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In this story, a new lemur named Clemson is washed up into Madagascar. He soon falls head over heals in love with Clover and Clover returns his feelings, but Clemson has eyes for Julien's crown. Can Clover help Clemson see what really matters before he makes a big mistake?

Chapter 1[]

Clover looked at Julien, annoyed as Maurice came over. "King Julien, sometimes you're just so lazy. Don't you think that there are some things that you can do by yourself so you don't bother Maurice?" she asked. She couldn't stand Julien at times; he often felt like he didn't want to do anything on his own. Julien looked at Clover with a big smile; he was apparently not listening to her.

"Clover, why do you think Maurice is here?" Julien asked. Clover sighed; she hated it when Julien did this with her. She knew this, so what was even the point of answering anymore. "Julien, you just do this because you don't feel like doing anything on your own. Don't you think you could give Maurice a break?" she asked. She really liked Maurice, but she couldn't stand it when he had to do things he didn't want to.

Before Julien could answer that question, Masikura, Xixi, Dorothy, and Ted all jumped up to see them. Surprised, Clover smiled. "Hi there, guys." Clover said. Then, she directed her attention to Ted and brightly smiled.

"Hi, Ted." Clove rsaid, happily. Ted started to blush and then smiled. "Hi, Clover." he responded, nervously. He wasn't paying attention much, but upon seeing Dorothy and hearing Masikura he snapped out of his state.

"A new arrival was unloaded at the loading dock at 0600 hours and..." Before he could finish, Xixi interrupted him by saying "It's a lemur!"

"Oh, I was building to that, Xixi!" Ted said, annoyed. Mort and Maurice were both surprised while Julien was interested. "A new lemur? I always figured having hundreds now would be too many." Clover commented, counting on her fingers. Julien however was excited by the thought of a new subject.

Clover just stared at Julien as she listened to him; as much as she couldn't stand him at times, he was a lot of fun and one of the reasons she stuck around at the kingdom.

Sometime afterTed, Dorothy, Xixi, and Masikura left, a cage was dropped into the beach. After some rats were done with the new arrival named Clemson, they headed off. After the rats were gone, Julien, Clover, Maurice and Mort all jumped to see the new arrival. "Hello? Clemson, was it?" Maurice asked. Clover looked inside the cage to see that he wasn't responding.

"He looks like he's still asleep. I don't think he should disturb him right now." Clover noticed. However, Julien wasn't listening again and just ignored Clover. "Clemson! As your king..." he started, but before he could continue, Clemson immediately woke up.

"King? Did he say 'king'?" Clemson asked. He immediately scattered out of the cage much to the surprise of Julien, Clover and Maurice. "That was fast!" Clover commented, surprised. Unfortunately, it seemed like Clemson wasn't listening very well because he was looking at the wrong lemur, in that case, it was Mort.

The other three looked on at this with different reactions. Julien was looking on with his arms crossed and a look of anger on his face, Clover was looking on in surprise while Maurice was quick to clear this up. "Clemson, that's not the king." Maurice explained. Clemson looked to see Mort and immediately kicked him away. But the three were surprised when Clemson came over, except he went to Maurice.

Clover just sighed and looked at Julien. "I don't think you made it clear enough as to who he should direct his attention to." she whispered. Understanding what she meant, Julien decided to make things clear. Clemson, surprised, looked over to see Julien and Clover.

"Hi." Clover smiled, waving to Clemson. As she listened to him along with Julien, she couldn't help but wonder why he got her attention. She wasn't sure why, but there was something about Clemson that got her... attracted to him. Her thoughts were interrupted by Clemson who was still talking to Julien.

"I'll just stay down here until I can get up." Clemson said. Julien and Clover both smiled at this. "Oh, fancy!" Julien smiled, impressed. Clover was impressed as well, but for a different reason. She felt like she was attracted with someone other than Julien: the new arrival nonetheless.

Mort looked on at this with behind Maurice with anger on his expression. "You've got to be kidding me." Maurice muttered, as he watched this scene on.

Chapter 2[]

Clover couldn't help but smile as I watched Clemson on with Julien. She noticed that Maurice was happy while Mort... not so much. She figured that he just needed time to get used to Clemson. As I directed my attention back to Clemson, She sighed happily. She had no idea why, but she felt like Clemson was the one Ishe could think of right now; he was the one who had my attention and she felt attracted to him.

"I have never met anyone as unique as Clemson. He is certainly someone who anyone could like." Clover smiled to herself as she looked on at him; it was her thoughts, but she was unaware of the fact that she was saying those things out loud. But luckily no one could hear her, so she knew it was okay.

That night, Clover was about to go to sleep before she noticed that Clemson wasn't there. 'Where could he have gotten off to?' she wondered to herself. Clover decided to go find him, so she got up without disturbing the others and started looking around. "Clemson, where are you?" she asked, before I noticed a familiar figure sitting on the habitat wall: Clemson.

Happy that she found him, Clover quietly headed over making sure he didn't see her. "Clemson?" Clover asked. Clemson turned around and looked surprised when he saw her. "Hello. I hope I wasn't interrupting you." Clover said, as she happily waved to Clemson. Clemson then smiled when he saw her.

"Didn't I see you earlier today, that is this morning?" Clemson asked. Although confused at first, I smiled. "Yes, you did. I didn't get to introduce myself, though. My name's Clover, Captain of the Ring Tail Guard." she explained. Clemson smiled upon hearing her.

"I apologize for not noticing you." he said. Clover shook her head and smiled "No, that's all right. I figured you wouldn't have noticed me, mainly because you were making a good impression on us." Clemson smiled, understanding what Clover was saying. With this, he turned around and sat down on the wall. Confused, Clover sat down next to him.

"Are you all right, Clemson?" Clover asked, concerned. Clemson looked up at her and nodded, but she knew better; that worry was familiar to me because she had seen it in others that she had met before. "Is there something you didn't tell us this morning?" Clover asked, wanting to help Clemson out. He looked up at me to see her expression of worry and sighed; it seemed like he had something he always wanted to say.

"I was raised in captivity all my life; I never knew what it was like outside where I came from." Clemson explained. Clover was surprised; She had no idea that Clemson had such a hard time. "Clemson, I'm so sorry. I had no idea that you had it so hard." Clover explained, sadly. Clemson looked at her and smiled.

"You don't need to apologize. Of course you didn't know; it's because I've never been able to tell anyone until now." he explained. Looking on at him in sadness, Clover held him close much to his surprise. "Still, I'm sorry, Clemson. You didn't deserve to have such a hard life; someone as kind as you don't deserve that." Clover explained. Clemson was surprised by her kindness and looked up at me, amazed.

"Thank you; you're the first one who has ever been so kind to me." Clemson explained. Clover smiled, knowing he was right. He didn't deserve to have such a hard time; someone like him shouldn't have to live like that. She let go of him and looked at him. "I got to go find Julien. I'll see you tomorrow morning, Clemson." Clover said. With that, she kissed Clemson on the cheek and headed off to find Julien.

Noticing Julien nearby, she headed over to him. "Hey, Julien." Clover called. Looking to see me, Julien smiled. "Oh, Clover. Where were you?" he asked. Clover sat down next to him and smiled.

"I was having some alone time with Clemson so I could get to know him better. He's really nice, isn't he?" Clover asked. Julien smiled and responded "Yes, he is." Clover looked up to see Clemson looking up at the night sky and had to ask herself one question.

"What hard times could Clemson have possibly had?"

Chapter 3[]

That following morning, Clover was so excited when she got news from Julien: Clemson was the lemurs' new right hand man. That meant Clover had more of an opportunity to see him, but that also meant that Maurice was out of his job. So, before Clover went to Clemson, she decided to see Maurice first, who was happily relaxing in his hammock.

"Maurice, I hope you're not too upset that you aren't going to be able to help us out anymore." Clover said. Maurice looked up at me and smiled. "It was great while it lasted." he commented. Clover nodded, knowing he was right. With that, she headed off leaving Maurice by himself to look for Julien and Clemson.

Clover noticed them nearby having fun and she smiled, looking on at Clemson. "He's amazing." Clover said to herself and happily sighed. Julien looked to notice her and happily waved. Surprised at first, she waved back noticing him. Clemson looked as well to see her and he smiled; She smiled back noticing he was looking at her.

To Clover's surprise, Clemson came over to her. She was wordless, as she hadn't seen him come this close to her since last night. "Hi, Clemson." she smiled, doing her best to calm myself down. Clemson smiled at me, noticing how nervous she was towards him.

"Hello. Could I ask you something?" Clemson asked. Clover was surprised at first, but then smiled and nodded. "Okay. What is it?" she asked in response. But, Clover quickly looked up to see Julien watching on in surprise, and then she looked back at Clemson. "Do you think we could be alone for this?" Clover asked. Clemson was surprised at first, but then he nodded. Knowing he agreed, they both headed away. Clover didn't want Julien to see what was going on.

Clemson and Clover both sat by themselves where no one else could see us. "So Clemson, what did you want to ask me?" Clover asked, looking over at him. Clemson looked like he was in thought of what to say before he looked up at her.

"Well, you know that feeling that you're in love with someone else even though you are engaged with someone?" Clemson asked. Clover was surprised by this, but then nodded. She had that experience going right now; She was in love with Sage even though she was currently involved with Julien as Captain of the Ring Tail Guard.

"Yes. Why's that?" Clover asked. Clemson looked down briefly, and then he looked up at her. "Well, that's how I feel right now. There's someone I've come to like, but I know that she is in love with someone else." he explained. Clover was surprised; it made her wonder who it was that Clemson was talking about.

"Who's this person you really like who is with someone else?" Clover asked. Clemson looked down, uncertain of whether he should continue. Noticing his worry, Clover smiled and took his hand. "You don't need to worry, Clemson. You can tell me." she explained. Clemson looked up at her to see me smiling at him and he knew that she was telling the truth.

"This someone I like... is you." Clemson said, looking up at Clover. She was alarmed; She could not believe what she had just heard. "W-what did you just say, Clemson?" she asked, shocked. Clemson looked right at her eyes and smiled.

"I've really found myself coming to like you, Clover. I don't know why, but there's just something about your kind nature that's gotten me... attracted to you. You've become the one who makes me feel happy, and I can't imagine myself not meeting you." Clemson explained.

Clover was amazed by everything he had just said; she couldn't believe what he was telling her. "R-really?" Clover asked, amazed. Clemson slowly nodded, letting her know he was telling the truth. She was so delighted; She was starting to worry what he really thought about me. She had no idea that he thought this much of her; She had never heard anyone say so much about her.

"Clemson... I feel the same way about you, too. But I was worried of what you would think if I told you." Clover explained. Clemson smiled, but he didn't say anything. It was almost as if he understood the dilemma she had since he came here. With that, he pulled her close to him much to her surprise.

"I was thinking that same thing as well; I was worried of what you would think of me as well. But now, neither of us need to worry because we know how it feels like to be secretly in love." Clemson said. Clover was wordless, but then she smiled; Clover knew that he was right. But there was something else that was starting to worry her; what would Julien think, knowing that they were secret lovers now?

Chapter 4[]

That night, Clover was looking around for Clemson. She was going to have some time with him alone, but she had to make sure that Julien didn't know what was going on. After looking around to make sure nobody saw her, Clover started to look for Clemson.

"Clemson? Where did you head off to this time?" Clover asked, hoping not to take too long to find him. She was surprised when she looked to see someone behind her and she was surprised when she turned around to see who it was.

"Clemson, there you are! I was wondering where you had headed off to." Clover smiled. Clemson smiled at her comment and took her hand much to her surprise. "I have something I want to show you." Clemson said. Although she was surprised, Clover followed Clemson to see what it was. The two both stopped where the music box was and Clemson looked over at Clover.

"So Clemson, what do you want to show me?" Clover asked. In response, Clemson showed Clover something he made himself; it was a necklace that had a bright red heart on the end of the string. Clover looked at it in surprise. "Did you make this yourself?" she asked.

"Yes, I did. I like to think of it as something that shows the secret love we both share now." Clemson explained. Clover was surprised at first, but then she smiled understanding what Clemson was talking about. With that, she happily put it on while Clemson looked on. Clover looked at it and brightly smiled.

"This is beautiful, Clemson. Thank you so much." Clover smiled. Clemson then came over to her and smiled, while she looked at him in surprise. "How about I give you a night that you'll always remember?" Clemson asked. Hearing that, Clover happily laughed.

"I was hoping one of us would say that, and I have just the way to get it started." she responded and held up a CD that she owned. Clover headed over to the boom box, placed the disk in and placed it on a song she knew would be good. As the music started, Clover also begun to sing.

Despite the lies that you're making

Your love is mine for the taking

My love is

Just waiting

To turn your tears to roses

With that, she took Clemson's hand and tipped him. He was surprised at first, but then noticed her smile and he smiled back. With that, Clemson got back up and he and Clover started to dance while Clover was singing.

Despite the lies that you're making

Your love is mine for the taking

My love is

Just waiting

To turn your tears to roses

I'll be the one that's gonna hold you

I'll be the one that you'll run to

My love is

A burning

Consuming fire

After this, the two both looked into each other's eyes and started to sing in unison while they continued to dance, happily twirling.


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes, I'll light the night with stars

Hear the whispers in the dark


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes, you know I'm never far

Hear the whispers in the dark

Nearby, Julien could hear the music playing. "Oh, what is that?" he asked, confused. With that, he headed over to see what was going on and hid nearby when he noticed the scene; Clover was dancing with Clemson. Julien gasped, alarmed.

"What is this about? How is this possible?" he asked himself. Inside, he didn't want this to be true, yet he was seeing this with his own eyes. Soon, he could hear Clover singing.

You feel so lonely and ragged

You lay here broken and naked

My love is

Just waiting

To clothe you in crimson roses

I'll be the one that's gonna find you

I'll be the one that's gonna guide you

My love is

A burning

Consuming fire

Julien was surprised; he never realised that Clover was such a good singer. But what shocked him was when Clover and Clemson started to sing in unison.


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes, I'll light the night with stars

Hear the whispers in the dark


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes, you knew I'm never far

Hear the whispers in the dark

When Julien looked back, he noticed something he didn't want to see. Clover and Clemson both smiled at each other and happily kissed. Sadness overcoming him, Julien immediately ran away feeling really upset by this.

Unaware of what was going on, Clover and Clemson both looked at each other. "Clemson, this is amazing. I have never had such a wonderful time before." Clover smiled. Clemson then had something he wanted to say.

Chapter 5[]

Clover was happily asleep, thinking of the wonderful night she and Clemson shared. She was so happy; She had no idea of how much of a great person Clemson really was. "Maybe, just maybe... he is going to be my next king." Clover smiled to herself. She had no idea however that she was nearly going to get that wish, but in a way that she didn't want.

Later on that night, Clover was still asleep thinking about the future she and Clover could have when she heard someone from nearby. Confused she rubbed my eyes and got up to see who it was; Clover looked nearby to see that it was Maurice and Mort who were listening on to something nearby. Clover decided to go over and see what was going on.

"Maurice? Mort? What's going on?" Clover asked, confused. Maurice looked over to see Clover and she noticed what looked like a relieved smile on his face. "Oh, it's great to see you here, Clover. You need to hear this." Maurice explained. Confused, Clover slowly looked up to see someone very familiar who was holding a crown in his hand. Shocked, she could recognize who it was.

"Is that Clemson?" Clover asked herself. She couldn't have been more right, because she could hear him a few seconds later. He was talking about how after he got rid of Julien, he would have the power of king to himself, thus according to him would mean was that he would be number one. After this, he started laughing manically but suddenly a huge flash of lighting went off to both her and Clemson's surprise.

"That didn't look like rain." Clemson commented. Clover had to agree with him, but that suddenly started to make her think that Julien was more right than I thought about what he always said. That started to make me think that she should start listening to him more often. But what she was shocked by was what she was finding out about Clemson.

"I don't believe this. Clemson wants the power of king to himself? I thought that he was truly a nice person." Clover explained, as she, Maurice, and Mort hid again to avoid Clemson seeing them. "This isn't good, though. We need to warn someone about this." Maurice explained. Clover had a bit of thought to herself about who they could turn to; Julien wasn't going to believe them despite the fact that he was in danger. But then, an idea came to her.

"Follow me, you two. I think I know someone we can get help from." Clover explained. With this, she started to head forward while Maurice and Mort followed not too far behind. As I looked around while we were on our way, she could hear Pancho yelling from not too far ahead. "I would never be sent to Feartopia, at least not alive!" she could hear him shout. Smiling, she knew that we had found the right one to find.

"Come on." Clover said to Maurice and Mort who were behind me. The three of them headed inside while Pancho was still yelling. "Guys, we need your help!" Clover called, to stop this mayhem going on. Ted looked over at her and smiled. "Hi, Clover." he said with that same nervousness Clover saw before Clemson arrived.

"Not right now, Ted! We have something urgent happening right now." Clover explained. Maurice was calmly explaining what was going on before Mort cut him short by saying that Clemson was evil. Clover was so upset by what she had just discovered; how could someone who was so nice and kind like Clemson possibly want power to himself? It was so horrible for her to discover that Clemson could turn against the ones that looked after him and take the position of leader all to himself.

Clover was interrupted in her thoughts when everyone ran in front of her. "Where are you all going?" she asked, confused. Maurice looked at her, as if to say 'Are you being serious?' She quickly understood, noticing that expression of annoyance.

"Oh, right. At least wait for me!" Clover called, and immediately followed the rest. "I don't care if you're going ahead with this, Clemson. I'm going to stop you from making this mistake." she said to herself as she followed Ted, Pancho, Maurice and Mort. And she knew she was going to keep true to that promise, no matter what she had to do.

Chapter 6[]

As the seven of us came to the entrance of the loading deck the next morning after they checked the kingdom only to find that Julien and Clemson weren't there, Clover slowly looked inside to see what was going on. 'I don't believe this! Clemson wants to ship Julien off to Feartopia.' I thought, alarmed. Maurice was the first to step up, warning Clemson that it was as far as he was going to go.

Clover's first priority was Julien, so I looked over at him. "Julien, are you okay?" she asked, concerned. Julien however brightly smiled and wanted to know what everyone was doing here. Maurice was about to speak up, but she stopped him short because she wanted to be the one to explain this.

"Julien, you aren't going to believe this, and I'm sure that you won't, but Clemson wants to get rid of you and take your throne to himself!" Clover explained. As she suspected, Julien didn't believe me and Clemson was about to send him into the crate before she thought of something that could stop this.

"Wait, Clemson. I want to know: why do you want the power of king to yourself?" Clover asked. Clemson sighed and looked over at her. "Because... I just want to prove myself." he responded. Clover was surprised, left to wonder what Clemson meant.

"W-what?" Clover asked, confused. "Where I came from, I was always told that I was worthless and that I would never amount to anything. I just want to prove them wrong, and show that I can be someone important." Clemson explained. Clover was shocked; Clemson was doing out of a want to prove himself? Clover suddenly started to feel guilty with herself for misjudging him all of a sudden.

"Clemson, I can understand how that feels like, but don't you think that taking over an entire zoo seems a bit extreme?" Clover asked. Maurice started to look a bit guilty, as he had that experience before when he suddenly went crazy. Clemson knew that she was right, but as he was about to get off the crate, the other subjects had their chance to react.

Soon, the group were watching as the truck started to drive crazy. While everyone was talking amongst, Clover realized that Clemson didn't deserve this; he was better off here than anywhere else. With that, she immediately started to run after the truck as it drove away. Picking up speed, she eventually reached the truck and jumped onto it, heading to the crate that Clemson was in. As she opened it, she saw him lying there.

"Clemson! There you are." Clover smiled, happy to see him. Clemson looked up to see me in surprise. "Julia? What are you doing here?" he asked. "I'm getting you out of here. You're better off here than anywhere else." Clover responded, and helped Clemson out of the crate and they ran to the back of the truck to see that it was still moving. Knowing that this would be dangerous, She looked over at Clemson.

"Are you ready?" Clover asked. Like he knew what she was thinking, Clemson nodded and jumped into my arms. With this, she jumped out of the back of the truck and tumbled across the road until they stopped short in front of the group who were watching on. Julien ran over to help her up.

"Are you okay, Clover?" he asked, concerned. Clover smiled and nodded. She then looked over at Clemson who was dusting himself off. She headed over to him and he looked over at her. "Why did you want to do that, Clover? I nearly took over the zoo for myself; I shouldn't be here." Clemson said sadly.

"Clemson, there's no such thing as a truly bad person in the world. You did what you did because you wanted to prove yourself; you just wanted to show that you were really worth someone. But you don't need to do things like that to belong somewhere; you just need the right place and the right people to be there for you. And you found that when you came here." Clover explained. Clemson smiled, knowing she was right. She then looked over at everyone, who was looking on in surprise.

"What do you say, guys? Don't you think Clemson deserves a second chance?" Clover asked. Everyone was a bit hesitant at first, but then they all started to agree. Clover then looked over to Clemson. "Everyone thinks so. We just need your opinion, Clemson. What do you say?" Clover asked. Clemson had a bit of thought, and then he looked at her to see her smile and at everyone to see them nodding in approval.

"I'm glad to be here. This is going to be my new home." Clemson said. Everyone was so happy to hear that, especially Clover since Clemson came over to me. "I want to thank you, Clover. You stopped me from making a mistake that I would have regretted and you've showed me that I'm somewhere that I belong. I don't think I'd ever be able to repay you." he explained, his eyes on her the entire time.

Clover smiled; She just felt happy that she could help Clemson when he needed it most and because of that, he had a real home and others who were there to help him. It was truly something they would never forget.