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Spark of Rebellion, part three is the last part of the Spark of Rebellion trilogy.


~Upper Midwestern united states, winter~

A Lourinhã base was present in eastern Montana which is currently polluted with Modernitis, however that didn't mean there weren't any problems to worry about, "miss me bucket heads?" an all too familiar dromaeosaur which is none other than Kicker taunts some imperials, "it's him" one shouts and they shoot him, who athletically escapes, "yep you definitely miss me" Kicker taunts again while evading, "we have an intruder on the north-side sector nine, the dromaeosaur Kicker is back, sound the alarm" one imperial informs spreading the word, however they are unaware of the others, "Kicker's distraction is working" Faragonda notes as she, the remaining raptors, Corran, Bella, Roark & Elesa sneak past and hijack a large vessel of the empire.

"You got a little better" Kicker compliments after nearly getting hit more than once, "but I got a lot better" he adds and sees his friends have succeeded, Harry even tauntingly waves from inside their being-stolen ship, "that's not one of us" one imperial notes and they shoot the ship which wasn't doing much while Kicker escapes onto the boarding ramp, "bye bye bucket heads" he bids, then the imperials noticed a detonator planted on one of their starfighters, "not again, everyone evacuate" one shouted and they all high-tail it away as all fighters burst into flames, while the heroes slip away.

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