While Kowalski is working on a serum to give them super powers, a music critic comes to the zoo and puts an audition for animals to be in the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Julien tried everything to get in but gets booted out every time. the penguins get the job. Rico plays percussion, Private plays the violin, Kowalski plays bass clarinet, and Skipper plays trombone. They travel to their first concert in Paris,France. unaware. Julien sneaks on the plane in the cargo hold. At their first concert they play Symphony No. 10 in D Major. Then out of nowhere Julien pops out of nowhere and ruins the concert. After consideration he gets to plays the piano in the symphony orchestra. they played around the world. Then the penguins gives the manger their resignation. Then they relax back at their home. Julien then becomes the greatest piano player ever. Skipper is amazed. The episode ends when they all start playing Fur Elise.