• She is a brown platypus with a black bill who loves to act.


  • She would be voiced by Victoria Justice.
  • In MysteryGirl's version of Acting Fool, her name is short for Estivana Nicole Kytrina.
  • In The Temptress, her uncle, Peterson "Perry" Platypus (memorialized in Phineas and Ferb) was the star for secret agent movies made by Mammoth Studios (from movie Cats Don't Dance) but he was burned down with the stage. In his memory, Stinky vowed to get a part on Broadway, since animal acts in the movies are far more common these days.
  • Unwittingly freaks out Duchess Lucinda when revealing her family heirloom, The Amber Heart of Wales (its the heart of the "ghost" who taught Lucinda all she knows, fossilized in tree sap) but amazes the royal house guest with other props that reveal humorous versions of Mediveal legends.
  • A great singer. She sang "Freak Flag" (from Shrek: the Musical) as though already on Broadway.
  • Duchess Lucinda considered knighting her "Madam Incence", but Stinky declined the offer (but in graceful gratitude) saying it's not necesary.


"They love me! They really love me!"

"Everyone's a critic! My lines will improve, I just have to practice."

"Acting is a Passion. Comedy, Tragedy... all exagerations of everyday life created for entertainment!"

"Here, you'll need this sword... Sir Kay the Reckless wasn't known for following Royal Orders anyway, especially since King Arthur used to be the guy's squire."

"Since my ancestors found it in a tree near a Welsh Zoo, I forget the year, the Amber Heart had been passed down from platypus to platypus for generation. When my uncle, Peterson Platypus, gave it to me, he said 'Estivana, you should know they say if this was ever stolen, you'd be the first to know, as you'd feel two hearts beating in your chest instead of just one!' good Uncle Perry: strange yet well-meaning. Little wonder he's the James Bond of Mammoth Pictures, before a crazy janitor lady burned down the place! I'll do you proud, uncle!"