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Tiffany is a main character in the film Bride Of Chucky (1998), Seed Of Chucky (2004) and a cameo in Curse Of Chucky (2013).

Tiffany Ray


Tiffany Ray (Nee Valentine)


20 or 21


Undead (killed human, brought back as a doll)

Date Of Birth

5th December, 1977



Hair Colour

Bright Blonde (human) Dirty Blonde (Doll)

Eye Colour

Brown (Human) Light Green (Doll)

Love Intrest



Glen, Glenda (through Jennifer Tilly)


New Jersey, USA (Formerlly) Hollywood, USA (Currently)

Early Life[]

Tiffany was born in 1977 to unseen parents, In the 2018 or 19 cartoon Castaras Babys, Tiffany is seen as a happy 5 year old child living with rich multibillionairess Maria Towers.

Bride, Seed & Curse Of Chucky[]

Tiffany makes her debut appearance in the 1998 horror film Bride Of Chucky, as a female counterpart for Chucky. Tiffany first kills a cop after he attempts to look inside a bin bag with Chucky's remains inside, this is then revealed that Tiffany was Chucky's ex girlfriend and fellow partner in crime. After Tiffany summons Chucky, he kills her and transfers her soul into a bride doll in revenge for picking on his height and the fact he's a doll. The pair then use another couple Jade and Jesse for their bodies. Later, when Tiffany witnesses a woman stealing Jesse's wallet, she kills her and her new husband. Chucky proposes to Tiffany.

After kidnapping Jade and Jesse, they crash the camper van that they are using after Jade kicks Tiffany into a burning oven, while Jesse punches Chucky out the window, Tiffany survives the oven and attacks Jade for trying to kill her, where Jesse pushes Tiffany away. Soon Chucky and Tiffany fight, Chucky stabs her, instantly killing her. Jade then shoots Chucky to death....Morning comes and when a cop finds Tiffany's body, she gives birth to a bloody baby, then dies.

Tiffany returns again in Seed, as a doting but still a killer mother. She is obsessed with actress Jennifer Tilly. In Curse, set 9 years after Seed and 7 after Castaras, still works with Chucky.


Tiffany will appear in 2017 crossover Castaras, She will be a goodie, as her enemy will be Chucky...but she may have a secret.