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True Bromance is the seventh episode of Season 2 and the twenty-twenty second episode of All Hail King Julien.


At the throne room, Maurice has gathered papers for King Julien to sign, but Julien is messing around on a roomba. When he finally decides to sign the papers, he writes his name with each letter a different color, taking ages. Julien falls asleep. Maurice, frustrated that all Julien had to do was sign a few papers, finishes it for him. With Julien still asleep, Maurice sneaks out. When Julien wakes up, he sees Maurice is not there.

In the jungle, Julien is deciding on the way to write his royal signature, and Clover has no advice to give him. Maurice shows up with a happy smile on his face. Julien complains that he did not know where he was and asks him to help. Maurice suggests he use the first signature, so Julien decides to use the second one. Maurice acts cool, and heads to his hut for a nap. Julien gets suspicious of Maurice's unusual relaxedness and happiness and tells Clover to investigate.

Clover expertly follows Maurice and discovers what he's been up to, shocked with what she saw. Clover returns to Julien and reports that he will not like why Maurice is so happy. Clover shows Julien what Maurice is up to. Maurice is working as an advisor for the rats. King Julien confronts Maurice for being a traitor and asks him to explain himself. Maurice explains that after the events of "One More Cup", the rats were in chaos. With his advice, he helped them set up a working kingdom with King Joey as the first rat king. King Julien tells Joey that it is time for Maurice to come home, but Maurice insists that he's staying since the rats respect his opinion, while Julien doesn't. Julien and Maurice get into an argument which ends with Maurice quitting his previous job and Julien banishing him from the Lemur Kingdom.

In Julien's hut, Julien is watching a romantic comedy starring Pancho and Ted. When Ted says the show is like Julien and Maurice, Julien gets frustrated and storms off.

The next day, in the throne room, Julien is sobbing and talking to Amelia. After a chat with Amelia, Julien decides it's time for a replacement advisor. Julien goes through the first candidates to be his new advisor, Mort multiple times, Horst and Willie.

In the Rat Kingdom, Maurice is supervising the rats installing a pipe and tells them they are doing a bang-up job. The rats start destroying the pipe with hammers since Maurice said "bang up" job. Then the rats start talking about building mazes and being hungry, which makes Maurice annoyed.

At the Baobab Tree, Julien confesses to Clover that he's worried about Maurice. But, instead of telling him how he feels, he decides to stalk Maurice to make him feel better.

Back at the Rat Kingdom, Maurice is getting bored of the Joey not having any crazy ideas besides mazes and starts to miss Julien. Julien then falls out of a tree right beside Maurice. Maurice asks if he was stalking him and Julien says he was and that he brought the entire kingdom with him, except Mort. The two argue again, and Maurice says he has to let him go, calls Julien silly, and asks him to be dead. Julien lies to Maurice, saying that he's happy without him and tells everyone that they are leaving.

Back at his hut, a depressed Julien misses Maurice. Julien sobs as his tears blot the picture of him and Maurice, causing Maurice to fade. Ted tries to cheer him up, But Julien tells him that he needs to be alone. Just Then, Pineapple comes to help him, because he hates to see true friendships die and because of his debts. Pineapple suggests Julien tell Maurice how he feels through a song. Julien and Maurice start singing "True Bromance". At the end of the song, Julien realizes what he has to do. He invites his people over and tells them that he has to go to Maurice and say he's sorry and that he misses him. Before he can do that, however, he gets knocked out by Efficient Charlie and the fossa.

Back at the Rat Kingdom, Joey asks Maurice why he's sad. Maurice says he realizes he misses Julien and wants to go back to him. Joey gives him the good news that he doesn't have to go because Julien is dead. Maurice asks why, and King Joey says that's what Maurice wanted, to make Julien dead. Maurice tells Joey to call it off, saying that's not what he wanted. Joey apologizes, saying they can stop it since he gave Lazy Doug the job. But, when they ask Lazy Doug, he says he gave the task to Efficient Charlie since he overslept. Maurice grows more worried and asks Joey to tell him where he is.

In the Lemur Kingdom, Maurice returns to tell Clover the bad news. Hector, sarcastically asks why Maurice came back, However, Clover shushes him and discovers that the fossa are working for Efficient Charlie and plans a rescue mission.

On a cliff, Efficient Charlie is telling Julien that he's just doing his job, hoping he understands. Julien doesn't understand. Suddenly, Maurice and Clover show up to save Julien. Efficient Charlie orders the fossa to kill them just as he kicks King Julien off the cliff since he's out of time. Just then, Maurice comes with rope, jumping towards King Julien and saving him. Julien accepts Maurice's apology for leaving him. Maurice is a little annoyed as he did not apologize but is happy to. However, Julien shushes him and gives him a hug. Julien and Maurice walk back to the kingdom.

Back at the kingdom, Julien welcomes Maurice back for saving his life, much to Clover's annoyance. Maurice also replies that the Rat Kingdom will be fine without him.

In the Rat Kingdom, the fossa attack the rats and King Joey wants to build another maze but gets crushed by a pipe as the fossa lunges at the camera, ending the episode.


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  • This was the first appearance of King Joey and his Rat Kingdom
  • While planning out what to say to Maurice in his apology, King Julien says, "I'm just a king, standing in front of an adviser, asking him to come back," which is a reference to Notting Hill.


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