his eyes, even though he knew he was still afraid of fall off King Julien's tail.

Chauncey felt something speak to him for a brief moment.

"Keep going, Chauncey!" King Julien shouted.

Chapter XVIII: The First Rule Of War Is Never Tell Your Enemy You're At War[]

Pancho pushed the soldier's hat up to the top of his head. 

He gulped loudly.

Two fertilizer bags strung together served as breast and back armor for the crowned lemur.

He exhaled with a very shaky breath.

Pancho raised his stick of dynamite into the air as high as he could.

He shouted as loudly as he had ever shouted before, a chorus of lemurs echoed his shout; a chorus of voices rare to lemurs, their choruses usually which implied chirping, shrieking, mewling, grunting, and long-distance wailing for determining territories, uniting groups, group cohesion, or alert calls.

There was no shrieking or wailing from this chorus, just the triumphant yell of "Down with the Fossa!"

Sage watched as the lemurs marched out of the kingdom and into war. He let out a deep sigh, a sigh that spoke louder than words could have, a sigh that signified the forgotten thing of the lemurs' hearts.

"Don’t forget your songs friends," Sage said. "Or else we will all surely be doomed."
>< >< >< >< ><

King Julien and the others in the exploring party rushed up to the door and slid through the opening.

"C’mon guys, we’re almost home!" King Julien said.

Karl jumped from the floor as the four new bodies entered his condo. "Chauncey? There you are! You gave me quite a scare! King Julien, Clover, Maurice? What are you three doing?" Karl asked, extremely confused with his current situation.

"No time to talk now Karl," King Julien said, "we’ve gotta go save Madagascar from being destroyed!"

"Oh my," Karl said quietly. "Well, is there anything I can do to help?" Karl asked, shouting after the three lemurs as they darted out of the hut and back to the S.S. Pee Pee Pants.

"Unless you can get to your old zeplin faster than we can and stop some ancient aliens from doing something very bad to Madagascar… then no, sorry!" Maurice called back.

The lemurs were now too far into the ocean to call back to Karl any longer. Chauncey jumped in front of the doorstep, still too big for him to enter, and chirped noisily, cheering the lemurs forward.

Karl scratched his head. "I don’t suppose you could explain any of this to me, could you Chauncey?"

Chauncey looked at Karl and whimpered.

"Yes, I thought not," Karl said. "Ah well, I’m sure my former nemesis King Julien and the others will save their home. I hope they can, at least. Not if I can help it"

Chauncey nodded ferociously, and continued chirping to the swamp, long after the lemurs were out of earshot.

>< >< >< >< ><

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed slipped through the crack of cave opening left open to the fossa cave. They looked around at their unfamiliar surroundings. "Masikura," Maggie said, "we’re definitely not in wide open spaces anymore."

The two chameleons journeyed through the cave, looking for any sign of Mary Ann. They were careful not to be seen by the other fossa, though that wasn’t too difficult as Bone Fossa was very busy teaching his new giant, green kitchen hands how to tidy themselves and cut lemurs raw.

"Where is that fossa kid anyway?" Masikura asked.

"Well if we knew, we wouldn’t be lookin’ for her, now would we?" Maggie asked.

The bickering lizards suddenly felt the ground beneath them shake. They turned around and saw two stumpy legs enter the cave. Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed looked up at the Crocodile Ambassador as he walked, a little too casually, past a fossa. His arms were barely crossed so to cover up his tummy.

"What a weirdo," Maggie the Unwashed said. "C’mon, let’s go see if we can talk some sense into him."

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed followed the Ambassador as he meandered towards the main cave. The crocodile plopped down upon a rock and instantly threw up, pulling out a fossa.

Mary Ann coughed viciously as she emerged from the mouth. "Blech," she said. "Is that the only mouth you own?"

"Most people have two mouths?" the Ambassador asked.

"Hey fatso!"

"Oh, really nice Maggie, we’re off to a great start."

"Hey, I had to get her attention." She farts again and said, "Not sorry."

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed had climbed on top of another rock in the cave to get Mary Ann’s attention.

It worked.

"Chameleons!" Mary Ann shouted. "Chameleons in my cave! Fossa—"

"Hey, be quiet, will ya?" Masikura asked. "We’re here to help you free the crocodiles, the rats, and every other animal on the island!"

Mary Ann calmed down instantly. "Really? You want to help me? But why?" she asked.

"We were sent by Sage's guru who has a tendency to barf mud all over," Maggie said. "Jarsh-Jarsh sent us here," Masikura said.

"Jarsh-Jarsh?" Mary Ann asked. She pondered this in her head. "Oh, you mean that mere fish we tried to catch when we couldn't strive on lemurs before we came up with chickens?"

"Hey, hey, watch it!" Maggie said. "Jarsh-Jarsh is not a pile of mere fish."

"Well, not just a mere fish," Masikura said. "He’s an oracle, knower of wisdom known to lemurdom!"

"Wisdom to lemurdom?" asked both Mary Ann and the Ambassador.

"Um, and wisdom to the other animals too!" Masikura said.

"Does Jarsh-Jarsh really know wisdom to the Animal Kingdom?" Maggie whispered.

"How am I supposed to know?" Masikura asked.

"Well," Mary Ann said, "what does this Jarsh-Jarsh say I should to save my crocodiles and rats?" "Uh… Maggie?"

"I dunno... he didn’t really specify."

"He always gives Sage the hard lessons," Masikura said. "Um, Mary Ann, how do you think you should save the rats and crocodiles?"

"Ooh, nice," Maggie said.

Mary Ann scratched her head. "I… I could stuff them all in my mouth!"

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed looked at each other, The Crocodile Ambassador shook his head. "They wouldn’t all fit," Masikura said. "Try again."

Mary Ann thought harder this time, and that could easily be told by her extremely concentrated expression. "I… I could tell Bone Fossa that he has no right to eat crocodiles and rats, and that he should let them be free to build their mazes!"

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed did a double take. "That’s it!" they both shouted.

"Really?" Mary Ann asked. "Oh boy, this could get messy…"

"Phew, ya got that right pal," Maggie said. "Well c’mon, what’re you waitin’ for?"

"Yeah!" Mary Ann shouted, jumping up excitedly, pouncing the chameleons through the cave. "Time to save the crocodiles!"

Thousands of voices echoed from outside the cave, followed by the resounding sound of falling bars, and the scruffy laugh of the fossa.

"Mary Ann, come quick! Ha ha! Fossa caught whole mess of lemurs!" Bone Fossa declared ecstatically.

Mary Ann picked up Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed off the floor and rushed over to the opening where the Ambassador were already peering out.

Every lemur within Madagascar (and that includes every living lemur species) was trapped behind bars, locked away in cage traps laid just throughout the fossa territory.

The female fossa, crocodile, and two chameleons looking out the window let out a loud gulp in unison.

"Time to save the crocodiles, rats and the lemurs," Masikura said.

There was a loud, ground-shaking thud. Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed turned around and saw the Crocodile Ambassador passed out on the floor and crying.

>< >< >< >< ><

Horst sipped into his beverage as Butterfish, Tammy, and Todd watched the lemurs being trapped in cages.

"Mr. Horst, shouldn't we try and help our friends?" Todd asked.

"Oh, just one more sip Todd," Horst said.

>< >< >< >< ><

Uncle Julien and Zora stayed hidden under the van while the human and his furry pet were out.

Zora fumbled around with some paper under the desk, folding it into various shapes. It’s a good thing she was so concerned with the safety of Madagascar, otherwise neither of them would be able to make such gorgeous creations.

She held a paper scorpion in her hand. "Hmm, it’s a shame I never took this up as my career. Ah well," Zora said, "the beckoning of this place was just too strong for lemurs of our superb status to ignore." Uncle Julien let out a deep sigh. "Sometimes it truly is a burden being so brave and cour—"

The door opened and Uncle Julien and Zora squealed, as Zora tossed the paper scorpion from her hand and curling up into a little ball beneath the desk.

"Right this way," said the familiar voice of the human now living within where Karl's zeppelin used to be. "We're in a forest. Who knows what could be in there."

"I know, I know," a new human voice said. "I’ll just gas it and get out of your way."

Uncle Julien bit his bottom lip. "Hurry nephew," he said quietly.

Chapter XVX: I'm Too Late? The Aliens Must've Gotten Them Already![]

King Julien ran ahead of Clover and Maurice, coming into the jungles of Madagascar first. He stopped suddenly, causing Maurice and Clover to run into his back. The three lemurs got up from the grassy ground they’d fallen upon and stared into the eerily quiet kingdom.

The conch shell sat in the middle of a rock shaped as a pedestal.

Maurice gulped and shifted his feet. "Maybe—maybe they’re all taking naps," the aye-aye proposed quietly.

Clover nodded swiftly. "Yeah, that must be it! I’ll just go blow the shell and wake them up! Then the entire kingdom can come help us find Uncle King Julien!" Clover ran off hopefully towards the shell and grabbed it. She stood in front of the mouthpiece and inhaled deeply, her inhalation echoing through the empty jungle.

The spunky crowned lemur put all her might into a loud, powerful blow of the shell.

The sound resonated through the many jungles of Madagascar, sending timid animals back into their homes. The three lone lemurs stood in awe of the magnificent echoing of the shell.

Unfortunately, no other lemur heard the sound.

Clover kept carrying the shell waiting for something, anything to reveal itself to she, King Julien, and Maurice.

Nothing came.

She groaned angrily then desperately put her lips to the shell again, sending short, sporadic bursts of breath through it.
Nothing came.

King Julien stared in Clover’s direction, but not at Clover. He wasn’t looking at anything. His stare was blank, but his mind was racing.

Clover continued to blow into the shell until small tears began to flow from her eyes. "Why aren’t they coming?" she wailed. "Where are they?" Maurice’s bottom lip quivered. King Julien continued to stare blankly.

Clover’s head turned to King Julien in a flash. "What’re we going to do King Julien?" she asked, trying to hold back her tears. "What can we do?"

Maurice looked at his king behind moist eyes. He reached his black grabby hand out and placed it upon his king’s shoulder.

King Julien snapped out of his blank stare with the jolt of feeling coming from Maurice’s hand on his shoulder. King Julien sighed deeply. "I—I don’t know," he said quietly.

"But your majesty," Maurice said softly, "I'm your advisor. I—I’m the one who’s supposed to have more deeper knowledge in the kingdom. Y—you’re the king, you always know what to do."

King Julien shook his head slowly. "Not this time Momo," King Julien said. King Julien paused and looked straight ahead again. His eyes lit up suddenly, and he turned quickly and looked at Maurice. "What do you think we should do Maurice?" King Julien asked excitedly.

Maurice sniffed back his sorrow. "What?"

"What do you think we should do Maurice?" King Julien repeated, this time with more intensity.

Maurice chuckled. "Oh King Julien, you know I don’t know."

"No Maurice," King Julien said quickly, "now I don’t know, so maybe—maybe now you know!"

Clover sniffed back her own tears. "King Julien, that’s nuts."

"Maybe, Clover," King Julien said, turning around to face her suddenly, "but who knows? Maybe it’s just Magic." King Julien switched his view back to Maurice. "So Maurice, what do you think we should do?"

Maurice thought about this question long, and hard. He rolled his eyes around his head as he ran through the endless amount of possibilities. Then, in a flash, it hit him.

"We should go save Uncle King Julien and Zora ourselves!" Maurice shouted out surprisingly (even he was surprised).

>< >< >< >< ><

Sage and Mort stood peering out into the horror of the lemurs’ capture in the fossa territory. Sage bowed his head and closed his eyes. "I don’t know how longer we can hope for more hope, Mort."

Mort shook his head. "We just can’t give up," he said in a near-whisper. "We just can’t."

The two lemurs stood in silence as the entire lemur population of Madagascar protested their new cages.

Suddenly, Sage pricked up his head as a small sound hit his ear. "Did you hear that?" he asked Mort quietly.

Mort tilted his head and looked at Sage. "Hear what?"

Sage turned around and stared down the empty jungles that led back to the Baobab tree.

"Hear what Sage?" Mort asked again.


>< >< >< >< ><

Maurice was now the one running ahead of the others. He was laughing giddily to himself as he sprinted down the familiar jungle. Cobwebs had now formed around the chunks protruding around the trees.

Maurice turned around and was running backwards now. "C’mon you guys hurry up!" he called to Clover and King Julien. "Who knows how—Wait, trap!" Maurice jumped up underneath a familiar headache-inducing plank trap. "Who knows how long we can dawdle!"

King Julien looked at Clover while they ran to catch up with Maurice. "Gee, what’s gotten into— Ah!" King Julien shouted as he stepped on the old plank that Maurice just dodged. "Him…"

The three lemurs slowed down as the chunk pile came through the well-known part of the jungle. King Julien walked to the front of Maurice and Clover, regaining his courage and leadership. "Are you guys ready for this?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Maurice said. There was no hesitation in his voice.

The three lemurs ran closer to the giant pile of chunks, which landed on Karl's old zeppelin, into the leg of a human.

Shadow, the cat, hissed at the three lemurs, raising the hair on his back.

Another human in the vehicle shouted "Kill them! Kill them!" to the human whose leg the lemurs ran into.

The three lemurs were trying to adjust their eyes to the new brightness of those familiar chunks, and all of this noise wasn’t helping matters.

The other human was holding a tube attached to a large canister with alien writing on it. King Julien didn’t understand what the writing said, no lemur did.

Uncle Julien and Zora darted out from underneath the vehicle. "Nephew!" he shouted gleefully. "I knew you would come!"

"Uncle, what’s going on?" King Julien asked frantically.

"Well my boy, these aliens are attempting to destroy all of us in Madagascar," Uncle Julien said blatantly.

The lemurs hadn’t noticed that the aliens had stopped shouting and were now concentrating fully on the talking prosimians at their feet.

"Well we’ve gotta stop ‘em!" King Julien said.

"Um, King Julien?" Maurice interrupted.

"Not now Maurice," King Julien snapped. "What can we do?"

"Well how are they trying to destroy us?" Clover asked.

"I’m not entirely sure…" Uncle Julien said.

"Figures…" Clover muttered.

"Hey, you guys?" Maurice tried again.

"Maurice, can’t you see we’re in huge trouble?" King Julien asked.

"But we’re not!" Maurice shouted.

The five lemurs turned around and looked at the dumbfounded aliens. "Oh, hi," King Julien said to them. "My name is King Julien XIII, and I’m a ring-tailed lemur."

"Th—they can communicate vocally," the human who wasn’t holding the tube said.

"Why yes, of course we do," Uncle Julien said. "We lemurs are highly intelligent, yet clearly smoother-brained primates, and we only live on Madagascar and the Comoro Islands." Uncle Julien said, throwing his arms out at his side, hitting Shadow, causing him to hiss wildly, and causing Uncle Julien to jump from the floor in terror.

"I can’t exterminate d’ese t’ings," said the tube-holding human. "D’ey’re actually smart."

"Does that mean you’re not gonna destroy everyone in Madagascar and cut down their beloved huts and trees?" King Julien asked.

"No I’m not," the tube-holding human said happily.

"What?" asked the other human.

"I’m not gonna hurt d’ese t’ings," tube-holder said.

"Well why not? They’re still invading my walls!" the other human argued.

"I don’t care what you say sir, I’m not hurtin’ d’ese animals," tube-holder said.

"Well then I will!" the other human shouted, attempting to wrestle the tube from the tube-holding human.

"Run little guys!" tube-holder shouted to the lemurs.

"I think we should do what he says," Maurice said.

"Since when do you have an opinion?" Uncle Julien asked.

"It’s a whole new Momo, Uncle," King Julien said. "Now c’mon, hurry back into the kingdom!"

The four lemurs scurried to get back around the jungle as the two humans fought over the hose and its canister. They peered behind the giant chunks at the squabble going on in this part of the jungle.

Suddenly, the human who the lemurs did not want to prevail pushed the other to the floor, taking the tube from him. The human scoffed at the other and ran between two trees.

"Oh no!" Clover shouted.

Suddenly, the human shrieked and grasped his leg. Shadow the cat had jumped upon his lower thigh and stopped his master from harming the lemurs.

Shadow jumped off of his owner’s leg, and bit the hose connecting the tube to canister.

"Ach, stupid cat!" the human shouted.

Shadow purred triumphantly as he jumped down to the floor.

"I won’t have those things in my walls!" the human shouted madly. He ran inside the vehicle and picked up a large hammer, and slammed it against one of the trees.

"Move!" Uncle Julien shouted, pushing the other four lemurs down farther into the jungle.

The human continued swinging at the tree with his hammer, causing it to fall and smash into another tree. Trees fell, blocking the path to the kingdom, silencing the mad human to the lemurs.

"Is it over?" Clover asked in a hushed tone.

More trees, leaves, and branches fell, answering Clover’s question without words. The lemurs dodged the trees and back against the pile of branches blocking the lemurs' every path.

The lemurs watched as trees and their leaves and branches of innumerous sizes fell to the ground, piling on top of each other. The trees stacked to the top, and King Julien, Maurice, Clover, Uncle Julien, and Zora were trapped.

>< >< >< >< ><

Mort and Clover ran to the site of the tree fall as fast as they could, but they were too late, all they saw when they arrived were trees stacked surrounding their friends.

"No! King Julien! Maurice! Clover!" Mort cried.

Sage looked at her asked. "How do you know they’re in there?"

Mort looked Sage directly in his eyes, "I can feel them," he said.

Sage looked at him solemnly and nodded. "Well then we must get them out."

>< >< >< >< ><

King Julien sighed deeply. "We’re so close," he said, "so very close." When suddenly, he heard a familiar deep voice saying "Okay, Julien. I get it. You were so very close."

"That voice," King Julien said. "It can't be."

"Yes, it is I, Pineapple," said the deep voice coming from the floating pineapple channeling himself from Frank-ri-la.

"What are you doing here?" asked King Julien.

"Well I came because I hate to see Perfect Harmony demolished, and because I made a wager with some vegetables I give their money to for a fee," Pineapple said.

"You're too late now, Pineapple," King Julien said. "We're trapped and we're unable to return back to my peoples."

"Well, did you ask them how important you are?" asked Pineapple.

"I don't even know. Maybe I should just read their minds and use my psychic powers and rescue them with my noggin-y parts," said King Julien.

"Well, you could tell them another way," said Pineapple.

"I've always wanted to use puppets, for reals this time," said King Julien.

"Actually, I was thinking more like another song," said Pineapple.

A spotlight shines underneath King Julien as he is about to sing.

"When I first saw you didn't know what to think," Julien sang.

"But something about me is so interesting
I could see you and me being best friends
The kind of friends that finish each other sentences

"When I can't think of the right words to say

I just sing oh oh oh oh oh oh

Come on and harmonize with my melody

And we'll sing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Ain't it a perfect harmony," he sang.  

"I would have never thought I'd be here with you," Clover sang.

"To start a friendship that is brand new
It's so amazing I have to say
Never met someone that had so much in common with me."

"Now I can look into your eyes all day

And just sing oh oh oh oh oh oh

I wanna harmonize with your melody

And we'll sing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Ain't it a perfect harmony," she sang.

"Sometime in your lifetime," Julien sang.

You look and you search for someone just to care"

"Look around and it was there," Clover sang.
And we didn't need to go nowhere"

"When I can't think of the right words to say

I just sing oh oh oh oh oh oh

Come on and harmonize with my melody

And we'll sing oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,

Ain't it a perfect harmony," they both sang.

"You got me," sang Julien.

"I got you," sang Clover.

"I got you," Julien sang.

"You got me," Clover sang.

"Yeah, you got me," sang Julien.

"I got you," sang Clover."

"A perfect harmony," they both sang.

"Now do you know what you have to do next?" Pineapple asked Julien.

"You're right, Pineapple," King Julien said. "I know exactly what to do. We must find a way to get out of this, and we march straight to the Fossa territory, stand up against the fossa, and rescue my peoples from being eaten."

"Keep going King Julien," Pineapple said the lemur king and his captured comrades. "You’re nearly there."

Chapter XX: Get A Hold Of Yourself, Soldier! Trust Me. This Is What I Do[]

The green scaly crocodile sat up after passing out on the floor. The Ambassador rubbed his head, "Oh I had the strangest dream," he muttered. "There were snakes, rats, and lemurs in cages and two little lizards in the fossa cave telling me and Mary Ann to save everybody!"

"That wasn’t a dream!" Maggie shouted from atop the Ambassador's snout in a circle with Masikura and Mary Ann.

"Yes," Masikura said. "In fact, you still need to come up with a plan to save everyone!"

"Just don’t pass out again," Mary Ann said. "You’re lucky I wasn’t in your large intestine."

"But I’m just the ambassador of the Crocodile kingdom," the Ambassador said, "how am I supposed to save all of those lemurs, rats, and snakes, and my people?"

"Well maybe you should ask the lemurs and rats what they think you should do," Masikura said.

"Yeah, if you’re such a big scaly crybaby, why don’t you get lemurs to take care of it," Maggie said.

"But if the aye-ayes are so smart," the Ambassador said, "why’d they get trapped in cages?"

Masikura and Maggie looked at each other. "They took a wrong turn," Maggie decided.

"Yeah, that must be it," Masikura agreed.

Mary Ann gulped. "Alright," she said, "I’ll go talk to the lemurs, maybe King Julien and Mort can tell me what to do."

>< >< >< >< ><

"What do we do?" Mort shouted.

"Mort," Sage said, "you said you could feel your friends behind those trees, yes?"

Mort nodded. "Yes, I just know they’re there."

"Then you have to use that feeling to connect with them," Sage said.

"But—but how? They don’t know we’re out here," Mort said.

"They will," Sage said, "you just have to let them know."

Mort took a deep breath. "I don’t know how," he said softly.

"You do, my little friend, you do," Sage said, placing a calming hand on the smaller lemur's shoulder. "That’s why Perfect Harmony picked you."

"Alright," Mort said, "I’ll try."

>< >< >< >< ><

Masikura and Maggie followed Mary Ann out of the cave into the territory. "Alright, good luck sister," Maggie said to Mary Ann. "We’ll be on top of a rock if ya need us."

Mary Ann nodded. "Okay then, thanks for your help."

Mary Ann moved toward the middle of the territory where fossa were moving cages filled with angry lemurs while others stood on the sidelines and cheered gleefully.

"Ah, Mary Ann, there ya are," Bone Fossa said to the lemur-ized fossa. "Look‘t what Bone Fossa caught!"

Mary Ann gulped loudly. "Uh, Bone Fossa?"

"Yes Mary Ann?" Bone Fossa asked.

"I—I just saw the rats in the kitchen putting cheeses in your gorp!" Mary Ann said.

The fossa shrieked. "Cheese? Plech! Cheese no taste good!" Bone Fossa said with obvious disgust.

Horst gasped. "Cheese? Boy, those rats have good taste! Mary Ann, don’t you throw that gorp out, you know how I love cheese too!"

"Yes, and you know how awful they make your breath smell!" Bone Fossa said.

"Aw, but Bone—"

"No buts, gorp go out. Bone Fossa have stern talk with rats," Bone Fossa said.

Horst grumbled as the pack of fossa walked back towards the cave. Then Bone Fossa looked straight at Mary Ann and whispered, "Mary Ann, keep eye on lemurs, Bone Fossa go try and convince rats to make special cheesy gorp." Bone Fossa took off towards the cave behind the rest of the fossa.

"Phew," Mary Ann sighed in relief. "That was easier then I thought," Mary Ann said to the Crocodile Ambassador.

"Now find those lemurs you said you knew!" the Ambassador shouted back to Mary Ann.

"Oh yeah," Mary Ann said. She stepped into the middle of the group of lemur cages. "Um, excuse me, but is Mort or King Julien around?"

"We’ll never tell ya where they are!" shouted a lemur.

"Yeah, you fossa are nothing but trouble! You probably just want them for your stew or something," another said.

"King Julien is the bravest looking lemur on the island."

Mary Ann turned, along with all the lemurs, to see who had said this. Two large lemurs and a smaller, younger lemur were standing in a cage with a few others. One lemur looked at the two fat ones and their child, "Quiet you idiot," Hector said. "It’s your fault we’re out here in these cages in the first place!"

"Um, excuse me," Mary Ann said, bending down towards the old lemur. "Are you the king?"

"What’s it to ya?" the old lemur said.

"Well I just want to help you lemurs get free," Mary Ann said.

The old lemur’s eyes lit up. "Oh! Well in that case, I’m Hector, nice to meet you."

"I’m Mary Ann," Mary Ann said, "and I don’t really know how to save you lemurs, I Just know I want to."

Hector nodded. "I see," he said. "Well, we lemurs are highly advanced animals. I think we may be able to help you out."

"Really? Oh that would be just great!" Mary Ann said.

"Mmhm!" Hector said. He looked around at the other lemurs' cages. "But let’s not tell the other lemurs, okay? I don’t want them to get all worked up," he whispered to Mary Ann.

"Oh, right," Mary Ann said. "C’mon, we’ll talk about it ovar here," Mary Ann said, picking up the cage and carrying it away from the other cages to the side of the cave and sat down to talk to Hector.

"So tell me," Hector said to Mary Ann. "Why can’t you just pull the doors of these cages up and let us out yourself?"

"Oh, well because I want Bone Fossa to do it himself," Mary Ann said. "He needs to see that fossa, lemurs, and other animals of Madagascar can all live together happily."

"Hmm," Hector said, "lot of hooey if ya ask me, but if it gets us out of these cages, I’m in."

From another cage amongst the group of lemurs, Willie, Pancho, Snake, and Amy who is cramped in her own cage with Xixi as she watched Mary Ann and Hector converse, unable to hear them.

"Urgh, I wish I knew what they were saying," Willie said.

"I bet it's a meeting to prepare for battle," Snake said.

"Why would they be preparing for battle?" Amy asked, shifting her weight around the cave. The crocodile slipped when she ate through a bar and broke her way right out the bars of the cage, also setting Xixi free.

"Amy, bust out of this delicious prison!" Xixi told Amy.

Amy looked around. "I guess I did!" she said happily. "I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go find out what they’re talking about!"

Amy ran over to the side of the cave where Mary Ann and the Ambassador were talking and eavesdropped on their plan to free the lemurs. "Oh, that’s a great plan!" she said.

Mary Ann looked up at the Ambassador. "What’re you doin’ here?" Hector asked her.

The Ambassador looked down at the fossa. "Amy!" he shouted in glee. "You’re alright!"

"Daddy!" Amy called up to her father. "I thought you were captured with the rest of the crocodiles?"

"This fossa saved me," the Ambassador said. "Mary Ann, if you don’t mind, can I go with my daughter now?"

"Oh sure," Mary Ann said.

The two crocodiles tried to hug each other. "Come on, we have to go help the other crocodiles," the Ambassador said.

"It’s no use," Amy said, "we’re just two crocodiles in need of arm extensions; we’d have to go up against a literally huge pack of fossa."

The Ambassador sighed. "Well we have to save them somehow."

"We’ll take care of that," Hector said. "We lemurs came out here to help you losers anyway, once we’re out of these cages, we’ll go help your friends!"

"Yeah, that’s the plan!" Mary Ann said.

"Great!" Amy said happily.

"What’s the rest of the plan though?" the Ambassador asked.

Mary Ann and Hector looked at each other and grinned.

>< >< >< >< ><

"You can do it Mort," Sage said. "Focus on everything as if the giraffe looks at all the world through a hole in a tree a woodpecker pecked through to see that everybody is an ant working hard for endless causes."

Mort sat with his hand on the rocks in front of him with his eyes shut tightly, trying to grasp onto the consciousness of one of his friends. He silently hoped there was still consciousness left.

Mort’s eyes suddenly shot open and his brown eyelids shot to the back of his head. "I’ve got it," he said.

Sage watched as Mort placed both of his hands gently upon the fallen trees.

>< >< >< >< ><

Clover smacked the rock in front of her with her bare hand. "YOW!" she shouted.

Clover sat in a corner and held her knees in her arms. She sniffed back a tear. King Julien sighed and walked over towards Clover, sitting down next to her. Clover looked at King Julien and laid her head down on his shoulder.

"We’ll be okay Clover," King Julien said softly.

"Not this time," Clover said coldly.

Maurice turned to look at Clover and King Julien. "Yes we will," he said definitely.

King Julien, Clover, Zora, and Uncle Julien looked at Maurice. "We’ll be fine," the aye-aye said. "I can just tell."

Clover jumped up from the floor. "That’s crazy, Maurice!" she yelled at him. "We’re trapped, can’t you see that? No one knows we’re here! We are not getting out!"

"B—but Clover, that time we both got trapped you punched through the moving walls and saved both of us," Maurice said.

"Those walls were useless against me then Maurice," Clover shouted. "I was actually someone who could punch a tree in Sage's body! Now I'm the one who's useless against those trees Maurice, now there’s no one to save us!"

"Yes there is!" Maurice yelled.

Clover took a step back and Maurice took a deep breath. "I can feel someone!" he shouted. "I know there’s someone out there who’s trying to save us Clover!"

King Julien looked calmly at Maurice, "I hope you’re right Momo," he said quietly.

Maurice sat on the ground, and waited for something, he had no idea what, to come to him.

King Julien reached behind his back and swung his keytar around to his chest. He began to strum the chords to another tune.

>< >< >< >< ><

Mort picked up something in her head. He began to hum softly.

Sage heard the music coming from behind the trees and pulled his can lid and mallet out of nowhere and began to pick up on the tune.

"I'm a lemur out far in Madagascar," Mort sang softly to the tune of the banging.
"Who loves jumping through the trees
Bouncing 'round with love a'bound with my fur feeling the breeze
Grand, grand, so firsthand
Spreading goodness day and night
If I like to, I should take
My feet into a new height.

"Jump the morning, jump in the evening, jump right through the day
If anybody says 'hello', I just keep jumping away
Jump on a Monday, jump until Sunday, jump from tree to tree
I never ever made a friend, 'cause nobody can jump like me."

>< >< >< >< ><

"I'm a big lemur, I got nice fur," Maurice picked up the song while King Julien played his keytar.
"And I live up in a tree
That's my home I'll never roam
It's where I wanna be."

"Fine, fine, quite divine. Frolicking the whole day long," King Julien joined in. "If you ever ask me why, I'll just keep singing this song."

Clover watched as Maurice and King Julien sang. She smiled for the first time since the trees fell.

"Jump in the morning, jump in the evening, jump right through the day If anybody says 'hello', I just keep jumping away Jump on a Monday, jump until Sunday, jump from tree to tree I've never ever made a friend, cause nobody can jump like me."

>< >< >< >< ><

"It may seem great, but I must relate," Mort sang, his voice growing gradually louder. "It's a very lonely life
I haven't got a girlfriend
Nope, and I ain't got a wife
Sad, sad, just too bad
I'm the loneliest guy around
Seems I'm always going up while everybody's going down."

Sage's banging and King Julien's played the sweet melody together as Mort sang it, connecting with King Julien's keytar coming from the other side of the trees.

"Jump in the morning, jump in the evening, jump right through the day If anybody says 'hello', I just keep jumping away Jump on a Monday, jump until Sunday, jump from tree to tree I've never ever made a friend, 'cause nobody can jump like me."

>< >< >< >< ><

"If I have a friend until the end, there's no need to be alone I'd be hopping happy with someone to call my own Hope, hope, won't elope If only I could find more Then we'd all be leaping around That's what jumping together is for."

King Julien and Clover joined with Maurice for the chorus.

"Jump in the morning, jump in the evening Jump right through the day If anybody says 'hello', I just keep jumping away," they sang.

>< >< >< >< ><

King Julien, Maurice, and Clover harmonized from the trees with Mort for the second half of the chorus.

"Jump on a Monday, jump until Sunday Jump from tree to tree I've never ever made a friend Cause' nobody can jump, nobody can jump…"

Mort continued to jump nonstop when suddenly began to feel something queasy inside his stomach. He felt like he had the sudden urge to throw up in front of the trees, and he did thusly breaking the trees again. A lot of the trees that are piled on top begin to fall as Sage and Mort ran for cover.

"Nobody can jump like me," said King Julien.

King Julien, Maurice, Clover, Zora, and Uncle Julien ran over the trees avoiding Mort's vomit and stood behind Mort and in front of Sage as Mort and Sage stared in awe.

Chapter XXI: You Can't Take Him Now! Why, Frank? Why?![]

The seven lemurs stood inside the jungle staring at one another.

"How… how did that happen?" King Julien asked. "Don't ask me," Mort said as he giggled a bit.

"Magic is what it does," Sage said.

Mort nodded. "And miracles do what Magic does."

"The music connected us to the Magic and to each other," Sage said, "and it brought you through the fallen trees."

Mort walked up silently to King Julien and hugged his feet. Mort smiled. "Oh, my King Julien, you were so brave."

King Julien looked down at Mort. "I don’t really even know what I did."

Clover walked up to Maurice, looking down at her feet. "You were right Maurice," Clover said softly. "I—I’m sorry."

"I say, did Clover just apologize to someone?" Uncle Julien asked. "It must be a miracle!"

The lemurs laughed and Sage looked at King Julien. "We are not finished yet," Sage said. "The rest of the lemurs, along with the crocodiles, rats, and other animals, are in great peril."

Mort nodded and moved to stand next to Sage. "We’ve got to help them and have the harmony with all the required or desirable personalities of bright ideas which are as good as goodwill could be possible to make animals completely free from a disease that may obliterate all in seconds," he said.

"Now Mort’s starting to sound like my husband," Clover said.

Clover was watching the six lemurs back and forth. "C’mon peoples," he said finally. "Let’s get out there and save our friends!"

>< >< >< >< ><

May Ann couldn’t ever remember being this nervous before. Of course, she’d never been involved in a secret plot with the entire lemur population of Madagascar along with its entire crocodile and rat population. Did she mention that this plan would probably cause Bone Fossa to banish her from the kingdom? That’s kind of an important detail.

"Don’t fret ya lummox," Hector said from the cage he and about twenty other lemurs were being kept in.

"I’m sure it’ll work," the Ambassador said. "Once we’re all free, everything will be fine."

"If you say so Croc Ambassador," Mary Ann said.

Up on Frank-ri-la, Pineapple sat on the bench with a couple other fruits and vegetables, including Dr. Watermelon Bawkings. "So Dr. Bawkings," Pineapple said. "What do wanna bet that Mary Ann messes this up?"

"I betcha a whole heap of money that the lemurs come out on top," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said.

"Heh, what a chump bet," Pineapple said. "You’re on!"

"Hey, hey, we want in this too!" a ring-tailed lemur who looks exactly like King Julien, except that he's wearing a tuxedo, shouted from not too far from the bench. "Three against the lemurs!" He wasn't the only one coming in. With him include a pink fuzzy butterfly with red wings and a crown, a white female lemur wearing a glove, a very very large brown wildebeest, a very small brown rat wearing a pirate's hat, an elderly female crowned lemur, and a black-and-white Indri lemur.

"And who’re you?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings asked.

"Name’s Magic Steve," said the ring-tailed lemur.

"I am the Butterfly Queen," said the butterfly.

"It's me, Karen," said the white lemur.

"Vigman Wildebeest. The W sounds like a V," said the wildebeest.

"Ahoy there. I'm Captain Ethan the Gassy," said the rat.

"I am called Koto," said the indri.

"And I am Rose. Grandma Rose," said the crowned lemur.

"C’mon, c’mon, let us bet with ya!" the animals begged.

"Oh alright, fine," Pineapple said. "But only ‘cause you’re betting on the right uh, side." Pineapple nudged another piece of fruit, "Now there’s a couple of smart betters," he said.

"Here comes Bone Fossa," Mary Ann said. "Are you ready Mr. Hector?"

"Yes I’m ready! Sheesh! Where’s are all my idiots when I need anybody to whack?" Hector asked.

"Comfortably over here," Horst called over happily to Hector from another cage as he sips his beverage.

"Figures," Hector muttered. "Oops, show time!" he laughed. He tossed his scorpion behind his head and fell to the floor of the cage. "Rose… bud…"

Mary Ann let out a long, well rehearsed gasp. "Fossa! My gosh Fossa, the lemur! He’s dead, Fossa! He’s dead!"

Bone Fossa shook his head. "Mary, for last time, just ‘cause lemur's eyes closed and lemur’s laying down, lemur no—Oh, My Fossa! Lemur dead!"

One of the lemurs in the same cage as Hector blinked. "I thought he was just lying down with his eyes closed," the nameless lemur whispered to another.

The other lemur thought about this. "Oh no… he was supposed to be! He must actually be dead! Oh no! Hector, our oldest living war hero! He’s dead!"

All the alive lemurs began shedding tears of woe and crying mournfully for the loss of their supposedly fallen comrade.

Unfortunately, that comrade was not really dead. For if he had been, he wouldn’t be tempted to jump up and scold the other lemurs surrounding him. And just as everything went black and silent, he wakes up to see a butterfly land on his nose.

"Aah!" shouted Hector, who finds himself in a certain unusual place. "Where am I?"

"That's for you to decide, Hector," said a familiar deep voice. "Are you sure it's your time to go?"

Hector turns to see a pineapple sitting on a bench in a completely white background. And not just any pineapple, Pineapple.

"What do you want?" asked Hector.

"It is I, Pineapple," said Pineapple. "I brought you up here because I made a wise bet with animals this time, and one of them looked like he stabbed me with his horns, and another tried to punch me with her glove."

"But, what is going on here?" asked Hector.

"Just ask them," said Pineapple.

Hector looks on his left, on his right, and behind him to see the seven animals Pineapple was talking about. The exact six animals King Julien killed for different reasons, and one lemur killed by one of them.

"What seems to be the matter?" asked the ring-tailed lemur.

"Stay away from me, King Julien," shouted Hector. "I thought you were..."

"I am not King Julien!" shouted the ring-tailed lemur. "I am Magic Steve."

"Tell your Rosie what's what," said Grandma Rose.

"It's just that I am in a bad mood, okay?" said Hector. "Now leave me alone."

"We know how you feel. You feel like you don't have a peace offering from your time in Madagascar," said the Butterfly Queen.

"It sounds like you could use a hand," said Karen.

"Ja, we think you've died from a back alley brawl," said Vikman.

"So, this should aid in your healing," said Koto.

"What?" asked Hector.

"C’mon everyone," Captain Ethan said. "Let’s sing a sea chantey I learned when we were shipwrecked and sing it for this guy’s passing."
Oh no, Hector thought. I resist a good gospel dance!

A large white piano falls and lands on Captain Ethan. Vikman starts playing it.

"You're feeling pretty blue," the Butterfly Queen started.
You didn't do what Frank requested you."

"Yeah, I'd be moping too," Karen sang.
"If I was gonna be digested

"This ain't a pretty picture, no," sang Magic Steve.
"I said it ain't a pretty sight."

"You ran from Frank this morning," sang Captain Ethan.
And you're shark chow tonight!

Oh no…Hector groaned. A song of encouragement you can dance to, what a ridiculous idea!

"Pineapple, what are they doing?" Dr. Watermelon Bawkings asked.

"I—I don’t know," Pineapple said. "This wasn’t part of the plan," he mumbled.

"But hold on, hang on," sang Karen.
‘Not so fast, your life ain't over yet."

"See, we're here to tell you all about," sang Koto.

The forgiveness that you can get," Grandma Rose sang.

"Time to pick up the tempo!"

Hector’s leg twitched as the song increased in tempo. He gulped quietly; this wasn’t going to be good.

You see, Frank's a Sky God of mercy," sang Karen.

"Frank's a Sky God of love," sang the Butterfly Queen.

"And right now, he's gonna lend a helping hand from up above," they sang along with an assortment of telepathic fruits and vegetables.

"Praise the Sky Gods, he's a Sky God of second chances
You'll be floored how his love your life enhances
You can be restored from your darkest circumstances
Our Frank is a Sky God of second chances!"

Hector, seeing the dead guys and singing food, gasped. "No, no, slow down! Stop! You’re messing it up! You’re ruining it!" he shouted.

"Hector, I’m sure the plan will still work," Pineapple said.

"No, no, not the plan, my reputation! They’re ruining my reputation!" Hector said.

Ain't it good to know a Sky God who gives a second chance?," sang Magic Steve.
"Why, that's enough to get a smile form Mr. Grumpy-Pants," said Vigman.

So if you say you're sorry," sang the Butterfly Queen.
"For all the stuff you do

We know that he'll be ready," sang Karen.
"With a second chance from you

"Praise the Sky Gods, he's a Sky God of second chances
You'll be floored how his love your life enhances
You can be restored from your darkest circumstances
Our Frank is a Sky God of second chances!
Our Frank is a Sky God!"

"If you believe, Frank's love is true Then you should know what you should do If you believe, Frank's love is true Then you should know what you should do.

"If you believe, Frank's love is true Then you should know what you should do If you believe, Frank's love is true Then you should know what you should do Frank gives a second chance!

That was the final bar Hector could take. 

"Silence!" Hector shouted. "I get it now! The Sky Gods give us a second chance, including me! And that's just what King Julien gotten twice already, and now I've gotten the same treatment, except it's not trial. It's in song! The kingdom needs somebody to sacrifice their life for!" 

"So you've made your decision?" asked Pineapple. 

"Yes, I have. I'm going back to Madagascar!" 

In a flash, he immediately disappeared. 

"I thought he'd never leave," said Pineapple. 

"And just when we were getting to the big finish," complained Captain Ethan. 

Back on Earth, the surprisingly limber old lemur slowly jumped to his feet and began to dance around the cage. He was fast for an old lemur, and blew away all of the others. The lemurs cheered wildly as their oldest war hero regained the consciousness he’d never lost.

"What the—Mary Ann, lemur no dead! You bamboozle fossa! Why I oughta—" Bone Fossa shouted.

Mary Ann had been boiling this up inside long enough, it was time to serve the gorp. "Not today, Bone Fossa!" Mary Ann shouted. She grabbed the doors of two lemur cages on either side of her, and bit them open.

Lemurs flooded the Fossa Territory as they ran to the other cages to release their friends. "Hey, why’d we stop singin’?" Hector asked.

The lemurs continued to release themselves from their cages as the fossa watched, dumbfounded, as lemurs filled their world. 

"Mary Ann… what you go and do that for?" Bone Fossa asked.

"The lemurs are my friends Bone Fossa!" Mary Ann shouted. "And now the crocodiles and rats are too! And I won’t let you keep them locked up, nuh uh, no way!"

"Second chances, second chances
Praise the Sky Gods, he's the sky God of second chances
We'll be floored when we're restored from our darkest circumstances
Our Frank is a Sky God of second chances."

"Lemurs… Rats… Crocodiles... Snakes... friends? Mary Ann, are you nuts? Lemurs food! Not friends!"

"Well why not?" Mary Ann asked. "There’s nothing wong with lemurs! They’re different from us! We're predators and they're our prey! We’ve got to learn to live together!"

Inside the caves, other fossa screeched as lemurs flooded in to release their cooking slaves, but the music and joyous singing of the captives was too loud for the fossa to be heard.

"If we believe, Frank's love is true,
Then we should know what we should do
If we believe Frank's love is true
Then we should know what we should do."

"So, um, ya wanna pay me now, or later?" Pineapple asked Dr. Watermelon Bawkings.

King Julien ran to the edge of the jungle leading out to the Fossa Territory ahead of the other lemurs. He stared down at the mayhem not too far. "I don’t know what Perfect Harmony looks like," he said to himself, "but I doubt this is it."

Chapter XXII: Keep It Together, Momo![]

Karl wrestled with something sitting on his table. He seemed to be trying to pry it free of something with a string in his paw. At the side wall, Chauncey stood scratching around the large hole, chittering.

"Chauncey," Karl said to his cockroach, "you need to try and focus on something else. I’m sure King Julien will be fine and he and the others will come back to tell us all about it as soon as they can."

Chauncey whimpered and stopped scratching at the door. He looked around the cluttered condo looking for something to do. With all of the random stuff Karl kept around surely Chauncey could find something to occupy his mind.

"Come on now," Karl said, "surely there’s something you can do, Chauncey. I, for instance, am attempting to sew a button on a fried egg while it’s stapled to my table." Chauncey looked with a confused gaze at Karl. "No, I don’t know how it got stapled to the table," Karl said.

Chauncey chuckled and stood up on two legs putting his front four legs on Karl’s table. Karl reached over and rustled his paw under Chauncey's wings. "Oh Chauncey," Karl said, "I sure missed you while you were off running around. What were you and the lemurs looking for, anyway?"

Chauncey scratched his head, trying to figure out how to communicate this to Karl. He began to pantomime traveling by marching around the condo, and then pantomimed lemur by scrunching down on the floor and pointing at the escape hole.

"Ah ha, I see," Karl said. "King Julien's troglodytes of an uncle was missing so you set off with King Julien to find him?"

Chauncey nodded happily and continued to pantomime his story. He pointed at Karl then pointed at a globe sitting on Karl's desk and motioned toward the location of Karl's old lair in Madagascar.

"Our old home?" Karl asked. "There’s no way you could’ve gotten there in the time you were gone, Chauncey."

Chauncey shook his head and ran over to Karl’s garbage pail and began to rustle through it, finally pulling out a postcard near the bottom. Chauncey pretended to read over it.

"Oh I see, you heard about the old zeppelin in a postcard," Karl said. "What about it?"

Chauncey pointed to the door again and then made a groaning, dying sound and wrapped his forelegs around his neck, pretending to choke.

"The Eagles have a hole in their nest? What does that have to do with—"

Chauncey shook his head vigorously and waved his arms. Chauncey pointed to the door, then fell over and pulled a white lily out of nowhere and held it at his chest.

Karl rushed out of his chair. "You mean to tell me that someone at my old zeppelin is trying to kill off King Julien and his people?"

Chauncey hopped up from the floor and nodded quickly. Karl looked around and grabbed the telephone on his desk. "I’ll call Mrs. Manatee, Chauncey, she’ll want to know what’s going on," Karl said dialing in a number he knew all too well.

Karl put the phone to his ear and looked sternly at the wall. Then suddenly he fumbled with the phone to turn it off. Chauncey chirped questioningly at Karl. "Well what if she doesn’t believe me Sprocket," Karl said. "It’s not like lemurs are just walking up and down the sidewalks in town everyday!"

Chauncey frowned and glared at Karl. "Alright, well they were today—but that doesn’t count! I can’t possibly get Mrs. Manatee to believe that furry primates that jump through the trees and have those long beautiful tails near the Everglades."

Chauncey glared at Karl again and started chirping at him. "Oh, come on Chauncey, don’t do this to me," Karl said. "I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with you now."

Chauncey smirked and chirped a retort. "Of course I have a relationship with you," Karl said defensively.

Chauncey chirped something back at Karl. "I am not afraid to talk to Mrs. Manatee over the phone, Chauncey." Karl said. "I just know she wouldn’t believe me."

"Mm-hm," Chauncey said, nodding sarcastically.

Karl’s face grew angry. "Fine!" he shouted, picking the phone back up and re-dialing the number. "Mrs. Manatee? It’s Karl," he said into the phone. He cleared his throat. "Yes, it’s Karl the Fanaloka."

Chauncey chuckled to himself as Karl spoke to Mrs. Manatee.

>< >< >< >< ><

King Julien couldn’t wait any longer, he ran out through the jungle and into the fossa territory.

He pushed his way through waves of leaping and cheering lemurs, being careful not to step on any wandering aye-ayes.

King Julien’s target was at the center of the territory. The slender she-fossa known as Mary Ann stood there, an intimidating, ever-present force King Julien was finally ready to conquer.

The confusion of the moment may have been highest within the mind of King Julien, who hadn’t witnessed any of the previous events of the day and only knew that the lemurs were, he thought, at war with the fossa.

And Mary Ann was indeed a fossa.

King Julien blew past Willie, Horst, Pancho, and Snake as he ran towards Mary Ann. "Hey, I think that was King Julien!" Willie said. "What’s King Julien doing here?" asked Pancho.

Snake shrugged. "I dunno, but it looks like he’s headed for that there fossa!" Snake said.

"Oh I hope this doesn’t lead to another lemur death," Horst said.

King Julien stared right into the savage yet sweet pupils of Mary Ann. Mary Ann stared back at the significantly yellow eyes of King Julien.

"Is something wrong, King Julien?" Mary Ann asked innocently.

King Julien took a deep breath and prepared to speak to Mary Ann. Whatever he said here had to be tactful and heartfelt and meaningful. He stared into Mary Ann’s eyes again. The lemurs, rats, crocodiles, and others scattered around the territory had instantly silenced.

"You like to move it, move it."

Mary Ann blinked as King Julien spoke. "Whadaya mean?" she asked after a few seconds.

"You fossas need to quit taking out all your problems on us lemurs," King Julien said. "Why don’t you just leave us alone?"

Mary Ann blinked again. "But—but King Julien, that’s what I’m tryin’ to convince Bone Fossa to do!" Mary Ann said.

King Julien’s face softened. "Y—you are?" King Julien asked.

"He sure is!" shouted Hector farther from King Julien and Mary Ann. "This fossa wife of Horst's saved us all from these ding dang cages!"

"He saved the rats and crocodiles too, King Julien," Xixi called up.

King Julien looked around as all of the lemurs and all of the other Malagasy animals shouted agreements at King Julien. He saw Uncle King Julien, Mort, Maurice, Clover, and Sage Moondancer join up with Willie, Horst, Pancho and a lemur they recognized as Snake along with a large two-crocodile family towering them. "Oh," King Julien said, "sorry about that Mary Ann."

Mary Ann shrugged and smiled at King Julien. "Don’t worry about it King Julien," Mary Ann said, putting an open palm at her paw, holding King Julien firmly. "I know you mean well."

King Julien smiled back at the fossa. "Yeah," King Julien said with a nod.

"Does that mean we’ve reached Perfect Harmony?" Mort asked Sage, diverting his attention away from King Julien and Mary Ann for a moment.

Sage looked around the territory. "Almost," he said. "We’re nearly there, but there are still a few minds left to have their truths told."

"What?" Mort asked. "Who? Whose mind needs to have their truths told still?"

"Did someone call for truth-telling?" asked Hector as he, Horst, and Willie popped up behind the multi-species troops of lemurs.

"Haven’t you helped enough?" Willie asked.

Sage put a calming hand on Sage’s shoulder. "I’ll handle this young lemur," Sage said.

Sage and Willie turned to Hector and Horst and smiled a smile that penetrated the hard outer-shell of the black-and-white lemur. "Hector, did you really support this idea of war?" Sage asked.

Hector’s eyes grew solemn as he spoke with Sage, almost as if he’d taken off a mask. "No, not really old friend," Hector said. "But you know how I am," Horst said with a chuckle. "I can’t make my own decisions, so whenever someone comes to me with a decision they want made, I bite it hook, line, and sinker!"

Sage smiled and patted Horst’s back. "I understand my friends," Sage said. "Just try and have some better judgment next time, if a next time is granted to you."

"Wow," Willie mumbled. "There’s something ya don’t see every day."

Sage turned his attention to Willie. "And as for you Willie—"

"Me?" Willie asked, frightened. "Wh-what about me?"

"You are no longer a coward," Sage said. "You’ve made decisions today, decisions that may have saved us all."

Willie shook his head. "No, no, not me," Willie said.

"Yeah, Willie will forever say 'die'," Horst said. "It’s what he does!"

"Not anymore." Sage said. "More importantly, bravery is a knight who cannot say 'die' at the moment he fights to the finish against a staggering other-worldy dragon hailing from another planet."

Hector frowned as Horst and Willie laughed hysterically.

Willie blushed. "Aw," he said sheepishly. "Well—I didn’t really—Maurice and Clover helped Madagascar," he said finally.

"Indeed they did," Sage said. "Queen Clover proved today that bravery is in all of us."

"Oh Clover!" King Julien said happily, hugging his former bodyguard.

Mary Ann laid down next to the group of lemurs with King Julien riding on her. "So who still needs to believe in Perfect Harmony, B-Dubs?" King Julien asked.

"Yes, yes, tell us Sage," Uncle Julien said. "Who is it?"

The answer came as a certain human being bursts through the jungle grasping his tranquilizer gun in his hands. His eyes were wide as he looked helplessly around his precious domain. "Alright you lemurs," he shouted, "your time has come!"

Hector jumped to the center of the territory and pointed his scorpion at the human. "We’re not goin’ anywhere!" Hector shouted. "I say it’s time we took care of you!"

"They are the two," Sage said quietly, slipping away from the group of lemurs whose eyes were glued on the situation that had just heated up.

Sage turned around and walked calmly towards Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed.

Masikura and Maggie the Unwashed observed this from a nearby rock. "Where do ya t’ink he’s goin’?" Maggie asked.

"Who knows?" Masikura asked. "Just pass me another spider, this is getting intense!"

Chapter XXIII: This Is The Kingdom I've Always Dreamed Of[]

The hole at the end of the Zoo Hunter’s rusting tranquilizer stared right through the rebellion started by Mary Ann, the lemurs, and the other Madagascarian natives.

The tube holder quickly came up behind the Zoo Hunter carrying, valiantly, a rake in his right hand. He’d sacrificed his perfect hairdo to put a protective pot atop his head.

Hector stood firm opposite the two humans. He held his scorpion bravely as he stared down the two large hairless apes. "Make yer move, aliens!" he shouted.

"You first, lemur," Zoo Hunter hissed.

"I said, you, ya ninny!" Hector shouted back.

"I’m not doin’ anything until you do," Zoo Hunter said dumbly.

The rest of the lemurs along with the crocodiles and rats watched on carefully.

"Move magooves" Horst said, "can’t they agree about anything?"

"Yeah, they’re almost as complete opposites as Ted and I are," Snake said.

Clover nodded. "Yeah, but somehow you two still manage to live together inside you," she said.

Uncle Julien looked at Snake with a strange glance. "Is this your husband, Dorothy?" Uncle Julien asked.

Dorothy looked at Snake and was giggling to herself. "You have no idea," Dorothy said.

"There must be some way we can make those two get along," King Julien said to Mary Ann, still sitting in her back.

Mary Ann scratched her furry brown head with her paw. "Well, it sure doesn’t seem like this mammoth wants to be friends with you lemurs anytime soon."

King Julien nodded. "This alien is the same way about you fossa," he said.

"But you two came together to free the lemurs," Mort said to Mary Ann. "Don’t you think Hector has any sympathy for Perfect Harmony?"

"Well whatever the case," Xixi said from far above everyone else, "we need to do something quickly, look!" she said, pointing over at the heated argument between Zoo Hunter and Hector.

"She’s right!" Uncle Julien declared boldly. "I will go and settle this once and for all."

Clover scoffed to herself and Maurice nudged her to keep quiet.

Uncle Julien took a few brave steps towards the heated battle of words. His eyes couldn’t stop focusing on Zoo Hunter’s stubby finger wrapped tightly around the tranquilizer. He gulped, and then laughed to himself, turning around quickly. "On second thought," he said, "nephew, you ought to be the one to do this," he said. "Erm, you can prove yourself as a true brave king!"

King Julien gulped. "Right," he said softly as he hopped off of Mary Ann's back and started heading towards the Zoo Hunter.

Mary Ann shook his massive head. "No way King Julien," he said. "I’m goin’ with you!"

"Mary Ann, don’t be silly," King Julien said.

"She’s not being silly," Clover spoke up, "’cause I’m comin’ with you too!"

"Me too!" Maurice shouted bravely.

"Count me in," Xixi said loudly.

"Me too," the Crocodile Ambassador said, his Assistant and daughter Amy nodded in agreement.

"All of us rats is going with yous," said the King Joey proudly.

"You’ve got me OUT OF A CAVE!" Dr. S shouted, his assistant Nurse Phantom coming to his side instantly.

"I want to help too, King Julien," Todd said.

"If Todd’s going, you can bet we are too," Tammy said.

Dorothy cleared her throat. "Me too," she said. "I guess."

"If she goes, well, then I have to go," Snake said. "Snake."

Uncle Julien watched as every lemur and Malagasy animal raised their paw, hand, wing, or tail and their voices in assistance to King Julien and Mary Ann. His face practically screamed embarrassment.

King Julien looked down at his uncle after the lemurs and animals had all rallied to Mary Ann’s side. "Still think I should go alone Uncle?" he asked with a smirk.

The head of every lemur, fossa, rat, crocodile, lizard, and snake turned to Uncle Julien. The former lemur king cleared his throat convincingly and let out a scoff of delight, "Ha! Of course not nephew," he said triumphantly, "I was just merely testing your people skills, and you’ve passed! I’ll of course be coming with you… along with all of the others I suppose." Uncle Julien waded through the crowds of lemurs, trying not to step on any feet. "Though I may need a ride," he said, motioning in Mary Ann’s direction.

Mary Ann held out her paw for Uncle Julien to climb on. Once the two lemurs were set, King Julien looked around at his troupe of friends. "Alright guys," he said, "for Perfect Harmony!"

"Perfect Harmony!" shouted thousands of voices.

>< >< >< >< ><

Karl smiled as he hung the phone up softly.

"Well Chauncey, Mrs. Manatee said that she’d head over to our condo right away to give us a ride to Madagascar," Karl said. Chauncey chirped with delight.Karl nodded. "Yes, she said she never realized that there was an entire civilization living beyond the swamp. I told her that not many creatures do," he chuckled. "She got a kick out of that."

Chauncey shook his head. "But she’s going to bust the person trying to fumigate the lemurs by telling him that she never authorized any fumigation on the premises," Karl said, "and she doesn’t even need to authorize fumigation!" Karl said excitedly. "She’s so clever."

Chauncey shook his head and then returned to his position in front of the door, chirping the good news to King Julien and his friends, even if they couldn’t hear him.

Karl smiled and walked over to rub Chauncey with his nose. "I’m sure everything will be fine now, Chauncey," Karl said.

>< >< >< >< ><

Zoo Hunter was no longer staring down one angry old lemur.

He was now staring down thousands of angry lemurs, a countless amount of angry rats, a huge herd of angry crocodiles, a massive pack of angry fossa and an entire zoo of many more.

"Aliens, ya gotta stop bein’ mean to the lemurs, what’d theyey ever do to you?" Mary Ann asked.

Zoo Hunter grunted. "I’m not speakin’ to you," Zoo Hunter said angrily, "ya traitor!"

"He means that in the nicest way," Tube Holder told the animals.

King Julien took a stand. "What do you aliens have against us anyway?"

"Yeah," Mort said, "we may never stop jumping through the trees and tramps, eating fruits and plants, and relaxing in toenail showers, but other than that we’re a pretty tolerable group."

"You lemurs are a nuisance to my property," Zoo Hunter said, "yer always about runnin’ around and stealin’ my trees!"

"That’s because we live on your trees," Maurice chimed in. "We live in trees, we eat from trees, we spread our scent on trees. Also, there's the fossa, who try to eat us lemurs."

Uncle Julien nodded. "It’s the circle of life, in a way," he said.

Zoo Hunter scoffed. "Circle of life nothin’," he said. "The fact is that this is my property, not yours, and as the Zoo Hunter, I say you can’t be in it!"

"Oh yeah?" Hector asked, jumping out of the crowd. "And just who made you the Zoo Hunter, anyway?"

Zoo hunter opened his mouth to retort, but nothing came out. He closed it and squinted, thinking about his answer. "Well now yer just callin’ our whole way of life into question!" he said eventually.

"We’re not asking you to change your way of life," King Julien said. "We just want you to quit trying to hunt lemurs for our precious furs, bushmeat, land development, illegal pet trade, or—"

"—and Foosa!" shouted the pack of fossa from below.

"—and Fossa," King Julien agreed. "Just think of what will happen if the entire lemur race is extinct. It will affect the fossa population and all the other animals and plants that depend on us lemurs. I mean, can’t we all just live in—in—"

"Perfect Harmony!" Clover shouted.

"Exactly," King Julien said.

"Perfect Harmony?" Zoo Hunter asked. "What’re you tryin’ to make me buy into?"

"They’re not trying to trick you," Mary Ann said to the human, "they just wanna be our friends!"

Mary Ann’s comment was met with agreements from the lemurs, crocodiles, rats, and snakes. "We don’t mean any harm to you," King Julien said, "all we really want is to live, and this is not living."

"Yeah," Clover said, "and if ya ever want to meet more lemurs, just give out a ‘KI-YAH!’"

"A—and the rats can build a maze," Maurice said.

"It’s what we do," added King Joey.

Tube Holder pondered this from his post comfortably behind Zoo Hunter. "I would love to learn a few exotic lemur recipes," she said finally.

"You cook?" Dorothy asked with a gasp of joy. "I just happen to make good quiche! Dear woman, I would be enthralled if you could teach me a few human spice tips!"

Tube Holder blushed and waved his hand in the mongoose lemur’s direction. "Oh sir, let’s be friends with the lemurs," he said giddily.

The lemurs cheered wildly. "Friends—" Zoo Hunter asked over the cheering. "W—with lemurs? Tube Holder, what’s gotten into ya?"

"Pretty soon it’ll be some homemade lemur quiche and some of my famous hummus!" said Mort with a grin.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Zoo Hunter shouted, taking a step towards the group of lemurs, his tranquilizer aimed at whichever one got in his way.

Mort ducked behind King Julien, who had taken a step towards the human with Maurice and Clover at his side. "Why can’t we just get along?" Maurice asked. "I mean, I’m not one to really make decisions," he said sheepishly, "but I’ve decided that being friends with humans wouldn’t be that bad at all."

"And when Maurice makes a decision, ya know that it’s the right one," Clover said with a stern look on her face.

"Then, tell me which one of you lemurs I should take out first," Zoo Hunter growled turning the nose of his tranquilizer to face Maurice’s protruding pink nose.

Everyone gasped and Mort and Clover took a half-step back. Maurice began to shake slightly, but his face did not go soft. He looked the raving human in the eyes and took a deep breath. "Me!" he said fearlessly.

Zoo Hunter’s eyes turned from squinting anger to wide confusion. "Y—you?" he asked, completely perplexed.

"Yes, me," Maurice said, "I’m tired of seeing you push us around, so you may as well get rid of me first!" Maurice said, not moving from his firm stance. "I guess I don’t want to be around in a world where two people who have so much in common can’t see past their differences and be friends."

All eyes were focused on Maurice. The brave little aye-aye’s speech had brought tears to a few eyes. King Julien’s mouth was shut tightly as he watched his best friend and advisor stare down something the king himself found frightening.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann's paw as she watched the stubborn human.

Hector no longer wanted to be involved in this war against fossa or humans and silently resented ever bringing any of his lemur brothers and sisters out here to do participate. He realized now what King Julien and the others were trying to get across to him, he just hoped it didn’t cost him a friend in the process.

Suddenly, someone moved.

Mort had grasped Maurice’s hand firmly within hers and held it tight. "You’ll have to take me with you, Maurice," he said. "I don’t want to be in that world either."

Maurice looked at Mort with his mouth open, and suddenly felt someone grabbing his other hand. He looked over and saw Clover staring angrily at Zoo Hunter. "I don’t want to live in a world without Maurice or Mort," she said, "so you can take me out of that world too."

Willie had gained enough courage to come out from behind Mort and grabbed onto his hand. "The world’s deadly enough as it is," he said, "I don’t see why you won’t make it a little bit brighter. Just take me too."

Snake locked hands with Willie, Sage with Clover, Butterfish with Sage, Tammy with Butterfish, Todd with Tammy, Dorothy with Snake, Horst with Dorothy, Hector with Horst, Helen with Hector, Pancho with Helen, Sharon with Pancho, Nurse Phantom grabbed Todd’s hand, Zora with Nurse Phantom, Uncle Julien's hand jumped down and swiftly grabbed Zora’s hand. Soon every lemur (so be it Ring-Tailed, Ruffed, Brown, Black, Crowned, Gentle, Sifaka, Mouse, Aye-Aye, or Mountain) had locked hands with another and the fossa, rats, crocodiles, geckos, and snakes had formed their own hand locking circles in front of or behind the lemurs.

King Julien jumped down and stood in the center of the circles and turned to face the Zoo Hunter. "We just want to be your friends," King Julien said, smiling. "That’s all we’ve ever wanted."

Zoo Hunter looked down at the lemurs around him, he then looked at the other animals, then at Tube Holder, then at the fossa, then at Maurice, and finally at King Julien. He dropped the tranquilizer and it fell with a thud in the silence.

Zoo Hunter sniffed loudly. "That’s all I ever wanted too!" he cried, putting his hands to his eyes and starting to blubber like a baby.

The lemurs watched as the human cried, trying not to giggle.

King Julien leaped over and put his arm around the Zoo Hunter. "Theen it looks like all our problems are solved," he said happily.

The lemurs remained quiet, waiting. King Julien looked around at everyone. "Well," he said, "I guess there’s just one more thing to do."

Zoo Hunter sniffed back his tears. "What’s that lemur?" he asked.

King Julien grinned. "We know but one way to show our happiness."

Clover jumped forward and jumped into the air. "By expressing ourselves through the trees!" she shouted.

"And we just happen to have a song of this too," Maurice added in.

On a big stage the rats built with bamboo and a velvet curtain which opens to King Julien holding his key tar, Maurice on bass guitar, Clover on acoustic guitar, and Mort on drums. Clover began to strum on her guitar and the audience of lemurs cheered.

King Julien began to sing. "When it hits my soul, beating in my heart," he sang.
"I start getting chased by my implied desire
When I hear the echo of the world screaming my name
I shake with excitement as my dreams become fire"

The music livens up and the lemur audience began to raise glowsticks. King Julien laughed happily and took the first chorus. "An exuberant heart, a burning spirit," he sang.
"From the peak of the mountain, wanting to go off to space!
Surrounded by stars that glisten and shine!
Going way beyond in extraordinary ways"

Arriving on stage with a turntable was Horst (as DJ Glitterbunz). Joining on stage with him for the next verse were Willie, Dorothy, Hector, Pancho, Xixi, Masikura, Timo, and Mary Ann.

"When it hits our soul, beating in our hearts," Horst sang.

"We start getting chased by our implied desire," Mary Ann added in, joining her lemur husband.

"When we hear the echo of the world screaming our names," sang Hector.

"We shake with excitement as our dreams become fire," Xixi sang.

"An exuberant heart," sang Clover and Mort, "a burning spirit
From the peak of the mountain, wanting to go off to space."

"Surrounded by stars that glisten and shine," Maurice sang.
"Going way beyond in extraordinary ways"

Uncle Julien and Zora made their way to the stage for the bridge.

"This expression is not just a dream, but greater," Uncle Julien sang.

"Cause everything is yet to be proven later," Willie sang.

An exuberant heart, a burning spirit," Mort sang.
  "From the peak of the mountain, wanting to go off to space! 

Surrounded by stars that glisten and shine, he sang with Maurice, Clover, and King Julien
Going way beyond in extraordinary ways 

For the final chorus, they're being joined by the Croc Ambassador, Amy, King Joey, Bone Fossa, Dr. S, Nurse Phantom, Butterfish, Tammy, Todd, and Sage.

"An exuberant heart, a burning spirit," everyone on stage sang.
"From the peak of the mountain, wanting to go off to space!
Surrounded by stars that glisten and shine!
Going way beyond in extraordinary ways"

"Going way beyond in extraordinary ways!"

The Zoo Hunter laughed a hearty belly laugh and patted Tube Holder on the back. "My boy, these lemurs are good!"

"I told you, boss!" Tube Holder said, holding a smartphone to record the whole thing and laughing as well.

The lemur audience cheered again, hoisting each other and geckos onto their shoulders, continuing to jump around.

King Julien, Maurice, Mort, and Clover stood together and watched happily. "Well, we did it," King Julien said.

"Perfect Harmony," Mort said with a happy sigh, "just how I thought it would look."

"Really?" Willie asked. "I think that everyone is too happy for it to be perfect."

"Oh c’mon Willie, ya old mango in the mud," Clover said, "can’t you enjoy a little fun for once?"

"I know I can," Maurice said. "Wait… I know! I know things again!" he shouted happily, jumping up and down.

Just then, a flying chair with a disco ball underneath soared in, and who else is sitting on it but Karl and Chauncey.

"Hello, Julienites," Karl said. "Did we miss anything?"

"Karl! Thank Frank you made it," said King Julien. "We've officially made peace throughout all the land, and it was all thanks to Perfect Harmony."

Everybody rejoiced for they have found the spirit of Perfect Harmony.

>< >< >< >< ><

Sage and Jarsh-Jarsh smiled at each other. Sage, however, had a slight smirk to his smile. "I believe the bet was won on my part," he said.

Jarsh-Jarsh muttered. "I don’t know how you did it," he said, "but somehow you knew they’d sing that song," he said. "I just don’t know how you did it."

Sage chuckled. "And to think, you laughed when I told you I was going to become a color or sound."

"Yeah, yeah," Jarsh-Jarsh said, "just don’t tell anyone that."

>< >< >< >< ><

"Well whadaya know," Pineapple said from Frank-ri-la.

"Yeah," Dr. Watermelon Bawkings said, "they actually did it."

Pineapple sighed happily. "Well… now what?"

"More singing, I’m sure," Dr. Bawkings said.

Chapter XXIV: Nice To Have The Kingdom Back To Normal[]

Maurice rolled over underneath a blanket and yawned. He had no desire to wake up after what he’d just experienced.

He was a hero after all. (At least that’s what everyone kept telling him.) Heroes should be able to pick their own sleep schedules. They shouldn’t have to wake up because their king was already wide awake and strumming his key tar on his throne which was simply the pilot's seat of a 1937 Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra airplane which crashed on top of the very same tall Baobab tree many years ago.

Though waking up meant breakfast, and he was kind of hungry. Maybe, as a hero, he could get someone to fetch breakfast for him.

No, he couldn’t do that. He may have been a hero, but he certainly wasn’t bossy.

Or was he? He wasn’t too sure what his personality entailed anymore, now that he was no longer a wimp.

Though, in hind-sight, not being able to decide if he was or wasn’t bossy anymore was being a wimp…

Everything was getting back to normal.

Maurice finally sat up in the seat, with leaf pillows and a leaf blanket. He stretched his arms out wide and yawned. "Morning King Julien," he said cheerfully, scratching the back of his head.

"Good morning, Momo," King Julien said, sitting with his legs propped up on the booster seat, holding his keytar on his lap. "Did you sleep well?"

"Mm-hm," Maurice said. He reached his foot over to the floor and climbed down. "What do you have planned for today, your majesty?" Maurice asked.

"Well…" King Julien said hesitantly. "I was going to sneak through the jungle to go see Jarsh-Jarsh, but now I can just stroll right through. Then I was gonna help Mort grab a mango for Dorothy to bake into a cake, but Mary Ann already put ten of ‘em into the kingdom!"

"Huh," Maurice said, "well now that all of that is done what’re you gonna do?" he asked.

"I don’t know," King Julien said, "I don’t really know what I can do."

Maurice pondered this. "Well… your Uncle Julien and Sage are around, that’s pretty rare, maybe we could spend some time with them."

"That’s a good idea Momo," King Julien said. "I think I’m starting to like this new, decisive you."

"Me too!" Maurice said happily. "At least… I think I do."

King Julien smirked and hopped up off his throne, tossing the keytar on his back. "C’mon Maurice, let’s go see what the others are up to."

"Okay your majesty," Maurice said, starting to follow his best friend out of the plane. "Boy, it always feels so funny not needing to go up to the Mountain Lemur kingdom and check for—"

"Clover!" King Julien shouted, spinning around suddenly, knocking Maurice on his tail. "We just ran right through the Mountain Lemur kingdom yesterday without even explaining what was going on!" King Julien said.

"Oh yeah," Maurice said, pulling himself up off the ground. "Well, maybe we should just—"

"We’ve gotta get up there and apologize," King Julien said quickly, "c’mon Maurice."

Maurice nodded. "Coming, King Julien!"

>< >< >< >< ><

Ted tugged at the green stem with all his might. He grunted as he tugged and eventually fell to a branch. "Urgh," he grumbled, "I tell ya, Mort, it’s nice that the fossa brought us these mangos and all, but why did he have to pick the biggest ones?"

On the other side of the mango Ted was tugging at, Mort was gently trying to push the mango down the tree. "Oh Ted, you’re so silly," Mort chided. "Mary Ann’s just trying to show us that he and the other fossa really do care."

Ted pulled himself up with the mango stem and tried to pull it again. "I understand that," he said through his grunts, "but how to they plan to show us they care for the pain we’re experiencing?"

Mort shook his head and gently shoved the mango. The orange-yellow fruit moved suddenly, with the force of Ted’s pulling. It quickly began to bounce down the branch with Ted still holding on to the stem for dear life. "MORT!" he shouted.

"Ted!" Mort called after the mango. "You come back here with that mango, right now!" Mort blew steam out of his ears and started to give chase to the mango and Ted.

"Whoa, WHOA!" Ted shouted as he bounced through the Baobab tree. "Ha ha," he laughed suddenly, "this is actually kinda fun! Whee!" he shouted.

Meanwhile, in the jungle a little down the way, Dorothy had strung a makeshift laundry rope across two trees and was beginning to drape Ted's nice, clean, moist sock upon it. "Finally," she said to herself, "I’ve got some peace and quiet to concentrate on Ted's sock." She sighed happily. "This is my Perfect Harmony."

Dorothy’s ears pricked up as he heard a faint noise echoing down the jungle. "What is that?" she asked no one. Unfortunately for her, she raced down to the Baobab tree.

She screamed as a mango with a lemur on top of it bounced down the Baobab tree. Dorothy noticed the brown fur of the bamboo lemur atop the fruit and groaned. Ted stuck out his hand from atop the mango and grabbed onto Dorothy’s tail, pulling him onto his new ride as he passed.

Dorothy scrambled to grab onto the back of Ted’s fur and gripped it with all of his might. "Ted, you are positively nuts!" she shouted.

"Have a little fun, will ya?" he said.

"Fun does not involve broken bones!" Dorothy barked.

The mango continued bouncing through the tree and came down towards the side where the plane was.

Alas, that was also where King Julien and Maurice were.

Dorothy noticed this as the mango approached the shocked lemurs and stuck out his hand, grabbing onto Maurice, pulling him up too. "If I have to go through this, so do you!" he snarled.

"KING JULIEN!" Maurice cried. "Help- me-!"

King Julien couldn’t believe what he’d just seen. He shook his head quickly and began to run after the falling mango.

"King Julien, wait," Mort called after the ring-tailed lemur as he ran towards him; "did you see a giant mango rolling through here with a lemur on top?"

"No," King Julien said, "but I did just see a giant mango rolling through here with three lemurs on top. C’mon, we’d better chase after them."

Mort and King Julien darted after the mango as it neared the bottom to the Kingdom Square. Lemurs were plentiful, as usual, leaping, eating, grooming, sunbathing, tramping, and water sliding. They all darted out of the way fast enough to avoid the seemingly rubber mango as it bounced toward the waterfall, and stayed out of the way as King Julien and Mort ran after it.

The mango fell through the air and the three lemurs atop it screamed loudly as they spun in a one-hundred eight degree turn and plummeted directly into the water of the watering hole.

King Julien and Mort were splashed with the water from the pond as they skidded to a halt at the edge of the pond. Mort pushed his soaked fur out of his enormous eyes and looked down into the water as two petrified lemurs and Ted surfaced with the mango still beneath them.

"Ha ha," Ted laughed wildly, "King Julien, you have got to try that! Whoo! I think I’ve found a new lemur Olympic event!"

Dorothy spit water out of her mouth and grabbed Ted's dripping sock off her head. "I think I’ve found the mango for my cake…"

Maurice shook himself to get the water off. He looked around him at his two best friends in the entire world and began to laugh uncontrollably.

Laughing has always been infectious.

King Julien fell to the floor and started cackling madly with Ted and Mort following him and Maurice. Dorothy frowned, and then looked down into Ted's sock. A small fish flopped around in the tiny pool of water built up inside of it. Not even Dorothy could help but laugh hysterically now.

If this is what Perfect Harmony was like, King Julien, Maurice, and Mort were certainly glad they’d reached finally reached it.

>< >< >< >< ><

"Well I’m certainly glad Karl stopped by to explain things to us, King Julien," Queen Clover said quickly. "It sounds like we had some very perfect timing."

King Julien, Maurice, and Mort sat in a circle with the Mountain Lemur army and Sage's Man-Hawk as they told Clover and Sage their story. (They had drip-dried on the trek to the kingdom.) King Julien nodded in response to Clover’s statement. "Yup," he said, "and now we have some very Perfect Harmony."

Clover chuckled warmly. "Yes, and I’ve made sure that no alien threatens that Harmony ever again."

"Good," Mort said, "the less time I have to be out here, the better. It’s icky there."

The Man-Hawk looked up and licked Mort’s face. Mort’s expression turned to complete delight giggled. "Hee hee, hee, I got suppered," he said.

The three lemurs, Clover, and Sage all laughed together.

King Julien stood up from the floor and smiled at Clover. "Well Clover," he said, "thanks for having us, but we’d better be getting back. My kingdom wanted to meet with the other kingdoms at the same time before you guys left, so we’ll need to get back for that."

Clover nodded understandingly. "Thank you, your majesty, for stopping by to see me," she said.

"No problem," King Julien said, "I’ll be back tomorrow, anyway."

Clover smiled. "Wonderful," she said.

Maurice and Mort made their way back into the jungle. King Julien stood and hugged Sage. "See ya, B-Dubs," he said. "Stay out of trouble, okay? Respect, man. Respeck!" Sage nodded and gave the same farewell treatment he gave Clover when they first met, but this time he does it to King Julien, who giggled and hugged Clover longer than he did with Sage. "Bye Sage! Bye Clover!" he said as he headed towards the jungle.

"Goodbye King Julien," Clover called after her former king. When the three lemurs were gone, Clover sighed happily. "Perfect Harmony," she said to Sage, "doesn’t that just sound fantastic?"

Sage nodded and Clover hugged her husband. "Maybe someday, Sage, the outside world will learn what it’s like to have Perfect Harmony too," she said.

Chapter XXV: The Final Chapter[]

King Julien stood in the center of the boulder underneath the Baobab tree, his crown glistening in the sunlight. In his hand he held his boombox and his four friends stood in behind him.

Lemurs began to pour throughout the jungle, all coming to be near King Julien waiting for Clover and Sage to bid farewell to them all.

The crocodiles, rats, aye-ayes, fossas, and Mountain lemurs came out of their kingdoms happily and gathered around as well, being sure to make room for Clover and Sage joining them. King Julien looked around the crowd and nodded slowly. "Good, everyone is here," he said. He turned to face the center of the crowd and spread his arms out wide. "My peoples," he said cheerfully, "welcome to the farewell."

>< >< >< >< ><

Pineapple strained himself to hear what was going on down on Earth. He couldn’t see anything from up in Frank-ri-la. "Why did I sacrifice feet for boundless oracle knowledge?" he asked himself.

"Hey Pineapple" Dr. Bawkings called, "I think we’ve got something that may help."

Dr. Bawkings, plus Magic Steve, Grandma Rose, Vigman Wildebeest, the Butterfly Queen, Karen, Captain Ethan, and Koto walked up and revealed a large, pink lampshade and handed it to Pineapple "Put it up to your side, there, and you can hear everything," Magic Steve said.

"Oh, that's beautiful," Pineapple said happily, "I love it!" Magic Steve placed it up to Pineapple's side. "Ah, clear as crystal," he said. "Oh, and look at this—" Magic Steve put the lampshade on top of Pineapple's head. "When I don’t need to hear, it’s also a hat!"

Koto, Vigman Wildebeest, Karen, the Butterfly Queen, Captain Ethan the Gassy, Magic Steve, Grandma Rose, Dr. Watermelon Bawkings, and the divine Pineapple laughed together in Perfect Harmony.

>< >< >< >< ><

"Friends," King Julien said. "Lemurs, Fossas, Humans. Finally friends. Finally together in Perfect Harmony."

"And it’s not that bad, either!" called Masikura from the crowd.

"Agreed," Bone Fossa said.

"Good," King Julien said with a nod. "Though Clover and Sage are leaving again, there is still one thing left to do."

"What’s that, your majesty?" Maurice asked.

"This," King Julien said. "Because, as you know—" King Julien placed a cassette inside the boombox and pressed a button, from the boombox came a familiarly gorgeous tune. "When you have a song in your head," he sang.
"It'll always be there for you
That way, you can never have to
Be worried of what you're gonna do"

"So we shouldn't even have to fret
And not have a worry or care
And the perfect time and place to sing a song
is anytime and anywhere."

"How about we sing a song onstage
Turning up when you expect it
While we're singing a song onstage, we sing it together
For me to get around."

The lemurs sang the chorus with King Julien.

"Why can't we all sing a song onstage
It makes us feel good and not neglect it
As we are singing a song onstage, we sing it with feeling
It lifts me up when I'm down."

King Julien turned his grin towards the crowd and motioned towards the boombox as he switched sides of the cassette. "I know that song."

"I like to move it, move it," he sang
"I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to..."

"Move it!" all the lemurs shouted.

"All girls all over the world," proclaimed King Julien. "Original King Julien upon ya case, man. I love how all the girls a move their body. And when ya move your body, Uno move it nice and sweet and sassy, alright?"

"Woman ya cute, and you don't need no make-up
Original cute body you meek man mud up
"Woman ya cute, and you don't need no make-up
Original cute body you meek man mud up"

"Woman, physically fit
Physically fit
Physically, physically, physically fit
Woman, physically fit
Physically fit
Physically, physically, physically fit"

"Woman! Ya nice, sweet, fantastic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic
Woman! Ya nice, sweet, energetic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic
Woman! Ya nice, sweet, fantastic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic
Woman! Ya nice, sweet, fantastic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic

"I like to move it, move it,
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to..."

"Move it!"

"I like to move it, move it,
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to..."

"Move it!"

"Woman ya cute, and you don't need no make-up
Original cute body you meek man mud up
"Woman ya cute, and you don't need no make-up
Original cute body you meek man mud up"

Pon ya face a meek man mud up
Nose powder
Pon ya face a meek man mud up
Pluck your eyebrow
Pon ya face a meek man mud up
Gal ya lipstick
Pon ya face a meek man mud up"

"Woman! Ya nice, broad face, and your nice hip
Make man flip and burst them lip
Woman! Ya nice and energetic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic
Woman! Ya nice, broad face, and your nice hip
Make man flip and burst them lip
Woman! Ya nice and energetic
Big ship pon de ocean that a big Titanic"

"Whoa, bop!
Whoa, bop!
Whoa, bop!
Whoa, bop!"

"I like to move it, move it,
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to..."

"Move it!"

"I like to move it, move it,
He like to move it, move it
She like to move it, move it
You like to..."

"Move it!"

"I like to move it, move it,
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
Ya like to..."

"Move it!"

"They like to move it, move it,
You like to move it, move it
I like..."

"Oh, I did I," said King Julien when he stopped singing for a moment. "Have I did I? Did I do I like to? I think I did I like... We? What about we? They? They? I did they. Okay. Oh, I got it! I got a new one. I got a new one. Them? No, not them. Did I say them or not?"

"Them like to move it, move..." he sang.

"I'm gonna say them," he said.

"Them like to move it, move it
We like to move it, move it."

"Um... Wait, there's gotta be another one. We, nope. Us? Oh, us? Can we do Us like to?"

"Us like to move it, move it (that's the one)
Us like to move it, move it
Us like to move it, move it
Us like to..."

"Move it!"

"Move it! Move it!
Move it! Move it!
Move it! Move it!

"Okay, then. Wanna hear? I just wanna tell you a little story," said King Julien. "This little story that my daddy used to tell me when he was the king as well. I was born, probably about, 68 years ago over by that tree over there. Yeah. And I remember things changed a lot in those days in Madagascar. It wasn't so commercial, you know. It wasn't all the fuss about who's got the latest tree and what what leaves are you wearing, and who's got the latest fur on their back, you know. Those days, it was just me and a couple of the others, you know, doing the jungle boogie, you know."

"Jungle boogie
Jungle boogie
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

"Move it!"

"You really think this is never gonna end, cause it is.
Three, two, one."

Once the music ended, King Julien looked around a bit.

"Not bad, eh?" he said. "I like it."

King Julien and Maurice looked at each other and shrugged, they moved to the center of the group that had gathered and smiled, beginning to sing.

"Momo, are you out there?
Are you scared and all alone?
Good, I'm glad. No, that's not right
And I missed you. Please come home," King Julien sang.

"Momo, how do I say this?
I'm lost without my friend
Who dumped me for a bunch of rats
I'm sorry, I did it again."

"Oh, Momo!"

"King Julien," Maurice chimed in.

"Save me from this abyss," the two lemurss sang together.
"We're star-crossed brothers from different mothers
How did it come to this?."

"Oh, Momo!"

"King Julien."

"The kingdom feels empty now
I miss my buddy, my pal, my compadre
My life, my love, my lady."

"Wait, what lady?" asked King Julien.

Mort placed a saxophone to his lips and blew into it.

"Saxophone, sang King Julien.
"Express my emotions
In ways that I can't do it verbally."

"Oh, Momo!"

"King Julien," Maurice sang, wrapping an arm around King Julien’s shoulder.

"Don't let it end this way," they both sang.
"If I could see you one more time..."

"It's sorry, I would say," sang King Julien.

Momo, you're my bro-mo"

Mort grinned wildly as his two friends closed out their song. He looked at King Julien's feet and his grin grew even more. King Julien gulped and Mort grabbed his best friend/acquired taste by the feet and pulled him to the center. King Julien flipped his cassette and pressed a button.

"Am I crazy
Crazy for feeling this way about you?
You're haunting my dreams
Tearing my heart at the seams
Yes, I do
And every time, I look around
It's your love that I hope I found because," Mort sang.

Mort laughed and sang. "You're feet made me weak
When I'm dancing to the beat
Have the tiny spot in my tushy part
That makes me jump about so I can sing and shout."

"I love, love, love, love, love your toes
I smell them piggies, I see rainbows
Don't get me started on your corns and bunions
I don't even care if they stink like onions.

"I love, love, love, love, love your toes
I smell them piggies, I see rainbows
I shut my eyes, and barely sleep
Because your hairy feet make my heart leap!

Mort started scatting; His scats were a little faster tempo than the rhythm’s.

"I love, love, love, love, love your toes
I smell them piggies, I see rainbows
Don't get me started on your corns and bunions
I happen to like that they stink like onions.

"I love, love, love, love, love your toes
I smell them piggies, I see rainbows
I shut my eyes, and barely sleep
Because your hairy feet make my heart leap!

"Oh, this is fun, huh Horst?" Mary Ann asked her lemur husband, nudging him.

King Julien smiled and walked up to Mary Ann. "C’mon, I’ve got a verse for us."

Mary Ann blinked. "Alright…" she said.

"If we weren't to sing a song onstage," King Julien sang.
"We'd never got complete in the end.
While we're singing a song onstage
We can fulfill our tune, and sing it in any way."

He looked up at Mary Ann. "Okay, your turn," he said.

"And so you can sing a song onstage," she sang.
"It's like your own personal best friend."

"And it will help us to live our lives," they both sang.
"Happily living extra big today.."

Ted emerged from the crowd, "Alright, now let me take a crack at it," proclaimed Ted. "Is everyone ready?" he asked some lemur children, who replied with a cheer.

Ted cleared his throat and began to sing to Dorothy and the child lemurs. "Oh, the hen said Buck, buck! You were out of luck"
"If you wanted scrambled eggs upon your plate"
"Because the eggs hatched chickens and they ran like the dickens"
"If you want scrambled eggs, you'll have to wait"

"C-H-I-C-K-E-N," he along with Dorothy and the lemur children.
If you can't spell chicken, then we'll try it once again
Spells chicken, chicken, chicken, every time."

"Very good," Ted said. "Oh, the rooster crowed by the side of the road
Going Cock-a-doodle, cock-a-doodle-doo
I crow so loud, cause I'm so proud
And if you were a rooster, so would you"

If you can't spell chicken, then we'll try it once again
Spells chicken, chicken, chicken, every time."

"Oh, the chicks said Peep, peep! We don't wanna sleep
Cause there's always something funny going on
And we'll all stick together till fuzz turns to feather
And we'll all be chickens when we're grown."

If you can't spell chicken, then we'll try it once again
Spells chicken, chicken, chicken, every time."

"Everybody ready?" he asked the crowd.

"So, the rooster, and the hen, and the little chicks then
"Would not be satisfied
Till they tippy-tippy-toed, all the way across the road
Just to get to the other side"

If you can't spell chicken, then we'll try it once again
Spells chicken, chicken, chicken every time."

If you can't spell chicken, then we'll try it once again
Spells chicken, chicken, chicken every time
Chicken, chicken, chicken every time."

All of those gathered under the Baobab tree cheered wildly and Nurse Phantom stepped forward and began to sing again. "One, two, three y'all
Alright, check this
I'm about to throw down some meat
Look out," he rapped.

Timo emerged from the group and began to autotune Rob's voice.

"Years out of the light, this could be my night
Outcast from the kingdom, judged for where I came from
Music from my heart, let me have the mic
Gonna get my stage time, age forty still my prime
The people have to know the truth, ain't no fairies taking tooth."

Dr. S laughed and had to join in the song. "Wiper Fluid's music is a lie!," he rapped.

"King Julien betrayed us and our rhymes!" Nurse Phantom rapped.

"The very idea of music gone" Dr. S rapped.

"Like my soul a million times
‘They must be stopped."

Timo came up to Nurse Phantom and Dr. S, carrying MomBot and smiled. Mort climbed up MomBot, across her ear, and into her head. They grinned at all the happiness around them and began to sing a new song.

"We sang a song about what it's like being a smarty pants all your life," sang MomBot.

"Well, I suppose I know something about that," said Mort.

"No, listen close," said MomBot. "This is important."

"It's okay to be you," she sang.
"Just don't let anyone know"
Because the world loves stupid
So keep your smarts on the down-low."

"I think we've got it!" Mort exclaimed.

It's okay to be me and you and me and you
So many types of smart to be
From nerd to geek to science freak
Just let yourself live smart and free
And you will surely come to see
It's okay to be me!"

"Do-do-da-do-doodly-de. That's me." Mort finished.

"That’s right bubulah," MomBot said with a smile.

"Now, for our next number, my good friend Momo and I have a quaint little ditty for you all. We hope you enjoy it." King Julien slid down to Maurice. King Joey began conducting the rats in the orchestra.

A tune began to flow from the instruments, One rat strummed a brief chord on his guitar as another rat followed.

A single spot light shone down revealing King Julien and Maurice sitting together on top of a surface that was shielded by the darkness. Maurice began to sing softly.

"I can jump so far
From the moon to a star
That’s something
I always could do," Maurice sang.

"I can hop, nonstop
All the way to the top
But I can’t get along
Without you," King Julien continued.

The spotlight opened wider, revealing the surface that King Julien and Maurice were sitting atop. A sleek, yellow, electric organ, with Mort at the keys, his tiny hands gliding along melodically.

King Julien and Maurice smiled over at Mort as they continued the song.

"I can dive, so deep
Where the old catfish sleep
I can dance on the lily pad too," King Julien sang.

"But when I look around
And you’re not to be found," Mort joined in.

"I know I can’t
Get along
Without you," all three of them sang.

"I can’t get along!" Maurice chirped.
"I’m no good alone
Something’s wrong
When you’re not at home."

"I can go through
The motions
That’s all I can do," Mort sang.

"But I can’t
Get along
Without you," King Julien finished the chorus.

Ted, Dorothy, and Pancho made their way to the center, standing behind the organ.

"When you’re all by yourself," Ted sang.

"You don’t always need help," Dorothy added.

"You can be on your own
One small team," Pancho harmonized.

The Crocodile Ambassador, Amy, Masikura, Maggie, and Xixi entered from the left.

"But it’s so much more fun," the crocodiles sang.

"When you know there’s someone," Xixi and the chameleons sang.

"Who will always be there
To be part of your dream" Hector sang loudly.

The music stopped.

All eyes turned to Hector. He looked around and cleared his throat. "What?" he asked. "It’s easy to get caught up in a moment!" he said.

"Good to have you on the good side, buddy!" Ted called out.

Hector frowned. "Can we just go on?" he pleaded. The music resumed and Horst, Mary Ann, and Sage filed in from the right, and Timo and MomBot from the left.

"I can fly so high
I look down at the sky," Sage sang.

"With the whole
Wide world
In my view," Horst and Mary Ann sang together.

"Then I come to my senses," Timo and MomBot sang.

Uncle King Julien and Clover entered from opposite ends, converging next to King Julien and Maurice.

"And I feel so defenseless," Uncle King Julien added.

"I can’t get along
Without you." Clover swayed in King Julien’s direction.

A rat banged on the drums, increasing the tempo as the song reached its climax.

"I can’t get along," everyone sang. The rest of the crowd began to surround the organ, Willie and Todd, Butterfish and Tammy, Nurse Phantom and Dr. S, Abner and Becca, Crimson and Zora, Brodney and Bronda, all of them gathered around the organ to sing the final verse.

"I’m no good alone
Something’s wrong
When you’re not at home."

The lights shut off, and a single spotlight shown on Karl and Chauncey, who entered from the side. "I still go through the motions
That’s all I can do," the fanaloka sang alone.

The lights burst back on, revealing all of the lemurs, crocodiles, rats, aye-ayes, and mountain lemurs around the organ, including those from up in Frank-ri-la.

"But I can’t
Get along
Without you," the cast sang.

"I just can’t get along..." Maurice sang, slowly.

"I know everything’s wrong
Because I can’t
Get along

"You..." Everyone held the final note as they looked out into each other.

King Julien hopped in front of everyone. He linked arms with Maurice and Clover, and walked to the front. Mort linked arms with Maurice, Ted with Mort, Dorothy with Ted, Pancho with Dorothy, Sage with Clover, Horst with Sage, Mary Ann with Horst, and Karl with Mary Ann.

The chain smiled out at each other, including some very special viewers high above the clouds.

King Julien looked at the crowd. "Are you peoples ready to begin the end?" he asked.

He jumped into the middle with Maurice and Clover's hands still locked into his hands. King Julien cleared his throat and took center "stage." "With that bug out of my fur
And at the moment I'd wouldn't concur
They tell me that you're a really cool lemur, too
And so I said to my crew
And some brand new friends that I never even knew
I said with a true smile on my face," he sang.

"I love you," he said out loud.

After hearing what King Julien said about them, everybody around him smiled, especially a now-sobbing Crocodile Ambassador.

"I can't quite reach..." the Crocodile assistant said as he tries to comfort his brother.

"Go! Just leave me," the Ambassador said to his brother, who rolls away.

"If we weren't to sing a song onstage," everyone sang.
We'd never got complete in the end
While we're singing a song onstage
We can fulfill our tune and sing it in any way."

"And so we can sing a song onstage
As if its our own personal friend
And it will help us to live our lives
Happily living extra big
Happily living extra big
Happily living extra big today

"Last song, here we go," King Julien said, flipping sides on the cassette. He knew what song was being played and picked up on his keytar keys, playing the same notes twice and then picking up tempo and adding in the rat orchestra.

"Party!" shouted King Julien.

"Who's da king that rock rock?" rapped Clover.
"Makes your body pop pop?"

"Who's da king that makes you go?" added Mort.
"We're not stopping, never, no!"

"Who's da king that makes you move?" chimed Maurice.
"Who's da one that boom boom?"

"Party party, rain or shine," they all rapped.
"Who's da king that keeps it fly?"

Rising from the water hole, comes a certain ring-tailed lemur who is heard vocalizing modulated and synthetically, and kept doing it faster and faster until he leaped out of the water and into the crowd.

"Party! Who's da king?" rapped King Julien.

"King Julien!" everyone chanted.

"Who's da king?"

"King Julien!"

"Get down for the get-down," sang King Julien.
"Everybody party with King Who?"

"King Julien!"

"King Who>"

"King Julien!"

"Tonight will be forever," sang King Julien.

"Who's da king that drops it low?" rapped Maurice.
"Makes you stop on the dance floor?"

"Throw your hands up to the clouds," added Clover.
"Party loud, less talking now!"

"Who's da king that lives it up?" chimed Mort.
"Makes you shake and move your butt?"

"Who's da one that makes it crazy?" they all rapped.
"Life's a party!"

"We're gonna dance dance dance" sang King Julien.
"Come rocking with me
We're gonna move move move
Let's get it crazy
I wanna fly fly fly fly
Feeling so free
I wanna jump jump jump
Let's get the party popping!"

"Who's da king?" rapped King Julien.

"King Julien!" everyone chanted.

"Who's da king?"

"King Julien!"

"Get down for the get-down," sang King Julien.
"Everybody party with King Who?"

"King Julien!"

"King Who>"

"King Julien!"

"Tonight will be forever," sang King Julien.

"Woah-oh, woah-oh," everyone sang.

"Now, tell me who's da king," King Julien rapped.

"Woah-oh, woah-oh."

"Who's da king?"

"Woah-oh, woah-oh."

"King who?"


"Look out," King Julien said, "let's do King Julien style!"

King Julien moved to the center and started dancing to the synthetic percussion music, with other lemurs chanting, "Go, Julien! Go Julien!"

"We're gonna dance dance dance" sang King Julien.
"Come rocking with me
We're gonna move move move
Let's get it crazy
I wanna fly fly fly fly
Feeling so free
I wanna jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump..."

He suddenly tripped down after all of that jumping, causing everyone to gasp in shock and worry. A number of seconds later...

"Let's get the party popping," said King Julien as he propped himself up.

Everyone cheered and began to sing and dance again.

"Who's da king?" rapped King Julien.

"King Julien!" everyone chanted.

"Who's da king?"

"King Julien!"

"Get down for the get-down," sang King Julien.
"Everybody party with King Who?"

"King Julien!"

"King Who?"

"King Julien!"

"Tonight will be forever," sang King Julien.

"King Who?"

"King Julien!"

"King Who>"

"King Julien!"

"Tonight will be forever," sang King Julien.

"Woah-oh, woah-oh," everyone sang.

"Now, tell me who's da king," King Julien rapped.

"Woah-oh, woah-oh."

"Tell me who's da king"

"Woah-oh, woah-oh."

"Y'all tell me who's da king"


"All Hail King Julien!" everyone shouted. Everyone cheered. Everyone danced. Everyone was tied together in Perfect Harmony.

>< >< >< >< ><

And so, the party lasted all through the night, until it was time for Clover, Sage, and their Mountain Lemur army to return back to the Mountain Lemur kingdom. So everybody bid Clover and Sage goodbye.

The only Mountain Lemur who didn't leave with Clover and Sage was Zora, who left with Uncle King Julien for their new castle made from trees and bamboo. Eventually, the other animal kingdoms decided to leave the party, because they still think that the lemur kingdom is a dump, especially the Fossas, who, for one time only, didn't crash a perfectly good party, but will crash the next one knowing that Clover is no longer protecting the kingdom. Karl and Chauncey flew all the way back to Florida, and nothing else much has ever uhhhhhh....changed.