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Located in "Suburbia" Manhattan, which is located between the New York State County Line (otherwise known as the country-parts of the otherwise city-like state) and the "Outlying Midtown Area" (which Julien claims to rule over other then the Zoo). In most fanfics, it's located west of Little Italy (or someplace near there, as Chinatown is also somewhat connected).

The Half-Way House is the place Duchess Lucinda's people family, the Dehauntedo's, live when the mother is away on business in another country... as it's neither a normal human home or a poor house (hence the term "halfway"), and there father, being concerned that modern electrical toys and media might damage the development of his children (especially Zeke, who was practically dropped on his head at birth), figured that it'll allow them to grow up as he did... a child that learns to amuse himself with dreaming.

Other humans have shelter there, though unlike Miguel Dehauntedo and his children, they have less choice do to setbacks, and are not as friendly to children and/or animal unless they have there own, unlike the landlady (Officer X's mother, ironically) who loves both... she just doesn't want her own boy to know his own name, at least not until he goes great lengths to declassify himself instead of chasing strays!

The basement is full of secret records and personal items of those who live (or used to live) here. They are protected by fruit-bats called the Blood Sisters, who use them to see how accurate their foresight's were (unlike the Fates, whom they sometimes reference, they aren't cocky enough to claim they "know everything"). The Attic is practically Duchess Lucinda's personal study... she has the top room because of the skateboard tracks she left on the ceiling there (don't ask!) and if by chance something blows up, there are better chances of a decent fire-drill route (especially since the one fire-escape ladder there, do to a glitch in the factory, is too small for most the humans, but is just the right size for an animal, especially a lemur).

In the backyard, dusty but with plenty of room for playing in, is a maple tree which Amy, Zeke, and Duchess Lucinda made a tree-fort in, although the design puzzles the neighbors on account that it looks like a ship's dingy. (This is a spoof of Mama Odie from The Princess and the Frog, for she is "The voodoo lady that lives in a boat in a tree in the middle of the bayou"... Face it! Between being a house-pet and a bounty huntress, Duchess Lucinda is practically "swamped"!)