Ok, ok, I know that there's no mention of Jurassic Park in the TV show. But hey, I'm a big dinosaur fan! And despite all of the inaccuracies in the Jurassic Park films, I love those movies! So I thought I'd make a potential Jurassic Park IV or V using the penguins. And I'm pretty sure this one will be funny! Now let me say the possible plot!

Le Plote (Yes, I used french!) Translation - The PlotEdit

The movie begins with a deep-voice and a zoom up of Manhattan, the Zoo, and the penguin enclosure! (Note that, in this film, the penguin habitat is actually the Gazelle habitat, back when it was the Hippo habitat!)

The voice says, "In the city of Manhattan in the Northeastern corner of a tiny zoo, there is a penguin habitat. And under that habitat, there is a penguin HQ. and in that HQ live four Military-Style penguins!" Once it says Military style penguins, the camera zooms up close to Skipper who is busy drinking coffee. But once he hears the words, he spits out his coffee and spots the camera! He walks up to it and says, "Who are you?" It then shows who the cameraman is: Joe Johnston!

To be finished another time!