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  • Doctor Blowhole has been shipped to the Central Park Zoo. He disguised himself as a normal dolphin (since they had a dolphin habitat).
  • When the penguins heard, they started to freak out. Then they got knocked out since they hit the wall.
  • After that Blowhole captured all of the zoo animals (except King Julien).
  • When the penguins woke up they went to Julien's habitat (since they saw Blowhole at their telescope).
  • Then they went to the sewers to find him, but Blowhole used the sewer rats to guard them.
  • When they went to Blowhole's hideout the rats appeared, but unfortunately, Rico threw a stick of dynamite at them.
  • Then Blowhole's lobsters appeared.
  • Then suddenly they were trapped in a net.
  • When Blowhole appeared, he told them that he is going to blow up Antarctica, but the penguins and Julien escaped the net.
  • Then Blowhole almost pressed the switch, but but Skipper destroyed it.
  • Unfortunately Dr. Blowhole escaped.

Chapter 1[]